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To live forever final Episode

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💗 To Live Forever 💗

📘 Semi- Final📘

Written by: Tamara Blair



2 Weeks Later.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
I woke up to feel a pair of arms around me,I turned and Adrian was still sleeping.

We went to bed pretty late because we were watching movies all night and we went out to different places.

For the past weeks,We have been spending so much time together,We didn’t bother going to school because we have done our final exams and submitted our project so there wasn’t any need to go to school.

Our graduation is in a week’s time and i really hope Adrian gets to see it.

He has started to look pale and he has dark circles under his eyes and he coughs alot.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when my phone rang, I checked the caller ID and it was my mom.

I gently stood up from the bed and went to the hallway.

“Hello, Mom”

“Good morning,dear,how are you?”

“Good,So did they say anything?”

“Honey, it’s still the same results, it’s really impossible to do a heart transplant,the doctors said that if they attempt to do surgery,he might die” I sighed and ran my hands through my hair.

I talked to my mom about Adrian’s condition and she told me she would talk his medical files to different doctors in other countries.

“Thanks, Mom”

“Am really really sorry,i know how much you love him”

“It’s okay,I have to go now” I ended the call and walked back Into the room,Adrian was just waking up.

“Good morning” His voice was hoarse,I walked closer to him.

“Good morning,How are you feeling?”

“Am still a little sleepy and weak”

“Then let’s go back to bed, it’s still 7 in the morning” He held my hands and kissed it.

“How about we go out to a dinner date tonight,I have everything planned out for just the two of us”

“Okay,Dinner date it is” He coughed a little then stops.

“Come on, let’s go back to sleep” We cuddled on the bed,My hands caressing his hair.

😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
I was dressed up for my dinner date with Claribel,Isaac and Shannon came by, Shannon was with Claribel while Isaac and i played video games.

“Hey,bro,can i say something ?” Isaac asked as we stopped playing.

“Yes, sure”

“I just wanted to say that you have been my friend for so long and a good one,I still don’t know how I’ll cope without having you as a friend”

“Isaac, you have been a good friend to me too, Trust me it’s also hard for me but what can I do”

“Claribel is almost ready,just 5 more minutes” Shannon said as she walked down the stairs.

“Okay but before she comes,i want to ask you two a big favour”

“Sure,What is it?”

“Claribel told me you three are going to the same university”

“Yeah,we are, we decided that it will be a good idea to stay together”

“I know and i really want you two to help me take care of her,take care of Claribel for me”

“Of course,bro,I won’t let anything bad happen to her,I promise”

“And Shannon,i want you to help me make sure she gets over me quickly and move on, I don’t want her to be miserable over me”

“I would do anything for Claribel, She’s practically my sister but getting over you is going to be hard,You are the love of her life, Adrian”

“I know that but i also know that’s she’s strong, very strong”

“I know that too,I’ll help her”


“Am ready” Claribel said as she walked down the stairs looking so beautiful.

“How do i look?” She twirled around.

“Amazing” Isaac and Shannon said at the same time.

“You look stunning” i took her hand in mine and kissed it.

“Aww,We are going to leave you two now, bye” Shannon and Isaac walked out the door.

“Let’s go”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
We drove over to a little beautiful restaurant, it was empty but well decorated.

“Why’s it empty?”

“I set a reservation for just the two of us”

“That’s.. that’s amazing,You are amazing”

“Not as amazing as you” We shared a kiss before settling down in the restaurant.

A chef came out and served our foods,We ate happily while talking about alot of things.

“You know i have already thought of my first book as a writer”

“Really? What’s it about?”

“You..Us,the love we share,I have already started it.

It’ll be a way of showing people that two messed up people like us with a painful past can also fall in love and Love is not a smooth journey like they portray in the movies” He put his hand on mine and smiled.

“Am so proud of you,So proud and i know the book will be a huge hit”

“Thanks” I smiled at him and we continued to eat.

We were at the garden,it was a little late at night,I and Adrian laid on the grass staring at the sky.

“Babe” I turned to look at him as he called me.


“Did you ever think you and i could be together?”

“Honestly,No, I didn’t even think i would love someone as much as i love you, You complete me”

“All the times i spent in England were the worst,i was always angry,frustrated and rude..even to my own mother.

You changed me,I love you for not what you are but for what i am when am with you,I love you for not only what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me,I love you for the part of me that you bring out”

We shared a passionate kiss.


“What are you thinking about?” Adrian and i finished from the restaurant and started taking a walk down the street.

Street lights and billboard signs made the night beautiful.

