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A bride for the ceo Episode 51


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Episode Fifty One

“You arrived late, anyways how is your day” Tasha asked as Gabe sat down.

“Sorry about that” Gabe said apologizing, Tasha also sat down.

“OK, I have done some research on Darlingtons and…” Tasha was saying but Gabe mind was far away, she was lost in thought “Gabe??!!!” Tasha called, Gabe looked up.

“I… I…” Gabe stammered and this anger Tasha.

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“Don’t freaking tell me you are falling in love with that bastard, you that I have heard alot about, I am so disappointed in you, you are nothing but a weakling.. You instead of fighting for justice, you are here falling in love with that fvcking ra-pist bastard, you… You…” Tasha said with tears running down here cheeks.

“I.. I… No I am RED AND I FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!!!!, I AM NOT A WEAKLING!!”Gabe yelled and ran up to her room crying.

“Awwwnnn sweet little Gabe, well I am sorry cause this won’t last” Tasha thought and sm-irked.


Gaberialle has been sitting on the ground, with her back on the leaning on the door, she has been there since yesterday night crying and thinking, she looked up, her eyes is red and swollen.

“Why do this have to happen to me, why do I have to like a criminal, why….” She thought to herself “I have to do what I have been told to do, he won’t be spared” She thought again sadly, she stood up and went to the bathroom.

“Hey, Good morning” Tasha greeted as she saw Gabe, Gabe was putting on a short go-wn, she was putting on a jean short un-derneath.

“Good Morning Tasha” Gabe greeted smiling.

“You look terrible” Tasha said concerned.

“Yeah, I know” Gabe said causally. Both of them sat down, they were in the dinning room, they were sitting opposite each other.

“Now is the time to [email protected] this bit-ch” Tasha thought “I know what you are [email protected] throu-gh and I am sorry of the way I treated you yesterday, I mean it wasn’t the best thing to do.. I should….” She was saying sadly, Gabe stretched her hands and held Tasha’s hands across the table.

“Shhh, it’s fine, no need to worry, we are still going has planned, am not changing anything, I am not, justice will be done… If I don’t bring Justice down on them.. How will those women feel, how will people they have cheated feel, I can’t be that foolish and stupid to be selfish” Gabe said, as she said these words she was hurting and her heart was tearing [email protected] but she maintain a cool expression.

“You’re really a strong woman and I admire you alot” Tasha said, she stood up and hvgged Gabe, they dis£ngaged “So let me treat you and serve you, you need alot of food” She said smiling, Gabe also smiled.


“What is this man up to??” Stella thought to herself as she looked at Gerry from her secret room, Gerry locked his door and looked around, he sat down and brou-ght out a book, this book has a lot of docvments.

“My works” Gerry said to himself and smiled, Stella looked on, as he opened the book a paper fell off.

“quic-k!!!” Stella yelled mentally, She zoomed it quic-kly and snapped it before Gerry stood up to pick the paper up. Gerry began staring at the papers and the book and began smiling to himself “Transfer of investment??” Stella re-ads out confused, I bet Barr. Kunle will know about this, she snapped it and s£nt it to him on WhatsApp, he wasn’t online, Stelle began to hear m0ans, she looked around, still couldn’t find what was ma-king the sounds, then she looked at the video only to see Gerry ma-king out with one of the staffs “Oh sweet jeez!!” She thought with a about to vomit look, she lowered the volume, her phone beeped, she took it “Oh my!!!!” She yelled mentally when she saw ra-phael’s message


: Babe, ain’t you coming??? I hope you are alright?? Love you.
Stella: Just give me few minutes, I will be there, love you. Stella texted back, she packed her bag, put her house in order and rushed out.


“We have to step up our plan” Tasha said looking at Gabe who was nodding, they were in the sitting room, they were both sitting down eating snacks along sides soft drinks.

“I do agree” Gabe said.

“Let’s see how much he trust you” Tasha said “Have he told you where he lives???”


“Where he works???”


“About Michael and his kids???”


“Then yeah, we can go ahead with my plans” Tasha said smiling but her smile was pure evil “I call the plan, enemy within the gates” She said sm-irking, Gabe looks confused.

“I don’t get” Gabe said “Enemy within the gate??” She repeated, looked at a smiling Tasha “Enemies within…..” She st©pped and grinned, Tasha smiled.

