A step into love episode 2

“A step into love”
Episode two
(Nigeria…… At the airport)
“I hope you still remember everything I told you yesterday” Mrs Williams broke the silence they’ve been maintaining as they waited for their booked flight “yes mum, I shall never forget” Cindy replied feeling uncomfortable as she think of how dangerous it will be staying alone in an unknown country where her mum wouldn’t be there to pet and advise her, her dad wouldn’t be there to encourage and help her, her siblings wouldn’t be there to accompany and pl@ywith her, finally her best friend wouldn’t be there to reason with her and cheer her up whenever she’s moody, suddenly she feel like all of them should be given the scholarsh!pbut it’s not possible “it wouldn’t be easy to live without these people” she thought feeling distressed and unhappy about the scholarsh!pfor the first time,she thought of rejecting the scholarsh!pbut she knew her parents wouldn’t tolerate that, it’s rare to have this kind of scholarsh!p.
“don’t worry, everything will be alright” her father said smiling as if he can re-ad her thoughts “oh dad,do you know what I’m thinking?” she asked startled, Mr Williams nodded and she continued “I don’t know how my life will be over there without you all” she said and suddenly bur-st into tears, Mrs Williams who have been fighting back the tears which have alre-ady filled her eyes also joined her daughter, she hvgged her and patted her hair “it’s alright baby, everything’s gonna be fine, Just call me whenever anything get wrong and always share your thoughts with me, okay?” Cindy nodded
Seeing this almost move Roseline to tears, although she knew how strong Cindy had be in school but leaving one’s family and friends to a faraway place like this is not a thing someone wouldn’t cry about.
“oh! It’s time, you shouldn’t miss the flight now” Mr Williams said cl@pping his hands together,Cindy dis£ngage from her mom, embr@ce her dad and her friend and bade them goodbye “make sure you call me when you get there” Mr Williams instructed her “okay dad” she replied and run up to catch the flight.
Watching Cindy as she dep@rt from them make Mrs Williams bur-st into tears again, Mr Williams eyes was filled with tears as he had been fighting back the tears since just to act as a man, Roseline covered her mouth with her palm as tears welled up in her eyes, she would surely miss her best friend, she’s the only one she can confide in as a friend, Cindy have helped her so much especially in her academics ,all thanks to Cindy, she’s no more a dull and lacklvster girl that she was again.
“CINDY!!!” she shouted as she waved at the plane which is alre-ady in the sky………