Until I met you episode 29

Episode 29
Writer: NICKY
UNTIL I MET YOU Episode by nicky
Two weeks later, everything was going on smoothly between Dave and I. Regina st©p bothering me and I have peace of mind.
One afternoon after work, Mr Raymond called and told me dad’s sick and was admitted into our family hospital. I rushed there in panic to check on him.
I got to the hospital and straight to his Ward.
I opened the door and walked in slowly looking at him. I wonder if it’s the che-st pain again. Dad has a heart disease which he has spent so much money on but nothing changed. Sometimes, I got scared whenever he’s sick because I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. The door cracked open and Mr Raymond walked in. “You’re here”he said and I nodded my head. “Is he ok?”I asked feeling concern. “Yeah the doctor said he’ll be fine but his heart disease is getting serious.”he said.
I moved closer to dad and took his hand in mine staring at his face. “Nothing is going to happen to him right? I know he’ll be ok.”I said feeling hurt.
I’m afraid he might be unconscious for a long time. I don’t want anything bad like that to happen. mum’s death heartbreak which I’m still dealing with till now. I can’t watch my dad end up the same way before my eyes. Never”I thought to myself. “Madam Lisa and Regina just left not quit long”he said. “Ok”I replied.
I left the hospital later after dad woke up and was going back home late at night.
Regina’s POV
I found out where Anna is living and it was just so close to Dave’s.
I’m not over dave yet and I don’t think I can’t get over him.
I was been mocked in the company and on social medias for what daniel revealed the other day. I don’t know how the video got there but my heart is really filled with revenge.
“What I can’t get, I’ll rather destroy it. Since I can’t get him, I’ll rather destroy them both”I said. I smoked my last sh0t of the cigarette and dropped the stick. I stood up and dressed my cloth properly then headed out for my car.
Annabel’s POV
I was driving home around 8pm. Dave’s call c@m£ in and I took it using Bluetooth. “Hello honey”I said smiling. “Where are you?”he asked and I told him I was on my way home. “Ok. When you get home call me. I got a surprise for you”he said and I smiled. “What is it?”I asked curiously. “It’s a secret. Get home first. Drive carefully”he said and hang up. I smiled wondering what the surprise might be.
When I almost get home, a car blocked me in the front which almost cause an accident. I stepped on break breathing heavily.
“How could someone drive like this?”I said looking at the car. I horned for it to go so that I can move but it didn’t move. I wonder what’s going on with the driver.
I re-moved my seatbelt and got down from my car heading to the car before me.
“Hello plea-se can you move your car so that I can go?”I asked when I got there but the four doors flung opened and four guys stepped down from the car staring at me. I got scared because of the way they were dressing just like gangsters. “Can you move….”
“Hy miss Annabel”one of the guys said with a smile.
Who are they? How does he know my name? I was staring at them in shock and was moving back slowly. “Who are you guys?”I asked staring at them as I move and they keep moving closer to me. I quic-kly rushed to my car but a guy gr!pp£dmy hand ti-ghtly from behind pu-lling me back. He carried me to their car and locked the doors. “Let me go. Who are you guys? Help! Someb©dy help me!”I screamed out loud. “Let me go!”I said hitting him and causing fuse in the car. He re-moved a white handkerchief from his pocket and blocked my nose with it.
I began to get weak and my view bec@m£ blurred.
I couldn’t moved my hand orl-ips so I bec@m£ unconscious.