tomboy in college episode 54 & 55

{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)




Cassie body was pieced and put into the water closet.

No, no, no” he cried moving back in fright.

“Nooo” he screamed as he slump down on his knees

“Nooo” he screamed and jump out of the bed

“Oh my God” he said and palmed his face.

He look at the bed, and saw Cassie sleeping peacefully.

“Its a nightmare” he said and climb the bed to join Cassie.

Cassie yawned and turned sleepily.

“If they will really want to attack you, then I did give them my self first” he sighed and move closer to cassie, hugging her into his arms.

“Nando”she called drowsily rubbing his chest.

“Yes honey” he replied pecking her head

Her eyes flew open and she sat up immediately.

“Oh my, we booked an appointment” she said wide eyed.

“Huh, with who?“ Fernando asked.

“Actually, I and Lisa called Esmeralda mom, inviting her over to the hospital this morning” cassie explained.

“Can you promise me one thing?“ He suddenly said .

“Yes, what is that?“ He asked.

“Promise not to ever leave my side, promise not to get into danger even when am in its middle” he said and cassie face him dumbstruck.

“What are you saying?“ Cassie asked.

“Just promise me” he cut her off.

“I promise” she sighed and he gave her a warming smile.

She stand up and tried walking but she end up falling.

“My legs” she cried and Fernando chuckle as he walk to her and pick her up in his arms.

“Am sorry, you were just too sweet last night” he said and she blushed.

“Let go bath” he smirked.

“Don’t do anything Nando,” she cried.

“I won’t do anything, but am gonna take milk this morning” he said and proceed into the toilet with cassie wiggling her leg in the air crying for him to drop her down.

Cody yawned and sit up, his brows creased when he couldn’t find Anna beside him.

He stand up searching for her only to find her in the kitchen, she already bath, and she was putting on his sweat pant and his top.

He smiled unknowingly as he he watch her from the kitchen door.

His clothe fit her so well that its making his love for her increase right now.

She move to the the cupboard trying to get something from the cupboard but her hand couldn’t reach it.

Cody rolled his eye ball and walk to her as he stretched his hand and take the spices she wanted to take.

Anna gasped and quickly turn, only to get caged by Cody.

“Good morning” she greeted.

“Morning” Cody replied with his eyes stuck to her lips.

“Um, can you make way for me, my food, its gonna get burnt” she said avoiding his eye contact.

Cody didn’t reply as he move his hand to her chin and raised it up making her lock eyes with him.

Anna gulp down as she couldn’t break the eye contact anymore, instead she could see Cody head moving closer but she is not just in control of her senses right now.

Before she could say anything, Cody sealed her lips with his.

She wanted to push him away but her hand seem so weak right now, like what the f”*k is happening to her right now?.

A Bowl fell from the cupboard and hit Cody head and he pull away as he groan.

Anna quickly escape from him running to her burning food.

Cody rubbed his back head and chuckled as he walk outside to clean up.

Anna touched her lips and blushed as she look at the kitchen exist watching his disappearing back.


Cassie and Fernando got to the hospital, they met Lisa and Diane worried.

“Fernando, we wake up to meet Newton’s is missing” Diane said with Lisa by her side.

“Huh, how can that be?“ Cassie asked.

“Don’t worry, he is safe with my mom” Fernando said.

“Your mom?“ Lisa and cassie asked.

“My mom?“ Daine asked too.

“Yeah, Diane, newton is Fernandez” Fernando blurted and Diane eyes widened.

“Wait you mean newtons is big brother Fernandez?“ She asked and Fernando nod.

“Woah” cassie and Lisa exclaimed.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier” Fernando said facing cassie.

“Cassie, can you please give me listening ears now, let settle once and for all please” Lisa said holding Cassie’s hand in hers.

“Sure” Cassie smiled.

“Alright then, catch you two letter, let me check on Nile and Esmeralda” Fernando cooed as he met ace on his way and they both left.

They walk to a balcony and sat down on the chair there.

“I actually didn’t mean to cheat on you the other day, its Brian, after you accept to be his girlfriend, he came after me asking me out too, but I turned him down with insult” she said and looked at cassie who was staring at her urging her to continue.

“He kept disturbing me, despite the insult, I decided to warn him to stay away from us, or am gonna report him to you, I went over to his house to warn him but he turned it the other way round and tried forcing his self on me but thank God you intervened” Lisa explained and cassie jaw dropped.

“The bastàrd” she gritted.

“I am a bad sister, I should have listened to you all this years, I didn’t even give you listening ears” Cassie cried palming her face.

“Am really sorry Cassie, it’s all my fault, I should have told you everything before taking actions” Lisa apologized.

“No its all my fault, I should have listen to you all this years, am so stupid to have good grudges on my own town sister cause of a lunatic guy”cassie cried.

“Am I forgiven?“ Lisa smiled with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“am I forgiven either” cassie asked and the two nod pulling each other into a warm hug.

“I promise nothing will ever come in between us again” cassie cooed and miss smiled happily.

“So you are saying, we should leave this country after that?“ Layla asked yash and he nod.

The two found each other again.

“Yes, not after am done kîlling Fernando” yash thought meanly facing layla who seem to be in deep thinking.

“can we take Fernando along, like capture him with us?“ she pouted.

“Sure” yash said smirking, if only sue know?.

