Unattainable perfection episode 35



Episode 35

***** Alexandra screams as blood splashes onto the entire windshield, the woman rolling over the car’s bonnet,on t©p and then falling with a loud thud behind the car.

The young man screams.

Watching his mother tumble over the car and hit the other side of the road.

He holds in his breath.

A second pas-sed, then another and another until Alexa manages to regain her s-en-ses.. On instinct, her hands fly to the handle of the door, desperately trying to push it open so she could go check on the woman.

But the door didn’t budge.

She tries again.

It still didn’t budge.

“Don’t even bother Alexa

. It’s not gonna open”

Lydia informs in a bored tone.

Alexa’s head snaps to stare at her.

“Ate you fv¢king sick! Let me out else she’ll die!”

Lydia laughs in return.

“So little miss-goody-too-shoes knows how to swear? That’s interesting”

Alexa stares at her in disgust.

Since when did she become so cold, ins-en-sitive and heartless.

Did she truly change or this is her real self?

“Oh plea-se do not give me that look Alexandra”

she rolls her eyes at Alexa’s expression.

Alexa opens her mouth to speak but then she decides against it as she turns and continues to fumble with the door handle.

“Open the damn door Lydia! We just hit a woman. She’ll bleed to death! Open it”

she screams, the alcohol suddenly disappearing from her system as tears blinds her vision.

Lydia sm-irks, ignoring her rants as she drives forward leaving the woman she had hit behind.

The screams of the young man chasing behind the moving car completely obvious to her.

“Now how about we spice things up? You know, for more fun.”

Lydia wiggles her eyebrows.

. Alexa narrows her eyes infinitely

“The fv¢k is wrong with you Lydia! St©p the car. You just hit a woman and left her there for heavens sake! St©p the damn car!”

There was silence for several minutes as Lydia drove.

Then suddenly, the car c@m£ to a sudden halt s£nding Alexa flying foward and then bouncing back into the seat due to the seatbelt.

“Let’s have some fun shall we?”



I svçkin a de-ep breath as my eyes snap open.

I blink.

Then blink again.

Surely this must be a dream or hallucination of some sort.

B..but.. It felt so real.

So I shut my eyes again, repla-ying the images in my mind’s eye over and over again until emotions overwhelm me, my legs giving up on me as I stumble.

I reach out to gr-ab the metal bars for support.

“Alexa? You okay?”

Lydia asks.

The guts she had to ask me that.

It was her.

It was her all along.

The bad nut in the soup.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The liar.

Deceitful human.

She was no less than Jezebel.

I look up at her, concern swimming in her eyes.

I chuckle at the irony.

Behind the concern in her eyes was nothing but mockery.

I must say, she’s really good at what she does considering in never for once doubted her.

She deserves to be applauded for a job well done.

“I’ve never been better Lydia”

sarcasm drips off my voice.

And even if she noticed it, she didn’t show.

“Why am I been locked up here? plea-se get me out of here”

I feel her f!ngersgliding over mine that was clenched around the metal bars.

I gr-ab her hand in mine, letting my nails dig into the back of her hand.

She winces.


I spit.

“Alexa? What…”

“Don’t you fv¢king say my name with disgusting mouths such as yours you lying bit-ch! It was you, it was you all along. You hit Williams mother and left her to die. You drove me to far away place after and had some men drag me accross several pieces of broken glas-s resulting in several marks on my belly and th!ghs.”

I grind out, a fli-cker of surprise and shock flashes in her eyes as she li-cks herl-ips. Guess she didn’t expect me to recover my memory.

It’s been three long years.

It’s about fv¢king time I remembered.

Just like I expected, Lydia masks her expression as herl-ips curl up into a sm-irk.

A disgusting one at that.

I dig my f!ngersha-rder into her flesh,my anger desperately seeking for a re-lease.

“You finally remembered. That’s good. At least I don’t have to keep pretending. Trust me, it was getting boring”

I cringe.

I didn’t realise the kind of snake I’d been keeping close until now.

She was worse than a serpent.

“And trust me Lydia, it was getting boring not recalling anything. How about we spice things up?”

I say repeating her own words.

“You little girl. Too naive. Too innocent to hurt a fly”

she mocks.

OK that’s it! I’m done being the innocent one.

The cry baby.

The quiet one.

And most definitely I’m not gonna cry or go quiet in front of someone like her. Frowning, I re-lease my grip on her hand and pas-s my hand throu-gh the bars, aiming for her n£¢k.

I gr-ab it, ti-ght£ñing my f!ngersaround.. Her eyes wi-den in shock as she chokes.