“Got it???” Tasha asked smiling.

“Yepppp” Gabe said popping the ‘p’


Two days later

Stella : Do you know anything about the Darlingtons??” Stella asked via text. She was in her room. She had just texted Barr. Kunle, she was waiting for him to come online, she went to her kitchen to make food, when she was throu-gh, she [email protected]£ back and saw messages.

Barr. Kunle : Stella, you have just taken a step in success, this docvment is one of the docvments that could s£nt Gerry to jail although it still needs more proves, this docvment shows how he cunning collected both Martin’s and Jimi’s properties away from them, this signatures are forged, this does not belong to either Martins or Jimi… Thanks alot dear.. And yeah I do know the Darlingtons, they are good people, [email protected] folks although secretive and pri-vate people.

Stella : OK then, You are welcomed Sir, I will continue to try my very best… Sir do they have any criminal records or have they ever engaged in a crime.


Kunle : Not that I know of.. Infact no, they don’t have any. They are clean folks.
Stella : OK Sir, can you help me to find out more about them???

Barr. Kunle : OK no problem, hope all is well??

Stella : Yes, all is well sir, just confused on something, I just need clarity.

Barr. Kunle : OK, how is Cherry doing??? s£nd me your account details and plea-se don’t insist.

Stella : She is fine… Smiles, Thank you sir. She s£nt her account details with smiles on her face.

Barr. Kunle : OK…. You are welcomed, I have to go bye.

Stella: Bye Sir. Stella said and they both of them went offline. Her phone beeped, she checked it and jumped up, excitingly and started to dance.

“Three hundred and fifty thousands Naria… Awwn” She thought dancing with smiles on her face.


“Where am I???” Gabe said as she opened her eyes to see two handsome men staring back at her, They were both Michael and Goerge.

“Are you feeling better???” Michael ask gently, looking at Gabe, she was in the house of the Darlingtons’, she was laying down on the be-d, her b©dy bruised, herl-ips was cracked and her feets were wounded.

“Uhmm…” She mumbled and tried to get up “Ouch!!” She yelled, George ran to her side like lightning and prevented her from sitting up, he had a very sad expression.

“Uhmm… I will go get the box” Michael said excusing them, Gabe stared at George who was not looking at her, she looked around the room, it was beautiful and looked very expensive, Michael [email protected]£ back with a first aid box, dropped it on the nightstand “Gabe get well, buddy I will leave you guys, take care alright??” Michael said, George nodded.

“Michael sound caring and responsible” Her inner mind told her but she hushed it up.

“George plea-se talk to me… Why are you quiet???” She asked “George??” She said tapping him, he looked at her “Talk to me”

“Rialle, am not happy, I saw you laying helpless on the road… What happened???” George asked.

“Now, tell him the planned story” Tasha’s voice could be heard in Gabe’s ear from the beautiful earrings she was putting on and also Tasha was watching them from Gabe’s house with the aid of the n£¢klace she was putting on including the earrings.


was coming back from my workplace, then I was attacked by some armed and masked people, although for sometimes, someone has been trailing me, I could feel it but I was careless today, they caught me and beat me… Almost ra… ra-ping the me, they ran away when we all heard car coming then I blacked out” Gabe said crying, George hvgged her.
“It’s fine, am here now, no one will hurt you OK” He said and she nodded “Do you have any idea who they are??” He asked, as he began treating her wound.

“I don’t know really, but am sure they are our competing rivals, my company’s” She said.

“It’s fine, you will be staying with me for sometimes”

“Hope I won’t be a burden, I can go stay with a friend”

“Nope, you are staying with me here”

“Thanks, am grateful”

“You are welcomed, am glad, I was the one that found you” George said smiling, Gabe smiled too.

“First mission accomplished” Tasha’s voice again was heard by Gabe. George layed Gabe to sleep, covering her with the duvets. He sat in the chair beside her re-ading a book.

@@ Flash Back @@

“You will have to start living with them, tear the both of them [email protected], from history till now, Michael has been the shield to George and his family, he has been his protector, so you have to tear them [email protected] to get what we want” Tasha said to Gabe, they were in a room filled with TV.

“Getting rid of the shield” Gabe said nodding.

“What are we gonna do??” Tasha asked.

