A maid for him Episode 30 & 31

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎 💎 Episode 30💎
Do Jung’s pov
I am sorry Chi Min that I had to hit you, I shouldn’t have hit you but you would never want to follow me home willingly.
I carried her into my car and drove off to my house I la-id her on the be-d and smiled.
“what a pretty and nice b©dy you have” I said trying to waste a bit of time.
“Tae really loves good things but you are mine” I replied and held her hands.
Very soon, just stall a bit more Do Jung.
Chi Min’s Pov
I woke up and my blurry vision cleared up to reveal Kim Do Jung hovering above me.
He was tou-ching me and my hands were tied and so was my mouth. I tried yelling but all my yells were muffled as I cried.
Tae Ho’s pov
I got to Chi Min’s house and knocked severally but there was no response. Strangely the door was left open.
Last night I went back home and told dad that I was out merely to have a good time.
Maybe she left for school without me, I am going to so scold her when I get her, she even left the door opened.
I got into my car with a smile, I am going to scold her using myl-ips. I checked the tracker I placed on her.
Chi Min’s definitely doesn’t wash her hair often or else she would have found it. I checked the tracker. What the hell is she doing in Do Jung’s house.
I drove there.
Chi Min’s Pov
“plea-se” I pleaded crying.
“I love seeing you so vulnerable” Do Jung said while I struggled with him and cried more.
All of a sudden the door bur-st open and…… Mira walked in.
“Mira” I stuttered and she hit Do Jung with a stick ma-king Do Jung fall to the floor.
“has he fainted?” I asked and she nodded. Impossible! Just one hit, it’s not metal, it’s a stick. Mine was a metal.
“how did you find me?” I asked as she loos£ned the ropes on my hands.
“Why wouldn’t I find his girl?” she asked and I furrowed my brows.
“his girl? Whose girl?” I asked and she just laughed.
“you don’t nee-d to know” she said.
“I definitely do nee-d to……” I couldn’t finish my words before Tae barged in.
“Chi Min” he called and pushed Mira away.
“what are you trying to do to her?!” Tae yelled
“She’s my friend, she is helping me” I says and Tae diverted his gaze to me and hvgged me.
“I am sorry, I am sorry I couldn’t protect you from this bastard” he says and hvgged me.
“it’s okay” I replied with a f0rç£d smile.
“I am getting the fv¢king bastard into my car” Tae says and dragged Do Jung out.
“how did you find me?” I asked Mira.
“I will tell you all about it later” she replied and left on a bike.
Mira’s Pov
I just hope this works out well. How did Tae find us? Geez! He is going to spoil things.
I sped off and after a while, I noticed another bike following me.
“$h!t” I cursed and drive fas-ter but I was caught up after a while.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I tied Do Jung to a chair in one of my small mansions, it’s the only mansion that my dad doesn’t know of.
“Chi Min, how did it happen?” I asked.
“he….he…. c@m£ to my…. He c@m£ to…. My house and I…. And I… I thought you were the one, I… I… Opened the door and…..” I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“it’s okay, I’m here now” I whispered and pe-cked her forehead.
After luring her to sleep, I went to Do Jung and splashed water on him, he woke up with clear, unrepenting eyes.
I punched him really ha-rd on the face and he gro-an ed.
“still hate me so much?” he asked and u hit him repeatedly.
“you bastard!!!!” I yelled as I hit him continuously.
“why did you do it? Why did you do it?!! Why?!!!” I yelled.
“it’s all useless, none of it worked. He is going to get us all” Do Jung replied.
“who? Who is going to get us?!!” I asked.
“your… Your precious dad, master Kang” he replied andy eyes blinked as my brows furrowed.
“my… My… Dad?” I stuttered and he nodded.
“he is going to be here soon” he replied weakly..
“did he order you to do it?” I asked and he slowly nodded.
“no… No….it’s not possible he couldn’t have asked you to r@p£ my sister, his very own daughter. You are lying” I said.
“I thought he was joking too but he was not” Do Jung said and I felt something hit my head.
Before I lost consciousness, the last person I saw was…. My… My very own dad.
💎 💎 Episode 31💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
I felt a cold liquid splashed on me, I shivered and opened my eyes.
