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Through the shadow Episode 13 & 14

Like I promised 😘😘
✍️ Written by Angel Louis ✍️
💅 Faith Louis Ebirim 💅
🔴 Episode 13 🔴
Bayley Burst open Louisa’s office door.
“Ta–da!” She sprawled her hands in the hair grinning.
Louisa looked up and shook her head in pity.Naughty Bayley.
“I wonder if you even have Adrenaline?. Others would have jumped off their skin at the sudden rush of the door. But didn’t even flinch. I fear that one if these days you’ll automatically turn into a Robot” Bayley sneered.
“What do you want Bayley? Coming to my workplace uninvited? Don’t tell me you’ve rethinked my offer.
I am sorry to tell you that there is no more vacancy” Louisa retorted bluntly staring at her.
“Ouch! But Nah… I never rethinked a thing” she chuckled.
“So what brought you here?” Louisa asked again. Scribbling some words into a book.
” You have no feeling Louisa. At least a seat would do. And …and some cigarettes. Or drink?
I am your f*cking guest okay?” Bayley frowned.
” My bad” Louisa scoffed.
“Catch” she added throwing a pack if cigarettes to her and a lighter too.
“Thanks.”Bayley giggled
“So why are you here?” Louisa asked , dropping her pen.
“Good question. Why am I here?” Bayley paused, lighting her cigarette.
” I am inviting you to …
Just then, the door opened.
Holy Crap! Bayley g@sped.
Who the f*ck is this Hottie? She asked herself lvstfully staring at seon as he walked over to Louisa’s desk.
“Excuse me Ma’am” he started.
“What do you want?” Louisa rolled her eyes🙄.
” These are the files of the goods shipped in. With their actual dates of production and expiration” he said. Handling the files over to Louisa.
“Who piled it up?” She asked.
” Me ma’am” he replied glancing at her.
Louisa opened it and fl!pped through the pages. Seon could see the hidden expression on her face. She’s at Least okay with what she is seeing.
Even if she doesn’t show any sign of appreciation. 🙄
“Well done. Mr Nichols” she blurted out. Returning it back to him.
“Good job. You can go now” Louisa excused him out of her office.
He nodded and left. Closing the door from behind.
“Quit gawking bay. You look ridiculous” Louisa spat out in disgust.
“Holy mother f*cking Bastard!!! Who is he? Who is this demigod?” Bayley g@sped. Unable to control her excitement.
“A worker” she coldly replied.
” You must be kidding. Alot of times I’ve been here, why didn’t I see him?”
” He started here today. A transfer from New Jersey”
” Jeez. Louisa he is so hot” Bayley commented.
” I saw the way you were eyesfv¢king him” Louisa smirked.
“Gosh! Was it obvious?”
“Obviously obvious Babe” Louisa replied.
“I am do gonna hit him on. I can’t resist such.”
” Good for you. So you’re inviting me for what?”
“Yeah. I am inviting you to my party on Sunday at my place” she announced. Taking a long drag.
“Parties😋. I love the sound of that. What’s the call for celebration?”
“Uhm…you Know…it has really been a while now since I partied. I just wanted to catch along’
” What Time is this party of yours?”
“Seven? That’s rather early. Your parties last for hours bay!” Louisa frowned.
” Since when did you care if it’s late or not?”
“I now have a responsibility remember” Louisa cut in.
” Oh.. I forgot. By the way how is Ciara Cole? You have been taking real good care of her. You do have a heart Louisa. That’s great”
A sudden flash back to what transpired two nights ago. A tear sl!pped down her eyes the other night. What was happening to her? She isn’t her self anytime she’s with Ciara. Ciara is gradually having effect on her.
“Hey I know that look. What is wrong Louisa?”
“Nothing . Anyway thanks for the invitation. I’ll try to come.” Louisa @ssured.
“That’s good. And if you will excuse me, I’ve got another guest in mind” Bayley grinned as she got up from her seat.
Staring into Bayley’s trickish eyes, she knew what vahe was planning to do.
“Don’t do this Bay. Don’t you dare invite him!” Louisa tightened. Causing bayley to laugh h@rd.
“You really have an incredible grasp for the obvious”
“I literally know when you are about to flirt” Louisa shuffled.
“Seems you know me too well
.. catch fun babe. See ya later” she blew Louisa a klzz and zoomed out of her office.
Louisa shook her head in frustration.
….. Not just whimpers,….Strangled whimpers.
Soft sobs followed. Heavy p@nts alongside.
“No . Don’t take me back …no . “Frightful m0@ns.
It was Ciara. She was whispering while asleep.
It’s a Nightmare. Another Night mare.
The cool breeze that blew that night had no effect on her moist skin. She was all sweaty. p@nting heavily as she swayed restlessly on her bed.
“Please…d.. don’t take me back! No!! No don’t… Don’t take me back THERE!!!” She screamed and woke up.
It’s barely midnight. Ciara felt her skin. She was sweating profusely.
