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A mermaid’s love episode 2 & 3

( Melody Musical High… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“F*ck, we got caught” Bluey muttered and Mr Roger got the attendance book.

“That wicked man” Starr whispered.

“Starr McDonald, Martin Luther, Bluey Kings, a penalty point each” he said.

“Mr Roger!” Bluey complained.

“One more penalty point each” Mr Roger said and everyone laughed again.

“Congratulations, you just got us another point” Starr rolled eyes at Bluey as they walked to their seats.

The school is majorly for music and each [email protected]$$ has different depa-rtments..

The singers, the cellists, the pianists, violinists, guitarists, keyboardists and lots more.

Martin is a singer, one of the best base singers in the group, Ophelia is a singer too, together with her two spawns, Lilac and Floyd.

Ophelia’s voice is definitely tiny and beautiful, she can handle high pitch very well and that gets into her head a lot, she ranks first in the singers depa-rtment.

Bluey is a violinist, also one of the best in the depa-rtment, he smiles while pla-ying the violin and his dimples will get you mesmerized.

Yolanda is also a violinist, the best female in the violinists depa-rtment. She’s the only American in the school.

Starr is a pianist, he leads while others follow in the depa-rtment, he’s the only pianist in the school who once pla-yed the piano for two hours straight without resting, no one has ever broken the record.

The [email protected]$$ was split according to the various depa-rtments so the boys went to their appropriate seats.

“You should learn how to lie very well next time, amateur liers” Yolanda said when Bluey sat beside her.

“Hey stop” he replied and she smiled.

Ophelia kept staring at Starr from her seat, she’s sitting on the first singers chair while he’s on the first pianists chair so they’re not so far from each other.

“I believe each depa-rtment knows where to open to in their notes” Miss Stacy said.

“Excluding us” Yolanda said.

“Page 14” Mr Roger said and everyone opened.

“Yolanda and Bluey from the violinists group, Starr you’re pla-ying the piano, Floyd you’re singing with Martin… From the cellists group… Colton and Alec” Miss Stacy announced and they all filed out.

“Sir, I should be the one to lead the singers don’t you think?” Ophelia said arrogantly.

“You’ve been leading since Monday, is it bad if another girl leads this time?” Mr Roger said.

Ophelia grunted some inaudible words as Floyd filed out with them.

Only Floyd and Martin remained standing, the rest sat in front of their organs.

Starr pla-yed the piano intro first then Yolanda and Bluey pla-yed the violin before the cellists joined.

FLOYD: Joy abounds, in my heart today!!!!!

I found joy, in the most beautiful way ever!!!

MARTIN: I have every reason to sing!!!!

To sing, sing!, Sing! aloud! aloud! aloud!!!.

FLOYD: I have every reason to sing!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pitch was so high that she started coughing, Ophelia smiled and stood.

“I have every reason to sing!!!!!!!!!!, Sing!!!!!!!!!!!, Aloud!!!!!!!, Aloud!, Aloud!, Aloud aloud aloud today!!!!!….ohh!!!!!!!!!!!

Ophelia sang the pitch even higher than required.

“Gosh” Miss Stacy smiled.

Floyd went back to seat and Ophelia took her place till the [email protected]$$ ended twenty minutes later.

Everyone clapped for the leaders .

“Good job Ophelia as usual” Mr Roger praised and Floyd felt low immediately.

“I told you I can do it, I have no problem in becoming the next youngest prima donna at this rate” Ophelia said proudly.

“Floyd, you have to try better, your voice is too low for suprano” Mr Roger said.

“Bye cuties!” Miss Stacy said and they both left the [email protected]$$.

“Yes!, I did it again!” Ophelia shouted, bumping into Yolanda as she rushed back to her seat.

“Watch where you’re going” Yolanda said sternly.

“Shortie ion have time for that” Ophelia replied.

“Haven’t I told you never to call me shortie anymore?” Yolanda glared.

“Well… aren’t you short?” Ophelia insisted and Yolanda smirked.