“How innocent do I like now huh? Because I could easily snap your n£¢k and kill you right here. Bury you secretly and have the police declare you missing. No one will come to know. Even if they did,I’d pay my way throu-gh it. Even mother earth will thank me for ridding the earth of s¢v-m like you.”

I see red.

Nothing else and so I keep choking her until I hear footsteps.

re-leasing her n£¢k, I let my f!ngerstrail up her face and then glide my nails over her cheeks, scratching it slowly yet ha-rd untill blood appears.

I should be feeling remorse but somehow all I feel is rage.

She deserves this and more.

I pu-ll my hand away, wiping my blood stained f!nger over her dirty dress.

I sm-irk.

“This is not over Lydia. We’re not done talking. For starters, I’ll make sure you rot in jail but not before I get a taste of my revenge of course. You won’t have this easy Lydia, I promise you. You started a meaningless, stupid war with me, hating me for reasons best known to you, but I’ll be the one to end this war, mark my words”

I step away as a police officer approaches.

“Your time is up ma’am. We nee-d to transfer her to a different station”

he tells me and I nod, stepping away. I walk out of the station to find William leaning against the car… Instinctively I rush towards him, wra-pping my arms around him.

He hvgs me back without hesitation as I nuzzle my face into his che-st.

I feel him stro-ke my hair, something that relaxes me all the time but It doesn’t seem to work this time.

Lydia’s betrayal hit so ha-rd I can’t even shed a tear.

My thoughts are jumbled, like an unfinished puzzle.

My emotions are all over the place like a maze.

I can’t seem to find a single iota of sanity.

First Fraser, then my father miraculously resurrected from the dead and now Lydia.

How do I tell William it was my friend who hit his mother.

On purpose too.

“Everything alright?”

His de-ep voice interrupts me.

“Just hold me plesse.

. Don’t let go”

I plead.

I feel him k!ssthe t©p of my head.



As Lydia was being led out of the police station into the awaiting police van outside, she sp©ts Alexa, her sworn enemy, in the arms of another man.

She fumes.

She expected Alexa to cry after regaining her memory and getting hit by her betrayal but no..she was busy smooching with some guy.

Lydia drags her handcuffed hands over her w@!st. She nods.. The fork that had been added to the plate of food given to her earlier was still hidden,perfectly tucked away.

She knew the fork will be of use one day but not so soon.

She sm-irks as they walk closer.

“Take her inside the van. I’ll join you shortly”

one of the officers tells the other then disappears back inside, leaving her with only one officer.

This was her chance.

She’ll die trying to break that stupid Alexa.. How dare she choke her? How dare she scratch her face.

Suddenly, Lydia raises her foot then stamps it on the officers toes, ha-rd .

He yelps in pain, letting go off Lydia in the process who charged towards Alexa whose back was facing her, pu-lling out the fork from un-der her shi-t.

In that moment, rage, fury, jealousy, envy had blinded her.

She could see nothing aside from Alexa’s dead b©dy.

That’s all her eyes wanted to feed on.

William lifts his head just then, notices Lydia charging towards them with a fork pointed upwards.

His eyes wi-den.

“Alexa, behind you!”

He screams, pushing Alexa and him to the ground the second Lydia swings her arm.

Lydia loses her footing as William pushes Alexa out of the way and then trips.

She falls… The handcuff restricting her movement as she fell.

The fork gets in the way.

Lyida g@sps as she falls,face first on the ground, the fork in between her b©dy and the ground.

And she lands on the fork.

The sharp ending piercing her.

Tearing flesh fills the air as the fork stabs her belly, going dee-per until the edge of the fork was left. She screams

Episode 36


It all happened in a blur.

One minute, I was in William’s arms and the next he screams as he pushes me down.

I grip his shi-t as I feel the ground disappear un-derneath my feet.

William spins us around ma-king him land on his back while I land on his che-st.

“You okay?”

He asks stro-king my hair out of the way.. Before I can respond, I hear gro-an ing and I turn just in time to see Lydia a few inches away from us, tripping on a stone and then falls.

I notice the fork in her hand, pointed in our direction.

. Was she going to stab me with it?.

However before I could come to a conclusion, she losses her footing.. I watch as she struggles to maintain her balance with her hands but then it twists due to the handcuff, the fork twisting as well.. she falls on the fork. I g@sp as I watch her scream in agony as the entire fork disappears into her stomach.. This is how I lose another someone.


I spring up from my seat for the millionth time in three hours and then begin to pace to and fro in the waiting area of the hospital.


strong arms, that I’ve grown so used to encircles my w@!st from behind.

Immediately, I spin around to face him,resting my head on his che-st.

He doesn’t say a word as he stro-kes my hair.

I say nothing either.

I can’t seem to find words right now.

