The mafia lord Episode 32 & 33

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 32
Troy Daniels
We arrived at the airport very late and I flagged down a taxi
“Mr Daniels”. the taxi man called in surprise
“Is anything the matter?”. I asked as i got into the taxi along with June
“No”. he replied shaking his head
“Then Just drive”. I barked
“Calm down “. June said leaning on my che-st, he was probably wondering why you made use of a taxi
“Really?”. I asked scoffing , is it a crime to make use of it?
The driver st©pped in front of the mansion and I paid him before alighting from the car
“Thank you so much sir”. he appreciated beaming with smile
“For what?”, I asked confusedly
“The money”
“ what happened to the money?
“It is more than enough”. he replied
“It is nothing “. I said and he drove off obviously still in smiles
I turned back to see June smiling at me
“ what?”. I asked her
“Nothing”. She replied ….
We knocked on the hvge gate and one of my guard opened, he was very surprised to see us …
“Boss . he called opening the gate wi-de for us , you never informed us you would be coming
“That is because I never planned on it”. I replied holding June hands as we walked in
“How is Andy?”. he asked locking the gates
“Strong”. I replied
“Diego is a bastard”. he cursed
“Sure he is”……
We walked into the the sitting room and I sighed in relief when we met no one , I was in no mood for questions this night
I climbe-d up the stairs heading to the room with June following behind me..
I coll@psed on the be-d immediately I got into the room, I was really tired…
“Troy. June called Joining me on the be-d
“Yes”. I responded without looking at her
“How did your guard get to know about Andy?”. she asked with a low voice
I looked and her laughed . Are you really from this planet?
“ what do you mean by that?”. she asked frowning, I only asked a question
“a question that does not nee-d an answer”. I replied
She stood up from the be-d obviously angry and went Into the bathroom..
“ why does she get angry easily?”. I wondered
She returned to the room still frowning with my towel wra-pped around her
“baby”. I called but she went over to the wardrobe ignoring me
“Did she Just ignore me?
“June. I called again
“ what is it?”. She asked angrily without looking at me
“ I am sorry”, I apologised, I never knew you would take my Joke seriously
“Apology accepted , will you answer my question now?
“Sure”. I replied, what is the question again?
“How did you guard get to know about Andy?”.She asked with a scoff
“Do you know how to use the internet?”. I asked her laughing
“What!!”. She exclaimed, are you kidding me?
“Do I look like a clown?”. I asked still laughing
“I hate you Troy”…..
“Really?”. I asked with a raised eyebrow
“No I love you”. She replied pu-lling a cloth from the wardrobe ……
I watched her and smiled .she is so funny , she is my happiness….
June Kansas
I was up the next morning and as expected Troy was not in the room
“Does he sleep at all?
I stood up from the be-d and went into the bathroom to freshen up and soon returned to the room.
I went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing before heading downstairs…
“June”.Tricia ran to hvg me and laughed as I rolled her in circles
I really missed her
I placed her gently on the floor before going over to hvg Troy mother
“Morning ma”. I greeted
“how are you June”. She asked c@r£ss!ngmy face, I am glad you are safe
“How does she know about it?”. I wondered, Maybe Troy told her
I greeted Trent who was re-ading a book and he answered flashing me a smile
“Why must he have the same smile as Troy?
“Where is Troy?”. I asked
“he left early this morning with his boys”.he replied
“Great”. I muttered, I guess I have to go to the hostel on my own…
I paid the driver and alighted from the taxi as it st©pped in front of the hostel gate .
I walked in and I was surprised to see most student staring at me
“Why are they staring?”. I wondered.
I decided to call on Mary first before going to my room
I got to her room and knocked and was surprised when Miguel opened the door
“Are they together again?
“June. he called smiling, i am glad you are safe
“What? How did you know?”. I asked walking inside
“It was shown on the news dummy”. Mary replied coming out of the bathroom
“News?”. I asked in surprise
“It is also all over the internet”. Miguel ch!pped in as he la-id on Mary be-d .that Diego is a bastard why would he try to kill Troy in a public place?
