The last confessor Episode 43 & 44

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 43
“My king, you can give her another punishment but plea-se don’t kill her – plea-se pity for her poor mother who’s gonna be sad and depressed if she finds out that her only child is dead.
plea-se reconsider your punishment. And perhaps, I didn’t die.” Isabelle suddenly voiced out.
The king thought he had heard wrongly but Isabelle walked from where she stood and went to kneel before the king.
“plea-se my king, have mercy on her. You can punish her but plea-se don’t kill her.” Isabelle begged again with her head bowed and her hands clasped together.
The maids were really shocked and speechless.
“She almost died because of Naya’s jealousy and she wants the king not to kill her? Woah!” A maid, Agatha whispered to Mia who looked rather shocked too.
They weren’t expecting such benevolence from the confessor not after when Naya almost took her life.
“It’s surprising you know. I didn’t expect such from her.” Mia whispered back, shaking her head.
King Ceasar stared at the confessor and a sm-irk formed on his cold face.
“Are you sure of what you’re saying because you’re gonna pay a price.” The king’s cold voice made Isabelle shiver.
What price?
Why would she want to pay a price for the wrong that she didn’t do.
“I’ll do whatever you ask from me my king.” Isabelle gulped down nervously with her head still bowed.
“Then, I’ll spare her but she wouldn’t go unpunished either. I’ll think of a suitable punishment for her.” He said and Isabelle nodded her head.
“Guard! Throw Naya in the dungeon for the mean time before I come up with a punishment for her.” King Ceasar ordered.
One of the guards bowed and walked out of the hall.
Isabelle stood up and went back to stand where she was standing before.
“Now, aside that, there’s another poison situation. Now, who was the accomplice to Salome to poison me?” The king asked, his voice ha-rd and cold.
“I know the Salome is an impostor and she couldn’t have been able to poison me without the aid of a maid in the palace. Now, I’m gonna ask again, who was the accomplice to the impostor?” The king asked, more louder this time.
The maids shook with fear as no one was able to say anything. They all looked innocent and no one was willing to speak.
“Okay. Guards! Take all the maids and chefs away and put them in the torture room except the confessor.” The king ordered and about ten guards walked in, with their faces ha-rd as a rock and it was as if it was an abomination to smile.
They looked frightening.
“My king, plea-se I’m innocent.” Some maids cried out as they were being led away.
Their cries filled the hall and they tried to struggle with the guards but they were no match for them.
Isabelle just stood rooted on her sp©t with her head bowed. The only person she felt pity for was Mia.
She wished she could help Mia but it was not in her power to do anything.
“Confessor, to my room now.” The king ordered sternly and started towards the door.
Isabelle bowed and timidly walked behind the king with her hands behind her back.
Her heart was thumping loudly and she was scared that the king might hear it.
What does the king want with her now?
They got into the king’s room and Isabelle quic-kly went on her knees while the king pu-ll-ed off his royal garment.
“Your punishment is that, I’m gonna do anything I want with your b©dy all throu-gh the night.” The king said, his back against Isabelle.
Isabelle’s jaw dropped as she stared at the king’s back.
“But my king…I’m still recovering and…I’m not strong enough… even the doctor said so.” Isabelle stuttered nervously.
What’s with the king and her b©dy?
The next thing she heard and felt, was a loud stinging and resounding sl@p on her cheek.
She g@sped loudly.
The king had sma-cked her ha-rd and it hurts a lot.
“Don’t you dare open your mouth to oppose whatever I say.” The king gro-an ed and gr!pp£dher ha-rd by her hair.
“Ouch.” Isabelle winced at the excruciating pain she was feeling on her scalp.
“My king, you’re hurting me.” She winced loudly, trying her best not to cry but the king’s gr!pp£donly ti-ght£ñed.
“Now, I’m gonna have you as I like all throu-gh the night and you have nothing to say about it. You’re mine, I own you and I can do whatever I want to do and you have no fv¢king say about it.” He said harshly and pu-ll-ed her away r0ûghly.
“Okay my king.” Isabelle managed to say soothing her hurting scalp.
She took her gaze from the floor when she started hearing Zi-pper sounds.
She saw the king unZi-pped his trou-ser and she quic-kly bent her head.
What’s the king doing? She screamed in her mind.
“Over here.” The king ordered and Isabelle slowly walked up to him where he sat on his be-d.
He was just with his brief on.
“Now, you’re gonna plea-sure me with your mouth.” King Ceasar gr-unted lowly.
Isabelle swallowed nothing as she stared at her hands feeling bashful to stare at the king.
