The pink clouds episode 17

The pink Clouds



It was Monday morning. Rebecca was slee-ping on forgetting completely about going to school. Her mother was transferred to University of Porthacort four years ago. She had been studying medicine and surgery for the past 3 years. it was a very special day, because it was the begging of a new session for her as a 400 level student. It was also a special day because her mother mother will as-sume office as the new vice chancellor of the universe.

“Wake up sleepy head, did you forget that you are taking Emmanuel to school today?” He mother said as she walked into her room. “Oh plea-se mom, I sle-pt very late last night,” Rebecca said as she rolled over to the other side of the be-d. It was very big be-d enough to contain five people. Opposite to the be-d was a dressing attached to a white drawing mirror. On the mirror were all sorts of makeup kit. Beside the mirror was a closet with all sorts of clothes and shoes. And on the floor was a very soft blue carpet.

“You even forget to turn off your TV,” Prof. Grace said as she proceeded to turn of the TV that was few inches beside the be-d. “plea-se wake up and take Emmanuel to school, he complaint to me about his teachers,” Prof, Grace added. “plea-se mom, you know Emmanuel is a very stubborn boy, he might lie to just because he wants to to change school for him,” she said while still in her blanket. “plea-se wake up Rebecca,” her mother pleaded.

Rebecca unfolded herself from the thick blanket she used in covering herself. “Why did you left the AC on when you know you are feeling cold?” Her mother asked. “I just love covering myself in this blanket,” Rebecca smiled. “Okay, I will be leaving to office now, call me if you nee-d anything,” her mother replied and walked out of the room. Rebecca finally stood up and folded her blanket revea-ling her white be-d sheet. She wearing a long night go-wn that was almost transparent.

She took a towel and walked into her bathroom that was attached to her room. She brushed her teeth before proceeding to take a shower. About 30 minutes later, she was done showering. She c@m£ back to her room and spent anther 30 minutes applying makeup and getting dressed. She wore a white go-wn that was slightly above her knee and a white high heel. She took a white bag and put all the items she required in it before walking out of the room.

“Are you eating breakfast before you leave?” Asked the maid of the house when Rebecca arrived into the living room. “No I don’t think so,” Rebecca replied. Suddenly, her phone started ringing. She open the bag and discovered that it was one of her course mates called Mary.

?Rebecca: I’m listening

?Mary: Did you forget that today is a beginning of a new semester?

?Rebecca: really? Are you sure you for the right number? Because I don’t even know a semester means

?Mary: get your as-s down here Rebecca, we all miss you.
Rebecca: I will be on my way soon.
“Woman, I’m late for school,” Emmanuel said. He was sitting on a sofa watching a movie while h was waiting for Rebecca with his uniform on. “Oh since when did you become serious about school? You know if it weren’t for mom, I won’t waste my time driving you to school,” Rebecca replied. “You don’t even look pretty, you look like the beast,” Emmanuel said. “At least, I’m ten times more good looking than someone,” she replied as she headed out of the living room. “Are you going to keep sitting there or I will go and leave you,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca walked out to the compound of the house within the fence. The fence of the house was moderately tall with electric wires above it. At the far extreme of the compound was a small quarter that was built for guest. There was a very hvge tree above the quarter with flowers surrounding it. The floor of the compound was covered with brown interlocks.

Rebecca walked to her car that was parked in parking shade opposite to the house. It was an expensive black Mercedes benz that her mother bought her some few months ago. She entered the car and started the engine while Emmanuel ran to the pas-s£nger sit behind her and sat. The gate of the house was open for her by the security guard of the house. She drove out of the house and headed out of the staff quarters of the university. She drove for few minutes before arriving at Emmanuel’s school.
She turned of the engine off the engine of the car and walked down from the car. They headed towards the gate of the school together. As soon as she saw one of the teachers, she quic-kly ran to her.

“Good morning Ma’am,” she greeted her.

“Good morning, where is the office of the headmaster?” She asked.

“Is right over there, let me take you to him,” the said and he led them to the office.

When they arrived at the headmaster’s office, they found him discussing with some other teachers. “It looks like he’s having a meeting with Junior section’s teacher, you have to wait for some minutes,” the teacher said. “I don’t have all the time in the world, I can’t wait any longer,” she replied. “Okay, let me go and talk to him,” the teacher said and walked into the headmaster’s office.