“Just about us,our past memories”

“The Good one or bad one?”

“We don’t have bad memories”

“When we argue and yell at each other, say hurtful things”

“I see your point but there’s no relationship without fights”

“True ,plus the best part is that we always make love to reconcile” We laughed together

“The stars in the sky are so many tonight”

“Yeah, it’s like they knew you were coming out tonight”

We stopped walking and faced each other, holding hands.

“Let the stars tonight be a witness to me telling you right now that i will be by your side forever,Even when am gone,i will be here with you.

On any nights that you might feel outnumbered,i will be right back with you because i love you”

“I love you, Adrian Coleman,I love you” We shared a really passionate kiss,we pulled away to catch our breaths.

His lips went to my neck and he sucked on it.

“I want to feel you,Claribel,i really want to”

“Then let’s go”

“Yeah, let’s go”

💗 To Live Forever 💗

💞 Final Chapter 💞

Written by: Tamara Blair

A Week Later.

😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍

I was looking at pictures of I and Clary on almost every date we have gone to.

I laughed at one of the pictures which had Claribel’s face filled with ice cream, She was so angry all day because I was the one who poured ice cream on her.

“Why are you laughing?” My mom walked into the kitchen,She was dressed casually.

“Nothing just pictures of i and Claribel..Where are you going dressed up so pretty?”

“Um..i..i am going to the grocery store”

“Mom,we still have alot of groceries” She scratched the back of her neck, that’s something i got from her.

“Mom, You and i know that you are going out with Robert,I have seen you two kiss secretly.. which by the way gave me nightmares” I said and she swatted my arm

“I love him,Adrian”

“I know and am happy for you,i really want you to move on,be happy,You lost dad and very soon you’ll lose me,I just want you to hold on to something”

“I can see Robert loves you and he will take care of you” i added,She hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“Thank you for being my son,I love you so much”

“I love you,Mom” We hugged,The front foor opened,then closed.

“Claribel, Welcome back,Am going out” My mom kissed Claribel’s cheek and left.

“How are you feeling?” She asked and kissed my cheeks.


“Great but am hungry”

“What about your dad?”

“He’s okay but he’s still angry at himself at what he did”

“He’s supposed to,He almost raped his own daughter” She sighed and looked away.

I held her chin up to face me.

“Am sorry i brought that up”

“It’s okay,i just don’t want to remember”

“How about we go to the garden,We haven’t been there in a while”

“But are you strong enough to move about?”

“Of course,but you will have to eat first”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
” I know that face” I said as i and Adrian walked through the path leading to the garden.

“What face?”

“That’s the face you make when you have something that will either make me happy or angry at you” He chuckles and wrap his arms around me.

“Let’s find out”

We finally got to the garden, I gasped in shock at what i saw.

“Did..did..Did you do this?”

“Yes,i did,My love”

I walked around the garden,It was a beautifully painted pictures of meall around the walls of the garden,It looked so much like me.

“When did you paint this?”

“All those time you spent with your mom,I did this because if anyone finds this garden, They’ll know all love story,this is where it began” I hugged him so tight,He hugged me back.

“I love you so much”

“I love you,Claribel Johnson and i will love you till my last breath,If there’s an after life,I will continue to love you then”

I didn’t notice i was crying till i felt his thumb on my cheek, wiping away my tears.

“This isn’t the time to cry,I need you to promise me something”


“Promise you will be happy and that you will move on from me,That when the right person comes into your life, you will take that chance”

“It’s going to be hard,You are the love of my life”

“I know that,I am the love of your life but am destined to stay with you forever so promise me”

“Okay,i promise”

“Good and maybe you can bring him here” i nod negatively immediately.

“No,no,no..This place is for the both of us,am not going to bring anyone here”


“Thank you, Adrian”

“For what?”

“For making me happy and mature,not only mentally but emotionally too,Thank you”

“Don’t forget Sexually too” We chuckled softly,then shared a kiss.

“Graduation is in a few days”

“I know, I’ll be there, I know i will”

When patients are in the hospital,the doctor or nurses ask them to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10, Well, for the last 5 days,My pain has been unrateable.

Here I am, standing close to his grave, Adrian’s grave, the love of my life’s grave.

He died three days after our graduation,He made it to our graduation like he said, He got his diploma,he watched me collect the best graduating student.

He was very weak and each passing day he became weaker,He laid in bed more often.

On the day,he passed away, Shannon, Isaac,My mom, Christian, Trevor,His mom, Robert and i were by his side.

It’s like he knew it was his time because he talked to all of us,We kissed so many times and hugged,He even gave me his favorite hoodie.

