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July 30, 2021


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Ulinma (my village bride) Episode 25 & 26

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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 25💗
[Season finale]



💔Linda’s Pov💔
I felt so ashamed of myself when the boss talked to me in such manner while the whole employees where watching.

Why won’t he even talk to me in such manner i am just a secretary and a one night stand.

At first when i saw the lady coming i thought it was one of his bitches so i kinda got jealous.

One thing i noticed about the boss’s wife is she’s so fvcking calm and soft spoken.

I noticed some of the employee were looking at me with a mocking smile.

if i had known the boss wife was this pretty i would have minded my business and face my boyfriend.
I sighed angrily when i saw yemi the receptionist coming my way.

This girl likes frustrating me and i don’t know why.

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And she’s also the best gossiper that i have seen since i was born, i don’t know she just has love for it.

“Linda how are you doing?”
She asked with those mischievous smile.

“As you can see i am fine..”
I replied tiredly.

“Okay ooo ehh didn’t you see Mr Fred’s wife today?”
she asked bringing a chair nearer.

“Please yemi i have lots of work to do so you better use the door..”
I said rudely.

“Okay oo at least you will learn how to close your legs in front of a married man, because you can compare yourself to his wife..”

She said making my mouth drop in shock and she hissed and left my office.

And immediately i started hearing laughter outside.

What have i gotten myself into huh? how am i going to face my fellow employees.

I never knew anybody in this company knows Mr Fred and i had svx in the past and if yemi knows then everyone knows.

oh god save me!
I lamented.

✍️ Authoress Vickie’s Pov✍️
A young lady at her early twenties was seen in an argument with her father.

She was wearing a black bum short that showed off her ass cheek and a bra just bra.

With the way she was dressed one will know she’s one of those spoilt brat with rich parents.

“Dad with or without your approval and going to Nigeria to claim my man..”
The lady yelled at her father.

“Which man are you talking about huh? Fred? the same guy you didn’t take serious huh?”
her father fired back angrily.

“I know i took Fred for granted but now i want him back and that i most get..”
She said a little calmly.

“Oh now you want him because your dandy dumped you huh? what do you take the young man for? a fool?”
Her father yelled the more.

“Come on Donald it’s okay if she wants to go over to Nigeria to ask for Fred’s forgiveness so they can make up then fine..”
his wife replied.

“Are you guys aware that Fred is married now to a very beautiful lady huh?”
The man asked.

The young lady shouted.

“No that’s never gonna happen not when i am alive..”
She yelled fuming in anger.

“Hey young lady you better drop any nonsense you have in mind, if Fred is married then he deserves to be happy..”
her mother said.

“Moreover i was never in support of that relationship between you and Fred because i told you people the abominable crime i committed long time ago and Fred come from that particular village in Nigeria..”
her father added.
she sighed angrily.

“You see mom and dad i don’t think i can listen to you in this matter first thing tomorrow morning and taking the first available flight down to Nigeria..

With or without your permission..”
She said and walked out.

Ignoring her parents calling.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
When we got home Fred helped me out of the car and we started moving into the house.

My heart was still beating like a party drum, don’t blame me if you have see death so closely the way i saw it today you will understand me.

Fred took me to the bedroom straight and when we got to the bedroom he made me sit on the bed.

“How are you feeling right now?”
he asked and to me that was a silly question.

I replied and he let out a mischievous smile making me wonder what was going on in his mind.

“Why don’t we take a bath together?”
he said with a smirk on his face.

I asked and he nodded.

“Ehh…O.. okay..”
I stuttered my reply and he carried me bridal style into the bathroom.

Immediately he dropped me on my feet he started undressing himself and in no time he was clear on only his boxer on.

While i was still on my clothes, i slowly started removing my dress living me with only my undies on.

We both stood looking at each others eyes.

“Beauty you know it not too late to give up, I can go to the bedroom so you can bath alone..”

He said but before her could finish his statement i took my hand to my back and unhooked my bra reveling my round br̃ǝåst.

I saw his jaws tighten and his eyes dilated for some seconds as he kept his eyes fixed on my round br̃ǝåst.

I am so fvcking shy right now with my heart beating like a party drum.

But yet i didn’t stop there.
I reached for my pants and removed it gently from my legs.

Although i couldn’t face Fred because i was freaking shy.

I turned my back on him when i was removing the pant from my pûṣṣƴ and now my ass was visible.

Fred is seeing my ass.
I turned on the shower and stepped on the running water.

After some seconds i felt his hands on my waist and his lips on my neck kissing it tenderly.

