10 days with bella episode 17

Chapter 17
______________ ( Memories)
Once Bella arrived at her home, she bide Goodbye to josh and watched as he drove away, so this is it, She’s back home, she signed and walked to the door, she knocked and the door opened it was her grandmother Susan, the moment she saw Bella she was so happy, Bella was shocked to see her grandmother very healthy and looking smooth, she was confused.
” Oh my Isabella your back ,how are you doing, come inside ” Susan pu-ll-ed her inside and she’s still shocked.
” Grandma, is this you,are you okay ? Bella asked ,Susan smiled as they both sat down
“, Of course my dear, am very healthy, am well now” she said happily.
Bella was still confused, how is that possible.
” But grandmother you were sick ” Bella said .
” Yes, but sam brou-ght a friend of his who paid for my treatment, his really a kind guy, he even paid for Sam’s graduation fees ” Susan said ma-king Bella to g@sp she was more shocked now.
“, What…someone paid ? But who ,what did he say his name was ? Bella asked totally lost .
” It’s sam who knows his name, but he told us his a friend to you and you s£nt him” Susan said with a smile and Bella frowned.
” Friend ? She whispered confused.
The door open and sam walked in when he saw his sister he was so happy.
“Bella your back” he hvgged her , Bella looked at her brother who is dressed with his uniform, he looked so happy, and he just returned back from school.
“Sam” Bella pu-ll-ed him to seat down “hay …how did you continue school , did you go stealing didn’t i tell you to just wait for 10 days, what did you involve yourself with , talk before i cut your ear ” by now she was holding Sam’s ear .
“Ouch….sis… plea-se st©p, it hurts ” sam pleaded Bella left him.
“Start talking” she said giving her brother that elder sister command .
“Hah, sis what’s wrong with you , your acting weird , don’t you know me, I don’t involve myself in bad things all my friends are good ” sam said giving his sister that puppy eyes .
“Of course, you don’t keep bad friends, start talking befor i hit you ” Bella yelled ma-king sam jump from his seat. , Their grandmother laughed from behind, bella and sam has always been like that ever since they were much younger especially when Bella is claiming that elder sister stuff .
“Calm down , why are you so hurt tempered , anyways, it was a guy who paid it ” he said causally adjusting his backpack .
“Which guy , doesn’t he have a name ?” She asked eyeing him.
“I don’t know, all i know is he was the one who c@m£ to pick you the day you went for work ” sam said ma-king Bella rethink, it was josh who picked her up that day, is there a chance he paid ? No way , josh doesn’t know about her family issue .
“That guy?” She asked .
“Yes,he said he was s£nt by you to bring it, why are you Suddenly asking so much questions, aint you the one who s£nt it ?” He asked .
Bella g@sped, josh said she s£nt the money ? What’s going on.
She will have to go back and discover this .
“Look after the house , I will be right back ” she said hurrying out of the house .
“Sis, where are you going? You just c@m£ back ” sam rushed out calling her But Bella had alre-ady left” ahh….why is she so weird?she’s so full of drama , where is she going now , and why is she acting like she didn’t pay the money , ahh…. my ear hurt because of to much pu-lling, she’s back now , my skin will turn colorful” sam said going back inside .
Knight and his brothers arrived quic-kly at the airport, once their eyes caught Ragina , she was seated with her airport bag standing beside her, when she turned and saw Knight she smiled and got up as they met her, she re-moved her sunglas-ses.
” It’s a good thing you c@m£ , I have less minute to go ” she said Knight looked from her airport bag to her .
” Why did you ask me to come here, and where are you going? Knight asked confused.
” I just nee-ded to pas-s a message to you before I go, and I know how important it is for you to see your mother ” she said and Knights eyes wi-den, infact they all looked shocked.
” My mother ? Knight asked and Ragina nodded.
” She gave me a message to you ” Ragina said and opened her purse then brou-ght out a pendent .
” She gave me this before she died, she asked me to find you and give it to you, it’s a special pendent from her mother’s mother , and she wants you to give it to the woman you love ” she said as Knight collected it .
” Also have this card , I nee-d you to check this location, that’s where shes buried , she said you should visit her someday ” Ragina said and Knight looked so confused.