“Call me shortie one more time” she said and Ophelia smiled.

“Ophelia loves trouble” Bluey said.

“Yolanda is not easy too as we all know” Starr smiled as everyone watched the drama that’s about to happen.

“They should pull each other’s hair I can’t wait” Martin said.

“Shortie” Ophelia whispered into Yolanda’s ear and Yolanda grabbe-d her hair immediately.

“Ouch!, Let go of my hair American shortie!” Ophelia [email protected]

Yolanda pulled it [email protected]

“Goodness” Martin laughed.

“Stop calling me shortie or I’ll just make you go bald” Yolanda said.

“Shortie let me go!” Ophelia said again and Yolanda pulled her hair with all her strength as Ophelia tried escaping.

She escaped but some of her hair is in Yolanda’s hand.

“Oh no” Bluey laughed with Starr.

“Ophelia your hair!” Floyd shouted.

Ophelia saw her hair that pulled in Yolanda’s hand and [email protected], touching her hair.

“You…you dare pull out my precious hair?, I hate you!!!” She shouted, rushing out of the [email protected]$$ to report.

“You should have pulled it even more Yolanda” Bluey said.

Ophelia came back with the principal immediately.

Everyone went silent when she came in.

“You really pulled her hair” Mrs Mackinaw said, looking at it.

“She started it ma’am” Yolanda replied.

“Follow me” she said and left the [email protected]$$, Yolanda followed.

Ophelia got her mirror in her bag and arranged her hair while admiring her face.

“You always look beautiful don’t try to try” Lilac said and she smiled proudly.

“I know, I was awesome while singing right?, Floyd you need to try [email protected], your voice is not pleasing” she said .

“That was harsh” Lilac said

“I was just advising her as a friend, try [email protected] Floyd” Ophelia replied and winked at Floyd before leaving .

Starr was going out with his friends when she suddenly grabbe-d his arm.

“Eat with me at the cafeteria, I rushed a lot this morning and didn’t even get to eat breakfast” she pouted.

Bluey pulled her hair suddenly.

“Ouch!, Are you insane!” She shouted, letting go of Starr.

“I got what I wanted” Bluey winked and held Starr’s arm instead.

“You’re mad” Martin laughed as they left the [email protected]$$ together.

She went to Floyd and Lilac and held them, dragging them along.

“Let’s go to the cafeteria!”



“So none of us ate proper breakfast this morning cos we were all rushing” Bluey said as he settled down on a table with the boys.

They’re all eating same thing, a French dish.

“I ate a slice of bread” Starr said.

“I ate nothing” Martin said.

“I took just tea” Bluey said as they all started eating.

“And we ended up getting in trouble, we’re really amateur liers like Yolanda said” Bluey said and they laughed.

Martin’s sleeves suddenly went down and Starr suddenly saw bruises on his wrist.

“Martin why are there bruises on your wrist?” He asked quickly, taking his hand.

Martin quickly took his hand away from him.

“Bruises?” Bluey said.

“Yes I saw it” Starr said.

“Forget about what you saw” Martin said.

“But what exactly happened to you and…

“And I said forget about it!” Martin snapped and stood, he left the cafeteria immediately.

“What’s up with him?, Why is he so se-nsitive about it? I’m sure I saw bruises” Starr said, drinking water.

“Martin has always been secretive” Bluey said.

“I’m here!” Ophelia appeared, sitting with them.

She stole a peck from Starr’s cheek but he wiped it and stood.

“Where are you going?, Let’s eat together” she pouted.

“Bluey I’ll go check on Martin” he said.

“Let’s go together” Bluey replied and drank water before leaving with him.

“Aren’t I beautiful?” Ophelia said, looking at her face in the mirror.

“Then why is he not attracted to me!” She stumped her foot angrily.

Yolanda came back from the principal’s office when it’s ten minutes before the next [email protected]$$.

She was ordered to do community service for the rest of today so she won’t be able to go to [email protected]$$, she decided to come and eat before starting.

