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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

A maid for him Episode 32 & 33

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💓💓A maid for him💐🏵

(😍Being a playboy’s maid😋)

. ❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️

💎💎Episode 32💎💎


Do Jung Pov
(the day Tae Ho and Do Jung made a bet on Chi Min)
“oh shit my phone” Do Jung gasped and ran out of Tae Ho’s room back to master Kang.

His phone was with master Kang. ‘Oh no! What if Shin Jin had sent a message’ he thought as he collected his phone.

There was truly a message. ‘I hope Master Kang didn’t see it’ he thought.

Flashback ends
“well I found out that day, I can hardly believe you disobeyed my rules, gave my daughter a mask and made my daughter work in my hours as a maid” Master Kang said and Shin Jin slapped him hard.

“don’t call me your daughter you monster!!!!!!” She yelled but master Kang just laughed.

“Only a monster survives and not weak kids like you” master Kang replied.

“I tried all my best to reach Tae Ho but he concluded that I am a rapist and stayed away from me so I couldn’t tell him” I added.

“I sent Shin Jin to interrupt us cause there is no way I am going to be a rapist” I said and Chi Min crawled up to Tae Ho

Chi Min’s Pov
“Tae Ho” I called weakly as I cuddled him up

“Chi….Chi Min” he called and touched my face, I cried endlessly seeing him in that situation.


then all up except my son” Master Kang said and I staggerdc up.

“you….you are a monster you are worse than Adolf Hitler” I yelled weakly.

“I know” He chuckled a guard made to hit me, I closed my eyes and raised my hand above my head to weakly defend myself but no pain came.

I opened my eyes and saw Tae right in front of me, he took the hit again. He blinked and smiled forcefully before falling on me.

“Tae!!! Tae!!!!” I yelled as we both fell to the floor weakly.

He raised his hands up weakly and I helped him you touch my teary face as tears kept on falling repeatedly.

“Tae, don’t die! Don’t Tae! Remember last night, I told you I will kiss you later on. Tae wake up!!!!” I yelled and shook his body.

“I… Chi Min….i…. Love…. You” he stuttered and waved me to move closer to him.

I bent low towards him with my tears dropping, he kissed me weakly and smiled, a weak smile.

“I… Got my kiss” he forced a smile and then…. Then his hands dropped.

“Tae! Tae! Tae! Tae!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.



💎💎Episode 33💎💎
(Grand finale)
Cont of Chi Min’s Pov
“Tae” master Kang called.

“you Bitch!!! How dare you?! because of you my son is dying!!!” He yelled and held my neck.

“ki…kill m… Me” I stuttered with my tears.

“kill her” he said and I smiled. Tae, I am coming for you.

“you bastard!!! Kang! How dare you try to kill my own daughter?!!” I heard someone yell. I looked up to

see my mum.

“mum?” i called already as weak as ever and master Kang laughed.

“Mrs Song” Master Kang called.

“I never knew you could be this heartless to the extent of trying to killing your own daughter after killing your wife” Mum said.

“I saw you that night, I saw you clearly as you drove a bullet into her brain” mum added.

“oh yeah, so what? You have no evidence” Master Land replied.

“anyways I have a good news, the police are here” mum said and the police barged in.

“you have no evidence” master Kang said and the policeman held him.

“really? Are you sure?” mum asked and brought out a recording tape.

“you are a bit stupid Kang, I have been standing there for a while now, seems like I heard a lot and recorded a lot. You are not really suspicious to know that someone was in your car booth right?” mum asked.

“you!!!!!” master Kang yelled.

“Tae, help him” I said weakly and I felt the whole earth turn for a moment before I fell to the floor beside Tae.

4 hours later
I had woken up since a while ago same as Shin Jin and Do Jung but Tae, he was still on this bed laying motionless.

I just hope nothing happens to him. I kissed his hands.

“Tae when are you going to wake up so I can give you the kisses I promised you?” I asked and wiped the tears that were streaming down my cheeks.

“now” I heard a voice, it was Tae’s voice.

I hugged him tightly.
“Tae, you are awake” I said happily still hugging him.

“where’s Chi Tae? Where is my dog?” he asked.

“Chi Tae? Is that what you are supposed to ask for right now?” I asked.

“don’t tell me you are jealous of a dog” He said.

“that dog is also a female” I replied and hit his chest.

“ouch…. Ouch” he winced.

“I am sorry, I am really sorry” I quickly said.

“if you are sorry, you know what to do” he replied and pouted.

“you playboy” I said.

“yeah but that’s for you only now” he replied and I crashed my lips on his kissing him and allowing our emotions to take over.

I never thought I would be able to do this again but I still can and I am doing it right now. I love you Kang Tae Ho.

It was later found out that Master Kang had a mental illness and he was taken to a rehabilitation center where he eventually committed suicide after a little reconciliation with his children.

Shin Jin and Do Jung continued dating and so did Chi Min and Tae Ho And they all lived happily ever after.



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