Some few minutes later, the teacher asked her to go into the office. She walked into the office and found the opposite to the headmaster at his office desk. “Good morning ma’am,” the headmaster greeted her. “Good morning sir,” she answered. “How is your mom?” He inquired. “She is quite well I think,” she replied. “Would you plea-se have a seat?” The headmaster offered pointing at the empty sit beside one of the teachers. “Oh that won’t be necessary because I will leaving soon,” she responded. “Oh then how may I be of help to you?” The head master asked. “My brother reported to my mother that he was beaten by a teacher on Friday,” Rebecca announced.
“I’m very sorry about what happened. If I could recall correctly, no teacher has ever la-id a f!nger on him. He was cheating on one of his tests and was caught by one of his teachers. His teacher yelled at him and she said he would be reporting to his mother,” the headmaster explained. “Is that really what happened?” Rebecca asked. “Yes, you can ask the rest of the pupils if you don’t believe me,” the headmaster added.

“From now on, deal with him like you are dealing with another pupil. Punish him seriously if he misbehaves, you shouldn’t be easy on him,” Rebecca said. “Oh thank you, but are you sure your mother will not fire me if I do that?” The headmaster asked. “If ever you are questioned about why you punish him, tell my mom that I gave you the authority to punish him,” Rebecca guaranteed. “Thank you ma’am,” the headmaster smiled.

She walked out primary school to her car that was parked at the gate. She drove the car and headed towards her faculty located in the main campus of the university. She parked the car in the parking lots opposite to her dep@rtment. Her dep@rtment was a very big eight sto-rey building. She raised her head to look at one of the clas-sroom in the third floor. It was the favourite place for her and friends to sit and gossip about the people they hate. She Mary waving at her calling her name.

“A nice car you have,” c@m£ a voice beside her. When Rebecca turned, she discovered that it was one of people she hated in the entire universe. It was Joseph who was popularly known as Joflex. His father is the Governor of the state. He thought money could get him anything he wished for until he met Rebecca. He was very much taller than her and is fair in completion. “Thank you,” Rebecca replied with a frowned face and continued walking. “It looks similar to the one my brother bought for his girl on her birthday, only that hers is more expensive,” he br@gged as he walked beside her. ‘That’s nice of them,” she replied without even looking at him.

“Why can’t you just listen to me even if it’s for a minute?” He asked. “Because I hate, I hate seeing your face,” she replied. “I heard that you are going to marry the young s£nator, is that true?” He asked. “That’s absolutely true,” Rebecca smiled. “Do you know that my family is very much richer than his?” He asked. “At least, his family doesn’t give birth to losers,” he replied and walked into the building of her dep@rtment.
She walked up the stairs to the clas-s to meet her friends. The moment her friends saw her, they ran to her and hvgged her. “Welcome back dear,” Mary said. She was a bit later than Rebecca but was a year younger than her. “Thank you,” Rebecca smiled. “How your trip to Dubai?” Her other friend asked. She dark in completion and was the shortest among them. She loved being called with her nickname “Dixxy”.”It was lovely, I wish it hadn’t ended,” Rebecca said claiming to be sad. “Is okay, you will take us there some days,” Mary smiled. “We heard a tumour going on in the school, is it true?” Mary asked. “What rumour is that?” Rebecca asked. “That you are going Marry s£nator Abel,” said Dixxy.

“How did you know?” Rebecca asked confusingly. “St©p pretending, the news went wild on Facebook; almost everyone in the school knows about that,” Mary said as he hit her on the shoulder. “Well, I waiting till I meet you guys in person before I will tell,” Rebecca explained. “I’m really happy for you,” Dixxy smiled. “Well he really deserves you, because he had been struggling to win over you for almost 2 years now,”.


Richa-rd had just arrived at the university. He wrote the entrance exams into the university three months and appeared with the best result among those that applied for computer engineering. He arrived at university looking so rou-gh like he had been for the past five years. He was wearing one of the five pairs of oversized clothes he had been wearing for the past 3 years. He didn’t care for a second about what other people will say about him. He vowed to himself that he will never be in any form of relationsh!pwith any girl.

He arrived at his faculty which was a 12 sto-rey building. Richa-rd was so amazed by how beautiful the building was. It so much bigger than that of his former school. He kept the bag he was holding in his hand and proceeded with only the one he was carrying on his back to the entrance of his faculty. The front of the buildings was a complete glas-s and one can see what was happening within the building throu-gh it. “FACULTY OF ENGINEERING” was boldly written at the t©p of the building. There were many trees around the faculty with many park bench un-der them. The whole compound was surrounded with short flowers, and the there was a carpet gras-s on the ground. A walking path of interlocks was made in order to avoid walking on the gras-s carpets.