She took a pizza box and settled in front of a girl.

She started eating fast so the principal won’t catch her here.

“Easy, you might choke” the girl in front of her said and she looked up.

“Thanks” she said and resumed eating.

“What did the principal tell you to do?, Community service?” The girl asked.

“Why are you pestering me, are we friends?” Yolanda glared, drinking some water.

“Ok let’s be friends I’m sure you know me” she said.

“Your name is Rhythm, you’re the best female pianist in my [email protected]$$ after Starr, anything else?” Yolanda glared and drank water again before standing.

“I’ll do the community service with you wait!” Rhythm shouted, running after her.


AN EMPTY [email protected]$$**

Martin is sitting alone, he pulled up his sleeves and when he saw the bruises on his arm, he was almost moved to tears.

He regretted shouting at Starr earlier but he couldn’t control it, it’s something he doesn’t want them to see.

“Dude I’m sorry ok?” Starr said, coming in with Bluey.

He quickly covered his bruises.

“We’re sorry for asking what we shouldn’t have, but that isn’t enough to sit here alone bro” Bluey added, stro-king Martin’s hair.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you star boy” Martin said and Starr hit his shoulder.

“Ah!” Martin growled.

“There’s a difference between Starr and star ok?” Starr said.

“star stays in the sky, where does Starr stay?” Bluey raised a brow.

“My @$$” Martin said.

“Come here pervert!” Starr went after him and he ran out of [email protected]$$.



It’s obvious that something is happening today, a joyous [email protected]

The young fishes are running around the river, chasing each other, their cackles filled everywhere.

The kid mermaids are pla-ying around happily.

Each inhabitant of the kingdom is busy preparing to go to the palace for the festival, princess Lotus’s song tops the menu so no one will wanna miss.

The palace is a beehive of activities right now as different attires came to pla-y.

The palace yard where the festival will take place at has been decorated with paradisiacal lights already, treasures were set from the starting point to the stop, all shinning bright.

Cleo sneaked out of the king’s chamber unnoticed and went back to her room.

She stood in front of the mirror, smiling to herself.

“Now watch as you leave this river for life.. Lotus” she said happily

“Where the hell are my maids!” She shouted and three maids came in.

She slapped the first one immediately and the remaining two shifted back fearfully.

“You guys don’t know you have to dress me up for the festival?, Fools!” She breathed and sat.

They started dressing her up and when she remembered that Sage will finally be hers once Lotus leaves, she giggled and bit her li-p slightly.



Watergire has just finished dressing up, his crown was polished again and it shone more.

He’s wearing the ancient ruling necklace already, it’s gold too.

He turned to the table where his golden amulet usually sits but it’s not there.

“Did it change position by itself?, How come” he said and closed his eyes, hoping to see it there when he opens his eyes but it’s not there.

“Where did it go?” He said and the scent came to his nose.

The smell of royal bloods and reigns.

He left his room and started tracing the scent till he got to the princesses chamber.

He continued tracing till he got to Lotus’s door.

The door opened by itself and he went in.

“Royal ather!” Lotus said shockingly, the amulet is in her hands.

“Why is the golden amulet here!!” He roared, making her tremble.

The water started shakiy violently.

“Royal father….I suddenly found it amidst my treasures, believe me father it wasn’t me” she said in defense.

“You dare betrayed me?, I took you as my favorite cos I thought you were worth it!, But now I’m regretting!” He yelled, his eyes shinning blue.

Lotus bowed fearfully.

“Royal father, I swear with my life, it wasn’t me….

Watergire used magnetic for-ce to take the amulet from her.

“Anyone there!” He yelled and two guards came in.

“Take her to the disgrace tree” he ordered and they grabbe-d her.

“Royal father!!, Royal father!!, Royal father!!!!!” She screamed and her tiny voice almost broke as she got dragged to the lawn where the big tree of disgrace is.

She was tied to it firmly.

