Zainab Episode 9 to 12

Chapter 9
I sat on the floor in tears,, Halima was the first to shout calling the attention of Alhaji Usman
“haba ZAINAB, must you kill all your children, must you, how can you be this wicked, if you can kill your own child in her sleep,then our kids are not safe with you in this house “Halima said and the other wives joined in the insults and condemmnation, big mama didn’t say a word, but am sure she was shocked as to the deaths of the baby,though she didn’t say a word, soon Alhaji was in my room, what’s going on here ? he asked
“Magi daaaa, hmmmm is it not the witch we have in this house, she has killed yet again another child, what has this little baby done to ZAINAB that she had to kill her in her sleep,a baby that was very healthy yesterday night, refuse to wake up this morning “Halima answered him
What!, Alhaji shouted, you mean a child I saw yesterday is dead, ZAINAB,what did you do to her?
“Alhaji, nothing, what could I have possibly done to my own chillllllll, Alhaji didn’t allow me finish the statement before he landed a very h0t sl@p on my cheek, you witch, you have given my family a bad name, I am now refereed to as that man whose babies keep dying, I have 17 children from my 5 wives, I have never buried any child before, but you brou-ght your badlock to my home,, I curse the day I chose to marry you
“Alhaji plea-se ,I am not a witch, I am innocent, I can’t possibly kill my own child,,I tried to hold Alhaji’s feet, but another sl@p landed on my cheek..
Alhaji ordered some of his boys to drag me to my father’s house like a goat, while he walked behind us…. getting to my father’s house, I was alre-ady very weak from all the dragging, I was a nursing mother of just a week,, I was just 17 years plus then, but I had seen so much in life ,,, my father was suprised to see me, same was mother, she ran to me and held me, MENE, what is it ZAINAB? my mother asked but I was too weak to answer her nor say a word.
“Fatai and Fatima, so you two think I am a fool, you allowed me marry your witch of a daughter, and took my money and everything I have given to this cursed family,, you do not know who you are dealing with, I am Alhaji Usman, and I shall deal with you unless you pay me back for all i have ever given to this family,,,
“Haba Alhaji, what has ZAINAB done, plea-se tell me, we can settle it, plea-se Alhaji “father asked
what has she not done, of course the witch has eaten yet another offspring of mine, a child I saw yesterday, died in her sleep, how do you explain that
“Allah ya kiya, mother shouted, ZAINAB, what happened to your daughter, my granddaughter, what happened ZAINAB,, but I was too weak, I had no strength left in me to defend myself,,, by now, people had gathered in my father’s compound, because Alhaji was ma-king a scene
“she has nothing to say, nothing, she has eaten the child up as usual, just as she had eaten the other two,,now listen Fatai and Fatima, you have five days to make the calculations of everything I have spent on this family, and bring to me, else you two would be sorry, that also includes everything I gave to your brother Suleiman, because if I wasn’t married to ZAINAB, I certainly would have had no business with Suleiman, no week pas-ses by without him extorting money from me, yet you people had the effontory to give me a witch for a wife,,,,I shall take my leave now, but you shall hear from me,,,and you all, Alhaji turned to the crowd of people who had come to watch the show, be careful with this family, else they would eat your children,, Allah ya kiyaye, many shouted,,they started saying very mean words to me, as they went to their various houses…
My parents stared at me not knowing exactly what to say I guess,,,I knew there were many questions going throu-gh their heads, could our child possibly be a witch, father finally broke the silence and asked mother
“Haba magida,why would you say a thing like that, you and I know ZAINAB more than anyone else, and am sure you know she’s not what they are saying she is
then how do you explain all the lost of her babies, uncle suleman asked as he walked in, apparently he had heard what happened from some of those who withnesseed Alhaji’s action.,,
plea-se my daughter is not a witch, mama corrected immediately
“oh keep quiet Fatima I won’t be surprised if you gave her witchcraft,, yess,,, nothing like this has ever happened in our family, you and your daughter are cursed,,,you are nothing but badlocks “uncle suleman said
“Magi da, mother called Dad, trying to bring his attention to what his brother was saying, but he looked away
“well for the records, I have heard all Alhaji said, I don’t have a penny to give him in return for all he had giving me, so you people should figure how you will sought all these “uncle suleman said
“haba suleman, we have to come together and think of how to resolve all these “father told him
“Fatai I do not have a job, neither do I know what to say, I have never birthed a witch for a child, ru-bbish, he said and walked away……
Five days c@m£ like a flash, and Alhaji c@m£ as be had promised,,he was asking for return of everything he had given my family, my father didn’t have , neither did mother, nor uncle Suleiman, Alhaji ordered his boys to take father away, we begged him to let him go, but all our plead feel on deaf ears, father was carried away like a baby,,
Two days on father was brou-ght back, but with so many bruises, Alhaji’s boys had dealt with him, he was beaten to stupor, and left without food for two days,he was half-dead.. uncle Suleiman didn’t allow me a minute rest, he was always accusing me of been curse to the family ,and been responsible for my father’s misfortune, I was labeled evil, and curse, when I walk in the village, women gossip about me, children throw stones and sands on me, no b©dy talks to me, nob©dy sells anything to me, my family was going throu-gh alot all because of me….
