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Until I met you Episode 1

Until I Met You – Episode 1
Editor’s Note: This story contains some minimal errors. You’ll find few errors in grammar and in the use of tenses. Regardless of that, it is a great story with an interesting storyline.
A Story By Goddy Francis
I lean against the confession booth and sob silently. I hated my life, I hated everything. Do you know that feeling of wanting something badly and then your best friend took it away ? I felt useless for letting it happen in the first place.
” What is it my child ?” The priest’s voice comes out throu-gh the window.
I sniffle and sob. I don’t even know where to start from. I remembered my tiny little self and my family. But where are they ? They turned their backs on me.
Few days earlier…
” I’m really happy for Ariel , for finally being a sister in the church.” Leslie said from beside me. We were at the dinning room eating cause dad decide to make a family dinner to celebr@te my success. I’ve been called into the convent to be a nun. That’s been my dream since highschool.
It’s normal for me. Naturally, I’m an introvert and possibly I love my simple life. I’m not really the type who wanna get involved with friends or even the media. Father hated it. He’s a deacon in our parish and he’s really respected. We’ve left our life in truth and fear of God. I think that’s one of the reasons my parents hated social gathering. I’d never had a b©yfri£ndand I’m really grateful because I’ve always wanted to be a nun.
Weird p@rt is no boy ever ask me out. I’m this crazy nerd back then in highschool but I care not. Leslie was a little normal , because she sort of had admirers. I dress normally. Like every normal Christian daughter who’s a Deacon’s daughter.
” My baby is gonna be the first sister in this house. I’m glad you kept your vir-ginity.” Mom chuckle with a wi-de smile.
“vir-ginity doesn’t decide if you can qualify to be a sister.” Leslie said.
“That doesn’t matter. She makes a good step and I’m happy she’s finally taking her vows.” Mom giggled.
” When are you going back ?” Alexa asked. She’s my cousin and too n@ûghty. She likes boys and always wanna dress fancy. Dad sees her as a bad egg and hated seeing her around our ap@rtment. Nob©dy dares make hell in our house.
” Tomorrow.” I replied her. The rest of the evening was really exciting because my parents spend the entire evening advising me.
The following day I left the house for my new home. The convent. I met the mother superior who announced I’ll be taking my vows the following day. I’ve spent almost two and a half months here and it was better than I thought. I guess that’s what nerds deserve.
” Hey Freddie..” I said on the phone. Freddie’s my best friend. We’ve been friends since elementary school and finally till we left highschool.
” Sup Ariel.”
” I’m fine. How are you ?”
He sighs.” I’m good. I sort of missed my best friend. What are you doing ?”
” Nothing. I met the mother superior and she said I’m taking my vows tomorrow. Hope you’re good ?” I ask him on the phone.
” Yeah. I really haven’t seen you since prom night. Truth is I’m really glad you’re finally becoming a sister in church.” I smile and stare at my reflection in the mirror. My parents are not even aware I have a male best friend. I’m sure they would have gotten rid of him.
” Are you back from Florida ?”
” Yeah. I’m in the states now.”
” Okay. I’m gonna drive to your house and possibly spend a few hours before returning back to the convent.”
” That’ll be nice of you.” I nodded to nothing and hang up.
I remembered when we were in highschool close to prom. Freddie’s the first person who ever told me I’m really beautiful and I believed that. I once had a crush on him in junior year but i made sure I didn’t tell him. We were always together and we both won homecoming. I love that night, that was the night he told me i was beautiful. Afterward, I hoped he was gonna tell me he liked me but then he told me he had a hvge crush on Aida. Then she was the school’s most popular girl.
I hated her , I’ve always hated her. She was a bully, always made me feel inferior like I was nothing. ma-king jest of my looks and everything about me. And when Freddie told me he liked her, I hated her more. I cried that day at the school’s bathroom and curse her endlessly. She took what I’ve always wanted. Luckily they d@t£d and Freddie was really happy. I’ve never seen him that happy before.
I moved on. Looked at my reflection and decide to take back everything. Maybe that was when I discovered I was supposed to be a sister , not getting angry at my best friend because he didn’t have feelings for me. Unluckily they broke up. Aida dumped Freddie for the school’s new h0ttie.
” Ariel..” Freddie smiled and hvg me once I reached his ap@rtment. I’ve been here once and since then it’s void.
” Wow. Look at you Freddie. How long have I seen you ?”
” A year ago..” I chuckle and smile.
” plea-se sit.” He offer and I nodded before sitting.
” What should I get you ?”
” Maybe water.”
” I’ll be right back.” I watch Freddie turn to a corner which I @ssume it’s the kitchen. My eyes snap at the TV set and everything around his ap@rtment. I forgot to mention, Freddie’s parents were sort of rich though.
” There you go..” he motion to me giving me a gl@ss of water.
” Thank you,” I tell him and gently take a sip.
” You’re welcome. How’s it been with you? Look at you. You look more beautiful Ariel. It hurts a little that you’re now in the convent.”
“Oh really? It’s what I’ve always wanted.” I defended.
” Really ? I remembered when we were in high school. You’ve always wanted to go to college and then major in clinical psychology or maybe business.”
” Psst.” I scoff and stare blankly at him. Where’s he trying to dive to ? I think we all have our own right to make our own choices, right ?
” Freddie are you okay ?” I ask him and drop the gl@ss of water on the table.
” Of course I am.” He smiles.” Are you done drinking ?” He motioned to the water.
” Not really.” I blink and take a sip again. I felt a bit dizzy. I drop back the water and rub my alre-ady sweaty palm on my habit.
” Are you okay ?”
” Yeah. I just feel a little ti-psy. I’m good.” No, I’m not good. My head’s pounding and I feel weak.
