The Mafia lord Episode 1 to 4

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 1
Meeting June Kansas
I sat in the sitting room watching my mother scold at my sister
“ you are a shame to this family”.my mom said in disgust
“ Mummy I am sorry”. My sister pleaded
“ how can you lose your vir-ginity before marriage?”. My mum asked her
“I am really sorry”. She pleaded
“ sorry”. My mom scoffed, I will let your father know about it”. She said and stormed out of the sitting room
I looked at my sister and immediately felt sorry for her .
I am June Kansas, an 18 years old girl, my parent are religious fanatics who believes in staying pure before marriage.My mom just found out my elder sister Mary was no longer a vir-gin, don’t ask me how … and she really got upset
Mary is surely in for a lot of trouble
I headed to I and Mary room and found Mary still sobbing
“Why did you do it?”. I asked her
She looked at me and gave me a small smile
“Because I love him”. She replied
“ Mom said we should not fall in love until we are re-ady for marriage but you disobeyed her”.i scolded
“ you will un-derstand why I did it when you finally fall in love with someone”.she said giving me a small smile
“ who is the guy?”. I asked her
“ his name is Miguel “. She replied
“ Tell me about him”. I said
“ he is tall, caring and cute”. She said with dreamy eyes
“ really, is he……I st©pped when Dad stormed into the room
“ why did you do it?”: he barked at Mary
“ I am sorry dad”. Mary pleaded
“ who is the son of a bit-ch?”. I asked , I am going to kill him for defiling my daughter
He looked at me
“ Make sure you don’t disgrace us like your sister did when you get to college “. He pleaded holding my face
“ I won’t”. I promised
Oops! I forgot to tell you, I just got into college…….
We sat down quietly eating our dinner at the dinning waiting to hear Mary’s punishment
Dad cleared his throat before talking
“Firstly, you will have to confess your sins to the priest
“ Secondly you will have to take a holy bath
“ Thirdly you will have to quit college “.he said and I heard Mary g@sp in shock
“ That is too harsh”. She yelled, how will I quit college because I lost my vir-ginity
“ shut up”. My father yelled , how dare you speak without raising your hands . you are supposed to be holy till your wedding night
“Who will want to marry the daughter to a crazy fanatic”. Mary muttered
“ i heard that clearly”. My father said
I raised my hands to speak and my father nodded
“You might be wondering, but In my family you can’t talk to my dad without asking for permission “
“ Let Mary continue with her college education, I promise to watch her and tell you it she does anything wrong”. I suggested
My father looked at me and smiled
“ what a brilliant idea”.’my father remarked and I blu-shed
I just got praised by father” I thought
“ we will do that”. He said , June will watch all your movement and if she dares report something bad about you, you are out of college
My sister looked at me and smiled….
I jumped on my be-d in excitement and my sister laughed watching me act childishly
“ yippee! I can’t wait to get to college”. I exclaimed
“ you can’t go to college behaving like a baby”. She said laughing
“ I am a baby”. I replied, I am mother’s baby
“ June you are legally an adult so act like one”.she advised
“ how do I act like one?”. I asked her
“ when you get to college, you will find out….
“ Thanks for coming to my aid”. She said appreciating
“ anything for my sis”. I replied, but promise me you won’t see Miguel again
She looked at me and sm-irked
“ you won’t un-derstand June , you won’t un-derstand what love is until you feel it…….
Episode 2
I ban-ged the bit-ch in her as-s while I f!ngered the second bit-ch
Their m0@n s filled the whole room
“Troooooooooy”. The first bit-ch m0@n ed loudly as she had an or-gansm
I rolled off her pu-lling my d!¢k out of her and sliding it into the second bit-ch pvzzy
“Oh my gawd”. The second bit-ch screamed as my long rod started drilling her .I suddenly heard a knock on the door
“ come in”. I gro-an ed
I scoffed when Andy, a close friend of mine walked in with a man covered in blood
“ He was trying to escape boss”. He said
I looked at the man and scoffed
“ plea-se boss”. The man pleaded whimpering
I picked my gun from the table beside me and sh0t the idiot dead
“ clear the mess”. I barked and immediately two guards c@m£ over to carry the dead b©dy and they all left
“ can we continue Troy?.” The second bit-ch asked
“Sure”. I replied as I ban-ged her ha-rder
I headed down the stairs and my boys stood up to salute me
“Brief me my schedule for today”.i said to Andy
“ you have a meeting with Minister Tam”.he said
“ cancel it “
“The sh!pment of drugs will start today”
“ as-sign the boys to it”. I instructed and he nodded
“ you missed your 2pm lectures
“ damn”. I almost forgot I was a student
“ arrange a meeting with the lecturer”. I instructed and he nodded
“Mr ha………….
