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A gumiho’s love episode 11

💕💕💕💕(Can this love be possible???)💕💕💕💕
🔮 Chapter 11
✍️ Jesse ✍️
Vampire???, I read about them in books!, No wonder Anita is always with him since she knew him, two supernatural beings…cool
I don’t even know how to handle this, like I’m too confused!
Kim is obviously in pains and Anita is even unconscious
What should I do?
It’s a sure thing that June will fall sick so I guess I should find a way to tend to Yung’s pain first
My eyes caught a mini library beside the dinning and I ran there, searching for books about vampires so I can at least know what to do .
Luckily I found many, I picked one titled “A vampire in danger”
“Aaaaarrrrhg!!!” Came the scream from Yung… Is the pain escalating?
He screamed again, pain obvious in his voice
I opened the book hurriedly and was about to start reading when I felt a movement behind me
I looked back and it’s him, Yung?!, When did he get behind me without my knowledge?
His eyes are full of fury and his whole body is smelling of blood, he has bloodstains on his lips and fangs, his blood I guess
“Yung, you need to calm down, this isn’t you” I said as he came closer and I moved back till my back touched the shelf, I stayed still
“Yung get back to your senses!”
But I guess it didn’t work, he rushed to me and held me by my neck, he’s choking me and I started coughing badly
He flashed his fangs at me and my heart skipped a beat, I’m not destined to die like this
Then he started bringing his face closer to my neck, he’ll drain my blood!
That can’t happen!, As if I found a renowned Power, I pushed him away and he landed on the floor
I made to run back to the living room but he stood up and carried me off the ground like a toy, he threw me away, slamming my back against the hard shelf, I crumbled with the shelf and blood gushed out of my mouth and nose… This will only get worse cos he’ll want to drain my blood by any means
He came to me again and made to wound me with his claws but I dodged and stood up
He rushed to me again but this time, I carried him and slammed him against the floor… How did I do that?, I’m a human, I can’t possibly overpower a vampire???
I raised him from the ground and pinned him again the wall
“Get back to your senses Yung!, You’re going crazy over the scent of blood, please Kim, just stop! ” I pleaded but it fell on deaf ears
He pushed me away and came on top of me, he flashed his fangs and came closer, ready to sink his fangs into my neck
“No Yung!, Please stop!” Someone said… That voice is Anita’s
How come she’s awake already???
“This is not you, get a hold of yourself, please Kim, don’t let your crave for blood take over you I beg you” she said
Kim looked at me once again and let me go
He fell heavily on the floor unconsciously
I sat up and cleaned the blood on my mouth and nose with my hands
“Jess are you ok?” Anita asked as she rushed to me, kneeling in front of me
I looked at her and smiled
I rubbed her cheeks and pulled her into a hug
“I was scared” I said truthfully
“You should be, but don’t be scared again, I’m back now” she said as we disengaged
” He’s a vampire” I said
” Yes , I came here cos he passes through rigorous pains every Tuesday, if I’m with him, it’ll reduce the pain but unfortunately, he doesn’t know about I and Ice” she said, pointing at a shattered bottle of soju on the ground
” The ice melted already, and don’t think too much about why I woke up earlier than expected, I must have woken up cos you’re in danger, while unconscious, my ears itched me too and strangely, I can feel it, God woke me up” she said and I smiled
” So now you’ll know how badly it itches” I said and we both laughed
” What are we gonna do regarding him? ” I asked, refferring to Yung who’s now back to his normal human appearance but still unconscious
” He’s ok now, he’ll wake up soon, and all the things he did, how he tried to hurt you, don’t think of it too much, he didn’t mean to do that, he wasn’t himself then” she said
” I know” I replied
I carried him upstairs to his room and Anita brought a bowl of water with a napkin
“I’ll do it” I said, taking it from her, I dipped the napkin into the water and squeezed a little amount of water out of it before placing it on his forehead
“He must be suffering a lot” I said
“I know right, he’s fighting hard to be pure , too bad the pains will just multiply every week” she replied
” Is there no remedy to his pains?, And your fear of ice and rain too? ” I asked
” I dunno of any” she replied and her stomach rumbled
” Hungry? ” I asked
” Yes”
We both went downstairs to the kitchen and cooked a voluminous amount of meat
She ate with a great appetite and I’m happy with that
“Anita” Yung called from the stairs
He’s standing there with, placing his hand on the rails
“Yung you’re awake!” She exclaimed
He came downstairs and hugged her
But It felt like my body is burning so I separated them
“I didn’t give you the permission to hug her” I said
“How are you now?, Why were you like that Immediately you saw the soju?” He asked
“I don’t like ice, it’s my worse enemy, in short you just saw what happens to me when it comes close” she replied and he faced me
“did you perhaps see my real appearance?” He asked and I smirked..