“d… Dad” I stuttered.
“beat him up” dad said and the guards began beating me up.
“dad!!!” I called weakly in tears.
“I hate you” I said.
“you should, you can’t like or love anyone Tae, you should be brutal and heartless, hate me hate everyone” Dad replied and I shook my head.
“Chi Min where is she?” I asked immediately I caught my breath and Chi Min was dragged in by her hair, she looked tattered and weak.
“dad” I mumbled and crawled to him. I held his legs.
“let her go, plea-se leave her out of this” I pleaded
“you are so weak” dad said and I nodded.
“I know, just let her go” I pleaded.
“you can’t love” dad replied and Do Jung was loos£ned from the chair that he was tied to.
“why dad? Why?” I asked in tears.
“cause you are my son, the heir to Kang empire” Dad replied.
“but it is amazing…. Love is” I stuttered and he pushed me away
“beat up that bastard called Do Jung” dad said and I could see shock clearly written on Do Jung’s face.
“what did I do wrong master Kang?” he asked and Dad simply chuckled.
“Bring her in” dad ordered and Mira, the girl who saved Chi Min earlier was brou-ght in.
Do Jung rushed to the girl but he wasn’t even allowed to t©uçh her before he was being beaten up.
“I told you Do Jung, I told you clearly to r@p£ her to death didn’t I?” Dad asked and I blinked.
Dad really ordered Do Jung to do that.
“why is she still alive?” dad asked.
“Shin Jin, are you talking about my sister Shin Jin? Is she alive?” I asked and the so called Mira crawled up to me.
“Tae” she called in that same voice, that voice that I thought I would never hear anylonger, Shin Jin’s voice.
My very own sister.
“Shin Jin” I cried and hvgged her.
“Tae” she cried also and hvgged me ti-ghtly
“little Sis, why didn’t you tell me you are alive? Why? Little sis” I asked.
“little sister?” Chi Min asked and I nodded with a smile amidst my tears.
“I thought I would never see you again, why did you change your face? A plastic surgery?” I asked and she pu-ll-ed off the skin mask.
“Shin Jin” I said and hvgged her more ti-ghtly. It’s her, it is really her!!!
“well, well, you both are not going to be seeing for long” Dad said and made to hit Shin Jin bit I got in the way and got hit instead.
I fell to the floor bleeding and Chi tried to come to me but she was held down with her hair as she cried.
“Do Jung, why did you let her live?” Dad asked.
Do Jung’s Pov
“Shin Jin is…is my girlfriend” I stuttered.
“master Kang nee-ds to see you” a guard said and I looked at him a but confused.
“are you sure?” I asked and he nodded. I shrugged and the guard left.
“Shin Jin. I will be back” I said and pe-cked her cheeks.
She giggled and i smiled at her before leaving for master Kang.
“I nee-d you to do something” master Kang said in his authoritative voice.
“what is that sir?” I asked.
“r@p£ Shin Jin to death” he said and I g@sped.
“I… You are very funny sir” I replied cause to me then It was definitely a joke.
“I am not joking, r@p£ her to death. She was a mistake anyways, she wasn’t supposed to come to this life if only her stupid mother had ab-orted her. I don’t want Tae getting attached to her” he says.
“she… She is your… Your daughter” I replied ed.
“she is not nee-ded, I only nee-d a heir any distractions such as Shin Jin should be re-moved” he said.
“I am… I am sorry but I can’t do it” I replied.
“I am not giving you an option” he said and I felt a cold metal t©uçh my n£¢k, a gun.
I blinked repeatedly and gulped ha-rd .
“are you re-ady now?” he asked and I slowly nodded.
Flashback ends
“it was after this I told Shin Jin about it and since we are lovers, ma-king love was no big deal and we had the S-x video cli-p” I continued.
“after this, a ch!pand a tracker device was placed on me well till now and the day I tried removing it, I was beaten to a pulp so I had to live with the tracker. I could only s£nd text messages to Shin Jin. I couldn’t speak to her cause we would be heard throu-gh the ch!p” I said and coughed.
“are you wondering how I found out about it all?” master Kang asked.
now do you still blame Do Jung