Freddie smiled at me and his frequent smiles are giving me creeps. What is happening to me? He stood up from his chair and sat close to me. I wanted to move a little but I trusted him, he’s my best friend.
” Are you sure you’re okay, Ariel ?” He asked with a sm-irk tou-ching my th!ghs.
” Freddy, what are you doing ?” I wanted to yell at him but my voice sneak out like a whisper.
” Nothing. I just can’t st©p admiring you. I really wish you can st©p this nun madness and let me love you Ariel.” What ! I wanted to move far away from him but something is wrong. I felt weak like I was drugged. Wait! He drugged the water ?
” Freddie, what did you put it in the water ?”
” Something that’s gonna make you weak. Let me love you Ariel.” He sm-irked tou-ching my l@ps throu-gh my habit. I wanted to re-move his hand but nothing is working. I felt powerless.
He continued tou-ching me and I couldn’t help but plea.
” fred , don’t do this. You’re my best friend and we’ve been friends since childhood. You can’t take advantage of me , I’m taking my vows tomorrow in church.”
” f**k the church..” he thun-der and that made me flin-ch.
” I want you Ariel and I’m having you.” With anger lace in his voice, he lifted me off the ground and k!$$£d me r0ûghly. I fought, I cried, I pleaded but nothing makes any s-en-se to Freddie. He was different, all I could see is lvst in his eyes.
” Freddie, don’t do this.” I plea. Freddie hiss and sl@pped me. He aggressively pushed me against the couch and fondled every one of my p@rts.
I kicked but he was stronger. He re-moved every of my clothing and have his way with me. I couldn’t move. I l@ystill on the couch and cried, but that wouldn’t change anything. My best friend just stole my innocence.
” You should wear this..” he said stretching some items of clothing at me. I turn to look at him and sob. Why his he acting like it’s nothing. Like he did nothing.
” I don’t hate you Ariel. I want to be your b©yfri£nd.” He’s not okay. He needs to go to rehab.
I wipe my tears and shamelessly got up from the couch to pick up the remains of my habit which he successfully tore when having his way with me.
” I hope God forgives you , Freddie.” A stronger p@rt of me wanted to yell at him, curse him, hit him, but I wasn’t that strong woman. I was this nerdy girl who was raised differently.
” Ariel, it’s no big deal. I’m not leaving you. I want to be with you.”
” You’re not okay. You’re acting like it’s nothing. Freddie, you stole my vir-ginity. You R@p£d me. Abuse me and took advantage of our friendsh!p. God’s gonna judge you and I’m sure he will.” My eyes met in contact with the blood on the chair.
I sniffle and ran out of the house to my car. I hated myself for everything. Why did I pay him a visit? Of course, it’s because I trusted him. I tap my wheel endlessly and cried. What’s my life gonna be like. With tears still in my eyes, I ignite the engine and drive out of his house. I ba-rely could see but I hold back my pain till I’m close to my house. I climb down from my car only to find my mom and dad talking outside.
” Mommy..” I sobbe-d and coll@psed on the floor.
I blink my eyes several times and open it. I could see faces smiling at me. I sit up at once but someone quic-kly gr@bb£d my arm and layed me back.
” Ariel.” Mom coo beside me stroking my hair.
” Mom..” I resumed crying again.
” Baby calm down okay. Talk to us, what happened? You’ve been sleeping since yesterday and mother superior had been worried. You’re supposed to take your vows today right ?”
I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping since. So I’m supposed to tell them I got R@p£d. What will they see me as? That I’m no longer a vir-gin.
” I got R@p£d.” I bur-st out. The smile on my mom’s face disappeared. Including dad and Leslie.
” R@p£d ?” Leslie asks. I couldn’t bring myself to explain. I feel like a loser and a worthless person.
” Ariel, who R@p£d you ?” Mom yelled and her anger alre-ady crowded the house
” Ariel we’re talking to you. Who R@p£d you ?” Dad scolded.
” Freddie.”
” Who’s Freddie ?”
That’s the issue, who’s Freddie?
” Freddie is my best friend. We’ve been friends since highschool..”
” What! You’ve been keeping a male friend since high school and we’re not even aware.
?” Mom roar.
” How are we even sure he’s not your b©yfri£nd? Your dirty little b©yfri£ndthat you’ve been hiding , huh ?” Dad asked glaring at me.
” Daddy no… it’s just..”
” It’s just what ? You sneak out of the convent to visit your b©yfri£ndand then had S-x, you’re here telling us nons-en-se. What type of daughter are you? Why can’t you be like Leslie ?” Dad fired.
I couldn’t believe my ears. They are always comparing me to Leslie. She’s the good girl. Always the family’s favorite. I remembered it was when I told my parents I wanted to be a nun after highschool they started ma-king me feel special. How could they accuse me after I told them the truth?
” You’re a disgrace Ariel. You’ve always been a disgrace and I regretted having you. Get re-ady to explain to the church how come you were R@p£d when you’re about taking your vows.” Mom scoffed irritatingly.
” I hope God forgives your sins, you dirty little whore.” Dad curse. What!
” Dad..”
” Shut up. Don’t ever call me your dad.”
That was it. I watch them walk out of my rooms in disgust. I hated myself. I hated Freddie more. He changed everything but I wasn’t re-ady to take it to heart. I stood before the Pope and i really couldn’t say anything. The story doesn’t make any s-en-se to them. I drove out of the convent to visit my male best friend and I got R@p£d.
” You have to leave the convent, Ariel. You committed fornication and you lied that you were R@p£d. You’re expelled from the convent. I hope your sins are forgiven..”
” You should leave…”
Okay. This is the beginning of the story. This is where it all started.
Kindly drop your opinions and thoughts on the comment box. We should plea-se do better on the new story.
To be continued

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