She held her head with both hands. She’s having an ache. And it’s hurts so bad.
“Another Nightmare” she muttered under her breath.
💫Episode 14💫
Ciara swirled round her bed and reached for the alarm clock. It was barely eleven pm.
Nightmares has been her best buddy for the past two weeks. She keeps dreaming of Ma’am schwez taking her back to her cell.
The nightmares are becoming very unbearable everyday. Maybe it’s time she’ll let Louisa into the Know.Louisa must be awake by now, if not for anything, she’s sure her scream must have woken her up.
Ciara dabbed her eyes and quietly left her room. She strode farther into the p@ssages. Louisa’s room is not too far from hers.
She soon got to her door post. She gently tapped on it. Trying not to startle sleeping Louisa from the bed.
She tapped again and again. But got no response.
Maybe going in won’t be an intrusion. Ciara thought, gently sliding the door as it made a croaked sound.
“I’m sorry isa for bothering you” she apologized. Gaining full entry.
But the room was still and dead silent. Ciara gradually walked to her bedside. But she was shocked not to see Louisa on it.
Louisa isn’t in her room. Where else could she be?. Ciara asked no one in particular. She staggered backwards and muttered her name again.
“Louisa?” Ciara called out. Making her way out of the room.
“Louisa where are you?” Her voice trailed off. She searched round the house for Louisa. All to no avail.
Ciara became scared. Where is she? . She really can’t imagine where she has gone to. Louisa didn’t tell her she’ll be going out this late.
But come to think of it. What is it to her?
She’s just a scrab she picked from the street. There isn’t a need for Louisa to tell her anything 😥.
Is Louisa tired of her? Does she consider her as a burden? Why did she leave the house without letting her know? Did anything urgent come up? Is Louisa alright?
Alot of uncertain questions fl!pped through Ciara’s mind.
She finally shoved her thoughts aside and strode dejectedly to the sitting.
She balanced on the couch. She’s too scared to go back to sleep. Besides it’s gonna be h@rd though, considering she just had a Nightmare. It’s normally very h@rd for her to fall back to sleep after a Nightmare.
Making waiting a little in the sitting won’t be a bad idea.
This isn’t the first time Ciara has noticed the Sneaky night walks of Louisa. Why does Louisa always have to leave her alone in this lonely mashion?
Ciara asked again.
Not her business. She concluded. Totally relaxing on the couch. Maybe if she maintained this station, she might virtually fall back to sleep.
” I have to return home bay”
Louisa blurted out all of a sudden.
“Why?” Bayley eyed her as she downed more drinks.
“We haven’t even stayed up to two hours” she added, refilling their cups.
“Little chump’s the only one at home. Have you forgotten?” Louisa budged. Puffing her cigarette.
“I thought you said she was asleep before you left the house. Trust me she’s in Merryland as we speak” Bayley twitched.
“I doubt that. I have a feeling that she’s up”
“Hmm” Bayley sighed staring closely at her friend.
” I really have to go Bay” Louisa persisted.
” Alright then. I can’t stop you. Besides I have been meaning to ask. No offense at all but am baffled you know, cause the Louisa I know really don’t care or give a damn about others.
You might not still give a damn about others . But this kid … You are so much glued to her. And you tend to worry too much about her. Tell me, what’s with you two?”
Louisa paused for a while, finding the question a little sappy.
‘i do ask myself that too. Cause I’m confused just as you are” Louisa purred with a slight cough.
“I really don’t know” she exhaled in defeat.
“Hmmm.. it’s good at least” Bayley smiled.
“I have to go now. Good night” Louisa finalised and left almost immediately.
Seon laid on his back facing his ceiling. He is finding it h@rd to sleep. He can’t help but remember the s£×y lady who introduced herself to him as Bayley.
She actually invited him to a party at her place.
Yeah, he loves the sound of party. How can he refuse such an invitation from a pretty lady?
He knows plainly that she was just trying to flirt around him. But he doesn’t care. It’ has actually been long he partied.
He frankly remembered those times he always partied at every clubs. And getting in between almost every lady’s p@nts.
That was then. He has made up his mind to shave up that awkward habit.
He turned away from the ceiling and drifted his thoughts on his Job.
He recalled his Boss’s hostile words just on his first day at work.
What’s gonna happen other days? Will he be able to cope with this Fiery Boss lady as she is called?
He worried.
Hope he doesn’t gets fired by this Louisa Sullivan.
She isn’t the friendly type. She’s mean as everyone claims.
He wondered why such a beautiful lady could be this rash?
Always on the edge to explode.
Speaking of Bayley.
How manage Bay’s her friend? from what he has heard, Louisa has a strong bond with Bayley.
Isn’t that strange?
If Louisa can be friendly with Bayley her best friend, seon has a strong feeling that she isn’t that mean/fierce afterall.
With time, he’s gonna know the necessary about this Strange Lady!.
TBC ✍️


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