“If only he know she is going to kill cassie too before eloping” layla thought with a wicked grin.

He is gonna end Fernando and take her with him, if he can’t get cassie, them he can get this one.

Mrs winter walk into hospital looking around for help.

“How may I help you ma’am” a nurse asked.

“Am looking Esmeralda’s ward” she said and the nurse bod directing her to the ward

She got there to meet lisa and cassie sitting with her.

Her eyes were already open and they were laughing heartily.

“Mom” she called when her eyes landed on Mrs winter

“Oh my Esmeralda” she cried and run to her on the bed checking her out.

“Am fine now mom” she replied.

“How did you get injured?“ Mrs asked.

“I, I um, actually went after newton, I was suspecting him to be someone bad but my thought turned out opposite, he is a secret agent and now I want to see him, he is hurt” she cried.

“Wait my son in law?“ mrs asked and Esmeralda palmed her face.

“mom, honestly, we have nothing, he is just a friend” Esmeralda blurted and mrs frowned.

“I don’t care, you must make him love you” she scoffed and lisa burst into laughter.

“So ma’am, I am lisa and this is Cassie, we find out our blood is same with that of Esmeralda, the truth is that we found out she is our sister, and we got same marks on our body too” lisa explained and mrs gulp down nothing.

“Well, I, I” mrs winter stuttered.

“Mom, please be sincere to us, we just nothing but the truth, arwbwe related?“ Esmeralda ciied holding her mom’s hand.

“I knew this day was coming” she sighed and continued.

“I went to an amusement park, to think about my barren life and I find you there, you were lost, you were crying for your mommy, I took you into my arms waiting for your mom to come for you, but she didn’t came, you know there are thousand of people there and she may tried finding you too.

“i waited there and yet she still didn’t came, so I took you home, thanking the almighty for blessing me with a child, you were not up to a year old then, cause you are still crawling” mrs winter concluded and sighed.

Mrs Evans walk in to meet them.

“Ops sorry am late honeys, so what happening?“ She asked taking a seat.

They explained everything to her and her jaw dropped.

“Oh my God, this can’t be Isabelle right?“ Mrs Evans cried pointing at Esmeralda.

“Wait we were really triplets?“ Cassie scoffed.

“I took you three to the amusement park in our baby cradles.

So I move to get something but your careless dad saw his old time friends and left you three there, Isabel always been the stubborn one then, crawled out of the cradle and we begin to search for her, we searched and searched but we couldn’t find her”. Mrs Evans explained.

“So you are trying to say, I am a daughter of a millionaire and I have been suffering?“ Esmeralda cried.

“Oh my baby, I never believe am going to see you again” Mrs Evans said and pulled Esmeralda into a hug.

“Why didn’t you ever tell us about this?“ lisa cried.

“I was still gonna tell you two” she cried.

“Um, I will be leaving” mrs winter said sadly.

“No you can’t leave, you are still my mom, you can’t just abandon your daughter” Esmeralda cried holding mrs winters hand.

“You find your parents Esmeralda” she cried.

“Um, Mrs, you can move in with us, thank you for watching her till this age, and just like she has said you are still her mom” mrs Evans cooed smiling at mrs winter.

“Thank you” mrs winter said and hugged mrs Evans.

“Seems everything is going to be fine soon” cassie thought as they all hugged themselves.

Fernando sighed as he watch Nile, he look like he is not even going to wake up soon.

“Will you wake up for me, I promise I won’t chase you away if you want to touch my curves, please just wake up for me” Diane cried as she hugged his arms.

“You promise?“he asked and slowly opened his eyes.

Diane gasped and raised her head up to see him staring at her.

“Yes I promise” she replied laughing as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Always a naughty jerk” Fernando chuckle as he watch them.

“How many days have I been out?“ he asked.

“Three” Fernando cooed.

“Thanks for always been there man” he smiled and tried sitting up while diane helped him.

“I should be thanking you man” Fernando laughed and they exchange handshake.

“I will leave you two” he said and walk out.

“Don’t ever do that again” Diane said and hit his chest lightly bursting into tears again.

“So you love me this much huh?“ he chuckled

“Don’t ask me that” she cried as she cries on his chest.

“It’s okay, am here now” he said and kissed her hair.


“Hurry up, or we might get late” Fernando cooed.

“Just a minute” she replied and applied lip gloss and step out

“How do I look?“she asked.

“Perfect” he replied smiling.

“I feel like pinning you down and having you right here just like last night” he smirked.

“You will be always be a naughty jerk” she laughed and walk down stairs.

Jace found out, they implanted something on newton, that makes him forget about his child hood so he operate it put and now he understand everything so well.

He is okay now, so he continued with his assignment, but he still stays with his uncle.

He gatherer every proof against the president and his wife from his mom and hand it over to the FBI, now they are under the custody of the FBI just like Linda and Brian.

“You think Fernandez will be at home?“cassie asked.

“i already told him am coming” Fernando replied.

They step out of the house , heading towards their car.

Fernando eyes widened as he sight a sniper from afar, aiming at cassie.

He quickly pull her into a hug, the person already pull the trigger.

“What are you..“ Cassie trailed off as Fernando groaned in pain.

He stare at her smiling painfully, as blood stained his red lips.


Another bullet hit him and he went down with the speechless and shocked Cassie.