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The mafia seduction episode 2





Episode 2

🍒Isadora’s POV🍒

-Weeks Later-

Working here isn’t so bad. Sure people test my patience, wink and whistle at me all day long, Somtimes try to get a good slap on my @ss, but I learned and adapted pretty fast. Three weeks of working and I knew the routes of the tables in the first half of the first shift I’m getting pretty good tips too. Every now and then I stop and talk to Josie before she has to get back on stage. C@ss took his time to warm up to me but eventually I got him to come out of his shell. I stomped up to the bar and slammed the tray onto the counter.

“Frustrated kitty cat?” He chuckled.

“I hate fv¢k boys. Always thirsty, but never for drinks.” I rolled my eyes and let out an irritated sigh.

“More shots please C@ss.” He nodded and filled ten shot gl@sses full of tequila.

“If they ever get handsy. you let me know.” He tossed the rag over his shoulder and folded his arms.

“My hero!” I lightly squealed in my most girly voice pussible. Tanning myself and putting the back of my hand to my forehead. He laughed.


though I’m not just the bartender. I’m also the bouncer,”

“You’re a twig, I’m pretty sure even I could take you.” I laughed. He gave me a smile that made me shiver.

“Black belt in Muy Thai and fiteen years training in MMA.” He popped his knuckles and his neck. (Mixed Martial Arts)

“I retract my previous statement.” I said raising my hands in surrender. He laughed and went back to work.

💦Rafeal’s POV💦

She’s perfect. Sitting in one of the lounge chairs, I have a really good view of the main floor, the stage and the little kitten. I watch her obliviously walk past me as she carries the tray back and forth from table to table. That perky round @ss bouncing with each step.

“Hi daddy” Brianna cooed as she steps into my view. She’s been here since we opened a few years back. She’s cutc and all but I see her as nothing more than an easy lay. I catch a glimpse of kitten walk over to a table behind the stage. Out of my sight. I sigh and try not to lose my cool with this slut standing before me.

“You better have a good reason for disturbing me.” I said staring at her.

“You look tense. Maybe I can help you relax. You know how good I am with my tongue.” She put her hand on my chest and slowly moved it towards my p@nts. I grab her wrist just before she gets there.

“No.” I shove her hand away and she scoffs.

“You’ve never once denied ne, why now !? Are you with someone else !?” She hollers.

I don’t tolerate disrespect from anyone. I won’t put up with temper tantrums either. I stood up and grabbed her by the throat, slarnming her agaisnt the wall behind me. She began to shake as I stared her down. Her eyes widened with fear. My father told me that warnings are for slackers. Real men make their point clear the first time around.

“I am your fv¢king boss. Yes we fv¢ked a few times but you still work for me. If you ever raise your voice or question me again, I’ll put a bullet in your head. Do you understand?” I stayed clam, Most of the time that scares them even more. Suddenly the sound of screaming Catches my attention.


go of me @sshole!” I let go of Brianna who falls to the floor g@sping for air. I get kitten in my sights and see some punk with his hand gripped firmly around her waist, trying to pull her into his lap. Big mistake buddy that is not yours to touch. I calmly walk over and grab his wrist h@rd, bending it backwards. Not enough to break it, but damn close. He cries out and immediately lets go of kitten.

“Hey man! Let me go” He shouts.

“Touch her again and I will break your wrist,” I stated darkly adding a little more pressure to drive my point home, making him wince.

“I’m sorry Shiv i didn’t know man! Pleasel” He begged.

I love it when they notice who I am and panic. Lets me know that my pres£nce still has the desired effect. I let go of him and turn to kitten. Gently grabbing her arm and examining her.

“You okay kitten?” I asked looking her over. She nodded looking at me with those big green eyes and soft pouty l!ps. She looks innocent at first glance but that foul mouth and spunky atitude of hers tells me she has a naughty side .. and I wanna taste that side of her so badly.

“Thank you,” She said softly as she pulls away from me and walked back to the bar. I must say the view was fantastic.

🍒Isadora’s POV🍒

So he does have a soft side. But why did he stop me? I was so close to yanking that fv¢k boy out of his chair and beating the shit out of him. Although. I have to admit .. his take charge game was hot. I flash him a small smile before walking back to C@ss who is also Smiling, fv¢k. I know he can see me blushing.

