The scent Episode 1 & 2

“Ouuuuuuch” I cried out before going out to vomit whatever is in my belly that nee-ds to come outta there.
“Hmmmm” I felt relieved now. Indigestion!
Indigestion has bec@m£ a p@rt of me. And vomiting has bec@m£ a routine I must perform each time I take a meal. I think the day I would st©p having indigestion, would be the day I st©p eating junks and go for a better and nice meal.
But when???
I don’t think I will ever have the chance in this lifetime. Maybe in my next life then.
Going inside, I gr@bb£d my polythene bag. The only thing I could call mine. Inside it, I kept my scattered ti-p tooth brush, and the other tattered cloth I had to exchange this am putting on.
Oh that’s him.
I turned back when I heard his whistle.
“Lia!” He exclaimed when he got to where I was standing.
“Good morning Lia” he greeted while smiling.
” Morning ” I replied simply.
Alex is a friend. A beggar also.
He knew me to be a Little talker. Sometimes, I wonder how he manage to smile. I mean a person living this kind of life shouldn’t be seen smiling. What’s there to smile about??
“So you sle-pt here hun?”
“Yes. You?” I asked
” I sle-pt at the transport route”
One thing have known about him was that any where the night met him, he sleeps. But nevertheless, he would always find me the next morning no matter where I sle-pt.
Is he a wizard?? I don’t think! It must be one of the beggars insight.
“You have been slee-ping here lately. why?”
“Ain’t you scared? I mean only you slee-ping here?”He asked. Concern showing in his voice.
” Peace”
“Yes peace” I replied sincerely.
I was roaming about inside this bush looking for fruit when I saw this deserted small hut here. I decided to check inside but to my surprise I found no one. Since then, have turned this small hut into my home.
We got to the restaurant and Alex ran to the garbage can to collect all the wasted food thrown there, while I stood at one side of the restaurant waiting for him.
I was still taping one leg on the ground when I heard Alex shout.
“Run! Lia run! Run!” He shouted and when he got to where I was standing, he gr@bb£d my hand and we started running together.
“Thief! Catch them! Catch them!” The people running after us were shouting.
Thief? I was confused!.
“What happened?” I asked amidst running breathing heavily.
“Lia…am sorry. I will explain but let’s keep running for now.”
While running, I brushed pas-s a man. I wanted to look back but Alex grip on my hand ti-ght£ñed so I had to keep running.
“Catch them! Thief! Catch them!” The people running after us shouted.
I turned back to see them very close.
We are doomed today!.
No escapades.
“Lia… Keep running! Let’s keep running”
Alex st©pped abruptly and I wonder why.
Suddenly a man appeared from no where and stood up in front of us.
“You little two thief’s”
“Begging is not enough anymore so you try to include stealing hun?” He asked and scoffed at us.
The people following us now made a circle around us. Counting, I think they are up to 10.
“plea-se, am the only one who stole it, Let her go. She doesn’t know anything about all this!” Alex pleaded referring to me.
Wait! What!
Alex stole something from them?
“Oh you want to protect her hun?”
“Who is she? Is she your girlfriend?”
” Beggar having beggar as girlfriend” the man said laughing mockingly.
” Give me my purse you this stinking poor beggar thief!” A woman in a very short skimpy pretty yellow dress said to Alex. extending her hand.
“Purse?” I asked Alex confusingly.
“Take ma’am. Am sincerely sorry! plea-se forgive me ma’am” Alex pleaded before raising up his shi-t and bringing out a designed portable fancy small purse from between his trou-ser, and his h!p.
“Why are you poor people always so desperate? You even dare to use that your stinking dirty hands to t©uçh this expensive purse?” She asked with pride showing in her voice before she stylishly collected her purse.
“I think you guys should teach them some lessons” she said turning to look at the group of all men that formed a circle around us.
Almost all of them were drooling over her.
“Yes! Let’s teach them some lessons”
Before I could process what was about to happen, a sl@p landed on my left cheek.
