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A mermaid’s love episode 4 & 5

( Melody Musical High… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Lotus cried for over an hour and as she cried, it rained and thundered heavily, lightening happened repeatedly.

She felt lonely, alone like she’s the only one in the human world.

The rain stopped when she stopped crying and stood.

She started walking away from the river , going into the deep streets of Seoul.

The streets are quite and it’s obviously because of the rain.

Flashing her blue eyes light everywhere, she continued moving, searching for where to settle.

She might be new here but her se-nses are working perfectly well and right now, she’s @$$imilating their ways of living already.

When she was still in Quenshi, she’s a lover of books, she reads books about humans a lot so it’s just easy.

She saw numerous ghosts roaming around the streets and wondered why they aren’t going to the afterlife.

She decided to just concentrate on her search.

She suddenly saw a free spacious land beside a building.

She walked more closely to it and immediately her legs touched the ground, she closed her eyes and clasped her hands together, wishing for the magic she needs.

It took just two minutes to finish up then she opened her eyes.

The blue rays shone on the land.

“Arii Arii [email protected]$$arri” she spoke and the magic happened right in front of her.

The house sprouted out of the ground and she watched as it stood magnificently.

It reflects like diamonds and the inside is crystal clear already.

Throughout her walk here, she has never seen an house as beautiful as this or as magnificent.

Its surely paradise.

She walked into the house and met the garage first, there are two cars in there, a blue one and a white one.

She touched it and the use rang in her head.

She walked into the house and smiled at what she created.

Blue and white lights are everywhere, it was indeed built of diamonds but the interior was decorated with pure gold.

Every single couch was made of gold, even the dinning chairs and table.

The floor was made of diamonds and the wall is all diamond too, reflecting everywhere.

She entered the kitchen and it was stacked with golden plates and spoons, the pots and utensils are all gold too.

She entered the [email protected] next and when she saw history books, she smiled.

She climbe-d the golden stairs and checked out the four beautiful rooms.

She picked one for her use and decided to take a shower.

After showering, she changed to long socks and a long shirt too, covering her completely.

She came out of the room and sighed when she saw a ghost in front of her door, one of the ones she saw earlier.

“You followed me here?” She said and the young girl nodded.

She looks normal though, not a spooky creepy one.

“Why aren’t you going to the afterlife?, Heard humans go to the afterlife after dying” Lotus said.

“I don’t want to go yet” she replied stubbornly.

“The grim reaper is always around, what if he catches you” Lotus said.

“I don’t want him to, I still have things to take care of”

“What’s your name?”

“Anita” she replied.


“15” Anita replied.

“Oh!” Lotus smiled.

“How old are you?” Anita asked.

“I clocked 2,500 today” Lotus replied and Anita smiled.

“You look young but you’re actually a mermaid who has lived for long” Anita said.

“Women don’t get old in Quenshi” Lotus replied and Anita’s stomach rumbled.

“Hunger?, Come I’ll make you something” Lotus pulled her downstairs.

“I saw how you were building this house magically, I love your magic, if I say the magic words, will I be able to build myself an house too?” Anita said as they entered the kitchen.

“Say it” Lotus smiled, placing water on fire.

“Ar…are…a … I dunno” Anita gave up.

“You can’t know it no matter how many times you hear it from me, it was created for me alone so only me can say it” Lotus explained.

“Sad” Anita pouted.

Lotus made simple noodles and they ate together.

“But….did you die naturally?” Lotus asked.

“No, I was killed” Anita replied and Lotus raised a brow.


Anita made to reply but she sle-pt off when a cold wind hit her.

Her head dropped on the table and Lotus felt water we-tting her feet.

She quickly stood and saw that water has we-t the whole house completely.

“Who’s it?” She asked and her voice echoed as someone appeared.

A stunning woman.

Her appearance smells like power and her white gown dragged behind her as she walked.

Her purely white hair was so long that it reached her thi-ghs, her lashes are long too and as she walked, more water we-t the ground.

“Goddess Rivera!” Lotus smiled and bowed immediately.

“You adapted fast” Rivera smiled.

“I was wondering why my magic built this house so fast, never knew you helped, thanks goddess” Lotus said, finally looking up.

“I see you made a friend already” Rivera said, looking at Anita who’s still slee-ping.

“She’s a wandering ghost” Lotus said.

“You’ll make more friends soon, your real fate is just about to start, you clocked 2,500 today” Rivera said.

“I felt it” Lotus replied.

“You were destined to be banished, it’s pa-rt of your fate to be casted out, but it might just be a cruel fate” Rivera said.

“Cruel fate?, I don’t understand”

“You can’t understand right now Lotus, find out yourself” Rivera said and the wide arms of her robe spr-ead as she pointed her arm at Lotus.

A school uniform appeared on her hands.