The whole pain was too much for me, I couldn’t find peace anywhere, then I knew I nee-ded to end it all.
All throu-gh our journey to Lagos, Sani didn’t say a word, he just kept his face to the road while he drove, if I hadn’t heard him talked with my parents and uncle Suliema,I would have thought he was dumb.
I just thought he was a shy person or he wasn’t yet comfortable around me, finally we arrived his house In the big and beautiful city of Lagos, his house was a big mansion, very beautiful, he opened the truck of the car, and asked me to get my things down, I had about three boxes,and some gift mama had given me,he didn’t help me with any of them, I took all in myself going the second time.
When I c@m£ into the living room the second time with the last bag, he asked if that was all, and I said yes
“well sit down, I have something to tell you, he wasn’t wearing a smile at all, so I sat down quietly welcome to my house, he started, I would like to make certain rules that you are to observe, I will soon show you to your room, you are not to come out of that door, pointing to the certain room doors, neither are you to even be seen in the living room, kitchen nor any other place for that matter except your room, at this point I was confused
But Magi daaaa….
“hold it, never, never ever you call me that
but you are my husband “I said
“oh shut up you fool, how dare you think someone like me will ever marry a person like you, you must be mad, you are just my toy,,,at this point I was going mad
what are you saying “I managed to ask
Well your uncle is a greedy man, he nee-ded the money so badly and didn’t care about anything, I am a man in deseprate nee-d of a S-x slave, because all these city girls who think they are diamond can not satisfy me, I am not married yet, non of my family members were around during the fake marriage I had with you, all those you saw were friends and few who I paid to act as elders, I want to be able to deal with my crazy S-x before I can get a good woman for a wife…
Oh my world, I felt my heart beating fast, what have I gotten myself into I wondered
so now that we un-derstand each other, know that you are both my maid and S-x toy and never in your life refer to me as Magi da
“plea-se sir, take me back to my mother plea-se “I pleaded
“oh shut up, I bought you, I paid your uncle a hvge sum of money, I paid all Alhaji gave to your family, I gave your parent enough cash, and you dare say nons-en-se, infact follow me, he lead the way and we arrived a room, this will be your room, it was a portable master be-droom, you are never to leave this room, everything you want is here, your toilet, and your bathroom, I will be s£nding you your food when I think it’s time to eat “he said and walked out, locking the door from outside, I was almost dying, I cried my eyes out, but with no one to console me,it was a pitiable moment for me.
Soon it was dark, I had cried myself to sleep without bathing, then I saw a hand tap me, it was Sani, he c@m£ with a wh!p, I was wondering what I had done to him, pu-ll your clothes he said, I was alre-ady scared seeing him with the wipe, hoping if I obey him and allow him have his way he will spare me the beating,I alre-ady knew there was no hope for me, and I knew what he wanted I wasn’t a v!rg!nafter all, there was no point waiting for him to beat me before I allow him, but after I had finished undressing myself ,he started using the wh!pto hit me, oh it was painful, I cried, I cried, but he didn’t st©p, he kept hiting me, when he had hit me to his satisfaction, he pu-ll-ed off his p@n-ties and had his way inside of me, ri-ding me like an horse, despite my pain and tears, I was dying, but he didn’t care…when he was done, he looked at me smiling sheepishly, you are so sweet he said, and walked away. i couldn’t find sleep that night, I cried my eyes out, wishing I wasn’t born, wishing I didn’t have such parents and especially such Uncle, I had no one in the city, I was practically helpless.
Episode 12
At was in the early hours of the next morning, I saw him opened the door and c@m£ inside, with his wh!pagain, the pains from yesterday was still there, he brou-ght food and asked me to eat, I did, because I was actually starving, he ask me to quic-kly have a bath,,I did,but the pain increa-sed as the chilled water t©uçhed my skin, when I was done, he asked me to l@yon the be-d, he was smiling and used his wh!pto hit me, then I was f0rç£d to ask him why he was hitting me, I am not re-sisting you, why then are you ma-king me go throu-gh this pain I asked
“oh my dear ZAINAB, that’s how I enjoy it, I like it when I see the tears of a woman I am with on be-d, I was shocked, could this one be mad, I thought,,, plea-se if it’s tears you nee-d, I will cry, cry as much as I can, plea-se sir don’t hurt me again
okay if you can scream in pains, no problem he said, he had his way with me, while I kept on screaming like a woman in labor room. thinking about things that would make me cry, wasn’t much of a problem, because my life was full of bad memories, so the tears just flows easily, I only had to scream in addition.