Heaviness is all I feel in my che-st.


I dis£ngage myself from William and turn at the voice.. I sigh in relief when she lunges herself at me.

I hvg her back.

“Oh Alexa, I’ve missed you so much”


I mumble She pu-lls away and peers into my face, scanning my entire b©dy for any signs of bruises.

I chuckle.

She’s always doing that, acting like a mother.

“I’m fine you know”

She glares at me and continues to check my b©dy

. Satisfied, she steps away and stares at me.

“Is it true? What you told me on phone? About …Lydia?”

She asks in a low voice almost like she’s scared of my answer.. I bite my l!pand nod in the affirmative.. She hisses, running her f!ngersthrou-gh her hair.

“I can’t believe this. She.. Oh my God. How come I was so blind not to have realised this? The backstabbing lying bit-ch”

“You weren’t blind Sophie. She was just good too at deceiving us”

“Are you okay?”

She asks with concern.

“Yes. I am. I know I should be angry, hurt and all but I don’t know. It’s like de-ep down, not knowing the truth was a burden on me. All these years that I’ve been trying to actually remember what happened that night and now that I remember, all I feel is relief. You know, like good riddance to bad ru-bbish”

I frown at my words.

I’m not mean am I?

“Good riddance to bad ru-bbish”

Sophie repeats and I smile.

I sigh, turning to watch the door throu-gh which the doctors had disappeared with Lydia.

She was bleeding a lot.. I just hope she doesn’t die.

Despite everything, I’d never wish death on any anyone

“She’ll be fine. you’ll see”

Sophie says as if re-ading my thoughts.

I sigh, leaning against the wall..

“I’ll go get you ladies something to drink.”

I suddenly recall William was still there.

I turn,giving him a small smile.

“Thank you”

As he leaves, I turn my attention back to Sophie only to find her wiggling her eyebrows at me.

I roll my eyes.


“Damn! He’s h0t! Look at those muscles. I bet he’s strong. And by strong, I mean in be-d”

My eyes almost bulge out of it’s sockets.

Only Sophie can say something like this at such a time.

“I’ve not sle-pt with him yet so get your mind out of the gutter”

It was her turn to roll her eyes

“Not yet sweetie. Not yet. Soon you’ll be m*aning and squirming ‘oh yes I want more! Give it to me! Yes yes yes!’..”

I reach out and cover her mouth.

I feel my cheeks heat up and I don’t nee-d a soothsayer to tell me I’m blu-shing.. It’s not my fault I have a friend who’s mouth has no filter.

“You’re just like William. You both have no filter in your mouth”

I shake my head.

Her eyes lit up like I just gave her the best news.

Narrowing my eyes at her, I re-lease her mouth.

“William. It suits him. Damn it girl, you really did catch a big fish!”

“He’s not a fish gosh Sophie!”

“Mmm. If I were to have a driver as h0t as him, I’d have him for breakfast everyday..”

“Shut up! He’s coming!”

I sl@p my hand over her mouth again and re-lease it when he gets near us and hands us a cu-p of coffee each.


I take a sip.

“Anything for you beautiful”

he wi-nks and from the corner of my eye, I notice Sophie sm-irking.. Oh dear, she won’t let me hear the end of it.



“You may go in and see her.”

I such in relief, springing up from my seat.


Sophie and Will follow suit.

“How’s she doctor?”

He gives me a warm smile

“She’s awake. Lost a lot of blood but she’s out of danger now. This way, follow me”

he turns.

I turn to William.

“Are you coming?”

He shakes his head.

“No. I figured you nee-d to talk to her alone”

Yes, and I’ll talk to him after I’m done with Lydia. I’ll tell him I’ve recovered my memory and everything regarding that night.

“Go on. I’ll wait behind the door”

he interrupts my thoughts.

I nod and make my way towards the ward where Sophie had disappeared into while William stays outside, behind the door.

I step in side.

There she l@ywith a pale face, an oxygen mask over her nose and an IV attached to her.

Just then, as if s-en-sing our pres£nce, she opens her eyes and stares at Sophie and I.

Herl-ips p@rting into a slight smile.

“Ah, the two musketeers”

her voice was tiny and weak but I didn’t fail to recognize the annoyance and sarcasm lacing her voice.

“Are you here to mock me for getting stabbe-d by my own weapon? If yes,kindly leave because I just finished mocking myself”

she continues.

Wow, even for someone who was at the brink of death, she still isn’t showing a tad bit of regret.

I stare at Sophie who stares back at me.

Guess we’re both thinking the same thing.

Clearing my throat, I turn to stare at Lydia.

