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A gumiho’s love episode 14

💕💕💕💕(Will this love be possible???)💕💕💕
🔮 Chapter fourteen 🔮
💧 May 💧
I boiled with serious anger as I watched the scene in front of me
How dare she kiss him?, And she responded?
I ran into the room I share with April and shattered the vase on the bedstand
How could they?, I like Jesse!
📙 April 📙
“Don’t corrupt us you guys” I said and they broke the kiss
“are you jealous? ” Anita asked
” Jealous my foot, I’m just happy for you both, and thanks for waking up, I thought I was never gonna see you again” I said as I hugged her still in her sitting position
“I’m sorry for scaring you” she said
Yolanda sauntered in and jumped at her, she took her and stroked her head… Yolanda licked her face and she smiled widely
How cute!
“Halabeoji” she called and grandpa who has been smiling since went closer
“Anita, thanks for waking up” he said and held her hand
She hugged him too and saw Yung
” Kim Yung!, You’re here! ”
” So now you notice me after all that love play with your boyfriend, you almost killed me, I’m single you know” he said jokingly and we all laughed
She stood up and hugged him but Jesse quickly separated them
“There’s a limit to that right now, thank you” he said and Yung smirked jokingly
” And grandpa, I know what you are” Jesse said
” Same here” Yung said
” Same here” I said
” Me too” Anita added
” You’re an alien from the star, you’re not from this planet” we all chorused
” You guys got it, I’m an alien and that’s why I know the little I know about vampires, wolves and gumihos,.. you’re a pure vampire right?” He asked Yung
” Sure” he replied
I know that since he entered
“The little Power I have is because I’m an alien and I don’t belong here, I just mistakenly got stuck on Earth and would be able to go back only fifty years later and some months cos my powers are deteriorating right now…I have about a month left to go back” he replied
” Grandpa, you’ll leave me” Jesse said
“Don’t act like a kid, it’s not like I’m going right now, I still have a month to spend with you” grandpa replied
“I’m missing you already” Anita said
” I know and I’m missing you guys too.. over to you Anita and Jesse, now that you two are in love and confession has happened, this is just the beginning of your trials and hardships, you’ll face a lot including your friends” grandpa said
” You mean we have enemies?, The only enemy I have right now is Arthur and I don’t even know where the bastard is, he can’t kill us if he doesn’t have the sword of death” Anita said
” I know, but still you have to be careful cos many more enemies will arise, and Who said Arthur is your only enemy, what of Mulan”
” You mean mum?, She’s alive? ” Jesse asked
” What do you think?, Even if all the gumihos in the world decides to leave the world today and go to another planet, your Cruel mother won’t go cos of her quest for human liver, she’s callous” grandpa said
” So we should just be careful, and I think we have an enemy here too” I said
” You mean May?, She has always been like that so I’m not surprised, she always wanted to be greater and more powerful though it’s not possible and she’s filled with the spirit of jealousy” Anita said
” I dislike her” Jesse said
” Same here” Yung added
“You should be careful of her too, I can feel she’ll be a block stone in the future cos of her dark soul” grandpa said
” She has a dark soul? ” I asked
“a part of her soul is pure and a part is dark, it means she can be easily swayed” grandpa said
” Oh ok, enough of the talks about May, now that I’m one of the meat eaters, Anita I’m hungry, give me meat” Jesse said jokingly and we all laughed as we went downstairs
The maids made some meat and we all ate while sharing banters… I love the atmosphere.. May remained inside.. even better!
🎲 Nicole 🎲
“Don’t you think we should act fast?, Anita is planning to take both Jesse and Yung away from us” Rachael complained this evening as we sat at the beach
“I really dunno how to tackle it, honestly since you said you saw her wounds vanishing immediately you hit her with your car, I’ve been wondering if she’s really a human, what kind of a human just barges into a class and asks for meat? ”
” I know right?, At worse, a normal human would have asked for food but she said meat”
” Wait… Didn’t we read that stories about gumihos together with Jesse last semester? ”
” Yes, they’re powerful, they have high healing efficiency cos their wounds heal up Immediately, they’re meat lovers and the dark ones eat human livers…
“That’s it Rachel, that’s it!, What if she’s a gumiho?” I asked in fear
✍️ Next chapter comes up by past eleven, anticipate ✍️
💎 Arthur 💎
I journeyed through the grasses and shrubs, forests and rivers just so I could find this sword… I just need to get my hands on it….. Finding Anita and her sisters will be one small task
I suddenly stumbled on a stone and fell, I rolled down the sloppy area till I fell inside a cave… Dark, silent and Serene
Where is this place???