“Does mom and Dad knows about it?”. I asked curiously
“Yes .Mom called after the news, she was really worried . Why didn’t you call her ?”.Mary asked
“I left my phone in the room”. I replied
“Oh. She exclaimed
“ Did mom sound angry?”. I asked
“No.she replied, she was Just worried
I sighed in relief
“How does it feel to be the girlfriend of the most riche-st business man in the country?”.Mary asked smiling
“Wonderful .I remarked and she smiled “
“I nee-d to call at the hospital to see Sara”. I informed and turned to leave
“Do you know Steph is dead?”: she asked
“What!!!”. I exclaimed turning to look at her
“her b©dy was found in front of the hostel gate”. She explained
“What could have happened to her?”. I asked
“I don’t know”. Mary replied with a shrug
Steph “. I muttered meeting Miguel gaze, it was blank…..
I walked over to my room ignoring the stares and murmurings of other student..
“Who is behind Steph death?”. I wondered, is it Troy?
I opened the lock and pushed the door opened
The room was still the same way we left it .
I fell on the be-d shuddering in fright
“Steph why did you have to die?”. I screamed. She was Just trying to be a good friend to me..
My door suddenly opened and Troy walked in
“Why didn’t you wait f?…..he st©pped when he saw my tears
“Why are you crying?”. he asked
“Steph is dead”. I said ignoring his questions
“So?. he asked
“What happened to her?”. I asked jo-lting up from the be-d
“What is wrong with you?”. he asked moving closer
“Don’t come near me”. I yelled and he st©pped
“Did you kill her?”. I asked
“I just…..
“Did you kill her ?”. I yelled
“What if I do?”. he asked
“Really?”. I asked, why are you so heartless?
he stared at me without saying anything
“Why are you so heartless Troy?”. I yelled
“ is that how you see me?”. he asked softly
“Yes”. I replied
“Fine. he muttered staring at me before he left the room………
I fell on the be-d crying
Episode 33
June Kansas
I dragged myself up from the be-d and went into the bathroom to wash my face .
I was feeling very weak and so-re
“Did I over react?
I returned to the room after I was done and sat on the be-d. I picked my phone from the stool beside me and switched it on….
There were several voicemails from my parent asking me to call back as soon as I am with my phone
I dialled my mom number and she picked it up immediately
“June”. She called sighing in relief, how are you? Your dad and I have been worried about you
“I am fine mom “.I gr-unted
“Are you sure?”. She asked
“Yes”. I replied
“What of Troy?”. she asked, is he still in shock?
“he is fine”. I replied picking my words, what of dad?
“he is at work “. She replied,we are both missing you and your sister
“I miss you more mom
“Okay baby “. she replied and ended the call.
“ I guess it is time to see Sara”. I said standing up. I gr@bb£d my bag ,walked out of the room and locked the door behind me as I headed to the hospital ….
I got to the hospital and walked towards the reception
“Good morning”. I greeted the nurse on seat
“Morning”. She greeted smiling, how can I help you?
“I am here to see my friend”. I replied
“What is her name?”. She asked
“Sara Campbell
She checked throu-gh her computers
“She is in the VIP section Ward A”. She replied looking up at me
“How can I get there?”. I asked her
“Go throu-gh this pas-sage the first turning on your right”. She explained
I thanked her and walked throu-gh the pas-sage as she directed me
I pushed the door to the ward opened and smiled when I saw Sara sitting up on the be-d with her eyes glued to the television
“See who is enjoying”. I tea-sed walking towards her
“June”. She called flashing me a smile, how are you?
“Fine “. I replied sitting beside her, how are you feeling?
“better”. She replied, I just don’t like the smell of hospital
“You will soon be out of here”. I as-sured her
“How is Troy?”. She asked
“Fine”. I drawled
“Is any thing wrong?”. she asked, you don’t seem happy
“I am not happy Sara”. I informed
“What is wrong?”. She asked
“Steph is dead”. I blurted crying
“oh”. She exclaimed picking her phone from the table beside her
“Is that what you will say?”. I asked her
“What do you expect me to say?” She asked , The bit-ch deserved it
“How can you say that?”. I yelled , she was your friend
“Damn her and her friendsh!p”.She cursed, she took advantage of me
“What do you mean?
“You are really so naive”. She said sma-cking herl-ips
“Why? how?
“Steph tried to kill you”. She replied
“Kill me? how? Why?”. I asked confusedly
“Can’t you think?”. She yelled . Steph invited you to the p@rty, she st©pped you from joining the dance so the devil can get to you, she even tried to st©p me from coming to you saying I should let you be. Why do you think she did that?
“What!!”. I g@sped in surprise as the reality hit me
“Troy killed Steph because she aided in the kidnap?
