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🔮 Chapter twelve 🔮



🍇 Jesse 🍇

I beamed with smiles as I watched their reunion though my ears itch badly as a result of how Anita is crying

She has missed them so much!, And I guess they both miss her too

A madam came out of the kitchen with another girl

The girls disengaged

“Ma’am, this is…

” Your lost sister?” She interrupted and they nodded

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“Aigoo (oh my God), she’s so pretty!, You must have missed them so much cos they miss you too, they always talk about you” the madam said and hugged June who has now stopped crying

“she’s our helper, we live with her” April said

“Thanks for taking care of my sisters madam” Anita said thankfully

“and that’s Ruth, the brat” May said and I giggled

I know her character immediately, May will be a narcissist, not caring about what others feel

“Nice to meet you Ruth” Anita said and Ruth waved

Anita faced me

“Jesse, this is April and this is May, my long lost sisters” she said

” Do you have to introduce them?, I know them already as you’ve been talking since” I replied and smiled at the both of them

But I noticed May won’t stop stealing glances at me…why?

Am I that handsome?, Well I am

“So what’s the plan?” Madam Norris asked

“I want my sisters to stay with me, I’ve missed them so much” Anita said

” I understand, but May and April, promise me you guys will still be coming to work” madam Norris asked

” Of course” they chorused

I drove us to their house where they packed their luggages inside the car

I drove us home


“Halabeoji, you know I’ve always been a good son right?” I said, trying to cajole grandpa as he got back from the museum this evening

“You’ve always been a good son, what do you want to ask this time around?, And besides, the cups returned to their normal form, did Anita find her sisters?” He asked and I nodded

” That’s what I’m trying to say grandpa” I replied and they both came downstairs with Anita

” Grandpa please, can they live here with us too” I asked on my knees

“It’s ok, who am I to refuse since there are many rooms for them to stay individually, what are your names?” He asked

” April”

” May”

” April and May?, Wait, the three powerful pure gumiho sisters fifty years ago?, Where is June?” He asked

“how come you dunno she’s June?” May said surprisingly, pointing at Anita

” She’s Anita” grandpa replied.

“I was actually the one who changed her name, she’s June” I replied

” Yes, I’m June” Anita replied

“that’s new, well it’s ok, you can all go rest right now, we’ll talk tomorrow morning” he replied and left for his room..

I went to my room and the girls left for their individual rooms

I smiled as I got to my room, I can’t wait to just open up to Anita, help me God!

Then my mind shifted to the strange things that has been happening to me these past weeks

For example, if I hit the wall unknowingly or knowingly, it’ll crack, if I close my eyes, I see the face of a woman I don’t know, I even once controlled my pen with my eyes from the table to the ground

I don’t even understand myself anymore but I’m trying my best to keep it within me without letting it known to anyone…. I’ll scale through this

📙 June 📙

“I’m so happy to see you guys again” I said for the uptenth time

” That again, you said that a lot today” April said

“That silly girl” May said, rolling eyes at me

” That same attitude again” I said playfully

“Whatever…by the way, why didn’t you tell us Jesse is also a gumiho?” May asked and my eyes widened

“I was about to ask that too, why don’t you tell us he’s a gumiho?” April asked equally

” No he’s not a gumiho” I argued

” Are you blind?, Got gave gumihos profound observation, sharp ears and nose, clear eyesight and different other gifts cos of times like this, Jesse is a gumiho, didn’t you perceive his scent?” May said and I became more confused

” No….

“We shouldn’t be talking about this tonight, let’s rest” April interrupted

” Let’s talk about him but from another perspective,he’s really handsome, I wish I can have him” May said seriously..she never jokes with things she says seriously

“Don’t you dare” I snapped

“Are you guys dating?” She asked

” Not yet” I replied

” Then I can still have my way” May said and I smirked as she covered herself with the duvet

I went back to my room, thinking about what they said

Jesse is a gumiho?, If he is then I should have perceived his scent cos for all I know, I have the best scent detecting nose, but I shouldn’t take their words too serious

I went to bed, still thinking of it


The next morning, May and April woke up before me cos I can’t find them in their room again

I was coming out of their room when I met Jess, just coming out too

“Good morning” I greeted

“Good morning, how was your night?” He asked

“Twas … Great” I replied, sniffing the air maybe I’ll catch the scent from him but I smell nothing

“Why?’ he asked

” It’s nothing” I replied

” You must be hungry, now we have more gumihos to feed, the meat market will soon run out of it” he said as he pulled me downstairs

May and April are already there eating, dressed up for work already (at madam Norris restaurant)

I settled down and Jess sat beside me

“Good morning June” April greeted

“Anita” I corrected

“Oh that’s true”

“Whatever” May blurted

“Is she always like this?” Jess mumbled and I smiled

Throughout the breakfast, I noticed May stealing glances at Jess countless times

Is she really serious about trying her luck???

