10 days with bella episode 16

Chapter 16
__________________ day 9/ 10 (Fun,S-x, Goodbye)
After Bella and I Knight got back home, Knight explained everything to his family about what Really happened, Jacob was so angry that Knight didn’t tell him on time if not he would have delt with welter himself .
The following day Knight decided to take Bella out , right now they are seated having lunch and he couldn’t st©p staring at her .
” Eyes up here Mr” Bella said to Knight who smiled , Bella has been trying to act cool since Because tomorrow she will be gone, the painful p@rt is she’s in love with Knight, but he isn’t showing if he feels the same for her she was so broken.
” I can’t help but stare, your really beautiful Bella” he said and she blu-shed.
” I want us to go out and have some fun, since tomorrow you will be gone ” Knight said ands Bella che-st felt hurt , he said it as if he doesn’t feel a thing for her,she couldn’t help but blink back her tears .
” I would love that ” she said .
Knight smiled.
They left and Knight took her to the Art gallery, she was so happy Knights arms wra-pped around her , sometimes when she’s busy pla-ying with the animals In the water he will snap her .
He later took her to the funfair, where Bella enjoyed herself smiling all throu-gh,at least it helped her to forget her hurting heart a bit .
They also went to the park where they pla-yed and sketch together , him holding her hand as they turned around , being her first time she kept screaming.
” Let’s go for a horse ride” she said and they went for horse ri-ding, she was so happy and Knight couldn’t help but enjoy his self with her , after ri-ding horses , he took her to the rollercoaster, and they got into the ride, since it was her first time knight held her hand as she kept screaming happily with the other people.
He k!$$£d herl-ips and she wra-pped her hands around him hvgging him, she will really miss him, thinking about going is killing her slowly, shes de-eply In love with him and it’s hurting her .He took her and they bought some ice cream,
When they arrived home , Knight didn’t waste time picking Bella up to the room, they k!$$£d each other like wild cat’s and Bella kept m0@n ing as Knights hands were all over her b©dy .
He k!$$£d every p@rt of her b©dy and she kept m0@n ing, soon their clothes were discarded, Bella wra-pped her legs around Knights torso , as he did wi-de things to her b©dy , there was something different in the way Knight was tou-ching her , only if he felt the same for her, this S-x they are about to have now will be the only memory she will have off him, and she doesn’t know if another man will make her feel the same way as Knight.
Once knight entered her, she g@sped trying her possible best not to cry ,he made love to her all night and Bella couldn’t resist his hands .
When morinng c@m£ Bella woke up but didn’t see Knight, she has to get re-ady to go, her tears were alre-ady spilling out, she’s leaving, she got up and went into the bathroom, she stood there Just letting the water drip over her b©dy , she couldn’t st©p thinking if it was really the end for them , and Knight not caring at all, she felt tears but the water dripping on her was washing it away , she sobbe-d silently .
She felt someone t©uçhed her and she knew that moment it was Knight, his hands went to her br£@st c@r£ss!ngit and she m0@n ed , Knight started k!ss!ngher n£¢k and he turned her to face him, he was also n-ked.
He stare at Bella’s eyes and his heart was breaking too, she was leaving today , but he couldn’t stand it , he doesn’t know what he feels for bella and that was the truth, his still confused.
He k!$$£d her de-eply and she responded, wra-pping her hands around his n£¢k as he picked her up and placed her on the bathroom wall, she held him ti-ght as he entered her .
At first he was gentle but his thrû-st bec@m£ ha-rder and fas-ter than before, Bella m0@n ed loudly throu-gh out the bathroom, Knight k!$$£d her ha-rd but never st©pped thrû-sting into her .
When he finally st©pped.
He k!$$£d her ha-rd and dropped her to her feet .they bath together and left the bathroom, Knight went downstairs leaving Bella , she was acting strange and he doesn’t know why.
He doesn’t know what he feels for her , but neither could he keep her , they alre-ady made the agreement, she has to go its best, and he knows she could never love someone like him, he was so cold towards her and treated her badly, she doesn’t deserve someone like him, niether could he keep her and keep having S-x with her, he feels Terrible for ma-king feel like a slut , Bella nee-ds someone better not someone like him, it’s best she goes.
Bella got dress and took her bag downstairs, Knight sat on the wine bar as he saw her with her bag, she gently dropped it and walked towards him.
” Am set to go” she said and he nodded .
” Um, I alre-ady payed the money into your account, and josh will drive you to the new house you will be staying with your parents ” he said Bella looked up at him .
” We didn’t agree on you buying me a house” Bella said .
” I know, I just wanted it to be a thank you for helping me”he said and she nodded .
They were quite for a while .
“Umm, you know after this we won’t contact each other right? He asked and she nodded, it was p@rt of the contract she signed that after the last day, they ain’t communicating again niether to see each other .
“Yes ” she answered, trying to keep her shaking voice.as she smiled at Knight.
They were quite again as Knight and her were looking at each other , Knight was having the urge to gr-ab her and k!ssher and tell her not to go , but the eyes Bella was giving him looks like she doesn’t want to stay anymore, because she was smiling, and he felt bad , he can’t keep her , it’s best she goes and have her freedom.
” Josh will drive you there ” he said and Bella nodded , she turned walked back to her bag and carried it , she started walking out when Knight st©pped her.
” Bella ” she turned to look him.
” Thank you ” he said and she f0rç£d a smile .
” Goodbye Knight” she said trying to keep her tears .
She walked out of his mansion and josh helped her with her bag .
As she sat in the car , she couldn’t help but cry , josh kept hearing her sniffing.
” Your inlove with him Ain’t you ? He asked Bella who cleaned her tears .
” I never thought I will, but now it’s me who’s hurting” she responded.
” Why didn’t you tell him ” he asked .
” What’s the use of telling him when he doesn’t even want me ” she said .
” It’s best that I will have to start my life again” she added and josh nodded un-derstanding her pain .
She closed her eyes and leaned back on the seat as her tears flow freely down her cheek .as she thought about her grandma and brother sam .
Grandmother, Samuel, am coming back home .
Knight sat down thinking about Bella , was it really the best thing to do , leaving her to go ? But his to cold too her, he doesn’t deserve her, she nee-ds someone better .
Just then his phone rang and it was Dustin .
” Hello “, Knight said .
” Hay bro, Ragina wants to see us p@rticularly you , she said it’s important” Dustin said and Knight looked confused.
” Then why didn’t she call me directly? Knight asked .
” I don’t know, she said we should meet her at the airport ASAP” Dustin said and Knight was more than worried.
” Ok am on my way , let’s meet up ” he said and hanged up.
What does Ragina want, and why airport, what is going on ? He couldn’t help but ask.