“Your story is just starting Lotus, stay away from rain and water from now on, it’s dangerous to reveal your real identity to humans… good luck” Rivera said and the water dried up as she vanished.

“Goddess!, Goddess!” Lotus called but it’s negative cos she’s already gone.

She looked at the uniform with her and Anita woke.

“Gosh!, I sle-pt off fast, i must have been so tired” she yawned, coming to Lotus.

She saw the uniform and [email protected]

“Melody musical high uniform?, Are you gonna attend the school?”

“School?” Lotus asked.

“School of music, pure music!” Anita said and Lotus’s face brightened.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course!, I know the school, tommorow is still Wednesday so you can still resume” Anita replied and Lotus hu-gged the uniform.




” Now I know you’ve been lying by calling Lotus your favorite, you didn’t allow her to explain or investigate, you banished her in just a wink, she’s the most pure chaste girl in Quenshi your majesty!” Queen Aqua cried in Watergire’s chamber.

“I know she didn’t steal my amulet” Watergire said .


Two guards brought in Cleo.

She was left in front of the king and she went on her knees.

“Royal father” she said.

“I know you stole my amulet and kept it in Lotus’s room ” he said and Cleo [email protected]

“It was fated, I couldn’t do anything to stop it, if I try to stop fate then things will go worse” he continued.

“Cleo now I know the prophecy is true!, You’ll later become a wicked witch how could you!” Aqua yelled.

“I was always treated like an outcast!, I felt inferior!, I felt useless!, Yes I’m jealous of her!, I just wanted her to leave cos she kept taking everything away from me” Cleo cried.

“Leave” Watergire said and Cleo left quickly.

“You only heard half of the prophecy, Cleo won’t only become a wicked witch but she’ll also be the one to kill Lotus if Lotus continues staying here” Watergire said.

“Lotus is powerful your majesty” Aqua said.

“When it comes to fate, powers don’t matter, what’ll happen will surely happen, I se-nt Lotus away disgracefully cos I never wanted her to come back, staying here is dangerous, I don’t want to lose her” Watergire said.

“But we could have se-nt Cleo away instead” Aqua said.

“That’ll wreck havoc in the human world, manslaughter will happen if we do that, she’ll turn to a dark witch fas-ter than expected, so se-nding Lotus away is the best” Watergire said.

Aqua cried out loud afterwards and King Watergire fought back his tears.


The truth that Cleo is the real culprit filled the whole kingdom already and everywhere she goes, people whisper behind her back, calling her names

She had to hide back in the palace but immediately she entered, she met Sage.


“So what I suspected was true, you’re the one behind it devil” he said angrily.

“Sage try to understand me, I was just…

“There’s nothing to understand Cleopatra!, She’s your sister!, How could you…”

“You claimed to love her too but you stepped back immediately I said she stole the amulet! You don’t even trust her!” Cleo yelled in interruption.

“I….that was..” Sage started stuttering.

Cleo smiled and came closer.

“We’re just the same, take it or leave it, you’re only obsessed with her just the way I am with you” she said and he looked at her.

Before he could say anything, she pulled him closer and ki-ssed him dee-ply.



“Honey!” Starr heard the faint voice of Judy immediately he opened his eyes.

“Mum” he whispered and Judy quickly held his hand.

“Honey you’re awake”

“How are you feeling right now?” Davis asked from his right side, they both sle-pt in his room.

“I’m fine dad, did you guys take me to the hospital?” He asked.

“No, you woke up immediately the rain stopped and you sle-pt off” Judy replied and he smiled.

“I’m sorry for scaring you both, I’m so sorry” he said.

Judy hu-gged him immediately.

“Don’t do that again, but still you have to go for check-up” Judy said.

“X-ray rather” Davis said.

“Yes dad, I’ll make sure I [email protected] at the hospital on my way to school” he replied.

“I’ll follow you definitely” Judy replied.

“I’ll be late to [email protected]$$ today again” he pouted.

“I’ll call Mr Roger” Davis said.

“Thanks Dad, you’re definitely the best” he replied and got down from the be-d.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Judy asked.

“Will dad eat with us?” He asked.

“Of course” Davis smiled.

“Then… anything you make is fine” he replied and blew them ki-sses before entering the bathroom.

Judy hu-gged Davis immediately.

“You should praise me for giving you such a cute boy” she said, hanging her arms on his neck.

“I love you” he smiled.

“I love you too baby” she replied and he gave her a li-ps peck.

She interlocked their hands, taking him downstairs.



“So… humans can’t see this mansion right?, Anita asked as Lotus dressed for school.

“Yes, no human can see it, it’ll just be an empty land to them” Lotus smiled and faced her after putting on the uniform.

“Wow!, You look more pretty!” Anita gushed in admiration.

“Thanks” Lotus smiled and sat in front of the dressing table.

She used pearl earrings and li-pstick before starting to comb her hair.

Anita took the comb from her and helped her.