Richa-rd walked on the narrow walking path and looked around the compound as he walked. It had been long since he last appreciated the beauty of something. It reminded him of how he used to hangout with Janet. He felt so bad about it and promised something like that would never happen again.
When he for close to the main door of the faculty, he asked a girl who just c@m£ out of the faculty for help.

“Excuse me, but where can I find the dep@rtment of computer engineering?” Richa-rd asked.
“Is on the eighth floor,” the girl replied.

“Thank you,” Richa-rd smiled.

He walked into the building and everyone looked at him because of his appearance. Some of them even laugh at him, but Richa-rd didn’t care at all. He took the elevator to the 8th floor where he saw some people on a queue in front of an office. He walked to the last person on the and asked her what they were waiting for.
“We waiting to get cleared by the HOD before we start our registration,” the girl replied.

“Okay, then I’m behind you,” Richa-rd replied.

“Excuse, are you also a student here?” The girl asked seeing his dressing. At that point, everyone in the queue turned to look at them.

“Oh yes I am,” Richa-rd replied.

“Did you take a bath before coming here?” She asked.

“Since when did that become your business?” Richa-rd asked.

“I’m sorry, I thought we are going to be course mates soon, and that don’t mind me telling you that,” she apologized .

Richa-rd remained silent on the queue without uttering a single word to anyb©dy. The rest of his colleagues were busy introducing themselves to one another, some of them talked and laughed as if they have been friends for years for years. At some point, they whispered about Richa-rd and laughed at him. But he didn’t care about them at all, he pretended not have heard them.
About 20 minutes later, the Head of the dep@rtment arrived. He was an old professor with an average height. He is a very friendly man, for that reason, most of the students in his dep@rtment adore him. He wore black suit with hvge medical google in his eyes. From the way he appeared, the new students knew he was someone highly respected. “Good morning sir,” they greeted him as he walked pas-sed them. “Good morning,” he smiled as he replied to their greetings.

Just as he was about to enter his office, he turned looked at them.

“And why do you queue up here?” He continued by asking. “We are the new students that got admitted this year, we have been waiting for you to issue us our admission letters,” the boy who was in the front replied.

“I’m sorry, I totally forgot about you,” the old professor smiled.
“Is okay sir,” the boy replied. “Why are you the only one speaking among them? Have they chos£n you to be there Repres£ntative alre-ady?” The professor asked grinning. “Actually, I just happened to be in the front, that’s I speak on behalf of the rest,” the boy smiled. “Your admissions are in the office of the Dean, you should wait for some moment,” the professor requested. “Okay sir,” the student replied.

They walked into a small clas-sroom that was opposite to the office of the office of the professor. Richa-rd walked to the extreme of the clas-sroom and sat alone. He watched as the rest of mates talked and laughed.
“Hey, why do you isolate yourself?” c@m£ a voice beside Richa-rd . When he turned to his left, he saw a boy almost as tall as he is standing beside him.

“I just prefer it this way,” Richa-rd replied.

“I’m sorry about my sister’s behaviour earlier, she shouldn’t have spoken to you that way,” the boy apologized.
“Is she really your sister?” Richa-rd asked looking somewhat surprised.

“Why does that amazes you?” The boy asked.
“Is nothing, I’m just surprised that you will study the same course,” Richa-rd replied.

“Many people have advised us to study different courses, but we just happen to love computer engineering,” the boy replied.

“That’s really cool,” Richa-rd commented
The boy proceeded to sit on a chair that was next to Richa-rd .

“You know what?” He asked.

“They are gossiping about you, and I just can’t help it,” he continued.

“Let them be, I don’t really care,” Richa-rd replied.

“I wish I could be like you,” the boy smiled.

“By the, what’s your name?” Richa-rd asked.

“You can call me Thomas,” the boy replied.

“How about you?” He asked.

“I’m Richa-rd ,”.

Rebecca had been talking to her friends for hours until Mary reminded her.

“Didn’t you say you will be having a meeting by 12 pm?” Mary asked. Rebecca quic-kly stood up when she realize what the time was. It was just some few minutes left before is 12 pm.
“I’m late, I nee-d to be on my way,” Rebecca said as walked out.

“Don’t forget, we will be visiting Doctor Maryam at the teaching hospital later,” Dixxy reminded her.

“We will go there as soon as I’m done with my meeting,” Rebecca smiled and walked out.

