Until I met you episode 22

Episode 22
Writer: NICKY
I left dad’s office in disappointment. I got to my car and was about going in. Madam Lisa got down from her car too. When she saw me, she st©pped and was staring at me. “Good morning madam Lisa”I greeted her in a low tone and was going to my car. Dad told me st©p been rude to her and to greet her whenever we meet so I’m doing that to obey his command not because I want to do it. “Madam?”she asked looking at me. “When will you st©p calling me that? I’m your mum can’t you still accept that? After your mum’s death, you’ve been with me for the whole years. Why is it ha-rd to call me mum? Are you mocking me?”she asked looking angry. I turned to her and could see the fire in her eyes. “I’ve been with you for years after mum’s death but did you ever treat me like you daughter for once? I’m practically a slave to you guys isn’t it?. You don’t deserve the title to be called mum. To me, you’re the wicked step mother I know and not my real mother. That will never change about you madam li….”
She sl@pped me ha-rd on the face before I could finish talking. “Say that again you this rude bastard.”she said looking at me angrily.
“Now I know. Because you’ve been living outside for a while has really turn you to something else. You dare to look into my face and talk back? I don’t blame you, I blame your stupid mother for training you this way.”she said staring at me in anger.
I re-moved my hair from my face and looking up at her. “Does this make you feel better? Do this continuously from now till eternity, you’ll still remain in the same position madam Lisa. You’re not my mother and can never be. Get that!”I said and walked out on her in anger.
Got into my car and drove out. A tear dropped from my eyes and I didn’t know when I started crying. “My mum didn’t train me bad. How can she keep mentioning my innocent mum whenever she’s picking on me while her own daughter is even worst? What did mum do wrong.?
I know if she was alive, I won’t receive all this bad treatments. Why did she have to leave me so soon.”I thought to myself crying as I drive.
I got home and went to my ap@rtment. I took some water from the fridge then go to my room to rest.
I la-id on the be-d thinking about the whole thing again. I t©uçhed my cheek softly feeling hurt.
Mum never raise her hand on me before. She never sl@p me for once. But I can’t count how many times that witch has hit me.
I stood up and was sitting down resting my head back to the wall.
Dad told me I can’t go to the trip because the remaining model alre-ady filled in. So It’ll be of no use if I come. I was sad when he said it but I can’t do anything about it. It’s not like I’ll tell him to keep Regina out and replaced her with another person. It’s impossible.
But I wish to go because I know what Regina might do. I just pray dave won’t fall for it no matter what tra-p she might bring. Dave can’t betray me. I trust him. He won’t end up dumping me like other guys did. I sighed and got up from be-d heading out.
I got to Dave’s ap@rtment and walked in without pressing the bell.
His living room was in mess and I guess he wasn’t chanced to take care of it in the morning. I quic-kly put everything back in place and tidy them up.
“Could he be slee-ping?”I asked myself smiling. I walked to his room and didn’t even knock before going in. I saw him in his short sitting on the sofa and when he saw me, he was shocked. “Anna why are you here?”he asked staring at me. I sat on his be-d staring at everywhere.
“Why? Do I have to ask permission before visiting my b©yfri£nd?”I asked staring at him.
“No that’s not it. I… I..”he stammered not sure of what to say. I sp©tted something on the shelf beside his be-d and I was surprised.
“What’s this dave? Why’s a woman ear ring on the shelf?”I asked and my eyes sp©tted a female shoe on the floor. I got up staring at everywhere.
“What the happening here Dave?”I asked in confusion. He stood up and was coming closer to me. “You brou-ght a girl home?”I asked feeling hurt”No Anna. I can never do that. This is pure misun-derstand. Trust me Anna”he said trying to t©uçh me but I moved back. Just then, his bathroom door flung opened and I looked at the direction. I saw regina in towel staring bad at me.”Don’t tell me this is real. No! plea-se not again! Dave why? Why would you do this? No!”I screamed in tears feeling hurt. She was staring at me twisting the ti-p of her hair. I looked back at dave as tears dropped from my eyes in disappointment. “Even you? This is so unfair”I said crying. I looked at Regina again shaking my head. “You want it and you have it. Satisfied?”I asked in shaky voice. I walked out of the room crying. I got to my ap@rtment and went straight to my room with a heavy heartache.
I sat on the floor crying my heart out. “Why again? Why is it happening again? Regina did it again with dave. Why?”I thought yo myself crying out.
I opened my eyes slowing still lying on be-d. Tears dropped from my eyes as I look around my room. I quic-kly got up p@n-ting ha-rd . I got out of my room and straight to Dave’s ap@rtment. I unlocked the door and went straight to his room. I saw him before his piano but I just went to open the bathroom door. I didn’t see anyone there and I took a de-ep breath.
Dave got up staring at me in confusion. “Anna what’s wrong? Are you ok?”he asked tou-ching me. I hvgged him ti-ghtly feeling happy. “It was all a dream”I said feeling relieved.
To be continued