He pu-ll-ed her hands to t©uçh his di-ck and it made Isabelle to shudder. It was so thick and long.
“Have you heard of the word BJ before?” He asked with a taunting sm-irk.
Isabelle shook her head negatively.
“No my king.” She said innocently.
“I forgot, you’re a novice. Now, you’re gonna stro-ke my di-ck and after that, you place it in your mouth and svçkit.” The king lectured and Isabelle’s face grew h0t and she didn’t know why.
What the king had said, it sounded weird to her.
“Now, get to work!” The king’s voice jo-lted her out of her reverie.
She slowly and bashfully went on her knees and brou-ght out the king’s di-ck from his brief and get hands shook.
It was all new to her and she felt really shy tou-ching the king’s di-ck and even staring at it.
It was thick, long and cold.
She started to stro-ke it slowly like the king had instructed and soon, it was erected and ha-rd ened.
“In your mouth now.” He gro-an ed.
Isabelle hesitated and the next thing she felt was a stinging and painful sl@p on her cheek.
“Don’t let me repeat myself again and make sure you don’t hesitate before you carry out any of my command.” He gr-unted out.
Without w@!sting time so as not to receive another painful sl@p, Isabelle quic-kly put the king’s ha-rd ened di-ck in her mouth while he pushed all his length into her mouth that it hit the back of her throat. She was almost choking as she couldn’t breath well.
The king noticed it and pu-ll-ed a little out of her mouth and Isabelle sighed in relief.
Just like the king had told her, she started su-cking it slowly and she felt really weird.
She stro-ked his di-ck as she su-cked it ha-rd . The king gr-unted in ecstacy as she continued to do it.
He spilled his seed into her mouth and she was about spitting it out when the king voice ordered her to take it in and she did.
She swallowed down every of his c-um inside her throat.
She continued to plea-sure the king with her mouth and soon, she started to enjoy it. The king made guttural sounds as the ecstacy was too much.
Isabelle was doing better now.
For the second time, he spilled his seed into her and she didn’t nee-d the king to tell her to gulp it down.
“Now str!p! l@yon the be-d on fours.” The king instructed. Isabelle quic-kly and hastily started undressing and when she was finally done, she climbe-d onto the be-d and la-id on her fours.
Her as-s was facing the king and her face reddened. The king was staring at her as-s directly.
She heard ruffling of clothes but she didn’t turn to look because she knew the king was getting undressed.
Soon, she felt the be-d sink a little and felt the king behind her.
He sp@ñked her bu-tt and squee-zed her bo-ob s while she m0@n ed a little not even sure if the sound had come out from her own mouth.
The king placed his erected di-ck in her bu-tt hole and she skrie-ked and finally, he pushed in his full size, ma-king Isabelle to scream out her lungs in pain.
“Oh my God! Argh!” She cried out in pain but the king only plunged in dee-per into her.
He ban-ged her ha-rd with his hand yanking her hair so badly.
The pain was excruciating painful and Isabelle felt her bu-tt hole splitting into two.
She cried and begged the king to st©p but he didn’t. It was as if a demon had possessed him because of how rou-gh he was.
Suddenly, Isabelle fell flat on the be-d and the king noticed she wasn’t crying or even moving again.
He turned to have a proper look on her and found perspiration all over her face and she looked extremely tired.
“Isabelle!” The king called but there was no answer.
“Isabelle!” He called loudly again and tapped her but she didn’t move and then, it dawned on him that she had pas-sed out.
Instantly, he felt so guilty. He should have st©pped when she begged him to.
Oh, what has he done? He lamented.
Episode 44
Roseline held her flowing dress as she climbe-d on the steps of the medicine man’s sto-re.
She looked so elegant and one could tell she was royalty, she screamed wealth. She was pretty adored with expensive jewelries and she smelled so nice.
She looked graceful.
She looked like a goddess even as the wind blew her hair to to different directions. She knocked softly on the old and ba-rely standing door. She scrunched her face in disgust because of the environment.
It was a ghetto and mainly for the poor ones. Roseline doesn’t like such places but she has no choice because she nee-ds the medicine man’s help.
And unfortunately for her, he stays in such a place. Though the place wasn’t really looking dirty or messy, Roseline still didn’t like the place.
She hated dirt.
She knocked again on the wooden door and this time around, an old man – not really old, he should be in his late sixties but due to the fact that he’s not wealthy, he looked older.
“My lady.” The old man bowed in obeisance.
“Yeah, whatever. I’m not staying here long. Let’s get this over done with, Diego.” She scoffed and made her way into the almost tiny sto-re that couldn’t even contain her properly.