I could feel something else something different in between my legs just like the first day, could feel his dïçƙ pointing at my ass.

It was pressing hard at my ass making me feel very scared.
Are we going to do it today. I thought.

he massaged my back down to my ass and squeezed on the for few times.
And i couldn’t help but moan.

He came in between my legs and started washing my pûṣṣƴ and i stayed closing my legs but he groaned and opened it the more.

After watching my pûṣṣƴ from the back he said “Turn around my love let me wash your front..”he bit my ear making me shiver.

When i turned around he had a mischievous smile on his pretty face, while he looked at my face for a little while and then glanced down my round bøøbs.
So prefer and flawless.
He flattered and then took a soap to my chest.

He rubbed it on my two round bøøbs and started using his hands as sponge.

With his palm he started rubbing on washing from my neck to my shoulder then down to my bøøbs.

Making a moan escape my lips.

He didn’t waste more time he quickly took my br̃ǝåst into his mouth and started sucking on it with his hand rubbed my pûṣṣƴ.
I moaned softly with the feeling driving me nuts.

Moans kept flying freely from my mouth as Fred sucked on my br̃ǝåst.

With his left hand on my left br̃ǝåst squeezing them with his five fingers while his right hand was busy with the br̃ǝåst he was sucking on.

Fvck! Gosh!
What’s he doing to me huh?

The whole of my body was on fire and i could feel a wave of tingling sensation both outside and inside my V.

My nipplǝs were damn hard and sensitive and Fred sucked on it my whole body burned up with pleasure, raw pleasure.

“Fred… Ahh… Fred”
I moaned his name placing one of my hands on the bathroom wall for support because all of a sudden my legs felt week.

And in no time my legs started shaking…

Fred sucked on my br̃ǝåst the more, exchanging from one bøøɓs to another.

My entire body burned up with pleasure infact it was like Fred planned on killing me with pleasure and i could constantly feeling his hard ɗïçƙ pressing against my tummy.

It was a weird feeling but i think i love it…

After Fred took his time in feasting on my br̃ǝåst he finally let it rest although i never wanted him to stop.

He started kissing my ɓøøɓs up to my collar bone and then my neck until he got to my lips.


“I love you ulinma, and i will always protect you”
He breath on my lip and then he bit on my lower lip and sucked on it.
I moaned because every single thing he does make me feel insane.

“Ulinma i came hold it anymore, I can fight it anymore, i can’t resist you..”

He said and his hand traveled from my ɓøøɓs to my tummy and then down to my pûṣṣƴ rubbing it with two fingers.

I moaned into his mouth as he massaged my pûṣṣƴ.
I moaned as he played with my clitøris making it feel like torment, a sweet torment.

“Oh my gosh beauty! you are so wet, so fvcking wet” he said in a deep sexy voice.

That made me shy but it also sent some sweet wave of tingling sensation down my pûṣṣƴ.

“Please forgive me ulinma this is gonna hurt a little” he said making my heart skip in fear and excitement.

“Ahh.. Fred..”
I moaned but the fear in me was too visible.

“Baby i am story.. I can’t control myself anymore you just have to endure it please my love it’s just gonna hurt a little.”
He said and…

I cried as i felt a sharp pain.

I think Fred just driped his two fingers into my pûṣṣƴ and it hurt as hell.

I cried the more when he started moving his fingers in and out of my pûṣṣƴ.

After a while her remove his fingers and i sighed in relief.

He kissed down my neck and ɓr̃ǝåst then up to my lips again before he held his ɗïçƙ with one of his hands and directed it to the entrance of my pûṣṣƴ.

“Oh God..Ahh”
I moaned because i was enjoying it, with my head titled backwards and my hands wrapped around him.

But all of a sudden he spread my legs apart by lifting my left leg up making me wrap it around his waist.

He held the lifted leg and then looked me directly in the eyes.

“I love you..”
He cooed my lips.

I wanted to say “I love you….”

When i meant with an extremely sharp pain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I cried loudly as he forced his large ɗïçƙ into my tight pûṣṣƴ.

What the hell is that!
it was just like someone was tearing me apart.

He groaned and took my lips into a deep kiss while his large ɗïçƙ was still inside me.

I cried as he pushed his ɗïçƙ further in, expanding the walls of my V.

I never believed mama when she said it gonna hurt, but now i know it hurts like hell.

All of a sudden he started moving himself in and out of my pûṣṣƴ making me feel extreme pains.

“Freddd…. please…stop”
I cried out with tears streaming down my eyes but he still continued.



Suspense 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️.
Who is this lady coming to Nigeria for Fred?🤔🤔

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