This went on continuously, I was his S-x slave, he had me as many times as possible, especially when he didn’t go to work, a lady comes visiting sometimes, I guess she must be his fiance he was talking about, he seems to love and adore her, she was sophisticated and clas-sic, he introduced me to her as his maid, she was nice when ever she c@m£ visiting, I didn’t know were I was,from the moment I entered the house, I didn’t step out because Sani always locks me in when ever he was going out or even inside,I wasn’t able to reach my family, at times I miss them, and want to be with them,on second thought I realise I was here because of them in the first place and that broke me into pieces.
My uncle that was the master planner had never visited me, I doubted he knew sani’s place, I wondered how he knew Sani and how they met, that he had to sell me off like a slave, I really wanted to look my uncle in the eyes and tell him how heartless he is, but I couldn’t. i wonder what mother would be going throu-gh without me, in as much as I wanted to be angry at every single member of my family, I knew de-ep down mother didn’t like the idea of me being married again immediately, but she was helpless, and typical of an African woman, there was little or nothing she could do, for she’s just to be seen and not heard.
Sani always gives me a certain drug after having his way with me, it was prevent me from getting pregnant according to him, but after some months, about 7 or 8 months thereabouts I discovered I was pregnant
sir, I have something to tell you, I had said one evening
what is it ZAINAB?
my monthly time has dela-id for two months now
“what are you talking about “he asked arrogantly
I think I am pregnant sir
you are what, he shouted, how, when ,where, he was asking multi-ple questions at once
there were times you didn’t give me that drug, so I thinkkkkk, a sl@p formatted my head
“and you couldn’t remind me he said, you must’ be mad, he said angrily and walk out of the house , locking the door from outside as usual.
About an hour later, he c@m£ back with three pregnancy test str!p, I guess he wanted to be a very sure, after the test, they all re-ad positive, he was very very angry, he wouldn’t st©p hitting the wall
“you are just a fool, he said to me, well there is no big deal, you are going to get rid of that bastard in your wo-mb, I was shocked to hear him say that
I am going to what? I asked
you heard me he said
but sir, it’s dangerous to my health, I may die
does it look like I care about that life of yours, you don’t get it do you, I bought you, I bought you with my ha-rd -earned cash, so I can do just anything I want with you, untill I achieve my aim “he said
what aim are you talking about sir, well in case you don’t know, my aim is to use you to learn how to have S-x without hurting the love of my life, Shade, I have no atom of feeling for you, you are not worthy to be called Mrs Sani, so you are getting rid of that thing ,he said….
I cried my eyes out, oh I cried, I realized I was not destined to be a wife, neither was I destined to be happy nor loved by anyone, I accepted my fate and waited for him because he went out to get the drug for the ab-ortion. some hour’s later he arrived, and asked me to take the drug, I was so scared, but I had no choice, else he was was going to beat the living daylight out of me. he gave me so many drug, which were rather too much, after some minutes, I bec@m£ very uncomfortable, I started feeling so much pain in my stomach, I went to him, he asked me to relax that the drug was working and flushing out the unwanted thing, as he called it, the pain took my mind to all the time I had been in the labour room, and how I had lost my three babies, oh it was really painful,,, soon I had started bleeding, I cried and called for help, he c@m£ and asked me to st©p shouting like a baby disturbing him, I sometime wondered where sani’s house was that no one had ever heard my cry.
He asked me to go to the bath room and use a sanitary pad that the drug was working effectively, I did, but the bleeding increa-sed, and the pains doubled, I was in so much pain, I was getting weaker and weaker, as if life was going out of me, Sani didn’t care, he was watching a movie in the sitting room, while I was dying in the be-droom, I was trying so ha-rd to call his attention, I was dying of excruciating pain, I nee-ded medical attention, but my voice was too low,, thankfully I saw the flower vase on a stool, I took it and broke it with my last strength, knowing fully well it will get his attention,,indeed it did, he ran to my room and saw me almost dying, it was alre-ady late, plea-se sir,help me, I am dying,I said
oh shut up,are you the first to go throu-gh an ab-ortion, you’ will be fine
plea-se, plea-se, help me, plea-se, that was the last word I remembered saying, I had pas-sed out…..