“I envy everything about you eonni” she said and Lotus remembered Mul, she behaves just like her.

“Why?” She asked.

“Your hair, your fresh bo-dy that’s almost glittering, your overly beautiful face” Anita replied and Lotus looked at her.

“You want a long hair?”

“Of course” Anita said.

Lotus looked at her hair and said the words in her mind, Anita’s hair grew longer, falling on her shoulders immediately, down to her che-st.

“Whoa!, I love you big sis!” She shouted, admiring her new hair.

“But it still doesn’t look like yours” she said.

“My hair is rare, only for me” Lotus replied and Anita pouted.

“But you haven’t told me how you died” Lotus said .

“I’ll tell you once you’re back from school” she replied, pla-ying with her hair.

Lotus stood and took her backpack, they left the house together and she met a guy sitting in one of the cars in the garage.

“A ghost?” She said.

“Obviously, goddess Rivera se-nt me, I’ll be your driver from now on” he smiled.

“Have fun on your first day big sis, since you refused to let me follow you” Anita waved.

“The four books I picked out in the [email protected], make sure you finish reading them before I come back” Lotus said.

“ne eonni (yes big sis)” she replied as Lotus got in the car.

“Don’t worry I know your destination already, Melody musical high” the ghost driver said.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Nam-Ri” he replied.

“Nam-Ri” Lotus said.

“Yes, goddess registered you in the school already so you’re kind of free” Nam-Ri said.

“How did she manage to do that?”

“She’s always unpredictable, she has her ways” Nam-Ri replied.

“I guess so, I hope the school is like I’ve imagined” Lotus inhaled, opening the window.

Though the streets of Seoul isn’t as beautiful as the treasure-filled streets of Quenshi but it’s still beautiful.

She inhaled the hair and pointed her hand out of the window, enjoying the view.



“Nothing is wrong with his system, he’s totally fine” the doctor said after the X-ray.

“Doctor are you sure?, He screamed out last night, holding his che-st” Judy said surprisingly.

“I’m very sure, you chose this hospital as your family hospital cos we’re always accurate so believe me, Starr is fine, maybe stress” the doctor replied.

“Oh I see, thanks doctor” Judy said.

“Have a good day ma’am” he replied as Judy left with Starr.

“Desist from stress, if possible don’t pla-y the piano throughout today honey” she said when they got out.

“Not possible mum, I’ll just reduce the rate so bye!, I love you!” He replied and rushed into his car.

“School please!” He told the driver who obliged immediately.



“What’s taking Starr so long?, Don’t tell me he’ll be late today too” Martin said.

“He’s not picking his phone, that punk” Bluey said.

“He’s dead if Mr Roger should come before him, will he say his dad fainted this time around?” Martin said and Bluey laughed.

“Heard a new student is joining us, a girl” Bluey said.

“I wish it’s a boy, girls love troubles” Martin replied.

Ophelia entered the [email protected]$$ with her spawns, chewing gum loudly, she used a different tie, different from the other ties.

Normally the students wear blue tie but she’s wearing black, standing out.

“Can’t wait to see if the new girl will be hotter than me” she said, bl-owing bubble from her gum as she looked at her face in her mirror.

“No one can beat your face trust me” Lilac said and she smiled.

“You don’t have anything to say Floyd?” Ophelia faced her.

“Your face is always dazzling, no match” Floyd said and Ophelia stroked her hair.

“Is Floyd a dog?, Why does it seem like it” Yolanda said.

“Who knows” Rhythm replied beside her and she sighed

“I told you ion want friends so shush please” Yolanda said.

Since she for-cefully helped her with the community service yesterday, she has been following her around, insisting on being her friend.

“But Yolanda….” Rhythm said.

“No buts please” Yolanda said sternly.



Lotus’s car stopped and she stepped out immediately, her long hair pla-ying on her wa-ist.

It’s damn black and the blackness only added to her beauty.

The students who are just coming out of their cars stopped to stare.

Not even a single person moved an inch, all eyes are on her.

To them, she’s the real beauty goddess…. her beauty looks surreal.

Lotus smiled when she saw the school building, it was painted blue, same as the uniform…her favorite color.

“Have a nice day” Nam-Ri said and just as she took the first three steps, a deafening thunder sounded and the students bent in fear.

Lotus stopped and looked up, it’s about to rain.

She has no power over rain so it’s impossible to stop it.

If the rain touches her, she’ll definitely transform automatically.

She started running the remaining distance to the school building but a prese-nce fell beside her and she stopped.

It’s a guy but the scent she’s smelling from him is too enchanting….

He’s smiling kinkily and he’s holding an umbrella to their heads, it started raining immediately.

“Let’s share my umbrella, you’ll catch the flu if the cold rain touches you” he said and saw that the rain is almost touching her backpack..

He stepped closer, covering her more properly and they could feel each other’s breaths on their faces as they stared at each other.


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