What have I done?”. I closed my mouth to prevent me from screaming as tears rolled down my eyes
“What is wrong?”. Sara asked staring at me curiously
“I reacted foolish”. I said beating my che-st, I am really foolish
“June talk to me plea-se”
“I said mean things to Troy”. I replied , I called him a heartless being
“ what did he say?”. She asked me
“Nothing he just left”. I replied
She looked at me and sighed
“I was in a smaller ward with four other patients, we were all squee-zed in .do you know how I got here ?”. She asked
I shook my head negatively
“Troy did it “.she replied,he called the doctor and instructed him to give me a vip treatment. he did it because i am your friend , he did it because of you…..she yelled
“Troy!.I exclaimed softly
“Are you so dumb to see how much you are changing him? Troy doesn’t love but he fell for you, he doesn’t care but he cares for you and the people around you , do you know how much you hurt him? You should apologise before his heart becomes cold again…
“Cold? I can’t bear to see him cold towards me.if Troy turns cold, what will happen to me?
I brou-ght out my phone from my bag and dialled Troy number but he did not pick
I dialled it again and he still did not pick…
“ why is he not picking my calls?”…..
Troy Daniels
I sat in the bar drinking and smoking alone
“I really miss Andy and his advice”
My phone rang and I checked the caller , it was June
“Why is she calling? I wondered as I muted the ring tone
I just want to be left alone
“Troy baby. my mom called coming out of the kitchen, she was holding a tray . Food is re-ady”.she informed placing the tray on the table
“ I am not hungry”. I gr-unted
“Why?”.she asked coming closer to me, what is wrong ?
“Can’t you confide in your mother?”. She asked and I immediately felt guilty
“I can but I just want to be alone “
“Did June offend you?
“Can we not talk about her plea-se?”, i pleaded
“Did she offend you that bad? you should be able to forgive her since you love her……
“Love?”. I asked scoffing, do I really know what Love really is
“Troy. She called, what has come over you?
“Nothing mother I am not Just cut out for love , I guess I am really heartless
“There is no………….she st©pped when Tania walked in
Afternoon”. Tania greeted
“ what do you want?”. I asked coldly, I thought I made it clear to you this morning that once you sign the papers you lost all right to see Tricia .
“I know Troy but I just want to see my daughter for the last time plea-se”. She pleaded
“ so you can hurt her?”. I asked
“No Troy. I just want to see her before i travel with my fiancé out of the country
“She is busy”. I said coldly
“ I will wait for her”
“Suite yourself”. I replied b!owing out smoke
“ who is she?”. My mother asked in whispers
“Tricia mother”…..
June Kansas
I kept on calling Troy but he was not picking
“Troy plea-se pick my call”
I flagged a taxi and headed to his mansion
I stared in shock when I sighted Troy, Tricia and a beautiful lady outside his mansion
I watched the lady bend to k!ssTricia before she got into her car and drove off
“Who is she?”. I wondered
“Troy. I called walking quic-kly towards him
he turned to look at me and walked in ignoring me
“June. Tricia called running to meet me, I am happy you are here
I gave her a small smile and held her hands as we walked inside
“June. Troy mom called in surprise, why are you back so early? You told me you would be done with lectures in the evening?
“I did not go to clas-s”. I replied sniffing
“Why?”. She asked
“ my heart is heavy”, I replied, Troy is angry with me..
“Try and talk to him”. She advised, he will listen to you
“ where is he?”. I asked
“In his room”. She replied
I smiled at Tricia who was staring at me silently before climbing the stairs..
I tried to push his room door opened but it was locked
“Did he lock it because of me?”
I knocked but there was no response
“plea-se open the door”. I pleaded ban-ging the door but there was still no response
“Troy plea-se I am sorry”. I pleaded falling to the floor crying and I soon heard the door opened
“plea-se Troy I am sorry “
“No”.he said softly , I am sorry for ma-king you cry
He bent down and wiped my tears before carrying me inside the room in bridal style
“I am sorry for calling you heartless”. I apologised sniffing, I never knew you did it because of me
He just stared at me without saying anything
I am sorry for Judging you without listening to you”. I apologised
“No you are right “.he said and I looked at him in surprise
“What do you mean?
“I am heartless because truly I don’t have a heart because my heart is with you, it belongs to you “. he replied smiling
“Troy”. I called softly
“plea-se teach me how to use it”. he pleaded , guess I really nee-d to change ………
Love this
Sara Thanks for your advice