I stood up stealthily and tiptoed but not long, various firelights suddenly came on in the cave
“Who’s here!” I screamed.. somehow scared
” Genie of wishes” someone said from behind me and I looked back in fright
I saw him… He’s an old man with white long beard and bald head, he’s sitting on an obviously golden chair regally in his wide white garment
“Who are you?” I asked
“Genie of wishes” he replied again
” And I know why you’re roaming this dangerous forest.. searching for the sword of death? ” He asked, stroking his long white beard
” Yes, yes!, Help me! ” I quickly said
“I will, I’m here to help people though I don’t take pleasure in helping wicked people like you, but what can I do?, The heavens assigned me here to help anyone who needs help no matter who you are” he said
” Oh so where is the sword? ” I asked
“Impatient as ever, you’re left with two weeks walk before getting to the sword of death, it’s in the tomb of Madarssus, you’ll easily recognize it cos it’s written boldly in the front of the tomb, just travel west and in exactly two weeks, you’ll get there, good luck” he said and vanished
” Oh gosh, at Least the freaky old genie helped” I gushed as I rushed out of the cave
😍 Mulan 😍
“Tell Uriel to waylay the Japanese dealers, he should kill them and take back the girls we sold for them” I ordered Dan who’s now my second in command
” Yes my lady” she replied left
Well don’t be surprised I’m doing fine, I just kept my cool and let the sleeping dog lie cos I need some peace too
I’m the owner of Dragon Castle, it’s a castle in the underground of my house in which I sell the humans I kidnap
My human workers kidnap them from different Streets in this Hong Kong and deliver them to me in the underground Castle.. there I have my dealers from different places I sell them for at high prices
It’s illegal though and the government is not aware, I settle the ones who’re aware and I kill the ones who prove stubborn
The humans I kidnap are used as materials for experiments in labs and some are killed directly and their organs are sold to illegal secret hospitals by people I sell them to
I make my cool money!
Only I and Dan are gumihos, the rest of my workers are all humans but they know their place cos if anyone trespasses, I’ll eat his or her liver…
I know for a very long time that my son is not here in Hong Kong but somewhere in Korea.. I just decided to have a little peace before resuming my search since bloody Mona Lee took him away fifty years ago
But last night, I felt a strange feeling any something told me it’s really time to resume my search, meaning.. I have to move my underground Castle to Korea so I can run my business and also search for my son… My Jordan
I rang the call bell and my manager rushed in
“My lady” he said and bowed
“Tell Kasi to do anything he has to do about the underground Castle construction in Korea, he must finish it in two weeks” I ordered
” As you wish my lady” he replied and scurried out
I laughed wickedly…
💗 May 💗
“How can you be so shameless June..
” Anita” she corrected
“I don’t care!, How can you kiss him in front of everyone!” I ranted angrily as she came into our room this evening
“you dunno yet?, We love each other!, You remember when I usually say I love him even without seeing him fifty years ago?, You called me cheap then remember?, But now he’s with me and you think I won’t grab the dangling opportunity and love him? ” She said
“but you know I like him too, Jesse is too hard to resist” I said shamelessly
“you think you’re making any sense right now?, No my dear, May I think you’ve traded your brains for meat somewhere” April said and I just feel like gouging life out of her but I still have to deal with June first
“She’s right, you’re not making any sense, how can you be so shameless? ” June ranted
” You know what I can do if I get angry” I said to her face
” You can do nothing” Jesse said, coming in
He took June’s hand
” Jesse..
“You have no right to call my name after talking rubbish to my Nita, and if you feel bad about not getting a kiss, you can kiss the wall” Jesse said and drew Anita out of the room
” OMG!, Great suggestion” April mocked and started laughing hysterically till she fell off the bed


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