” But, my mom died instantly when welter killed her ” Knight said ” how is it possible she was alive till she spoke to you ? Knight asked .
” Am your mother’s bestfriend Knight, and yes she actually was dead but not fully, welter made a mistake that night thinking she died instantly, but after he took her to dump her b©dy I went along, Tony drove me there so we took her to the hospital, unfortunately she only gave me this pendant and asked me to tell you to visit her , I know how much you’ve been dying to know were she’s kept , now it’s the best time to go and see your mother ” Ragina said smiling.
Knight couldn’t help but let a tear drop.
” really , really ” he whispered looking at the pendent”Thank you so much ” he told her Ragina patted his back .
” Your mom once saved me, the list I could do is help her son , after so much living in this country , I want to go back to dubai, just said I should hand this to you ” Ragina said Knight nodded .
The plane announcement was made .
“, I have to go” she told Knight.
” Will I see you again , I want to pay you for helping me get the chance to see my mother again ” Knight said .
” Am sorry Knight, but I don’t think we will see soon, if there’s anyb©dy who nee-d payback for good deeds , it’s Isabella, that girl is very nice and loves you so much , make sure you take care of her” Ragina said and patted Knights cheek who looked confused.
Ragina wore her glas-ses back which made her look like Angelina Jolie again took her airport bag and blew them a k!ssbefore she cat walk and got into the plane , Knight stood quietly staring blankly at nothing.
“Ahh….this woman is definitely Angelina Jolie reborn , they act the same ” Luke said running his hand over his hair , Dustin looked at knight who still stood quite looking at the pendent .
” Dude, what’s wrong ? Dustin asked .
” By the way , where is Bella ? Aaron asked .
Knight didn’t answer , they looked at each other and their eyes wi-den.
” You let her go ??? Luke bur-sted.
” How could you knight, you love that girl for crying out loud “Dustin said .
“, Guys plea-se, I want to be alone am not sure of how I feel about her, I nee-d some space to think this throu-gh” he said and looked at the pendent.
” I just hope by the time you realize your feelings for her it’s not too late ” Aaron said and that got to him real ha-rd
Knight wasted no time in going to his mother’s grave, where her name is boldly written on it , he cried out his heart after placing flowers on it, it just seem as if it’s now his mother died, for the next 2 weeks he kept going there to visit his mother and he told her alot about Bella , yes it’s alre-ady two weeks and they haven’t seen each other , he really missed her anywhere he entered in his house was Bella’s memory’s, the painting room where he had made love to her, the dinning table, his be-droom, the bathroom, even when he visited his parents house he remembered their love ma-king in the washroom, he couldn’t st©p thinking about her he tried to go onto another girl but he ended up pushing them away , and then he realized his inlove with her, his madly in love with bella ,his going to get his girl back , he just hope his not late yet.
Bella and her family moved into the house Knight bought for them, Bella couldn’t help but keep crying all night for the past two weeks remembering everything that has happened between her and Knight, that day she had gone to see josh, josh had told her Knight had paid for the hospital bill and sam fees after she moved in with him , she decided to wait Hoping to see Knight and thanked him but he never showed up, she went back home sad, and days and weeks past without her seeing him and she missed him so much .
recently she has been feeling sick trowing up all the time , she kept vomiting all the food she ate, and she detest some, her grandmother has asked her to see the doctor,.but she kept rejecting she said it’s normal sickness .
She was in the kitchen one day discussing with her grandmother when she suddenly felt dizzy and her eyes bec@m£ blur and she fainted , sam and Susan rushed her to the hospital and they got the greatest news of their lives
When Bella’s eyes opened , she saw her mother and brother looking at her .
” Mother , sam , what’s wrong? She asked , what did the doctor said ?am I ok?” She asked .
” Bella , are you in a relationsh!pwith anyone? Susan suddenly asked ma-king her Confused, she shook her head saying no .
“, Why such question mother, you know I will tell you if am in a relationsh!pwith anyone” Bella said Susan took a de-ep breath and held her daughter’s hand.
” Honey , the doctor said your 2 weeks pregnant” Susan said and Bella g@sped.
Her hand went to her stomach as a tear slide down her cheek .
” Knight”
She whispered.