“plea-se!!! Let her go… She knew nothing about this”Alex begged. It landed on their dead ear as they all joined hand in beating us.
“Aaaaaaaaaah” I gro-an ed out when i felt a leg kicking me continuously on my tummy.
“Lia! Are you okay?” Alex asked worriedly.
Why is he worried about me? I mean we were both receiving the beating of our life and he still have the time to worry about me?
“I’m sorry Lia… I’m so sorry!”
“Let’s leave them alone because killing them will do us no good” a voice said.
” Yeah. Let’s leave them. And am sure they won’t try such anymore” I heard another said.
” Let’s go” Thay said, and they all disappeared leaving us on the floor.
” Lia…are you okay??? Lia! Are you alright??” Alex asked standing up and helping me up also.
” I’m okay” I replied at last.
I made my way into the restaurant and brou-ght out my phone. I Checked the lady’s picture and I roamed my eyes around.
She isn’t here yet? She’s not would not just be clingy and clumsy but she would also be very good at keeping someone waiting too I guess.
I took my sit and ordered for a bottle of water.
Not long after, I saw her walked in. She was putting on short yellow dress and on her hand, she was holding a small shiny purse. Her heel was clinking and ma-king noise on the tilled restaurant floor.
When I saw her looking around, I quic-kly stood up waving my hands at her direction. I saw her frowned but was quic-k to replace it with a little smile am very sure. Won’t be from her heart.
She got to where I was, and I extended my hand to her for an handshake.
“Dwayne Moor” I introduced
“Oh… hi!.. I’m Lucy… Lucy Smith” she said sitting down and ignoring my stretched out hand.
Hmmm. Pride!
I drew my hand back to myself and settled down on my sit.
“Should I order a bottle of water for you as well?” I asked her.
“Bottle water?” She asked uncertainty.
“Yes. Bottle water. Is there a problem with that?”
“Oh don’t worry! Just order for it and bills on me” I explained.
She rolled her eyes at me and stood up to get her own bottle water I think. She doesn’t even make any attempt to apologise for keeping me waiting.
“She rude” I muttered to myself.
She c@m£ back with a bottle of red wine 🍷”
Showing off right?
No problem.
She sat down and poured herself a drink before picking it up to Zi-p from it.
“So you are the guy my mom asked me to meet here?
No! My mom f0rç£d me to be here.
“Yes” I replied.
” So you c@m£ here to meet me wearing this old fashioned joggers and this sandal that looks like a bathroom sli-ppers?” She asked with a chuckle.
” No… I mean…yes. this is one of the best clothes am having. And since am coming here to meet a gorgeous queen, I decided to put it on” I lied.
” There’s this thing called etiquette. You know?”
” When a woman is talking, real men keep shut” she explained with a hint of anger in her voice.
Is she trying to say I’m not a real man?
Oh my! Is she crazy??? Well, Mom caused all this.
“Do you un-derstand?” She asked staring at me.
“Yes ma’am” I replied her.
“So Mr Man, I would really appreciate it if you would excuse me” she said standing up.
She took herselves wanting to leave but turned back as if she has forgotten something.
“That drink is really expensive so I won’t want it to waste” she added before she turned and walked out of the restaurant.
she want me to drink the rest???
Anyway, thank God I wore this clothes.
She just made it so easy for me to discharge her.
“Wooow that’s so easy” I muttered to myself.
I would never d@t£ such a clumsy, arrogant, and rude woman not to talk of marrying her.
I stood up and I felt as if a hvge burden has been lifted off my shoulder. She really abused me. Imagine her telling me that am not a real man.
“D@mn her” I cussed.
I walked for another twenty minutes before I got to the sp©t where I parked my car. And this time around, I don’t feel a bit tired at all. It must be because I was in a very good mood right now.
I fetch for my car key and was about to open the door when my eye catch something or rather someone sitting at the road side.
“Isn’t that the two beggars?”
“The two thief beggars?”
But wait… What are they like this? I mean their faces are now bruised up.
Slowly and steadily, I don’t even know why or how, but I found my leg moving closer to them.