“ cancel other schedules for today”. I instructed cutting him short
“ yes boss”. He replied
I got into my car and drove into my personal mansion and I sm-irked when I saw the bit-ch seated in the sitting room
“ what are you doing here?”. I asked her
“ your child nee-ds to see you”. She replied
“ what does she nee-d?”. I asked , I provide her with everything
“ she nee-ds fatherly affection”. The butch replied and I scoffed
“ Tania”. I called , that is not possible
“ why can’t you show love to your child?”. She asked
“ probably because she is a product of a one night stand “. I replied
“ That is a harsh thing to say Troy”. She scolded
“ Don’t ever come to my home without calling”.l warned her
“ She will be in your care for a week starting from tomorrow”. She reminded
“ I will s£nd my boys to bring her over “. I drawled , you can leave now” I barked and I watched her gr@bb£d her bag from the sofa and walked out .
I walked into my room and went into the bathroom to freshen up , I returned to the room to meet my phone ringing, I checked the caller,it was Andy
“ I have arranged the meeting with the lecturer” he said immediately I picked it
“ where will I meet him?”. I asked
“ Ontario h0tel”. He replied
“ Time”. I asked
“ 5pm” . He replied and I ended the call
I glanced at my wristwatch
“fv¢k”. I have less than an hour. I walked over to the wardrobe and pu-ll-ed out a black hoodie and trou-sers and put in on…..
I stepped out of the car and noticed the ladies drooling
“I sm-irked, i was alre-ady used to it
I sp©tted the lecturer sitting at a corner of the h0tel and walked towards him
“ Troy”. He called immediately he saw me, I was told you wanted to see me
“ I nee-d you to help me with my grades”.i said point black
“ of course i will do that , you are an important figure so it is normal to be busy”. He replied
“ Good”. I said as I stood up
I was glad he agreed to my biddings , I wouldn’t have hesitated to kill him if he had refused …..
I am Troy Daniels , a 23 years old entrepreneur and also a drug lord
I am know in public as a successful young entrepreneur but in the mafia world, I am known as the drug lord
Episode 3
. June POV
“ June”.My mum called
I quic-kly said a silent prayer and dragged my box as I headed downstairs
“ what were you doing?”. Mary asked , we have been waiting
“ I am sorry”. I apologised
“ it is alright baby”.my mum said smiling
“ Be a good girl and don’t disappoint me”. My dad advised and I nodded
“ you”. he said pointing at Mary, any silly mistakes and you are out of college
“Ok”. She drawled
I sat in the pas-s£nger seat while Mary sat at the back seat as mum drove us to school
The drive to college was a very silent one
We soon got to the college and I g@sped In awe at the kind of people I saw. Some drew tattoo, some girls were wearing skimpy clothes and I even saw a boy and a girl k!ssing
“ yuck!”. I exclaimed , is this the kind of things people do here….
“ Mum,You can go from here”. Mary told mother, I will help June settle down
“ Are you sure”. My mum asked
“ yes mum”. Mary replies, we are no longer kids
My mom looked at me
“ are you okay with that June?”. She asked
“ yes mum”. I nodded
“ fine, I will be on my way”. She said , remember to be a good girl June and make mama proud
“ yes mom”. I nodded
I waved at mother as she left and I felt tears roll down my eyes
“Don’t tell me you are crying?”.Mary asked observing me
“ I will miss mom”.I whined
“ I will miss her too but we have got our life to live “. She said, we can’t keep on being controlled by our parents
Her eyes lit up when a cute guy approached us
“Hi Miguel”. She greeted flashing him a smile and my eyes wi-de-ned in surprise when they k!$$£d
“ Mary”. I called , you promised…………..
“ shut up”. She barked cutting me short
Miguel look at both of us and smiled
“ she must be your sister right?”. He asked Mary
“ yes she is”. Mary replied smiling sheepishly
“ I am Miguel”. He said stretching his hands for an handshake
“June”. I introduced shaking his hands
He looked at me awkwardly
“ why is your sister putting on an oversized dress?”. He asked Mary
“ she is mom little girl”. Mary replied and they both laughed
“ I nee-d to take my sister to her room,I will catch up with you later ”. She said to Miguel
“ Alright baby”. Miguel said and gave me a small smile before leaving..