“Jinjja?, You don’t remember almost bitting me?, You almost drained life out of me” I said and his eyes widened
” I did that? ”
” Of course, but don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, but wait, can an ordinary human lift you up when you’re in your vampire form? ” I asked
” No, no freaking human can do that no matter how powerful he is” he replied
” Really?, But I…. Don’t worry” I replied
📙 Anita 📙
“the cups in the museum are rusting” grandma said this evening
.we didn’t tell him what happened though, it’ll only make him worry
“Rusting?, How come?” Jesse asked
“It means your sisters will soon meet you, when you meet, the cups will go back to it’s normal form” he replied
” Really? ”
” Yes”
” I can’t wait!, I’m so happy! , But doesn’t that mean I’ll soon meet bloody Arthur too?”
” Of course” he replied and I sighed
💎 Yung 💎
“you’ll be my only listener today, I’ll play you a song at the flower garden” I said as I and Anita strolled around the school
Jesse is in class
“Really?, I can’t wait!” She exclaimed
“Sit” I said and she did on the only long bench available as we got to the garden
I started playing the violin with all I have and I’m happy I’m doing this for her, she’s smiling and seems happy, she clapped happily as I played
“You’re good!” She exclaimed as I finished
“You’ve never seen me play a violin before?, I also play the guitar very well, that’s the reason girls drool on me besides my handsome face” I said sincerely
” Can you play me another one?” She asked
“With pleasure” he replied and wanted to start playing
💧 Anita 💧
“Don’t play the violin again, I’m going somewhere with her” Jesse suddenly said, coming our way
” You’re supposed to be in class” I said
“The class ended and I was thinking of taking you somewhere” he said
“Where?” I asked
” The…
“Oh wait a minute, give me your phone” i said and he gave it
“I must call Priya, I promised to call her yesterday but I didn’t due to the palaver” I said as I brought out the paper that has her number from my bag
I dialled it and she told me to meet her at Ben’s restaurant not far from the school
“I have to go now, see you at home Jesse, and see you tomorrow Yung! ” I waved as I ran off
💗 Jesse 💗
“Do you have hidden Feelings for her?” Yung asked Immediately Anita left
“no, that meat eating machine” I lied
“It’s obvious you’re lying, you know it’s always better to pour out your mind, say out your mind” he said and pat my shoulder before leaving
That jerk
But how do I tell?, I’ve never done this before
🍭 Rachel 🍭
“Just see how they’re both arguing over her, it’s obvious Jesse likes her” I complained as we peeped at them
“what do we do?, She must not take Jesse from you” Nicole said
“I know exactly what to do, if she lands in coma, she won’t be able to bother us anymore, I’ll call you” I replied and rushed to the car park
I got into my car and drove to the restaurant she mentioned earlier
She must be inside with Priya right now
I’ll just wait till they’re done and clear her off. I’ll hit her with my car
I wore a facemask and changed my car’s number to a fake, waiting for her to come out
😍 Anita 😍
“I’m now a model?” I asked Priya
“Yes, since you got selected, you’ll be going for shoots anytime you get an appointment with a company, your schedule depends on how many appointments you get” she said and I hugged her
“you’re a good friend, I love you” I said and she smiled as we hugged
I left the restaurant and decided to walk all the way home
I’m so happy today!