“No. I actually c@m£ because I wanted to know how you’re doing”

My words seemed to tickle her because she lets it a f0rç£d laugh

“You think I’m actually stupid to believe that bullsh*t?”

“Believe it or not Lydia, I don’t wish Ill health or death on anyone no matter how much they hurt me”

“Ah. I should have known. You’ll always be you. So stupid, innocent as fv¢k, naive and blind which is why people tend to walk all over you.”

I open my mouth to reply but then a lazy sm-irk appears on herl-ips as she continues

“You know, it’s such a shame. A real shame that guy didn’t die in prison because his death will have been on your shoulders and knowing you, you’ll carry the guilt till your last breath. But too bad he survived. Oh well, it doesn’t matter cuz hell come after you once he’s out of prison.”

I frown.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh don’t you know? That guy who went to jail for attempting to r*pe you. Yeah him. I had paid a few people in jail to hurt him but he survived but still he probably hates you, because I made him think you had ordered for his death. Figured I should tell you. Makes nons-en-se to hide it from you my dear”

I stagger backwards, fixing the last puzzle in my maze-like life.

Attem-pted r*pe? Jail? All this was connected to William.

Does this mean.. She… She… Dammit! William thinks I had paid some people to kill him?

That restrain and anger I always saw in his eyes. It wasn’t just because he was falsely accused. It was something more.

Before he knew about who hit his mother, he hated me alre-ady.

The revenge.

It all made s-en-se now.

He thought I had wanted him dead.

That bit-ch! Sophie lunges forward to attack Lydia but I gr-ab her arm, st©pping her.

“No. Let me handle her”

Lydia laughs again. I’m officially her clown today, but not for long. Being on a sick be-d and injured, she sure had a lot of disadvantages.

“You? Handle me? Don’t make me puke Alexandra. You can’t even hurt a fly. You’re stupid, slow and fv¢king blind”

she spits.

I clench my fists.

Something snaps inside me and at this point, all I see is red.

Today, I’ll teach her that everyone can be wicked when they want to. “I c@m£ here in peace Lydia, but you? Let me tell you something, in this world we all have choices. We all have our good and bad sides and everyone gets to choose which side they want to dominate them.

And you Lydia, obviously chose to be a bad person.

And I chose to do good but today, I’ll show you that you must fear every good person out there because the moment they turn bad,they’re far worse than the wicked ones. I’ll show you my bad side today Lydia. I’ll make you beg for dear life. I promise you”

I sneer and then proceed to take off my dress leaving me in my br@ and p@n-ty. My scars visible.

Sophie cringes but I couldn’t give a fv¢k.

Today, Lydia pushed me to my limits and I’ll show her.

I’ll make her beg for hurting William and his mother.

And me.

I point to the scars on my belly and th!ghs.

“You see these scars that you caused by dragging me on glas-ses,I want you to count them”

She laughs. Again.

Fuelling my anger.

Just what I nee-ded.

I storm towards the oxygen tank and turn it off. I wait till she begins to g@sp for air before turning it on.

I wait for her breathing to go back to normal and then switch off the oxygen supply again.

I do it repeatedly until she begins to g@sp uncontrollably.

No doctor will come here because I’ll make sure she won’t scream.

“P…pl..plea-se… S..pare…m..my…life…c..can’t…b..bre..athe”

she stammers.

“Oh? You’re asking me to spare your life now huh? Now count my damn scars!” I demand and she begins to count, her eyes scanning my b©dy.


she stutters.

“Forty five scars? Caused by only you? Well, Lydia dear I want you to beg me forty five times” Something flashes in her eyes and I knew she was gonna spew a snarky comment so I shut off the oxygen supply again, turn it on, then off, on and off untill I have her g@sping for dear life.

Then I st©p.

“How does it feel to be in pain hmm? Does it feel as good as it Does when you inflict pain on others?”

I practically growl Beads of sweat trickle down her face as she struggles to speak.


“Oh so now you know how to beg hmm? Well too bad.. If you think I’m gonna hurt you then you’re mistaken.

I won’t hurt you physically but emotionally. Because emotional pain takes forever to heal. I’ll make sure you rot in jail but before that,I’ll show you that I can be just as wicked when I want to.

You pushed me to the limits Lydia. You showed no regrets, hell I was willing to forgive you but people like you deserve no forgiveness.

. You made the wrong move by hurting William and his mother and ma-king him hate me.

Friends like you are the reason people die before their time these days. But trust me Lydia, after I’m done with you,you’ll never un-derestimate a kind person.

You took my kindness and silence as my weakness but that was your greatest mistake.

When I’m done with you,you’ll come crawling to me. I’ll make you beg Lydia. I’ll make you feel the pain I felt when you hurt me. I promise you!”