“So that is your b©yfri£nd”. I asked and she nodded
“ I thought you were warned not to see him again?”. I asked
“ it is my life and not our parent life “. She replied with a scoff
“ whatever “. I muttered with an eye roll as for me I will be a good girl
“ oh right”. She huffed
“Room A12”. Mary muttered as we re-ad the inscription on the door and we soon st©pped in front of the room
She checked the number to be sure again before pushing the door opened
“Blood of Jesus!”. I exclaimed as I saw a boy and girl ma-king out
“ welcome to college”. Mary grinned whispering to my ears
“ can’t you knock?”. The girl barked
“ and why can’t you lock the door”. Mary replied her
“ who are you?”. She asked covering her n-kedness
“ she is your new roommate”. Mary replied
“ can’t she talk by herself?” She asked
“ she is my little sister so I can help her with it”. Mary replied smiling
I stared at the boy as he hurriedly dressed up using his hands to cover the dangling rod between his legs
“ They both have no shame,they are not pure”. I thought
“ June “. Mary called distracting me from my thoughts
“ yes”. I muttered
“ I have to go to my room “. She said as she dragged her box
“I will miss you “. I said to her and she laughed
“ my room is just a stone throw from here, I will come and check on you after settling down”.She promised
I watched her as she left and I felt lonely
“June”.the girl called
“ how do you know my name?”. She asked
“ I am not deaf”. She replied scoffing
I watched as she whispered something to the guy and pe-cked him as the guy took his leave
“ do your b©yfri£ndalways come here?”. I asked walking towards the second be-d
“ he is not my b©yfri£nd?”. She replied
“ Then who is he?”. I asked
“ my fv¢k buddy”. She replied
“ what!!!!”. I exclaimed, you are a lost soul
She looked and me and laughed loudly
“ what is funny?”. I asked
“ everything”. She replied
“ how?”. I asked
“ The way you dress, The way you reason , The way you talk in fact everything about you is funny”. She replied still laughing
I looked at her and shook my head
“ I am Sara”. She introduced
“ June “. I replied
“ Are you a fresher?”. I asked
“ No, I am a second year student “. She replied , welcome to college
“ oh, right, I am in college but this is not how I expected it to be
Sara watched me as I arranged my clothes
“ are these clothes or sacs?”. She asked in sarcasm
“they are clothes”. I answered innocently
“I know dummy”. She muttered, I was just trying to ask why you wear oversized clothes?”. She asked
“Mum said I should my b©dy must be properly covered”.i replied innocently
“You are really mom little girl”. She said rolling her eyes
“ of course”. I replied
The door suddenly flung opened and I stared as a beautiful girl with very skimpy clothes walked in
“Steph”.Sara called the girl
“Hi Sara”. She greeted , who is this?” She asked eyeing me
“ My roomie”. Sara replied
“Hi”. I greeted her
“Hi”. She replied and went over to Sara’s be-d
“ Guess What! She exclaimed
“ what?” . Sara asked
“ I am going to be celebr@ting my birthday this weekend and it is going to be large”. She said excitedly
“ I can’t wait”. Sara screamed, Will Troy be coming?
“ I don’t know”. the girl said shrugging her shoulders, but I will try and persuade him
“ you better do”.
I looked at both of them . Why are they so excited about a birthday p@rty?
I guess I am finally in college ………
Episode 4
Troy Pov
I climbe-d down the stairs and met my boys drinking and having fun with bit-ches
“ hey boss”. they greeted immediately they saw me
I nodded in reply
I sat down on the sofa and joined them In drinking.
“ Troy”. Andy called running in
“ what is it?”. I asked him
“A clients nee-ds the stuff”. he replied
“Then seen one of the boys to make the transaction”. I gr-unted
“That is the problem we are having”. He said
I looked at him raising an eyebrow
“ what do you mean?”. I asked
“He wants you to seal the deal with him”. he replied
“ really “. I scoffed
“ you can choose no………..
“ I will go”. I replied cutting him short
“ where will the deal take place?”. I asked
“Petra h0tel”. he replied
I drove over to Petra h0tel, it was a small h0tel located at the outSk-irt of the town where I do most of my shady deals
“Are you sure about this?”. Andy asked as we walked in, he was holding a suitcase
“ he asked to see me “. I replied
“ we could have come with more of the boys”. he insisted
“ chill Andy , we are here to make a transaction not to fight a war”. I replied chuckling
I went over to the bartender
“I am here to see Mr Henry”.i asked
“He is in room 15”. The bartender replied shaking with fright
“Make sure nob©dy leaves or come in until I am done”. I warned
“ yes sir”.he replied
We climbe-d up the stairs and we soon got to room 15
I pushed the door opened and saw a man seated on a chair with a suitcase on the table in front of him
“Troy Daniels”. He called
“Mr Henry”. I greeted back as I sat down opposite him
“ can I see the stuff?”. he asked
“ sure”.I replied signalling to Andy .Andy placed the suitcase on the table and opened it
“Wow!”. Henry exclaimed as he stared at the cocaine
“ Are you okay with it?”. I asked
“ sure”.he replied, I heard you sell the best
“ can I see the money?”. I asked
He opened the suitcase and I nodded in satisfaction
“Can we wra-p up the deal?”. I asked studying his move .