When he finally passed away,i almost lost my mind,On the day of his burial,so many friends from school came,teachers even.

His favorite spot in school was filled with flowers in remembrance to him,Isaac was beyond sad but he tried to be strong, Trevor cried because he started seeing Adrianas a big brother, Adrian’s mom,She acted like she was okay but i could see the sadness in her eyes.

As for me,i can say i ran crazy the first few days after he died,I acted like he was still here with me,i would talk to absolutely nothing and imagine him by my side.

My family got worried, Shannon got worried but i didn’t care, You know sometimes he comes to me at night,I see his smiling face.

He suddenly stopped coming to me at night,i would wait up for him but nothing,i realized it was his way of telling me that i had to be strong and move on.

He wants me to be happy,He wants me to be strong..for myself.

“You come here everyday?” Adrian’s mom said as she walked closer to me,She placed a flower on Adrian’s gave.

“Yes but I don’t think i will come here for a long time”


“I got accepted into Havard University,same with Shannon and Isaac”

“Congratulations,am happy for you,He would be happy”

“I know he would”

“How have you been coping without him?”

“Well,at first i was a wreck but am trying to adjust to the fact that for every morning I wake up,He won’t be by side”

“It’s going to get better,I promise you that one day his name won’t hurt , You won’t stalk his pictures, You’ll finally be happy”

“I know that..What about you? Aunt,i know you lost your husband and now Adrian, it’s really painful”

“It is,it really is but am sure both of them are watching me from heaven..Infact Robert and i are leaving the country,He asked me to marry him”

“Really? That’s so amazing,Adrian really wanted that”

“I know and am going to marry him because i love him”

“I promise when i get settled in college,i will definitely come for the wedding”

“Thank you Claribel for everything,For changing my son, For loving him,For being with him,For giving him his own happy forever in just limited time,Thank You”

“No,Thank you for bringing him into this world,He also changed my life and I’ll never forget him,Never” She brought out a brown book and handed it to me.

“He asked me to give you this when he finally passes away” I took the book from her and smiled.

“Thanks,Aunt” We hugged and she kissed my cheeks.

“Good luck with life,Claribel” I smiled at her as she walked away.

I ran my hands through the brown book and opened It,There were pictures of i and Adrian, drawings of me and the garden,It was beautiful.

I opened a particular page and i saw a note, the beginning of the note said “Eulogy To The Love Of My Life”

The note read:

“I have read hundreds of novels in my life,most of them claiming that love was the center of the universe,that it could heal any damage inside of us,that it was what we needed to survive,From one writer to the next,I thought they were all fools.

I thought love was only fictional, only found in the worn pages of a book,I thought Love was a lie that filled ignorant humans with false hope but all that changed when i met Claribel Johnson.

I never thought i could never be completely and utterly consumed by another until i met her.She changed me completely,She gave me a reason to smile,a reason to be thankful for my existence. She was that bright light that lighten my dark life,She also had her problems but she pulled through bravely.

She took my hand and led me through the darkness and showed me that to love is…to live forever.
Claribel, I know i might not be with you physically but i know i will live forever in your heart.Thank you for those wonderful days of my life, for making me smile.

All i ask now is to be strong for yourself,You have alot to accomplish and I’ll be watching for you from where I am,I believe in you,Babe.
If you ever need me,just look up and am there for you,but if you want to feel my presence,Come to our garden and I’ll be waiting for you. Amazing and beautiful opportunities await you and i hope you will find someone who will love the way i did and give you the happiest future you deserve.
And always remember my beautiful Claribel,I love you”

I closed the book and held it to my chest,then smiled at his grave.

“You will forever have a place in my heart,now take the rest you deserve,My one and only, Adrian Coleman”

I dropped my flowers on his grave, kissed it,then walked away.


🔥The End🔥

Author’s Note: I know most of you will say that he wasn’t supposed to die,that after all the love they shared,he can’t just die.

Remember he had A.S.D, it’s a heart condition,i wanted to make this story as real as possible.
Every other story I have written as always ended in the two couples getting married but i decided to show you guys that not all romance stories end like that.

To me,this is a happy ending, Adrian and Claribel both changed each other’s lives.Some people are not meant to be with you forever.

I advice that you go read “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green, It also has a movie but i think the novel is well detailed,That book shows that even people with the most horrible past can still find love and even if they don’t end up getting married, they still had a happy ending.also remember Ada Jesus the Nigerian comedian who died because of kidney problem at the age 23,she have husband and two kids but nature always lead ❤
Death don’t care if you are inlove or not🤙

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