“I know exactly what to do” Gabe said and whispered the plan to Tasha who smiled.

“You are the best… fvcking best brian!!” Tasha said happily hvgging Gabe.

“We are doing it this evening” Gabe said after they dis£ngaged.

The evening time [email protected]£, Gabe went to the training center and got into a duel with someone, she didn’t fight back and everyone was surprised but her opponent was warned not to st©p, she was beaten seriously, she was bruised and injured, she smiled, both she and Tasha left with a car, they packed some distance away and trekked with Tasha helping Gabe, Tasha get her earrings and n£¢klace to put on, which she did.

“We can hear each other throu-gh that, I can also see throu-gh them” Tasha said smiling.

“Perfect” Gabe said, Tasha walked away to the car, just ten they heard a horn, Gabe layed down with her shoes on the floor, her clothes tired, her bag scattered on the floor and sticks by her side. Then the car drove past her, but [email protected]£ back in great speed.

“Done” Tasha said, she had a device in her ear, with that she drove off.


George and Michael were coming back from the office, Michael was driving, George was sitting in the [email protected]£nger’s seat.

“Let’s call the kids” Michael said earning a smile from George.

“Good idea” George said smiling as he took Michael phone from the phone stand and started to call Veronica, he replaced the phone back in the phone stand that was on the dash board in front of George.

“Ademi” Veronica said immediately after picking up.

“Hi Mom” Both of them chorused.

“Hey sons”

“How are you doing, I hope the kids aren’t giving you any trouble?” George asked, Veronica chuckled.

“Ofcourse not, they’re the best and I am fine” Veronica answered.

“That’s great” Michael said smiling “Are they there, we wanna speak to them”

“Okay, no problem” She said “Loves!!!!!” She called.

“Yes!!!” The kids answered her.

“Your Dads wanna speak to you!!” She said, they shouted happily and ran to her, she [email protected]£ them the phone and went into her room.

“Hi!!!” The kids greeted happily.

“Hey babies, how have you been??” George asked.

“Good, Grandma is so lively, funny and fun to be with” Adrian said.

“Yes” The girls chorused together.

“Am happy she is” Michael answered.

“We called to check on your guys, hope you guys didnt give grandma trouble and you didn’t fight” George said.

“We didn’t and yeah we didn’t give grandma any trouble” Alexa answered chuckling.

“That’s great” Michael answered laughing.

“Take good care of yourself and grandma” George said.

“We will, we super love you guys” Ashley said screaming happily.

“We too” Michael answered laughing.

“Good night” The kids said happily.

“Good night and sleep well” George said and he ended the call. Michael horned, George looked at him.

“Why did you horn??” George asked looking around.

“To scare bad guys and animals” Michael said smiling, he heard some movement, so that was why he horned but he didn’t wanna scare Michael by telling him.

“OK” George said looking outside the window, as they drove past, George frowned “Buddy, did you see something on the ground???” He asked.

“Yeah, I think I did” Michael said and they looked at each other, Michael reverse back and packed, looking in front of them, they saw a b©dy laying on the road.

“What the???!!!” They both screamed as they saw the b©dy, they cautiously got down, leaving the light of the car on.

“It’s a she and she is terribly injured” George said as they got to the b©dy, Michael was looking around very alerted. He finally looked at the b©dy.

“$h!t!!!!” Michael said as he immediately knelt down “Is this not your woman… What’s her name again??? Gabe???” He said in a rush, George looked confused.

“Yes!!! She is!! Oh my goodness!!! What happened, who made her like this???” George asked.

“Can you confirm if she is the one, she is still breathing” Michael said looking at George, who bent down, took his hand to Gabe’s che-st.

“What are you doing??” Michael asked looking at what his friend was doing, he pu-ll-ed her dress to reveal a scar, looking at her arm he saw her birth mark.

“Yeah, she is” George said sadly, he carried he into the car, Michael packed her bags, shoes and threw the sticks away from the road, they entered the car and drove off.

“She will be well and wake soon, be calm and st©p over thinking” Michael told his friend, as Gabe was layed on the be-d by George, while her belongings were put beside the be-d. After few minutes she began opening her eyes slowly, she finally opened it and saw two pairs of eyes staring at her.

“Where am I???” She asked.

@@ End of Flash back @@


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