I continued trekking and singing, not caring about my voice
Just then, a car hit me from behind and I flew to the other side of the road, badly injured on the arm, head and neck
I stood up and the wounds healed up that instant
I used super speed and ran to the car that’s about to bolt away
I opened the door of the car and came face to face with a masked girl, I yanked off her mask forcefully and it turned out to be Rachel, fear written on her face
“You obviously had wounds earlier, why aren’t you fainting?, and nothing happened to you, What are you?” She asked
I smiled satisfactorily
“I’m Anita, my name is Anita, that’s what I am, and if you try this again, I dunno what I might do to you, miss pepper stew” I said seriously before leaving her
I really don’t think I can keep my secret forever with people like Rachel and Nicole around
💚 Arthur 💚
“So you’re saying you’ll be going for two months to search for the sword, what happens if after the two months, you still can’t find it?” Capone asked
“I’ll come back and capture them again, if I can’t kill them, I’ll use them as slaves”
🖤 Nicole 🖤
” Did you just say her wounds disappear?”
” Yes”
” Right in front of you?”..
” No, but I saw the wounds immediately she landed on the ground, but they’re not there anymore when she came to me” Rachel replied
“what the fuck!, How can that happen?”
” I have no idea, I don’t think she’s human” I replied
” That bitch”
” I think I need to confirm this myself”
🔮 Jesse 🔮
I stayed in my room tonight and thought about how I flipped Yung in his vampire form again
How can I do that?
I’m human aren’t i?
And Yung, he knows I like Anita?, Not bad, maybe that’ll make him stay away from her
But that jerk is not!
I hit my hand on the table to display my frustration and surprisingly it broke into pieces
I stood up in fright and stared at the broken pieces
I stared at my hands and I have no wounds
What’s happening?
Am I not human?
I ran out of my room to Anita’s room and met her still looking at magazines
“What happened?, You aren’t asleep yet?” She asked but I hugged her instead
” Let’s stay like this for a while” I said and she hugged me tighter
💕 April 💕
Two weeks later
“Can’t believe I’ll be in South Korea very soon!” I exclaimed as I balanced on my seat in the plane
” I know right?, I can’t wait” May replied and eyed Ruth
I wonder why but Ruth has been staying on her lane these days
Did someone preach to her???
We landed in the south at exactly five in the evening
“Whoa!, It’s much more beautiful!” I exclaimed
“I knew it!, I love this place than the north” May replied
“Girls, stop chatting and let’s get the luggages” madam said and we obeyed
” When will we start running the new shop?” I asked
“Next week” she replied
We settled down quite easily and we checked the shop out already, it’s bigger than the one in the north and spacious
We made flyers and distributed it to advertise
Today is our first day at the restaurant and the sales are pretty good
🏵️ Anita 🏵️
During these past three weeks, I got to know something, Jess has Feelings for me as much as I do but he won’t tell
Yung is a very good friend and I’m glad to have him too
Priyanka!, That beautiful Indian girlfriend is really helping a lot
I’ve gone for four shoots, I think it’ll increase as I gain more experience
And I never told Jess about what Rachel did
Nicole kept disturbing Yung but I can clearly see he feels nothing for her
And Rachel, she kept clinging to Jess but he kept avoiding her
And Jess has been acting strange these days, apart from knowing that he loves me, I feel something strange from him though I dunno what it is
“I’m hungry” I said as he drove us back from school today
“In that case, let’s eat at the new restaurant” he said
“Anyhow, I’m just hungry” I replied as he pulled up at the front of the restaurant
Immediately I came out of the car, I perceive the scent of my sisters…my eyes widened as I traced it into the restaurant
“Are you looking for something?” Jesse asked but I hushed him as I kept following the scent and it led to a girl, her back on me, she’s cleaning a table
“April?, May?” I called and she looked back at me…she’s not any of them
“I’m sorry it’s not you” I said and turned to go but something came to my mind
What if their faces changed just like mine, they were also locked in the cup remember?
I turned back
“Wait…are you June?” She asked, perceiving the air…she must be smelling my scent too
I nodded positively
“April?” I asked, judging by her stature
“Yes I am” she replied and I dunno when I pulled her into a big hug, we’re both crying already
” That can’t be June is she?” Someone asked from behind and we broke the hug
I saw another girl, looking at me with a whole lot of questions on her face
“That’s May, and yes, she’s June” April replied
“I knew it!, I traced the scent here from the kitchen, come here you fool” she said as we hugged each other
” How have you been idiot?” I asked
“I just missed you silly” she replied as April joined the hug
Tears of joy fell from our eyes.. we found each other again


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