“Catch a glimpse of the show?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Preety much yeah. Looks like he’s taken a fancy to you.” C@ss points behind me and I see him sit down in a lounge chair in a dark corner.

He takes out a cigarette, lights it snd stares at me h@rd. Like he’s starving and just found his next meal. I shudder and try to clear the dirty thoughts in my head. He’s our boss that would be not only weird, but highly inappropriate. I wonder why he called him Shiv. I turn back to C@ss.

“Who is Shiv?” I asked. C@ss looks up and shakes his head nervously.

“Careful where and how loud you say that.” He whisper yellls.

Hmm interesting. Seems I have stumbled upon a secret.

“Who is that?” I ask again leaning closer to him.

“The Shiv is a strict nickname that was given to Rafael.” He said, going back to making drinks


“Cause he’s damn good with a blade.”

“You mean like.” I imitate the motion of stercorypically prison shanking someone and he lets out a deep laugh.

“You are too cute.”

“Oh come on! Don’t hold out on me. Please?” I beg and give him my best puppy dog ​​eyes.

“Sorry doll, no can do. If you want to know, ask the boss himsclf.” Right like he’d ever tell me. I sigh and roll my eyes.

“Hey Kitty! Hey C@ss! What’d you think?” Josie hollered sauntering up to the bar with confidence.

“Great performance tonight J.” C@ss claps

“Thank you. Thank you!” She looks around for a moment, then a creepy grin appears on her face.

“How long has Rafacl been staring ar her?” She asks turning to C@ss.

“Six hours.” He wiggled his eyebrows and smiled. Josie g@sps and giggles.

I look back and there he was still scaring at me, leaning back in his chair, puffing on his cigarette. He’s not just looking at me though he’s thinking. I can see the gears turning from here. The way his eyes squint as he looks at my legs. The look makes my body say “Touch me!” but my brain is screaming “Stop it!” No dirty thoughts about your hot mouth warering p@nty soaking boss. I push the thoughts out completely and replaced them with logic.


not looking at me, he’s just watching over the club.” I said turming back to them.

“It’s cute, borderline annoying how innocent you are.” He laughs. I fl!p him off.

“I’ll tell you what’s annoying him calling me kitten all the time. I told him my name was Kitty. Which by the way ..” I glare at Josie. “Never again going with any of your suggestions.”

“I think it suits you .. kitten.” She mocks me and giggles. I fl!p her off too.

“Come on, I wanna go home. I need a shower, Some ice cream and my bed.” I nod.

“Night C@ss.” We said walking to the door.

“Night girls.” He replied, waving.

💦Rafael’s POV💦

I walked over to C@ssius, my bartender and bouncer. He’s been here since the day the club opened. He was the first to get a job here. I like him because of his fighting background, and the fact that he has never once lied to me. He’s one of the few people outside my family that I trust with my life.


“Hey boss, how’s it going?” He asked while wiping down the bar.

“Who was that girl, the one walking out with Josie?”

“You mean the one you call kitten?” He smirks.

“Yes.” “Her name’s Isadora.” He said turning and placing bottles back onto the shelves.

“Full name C@ss.”

“Isadora Fiorella Cortez.” Damn .. that sounds just as s£×y as she looks. Can this girl get anymore perfect?

“I want you to keep an eye on her.”

“Way ahead of you boss.” He waved his hand in the air.

“I mean, no one is allowed to touch her. If you see someone touching my kitten, I want you to tell me immediately.” He stops what he’s doing and looks at me confused. Then grins like an idiot.

“My kitten?” He said sarcastically, using air quotes to make his point.

“Mira, no me cuestionen.” (Look, don’t question me.)

“You know I don’t speak Spanish boss.”

“Don’t question me. Just keep an eye on her.” I repeated. He nodded, still grinning like an idiot.

“And starting tomorrow, you’re learning Spanish. I’ll have Javier teach you.” He tipped his hat at me and finished cleaning off the bar top. I looked at my watch.

“Shit!” I shouted, almost tripping over my feet to get out the door. I’m late for dinner.



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