She walked out of the building to her car. She drove away from her faculty as soon as she got into the car. She drove for minutes before arriving at the Student’s Union Government (SUG) Villa. It was an oval shaped two sto-rey building painted white with hvge conference hall at the first floor. The doors and windows of the building were all transparent glas-ses. She walked majestically until she was on the second floor. She walked gently and confidently into the conference room holding her hand bag. The conference room was oval in shape with air conditioners installed at the walls of the office. There was very bright and dazzling tiles on the floor that reflects the bulbs and the ceiling fans. Everyone turned to look at her as she walked to her sit. Her high heels made sound as she made each step.
“You are late,” said one of the people sitting at the conference table. He was dark in completion with an Afro hairstyle on his head. He was the secretary of the SUG

“Sorry, the meeting has completely sli-pped my mind,” Rebecca apologized with a smile on her face.

“Is okay, how was your voice?” Asked the same voice.

“Lovely I suppose,” Rebecca smiled.

“You can discuss about your personal matters after the meeting,” the president interrupted. He was a very tall boy and also a final year student from mechanical engineering.

“I’m sorry,” the secretary apologized.
Rebecca and the SUG president stared at each other for while until she finally looked away.

“As you all know, this is the beginning of a new session, that means our term in office has terminated,” the president informed. “It is expected of everyone one of us to write a report on his on her office before handing over to your successor,” he added.

“Most of us have done that alre-ady,” replied the girl who was the vice president.
“How about you Sec. Gen? Have you done yours?” He asked referring to Rebecca.

“You know I’m quite a very busy person, but I will throu-gh my schedule if I’ll be able to have it done in the next three days,” Rebecca replied.

“Alright then, we shall see in three days,” the president smiled.
The meeting lasted 2 hours until it finally c@m£ to an end. Before the meeting was concluded, the secretary announced that he had a suggestion.

“What is your suggestion?” The president asked.

“Why don’t we all support Rebecca to become the next President?” The secretary suggestion. Rebecca bec@m£ very surprised to hear him saying that.

“And why should we support her?” The president asked.

“Because if we do, our university will have a higher chance of winning national election which we never have,” the secretary replied.

“Her mother is the youngest Vice Chancellor in the history of Nigerian universities, she can use that opportunity to get people to quic-kly like her so that she can win the presidential election at the national level,” he continued.

Rebecca had always had a limited ambition. But hearing the secretary’s suggestion, it made her to think outside the box. For the first time, she thought she be more than just been a doctor.
“Do you think the same Rebecca?” The president asked her.
“I think I will give it a sh0t,” Rebecca smiled.

“So, you will be competing against me,” he noted.

“Yes, if nee-d be,” she replied.

“Then I wish you all the best,” the president said.
Rebecca walked out of the Villa as soon as she was done.

“Rebecca!” Someone yelled her name. When she turned, she discovered that it was the president.

“Do you think you can really win an election against me?” He asked as he walked to her.

“I’m not sure,” Rebecca replied as she turned back.

“Why do you keep ma-king me your enemy?” He questioned.

“I don’t know, I just want to be left alone,” she replied. “Okay, you can have it your way,” responded.

She got into her car and drove to her faculty. When she arrived, she found Dixxy and Mary sitting on a park bench un-der a tree opposite to the parking lots. Immediately they saw her, they stood up and walked to her.

“What took you so long? I thought you said is going to be a brief meeting,” Mary complained as they got into the car. Mary sat in the front beside Rebecca, while Dixxy sat at the back.
“Something unexpected happed at the meeting today,” Rebecca smiled as she started driving.

“Really? What happened?” Dixxy curiously inquired.

“I will be contesting for the SUG president,” she smiled.

“Oh my God, do you mean it?” Dixxy and Mary asked excitedly.
Rebecca replied to their question by nodding her head.
“This is going to be epic. Your mother is the vice chancellor, your b©yfri£ndis s£nator and you are also the SUG,” Mary uttered excitedly.

“I’m really envious of you, I wish my life could be this perfect,” Dixxy said.

“Come on, st©p exaggerating. Don’t be deceived by these little things, don’t be surprised that you live a happy life more than I do,” Rebecca replied.

“We are your friends Rebecca, we know how happy you actually are,” replied Dixxy.

They drove for some minutes before at the teaching hospital. It was located outside the campus opposite to the university gate. It was three sto-rey building and it was surrounding by flowers. they got down from the car and walked into the university teaching hospital. As soon as they got in, they found the Doctor they were supposed to meet talking to some important people. They sat down on a waiting bench opposite to the Doctor’s office to wait for her.