Unconditional love episode 16

Mumba was enjoying her beauty sleep when she felt someone shaking her and she slightly opened her eyes and saw Amos sitting on the edge of the be-d then she shut her eyes and covered her face with a throw
Amos: what now?
***she was quiet***
Amos: Mumba, get up or else we’ll miss our flight
Mumba: just 10 more minutes
Amos: no, dad is waiting for us alre-ady
Mumba: alright
She got up and dragged herself to the bathroom where she did her hygiene process and opted for grey tracksuits and blue kicks and got her baby prepared as well then they had their breakfast while the house help took out their bags. They went to bid Stacey and Amogelang Amogelang farewell and Stacey gave Mumba a bitter look while Amogelang got emotional but Amos promised her that she’d visit them
Mr.K: alright children, it’s time to leave you don’t want to miss your flight
Stacey’s phone immediately rang and she answered
Stacey: Bertha
She listened
Stacey: no it can’t be, where exactly is she?
She listened
Stacey: yes Amos is around
She handed him the phone and he just looked at her then Mr Kabaso took it and put it on loud speaker then signalled Amos to talk
Amos: yeah, what do you want?
Bertha: Amos, mom has been admitted to the hospital
Amos: so…?
Bertha: she’s in a critical condition and asked to see you
Amos: I’m sorry I can’t, I’m actually rushing for something important
Stacey: maybe it’s very important, you can go and see her then rush to the airport that woman has been nothing but good to you.
Amos gave it a de-ep thought then Mumba held his shoulder
Stacey: Mumba plea-se try and convince him
Mumba: Amos, plea-se don’t go I’ve got a bad feeling about this
Mr.K: you don’t have to, you’re leaving sooner than you think
She faced down looking disappointed
Amos: dad, let’s go
The drive to the airport was filled with laughter as Amogelang had gone dep@rture, they arrived there and got re-ady for dep@rture. Mr Kabaso and Amogelang left after bidding each other farewell when their flight took off then he got home where he found Stacey stuffing her face with food
Mr.K: get your bags packed, I don’t want to see you here tomorrow
Stacey: bu….but…..I haven’t signed the divorce papers
Mr.K: well you did and guess what?
Stacey: w…what?…I didn’t sign any papers
Mr.K: you c@m£ to be-d wasted last night and I asked you to sign some do¢v-ments which you did and they were divorce papers and you are leaving without even a single cent so stuff your face with food for it’s the last you will.I’m tired of your nons-en-se
She ignored him because she knew very well that she never had a drink the previous night and continued what she was doing
At the Kunda’s household, Mumba’s mother was preparing supper when her husband walked in looking really stressed and headed to his be-droom but his son, John who loved studying in the living room had scattered his books blocking the way and didn’t realise that his father had arrived until he felt someone kick him
Mr Kunda: ulesela munshila we cinangwa can mwana (you should move out of the way, you waste of a child)
John: dad!!!
Mr Kunda: sela apa (move out)
John packed his books and went to his be-droom annoyed , his wife had seen what happened and she kept calm then summoned everyone when she finished preparing supper then they ate in silence, Mr Kunda left the table and went to his be-droom then his wife joined him after some time
Mrs K: how did it go?
Mr K: bad, the plot I spent so much on has been given to someone else and on t©p of that the worker at the shop has fled with K15,000
Mrs K: you nee-d to calm down
Mr K: no, what have I done wrong?
Mrs K: if you ask me I think our daughter’s cries are haunting us
Mr K: as much as I don’t want to think about it, I think you’re right
Mrs K: we should take her back and forget what she did, she’s still our daughter no matter what we do besides Olivia said she’s no longer married to that man
Mr Kunda thought about it de-eply then exhaled loudly
Mr K: where do we begin finding her?
Mrs K: let’s talk to Olivia maybe she might have a clue
Mr K: I don’t want to talk to Olivia, I might have turned my back on my daughter but I still refuse to believe her accusations against her
Mrs K: let’s forget that since we’re seeking her help
Mr K: we’ll see her tomorrow then
Amos and Mumba had just returned from the hospital and were having lunch when Amos’ phone rang
Amos: dad
Mr K: son, how’s everyone?
Amos: we’re all good and Amogelang?
Mr K: she’s just being herself, how is it managing the hospital?
Amos: ha-rd work but it’s worth it especially with Mumba’s help
Mr K: and my granddaughter?
Amos: she’s grown and always found all over the place crawling
Mr K: that’s great, I want to celebr@te her first birthday here with her so bring her over
Amos: we sure will
Mr K: you’ve only been away for a month but it feels like years
Amos: come on dad, oh! How’s Stacey?
Mr K: I don’t know, she left the day after you did
Amos: how?
Mr K: I made her sign the divorce papers don’t act like you don’t know your father
He laughed
Amos: I guess I’m behind then
Mr k: very, coz even that useless girl Bertha committed suicide
Amos: why? She’s had enough of life’s fantasies?
Mr K: I think she did and she left a letter saying you’re the reason behind what she did
Amos: me!! How?
Mr K: she said you owned her heart, you were her everything, she gave you her all but you threw all that to her face and that you’ll never find a life p@rtner because she shed her blood
Amos: ka atusheko nokutusha was drama sana ( let her rest, she’s full of drama)
They wra-pped up the call and Amos laughed to himself….
To be continued…