“ Let’s talk more about business”. he said trying to stall me
I sm-irk and quic-kly pinned his hands on the table
“ who s£nt you?”. I asked him
“ I don’t know what you are talking about”.he pleaded
“ Andy, search him”. I commanded and he went over to him immediately searching him thor0ûghly
“ Troy , he is with two guns”.Andy said
“ who s£nt you?”. I barked
“I dddddommjt know what “. he stammered
I brou-ght out a knife from my back pocket and stabbe-d his hands
“Aaaaaargh”. He screamed in pain
“ who s£nt you?”. I asked stabbing him again
“Aaaaaarrrrgjj”. he gro-an ed, I will tell you plea-se”. He pleaded
“ who is it?”. I asked scoffing
“ yakusa “. He gr-unted
“ what!!”. Andy exclaimed, yakusa tried to kill you
I looked at the man and sm-irked
“ he didn’t try to kill me, he tried to warn me …….
“Take both suitcases”. I commanded
He nodded. “ what should we do with the man?”. he asked
I looked at the man , he was still gro-an ing in pain
“I pu-ll-ed the trigger of his gun and aimed it at him
“ pplleas-se don’t kkkiilll me”. The man pleaded
“ I am sorry Mr Henry but I don’t believe in forgiveness”. I replied and sh0t at his temple . I sm-irked as he fell to the ground
I stared at the lifeless b©dy and nodded in satisfaction
“ let us go”.i said as we both walked out of the room
I returned to the bar and the bartender immediately rushed towards me
“ I did as you say sir”. He said trembling
“Clean up the mess in the room”. I whispered to him and he nodded
I di-pped my hands into my pocket and gave him some cash
“ use it to have fun..I said
“Thanks sir”.he muttered ….I smiled at him and walked out of the h0tel with Andy behind me…….
Yakusa PoV
I sat down in my room pla-ying with my pet cobr@
I smiled as it coiled around my n£¢k. I looked up when Carl walked in.
“ Yakusa”. He called
“ yes”. I replied petting cobr@
“ Are you sure Henry will succeed in Eliminating Troy?”. he asked
I looked at him and laughed
“ Henry would have been dead” I replied
He looked at me obviously confused
“ why did you s£nd Henry if you know he will get killed ?”. He asked
“I s£nt Troy a warning”.I replied, Troy is a lion and cannot be easily defeated …
“ why can’t you just kill Troy?”. he asked
I smiled ignoring his questions…..
Troy PoV
I drove into my my mansion and the guards c@m£ out to welcome me
“Tricia is here”. One of the guards said, and Steph is waiting for you in the room
“ really”. I scoffed
I walked into the sitting room and met Tricia pla-ying with the boys
“ Daddy “. She called running towards me and gave me a hvg
“Tricia, how are you?”. I asked ruffling her hair
“ Take her to her room”.i instructed one of the boys
“ yes sir”. He nodded
“ Daddy”. Tricia called , I want to be with you
I looked at my three years old daughter and scoffed
“ do as I say “. I yelled and climbe-d up the stairs ignoring my daughter plea-s
I smiled when I saw Steph laying S-xily on my be-d. She was my personal bit-ch
“ Troy”. She called se-ductively
“How are you baby?”. I asked as I went over to the be-d
“I am fine Troy”. She replied, but I miss you badly
She pu-ll-ed me to her and k!$$£d me
“ I want you to be pres£nt at my birthday p@rty”. She pleaded
“ I will be busy”. I replied her
“ create time for me Troy”.she said with a pout or do you want other boys to look at me
“ They dare not. I replied, after I am done with you they can have you
She looked at me frowning
“ what do you mean?”. She asked
“ I don’t repeat my words”. I replied taking her n!ppl!s in my mouth
“Trroooooyyy”. She m0@n ed
“ plea-se attend my birthday “. She pleaded
“ I will try”. I replied
“ Thanks baby”. I to-re her go-wn , pene-trated de-ep into her and started ban-ging her without emotions
Wow wow wow
This Troy is ruthless