When love dies episode 28

When love dies episode 28
I explored every p@rt of her b©dy that night,my f!ngerswent into areas that were vital and hit every G sp©t.She had m0@n ed and screamed stretching every p@rt of her b©dy in a manner that was scary and I thought she would die. After she hit her head on the wooden frame , I thought it was serious but she smiled and beckoned on me to continue like pain was her food. I used up all the energy left in me and it felt so good. So wonderful. She had rode me incredibly and I scratched my head in sweetness relishing the entire moment of joy.I grinded on for squarely twenty five minutes before c—-x .
” That was so… So wow!” She began
” You liked it? I asked as I cu-mddled her.
” I love it— Thank you.”
I buried a pas-sionate k!sson her forehead as myl-ips landed on her soft skin. She j£rked a little and twitched up her muscles. A smile grew unexpectedly on her cheeks.
I wra-pped her un-der my arms and it felt like she was mine again. I had lost her once but now I could feel her heart beat right beside mine. I tried to be calm and watch her sleep in my arms after the invigorating S-x we had..
” Mummy ?? Mummy? ” David cried out and ban-ged on the door to my room.. I was still on the sheets and gazed at the ceiling fan.
” Mummy??— ” He continued .
Kate sprang up from the be-d and tied her night go-wn round her unclad b©dy. Her face was glowing as she looked at me lvstfully, I could see the fire in her eyes and she said un-der her breathe.
” Bad boy– What are you looking at? -”
She blew a k!sstowards me while I tried to cover my b©dy properly to prevent my son from seeing the invisible .
” What is it honey? Kate asked Dave when she opened the door.
Dave squee-zed his face in pain and agony..He ru-bbe-d his stomach and said softly
” My tummy— ”
I feared the worst.He had always had stomach upset somedays at early hours of the morning but , due to the allergic reactions he had to ” flargine” and some other stomach drugs , Kate gave him honey before the drugs.
” OK baby, let’s go the kitchen” Kate said ” sorry– It will be over soon”
” Ouch… OK”
They left the room and the door ba-rely closed behind them.My phone beeped inside my trou-ser pocket which l@yon the arms of a chair , near the be-d. It was Kemi and she s£nt a very confusing text message :
Gabriel, what have you done to my friend? plea-se that Baba that gave you jazz or charm to use on her , better go and undo what you have done o. Im begging you plea-se. … Lola, is now running mad.. She hears voices and she has kept on saying ” He is at the gate… He is at the gate…” Which one is that again? And this has been since yesterday. Leave her alone , I’m begging you in God’s name.
I won’t forgive you if anything happens to her. *
I furrowed an eyebrow and tried to un-derstand the content . I re-ad it again. This time carefully. What could she mean by that?
I dialed her number and it rang but she picked after the second ring.
She started off by yelling at me and I kept quiet. She told me how Damilola thought she was hearing voices around the house and how she sacked her gate man. How she nearly stabbe-d her housemaid ; because they both said there was no one knocking at the gate. She said that Damilola told her that a man was appearing in in her dreams and blood r!pp£dout of his heart drenching his white shi-t. He was always trying to t©uçh her in the dream. She said his voice was like the sound of thun-der. According to her ,he spoke in different languages , especially French.
” OK ..uhm!! So here is what we’ll do” I began ” Take her to see a psychiatrist ..and ….”
” This is spiritual ” Kemi blurted out..
I re-moved the phone from my ear, looked at it and surprisingly said ” Spiritual ? …What the—-”
I calmed kemi down by telling her what to do. She was fretting and I could hear Funmi ‘s voice in the background as she weeped bitterly . After an absorbing phone call- I hung up the line.
I turned toward the door and saw Kate standing there with her arms crossed . I knew that there was some reason why she did not smile, if it was when she was happy , it would have been easier to tell her emotions.
When did she come inside? Had she heard everything I said? . I put on a short , while I thought of the possibilities of her shouting out in anger and walked toward the wardrobe . There was something that that went on at that moment, I could not imagine but somehow, it felt that her eyes were cast upon me.
She stared at me while I gr@bb£d my towel .
” So who was that ?
” No one– of importance, just one of my numerous as-sociates.” I cunningly replied .
I turned and wra-pped her into my arms as my left arm went for her h!ps.. I k!$$£d her,whispered into her ears while I gently stro-ke her backside.
” No one , Bae. Its really not important . Just forget about it.”
” But—” She tried to say when I s—-d herl-ips pas-sionately…
As it was almost four in the morning.. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I had taken a cold shower and la-id with my che-st upwards , meanwhile Kate sle-pt peacefully.
I brou-ght out from the drawer, the complimentary card I took from her hand bag. .It had the name and address of her new ” Lover “.
It had his picture , he was cute though. Fresh and wealthy, but his smile was fake. I couldn’t think straight but wished him alre-ady behind bars ..
The man who tried to snatch my wife away from me with his wealth. I had been sweet that night to Kate so she wouldn’t suspect me or event think Im investigating the both of them.
I left in the morning before anyone could wake up. When I got to Dami’s house it was almost deserted. The gate was barred from inside. The window to the Gateman’s house was shut and the room quiet, unlike before when the sound of morning Quran call filled the air . The dogs that used to bark inside were cut short or maybe they had been sleep drugged by Dami. It felt like death , everywhere.
I knocked on the gate and waited for some minutes.. Then someone c@m£ and the gate flung open.
” Thank God … ” She exclaimed..
” Just so you know” I began” I’m not here to pretend like I care for that woman.”
I hated the sound of it. I saw myself graduating from a hired daddy (or ex hired daddy) into a dualized attention giver. Adding that to all my problems which seemed unending, obviously I nee-ded a miracle, a life changing miracle.
” Dami is not just ” any woman” Kemi blurted and rolled her eyes.
She led the way and her obnoxious behind tracked from one side to the other. It moved in a quic-k successive momentum and I could not help but watch the clock mode of her bu-tt.
She turned and caught me staring , Her eyes arrested my gaze and I congealed internally but gave a frowning face that seemed uncalled for.
” Dream on” She heaved a big sigh of disgust. ” Your juju will not work, not on me ”
” What is that supposed to—-” I was about to shout when someone hvgged me ti-ghtly …Behold I saw the most scary thing ever..
To be continued