“Lotus!” Queen Aqua shouted, rushing out.

“eonni!” Mul came after her.

“What’s happening, why was she tied to the tree!” Cleo said innocently, coming out too.

“She dare steal my amulet?” Watergire appeared.

“Steal?” Aqua said shockingly.

Everyone coming for the festival stopped and watched and it didn’t take long before the place became full.

“She stole the golden royal amulet!” Watergire roared and the water became restless.

👥 I can’t believe this.

👥 She has magic already, why would she steal the amulet

👥 Probably to absorb more powers from it, I could just feel the greed

👥 No,, princess Lotus can never do that.

👥 But it was found in her room, on her hands.

👥 How could she betray his majesty

👥 I still can’t believe.

Lotus kept looking at everyone,her ears kept absorbing their words and she quickly kept her face down.

Cleo smiled secretly.

“I’m not sorry, you deserve it” she thought.

Sage rushed into the circle and when she saw Lotus, he made to rush to her.

“She stole the royal amulet” Cleo said and he stopped.

He looked at Lotus again and stepped back.

“Your majesty, please temper justice with mercy” Aqua begged.

“Royal father, please have mercy, please forgive her though I know she can never do it” Mul said.

“Are you saying his majesty is lying?” Otis said.

“Curse me if that’s what I meant” she replied quickly.

“Goddess Rivera made the rule about stealing, that anyone who steals, will be banished from here immediately, same applies to her” Watergire said.

“andwae appa, appa andwae!” Mul started crying.

“Your majesty I’m pleading with the crown, please spare her” Aqua begged.

“Royal father, please” Cleo said, just to look innocent.

“Lotus, you broke the law of this kingdom by stealing, I’m following the law of the goddess of this river, you’re banished…. forever” Watergire said.

“No…no don’t do that!, Your majesty!!” Mul cried at his tail together with Aqua but he quickly moved away and spun around, his amulet shone yellow and the light blinded everyone temporarily.

Lotus looked up with we-t eyes, she wasn’t affected by the light.

“eomma” she sobbe-d.

“Mul” she whispered and looked at Cleo.

“I hope you get what you deserve” she said and tears slid out of her eyes as the yellow light se-nt a large wave.

Her ropes loose-ned and she got trapped in the wave, it started taking her up the river at a fast speed.

“Lotus!!!” Aqua screamed.

“Lotus!!!!” Mul shouted and their voices entered her ear as she got rolled out of the river.

She landed on the surface and swam to the shore.

It’s night prese-ntly in the human world cos their time underwater is different from Earth’s.

Her legs appeared as she stood.

She looked at her legs and then at the river.

She just lost her home at the blink of an eye, just like a dream.

Tears fell from her eyes as she stood, staring at the river.

Only a shinny short skirt and blouse is covering her fresh irresistible bo-dy.

She squatted and continued crying hurtfully and as she cried, it started raining heavily.



Starr just finished having the dream again and it woke him up.

He sat up on the be-d and saw his window opened though his view is blur.

He’s suffering from night blindness.

He put on his [email protected]$$es and walked to the window but immediately he shut it, pains gripped his heart and it started hurting hellishly.

“Aarrggghhh!!!!!!” He screamed agonizingly, sweating so much despite the heavy wind bl-owing outside.

“My heart!, My che-st!!!”

His [email protected]$$es fell as he went on his knees.

” Mum!!!!, Dad!!!!!!, Aarrggghhh!!!!” He screamed again.

It feels like his heart is currently getting hit by something.

Judy and Davis rushed in.

“Honey!” Judy ran to him.

“Starr!” Davis did the same and Judy held his face, sitting on the bare ground in front of him.

“Mum my che-st!, Dad it hurts!, My heart!!” He shouted again, more sweat covering him.

” Let’s get him to the hospital!” Davis suggested.

An heavy thunder stuck immediately and Starr [email protected]$$ed out.

“Oh my Gosh!, Hospital!!” Judy shouted fearfully.


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