Grandpa came downstairs and seems moody

“Halabeoji, you look moody this early morning” Jess said with concern

” I already told you it’s old age thing, by the way, June and Jesse, be present in the evening, I have an important thing to say” he said and head out
” You’re not eating before going to work?” I asked

“I packed my breakfast in the car already, I’ll eat at work” he replied and left

He’s surely not ok, I can feel it

April and May later left for work and I left with Jess for school

He went to class as usual and I sat at the back of the lab as usual, but I’m thinking rigorously this time around

Jesse?, A gumiho?, Impossible!

“Hey Nita” Yung called, sitting beside me

” Oh, good morning” I greeted

” I’ve been calling you for the past two minutes, what were you thinking about?” He asked

” Nothing in particular, just some unimportant stuffs” I replied

” Like wondering weather Jesse is a gumiho or not?” He asked and my eyes widened

” How did you know?”

” I just know, and believe me when I say he is, I smelled the scent when he passed by my side this morning” he said and I stood

” What is everyone saying, if you can smell the scent, then why can’t I?”

“Like I told you, you two are connected, that’s why you can’t smell it, and also, I don’t think he knows about it himself” he replied

✍️ Jesse ✍️

Last class for today…

“Jesse can we go for dinner together today?” Rachael asked as the lecturer impacted knowledge

” No, thanks, I have plans” I replied , thinking of the strange happenings that has been happening to me

I looked up and strangely, I saw the woman’s face again… who’s she

“Jordan” I heard in my ear but I can’t see the person Calling the name

“Who’s Jordan?

” Did you just say Jordan?” I asked Rachel and she denied it

So is Nicole

I stood up covered with sweat as the name sounded in my ear again for the uptenth time

I became extra scared, I rushed out of the class to the back of the lab where I found Nita with Yung

I grabbed her hand and ran with her to the parking lot

We got into the car and I started driving

“Jess why are you acting strange and why is everyone saying you’re a gumiho?” She demanded but I kept driving

She kept asking same question but I ignored till we got home

Grandpa is sitting in the living room with the two cups of luck on the table

“Grandpa, who am I?” I asked

“You’re Jordan, son of Mulan who’s the gumiho witch, the most diabolical liver eater gumiho” he replied

” I don’t believe that, how can I be the son of a witch?, Wait…I heard Jordan while in class…

“That’s your name, when I saved you fifty years ago…

“You saved me?..you aren’t my grandpa?

” These cups absorbed your memories cos you’re not with your powers then, even till now…but if I burn the cups now, you’ll regain your memory” he said

” This is crazy!, I’m going nuts!, What’s everyone saying, how can I be a gumiho!” I demanded confusedly

Grandpa placed the two cups on a metal tray and set them on fire

As they started burning, my head Started spinning and tears fell from my eyes as I held it

Jordan, mother, dark room, liver, gumiho, Dan, Arthur, ..
These are the things i remember in shatters before losing consciousness

💗 Anita 💗

“Will he be ok?” I asked grandpa

Can’t believe he’s Jordan, my unseen crush fifty years ago

“He’ll be ok but not without pains” he replied


“He’d have regained his memory by the time he’ll wake up, but his powers will be unlocked too, tonight” he replied

“Are his powers great?’ I asked

“he’ll be one of the powerful gumihos you’ve ever heard of, the full moon will come out tonight and once it shines on him, his powers will be released in the most agonizing way ever cos his mother locked it up at the moon castle”

” What will be his true identity?, Will he be ancient gumihos like us?” I asked

” He’s a nine tailed gumiho”

“Then the pains will be too much and i can’t bear to see him in pains, can’t anyone else take it for him?”

“It’s possible, the person will have to taste his blood during the pain period, his pains will be transferred to the person and the person will pass through the agony instead of him, but it’s dangerous, too dangerous” he said

” I’ll take the pains, I’ll do it”

” Are you out of your mind?, It’s too dangerous for you ” he replied

” I don’t care!, all I want is for him to be ok, I’ll take the pains for him, no matter how dangerous it is”


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