The sto-re looked so old but yet, very clean and medicines and antidotes were properly arranged on the old wooden shelf.
Roseline rolled her eyes as she stared around. But it wasn’t the first time she was here but she still feet irritated and uncomfortable. Everytime she visits, she’s always irritated.
She hated the lowlifes and commoners.
If not because of how desperate she was, she wouldn’t have thought of coming to such a place.
“My lady, plea-se seat.” Diego offered her a wooden box for her to seat and she grudgingly sat on it, with her face scrunched up in disgust.
“We nee-d to hurry up Diego. I didn’t bring any of my maids or b©dyguards and the king isn’t even aware that I left the palace and I wouldn’t want him to find out that I left without his permission. I didn’t even come here with the carriage and you know how risky it can be for someone with a high status like me.” She snorted proudly.
Her nose in the air and her head high in pride.
“I un-derstand my lady. So, my lady plea-se what brings you here? You visited me about 7 days ago and I wonder why you are here today.” Diego said in that croaky voice of his that Roseline refers to as the voice of a frog.
“I c@m£ here for the fertility pills. The king and I meant and I want to be able to carry his child this time around.” Roseline said and rolled her eyes.
“Okay my lady. Let me quic-kly get it for you and tell you how to use it.” Diego said and walked to his shelf while Roseline patiently waited. She’d do anything to make sure she carries the king’s child.
She doesn’t want to loose the chance of not being the queen.
Roseline smiled enthusiastically as she walked into her be-droom. She brou-ght out the pills from un-der her garment pocket and stared at it.
Diego had told her how efficient the pills worked. He asked her to take two pills twice daily.
Roseline took the cu-p of water on her small table and grinned as she took four pills.
She wants it to work fas-ter and better and so, she decided that take more than she was requested.
“Who knows, I might even give the king twins.” She sm-irked and swallowed down the four pills.
She drank enough water and kept the cu-p back.
She would just wait patiently for the pills to work.
The king panicked but he quic-kly shook it off. He got down from his be-d and quic-kly wore his clothes back. He walked to his bathroom and took out a bowl and poured water in it. Then, he took an unused white towel and walked back to his room.
He made Isabelle lie properly on the be-d and stared at her. She looked pale and her breathing was low and it was ba-rely audible.
The king sat beside her on the be-d, put the towel in the bowl of water and wriggled out the water from the towel, before dabbing it on her forehead.
Her forehead was h0t and she was perspiring. He dabbe-d her forehead for sometime before he put the towel back into the bowl of water and wriggled the water out before placing it this time, on her hand.
He paused and pondered for a while. Why is he taking care of her by himself when he was supposed to order a maid to do it?
No matter how much he tried to deny the feelings, he knows he cares for her.
He t©uçhed her palm and it was a little cold.
He got to in between her legs and he cringed. Why exactly was he doing this?
She was nûd£ and his di-ck reacted as he got to her v*gina region. It was sticky in there and if she was conscious, he knew she’d feel really uncomfortable.
He ignored his ha-rd and protesting di-ck and proceeded in cleaning her up.
In the middle of the night, Isabelle gro-an ed and winced in pain. Her throat was so-re and her head felt like it was gonna split into two because of the pounding headache she felt.
She had woken up because she felt the nee-d to use the bathroom.
She turned slightly and saw the king fast asleep. She g@sped lowly as she stared at the king.
What really happened?
Why was she lying with the king on the be-d?
She shook the thought aside as the strong urge to use the bathroom c@m£. Slowly, she sat on the be-d.
The king stirred as he noticed the movements on the be-d.
He opened his eyes fully and saw Isabelle trying to quietly get down from the be-d.
“Where are you going to?” He asked coldly as he ran his eyes all over her b©dy.
And Isabelle took the cue to stare at herself and she was shocked to see herself in a baggy shi-t that she knows it isn’t hers and can never be hers.
Could it be for the king?
But she has never seen the king wear a shi-t before.
So, who owns it?
But anyways, it was the least of her problems now.
“My king, I want to use the bathroom.” She whispered.
The king didn’t say anything but just stared intently at her.
She got up from the be-d and made her way to the bathroom, leaping softly and holding the walls for support.
She finished using the toilet and went back to the room. She sat on the be-d and was about to lie back when the king surprised her by tou-ching her forehead with the back of his hand.
“Your temperature is better now.” He gr-unted lowly with his face ha-rd as a rock.
Isabelle was surprised and speechless.
“How are you feeling now?” The king asked, even before he could st©p himself.
Isabelle was too stunned to reply.
Wait, did the king just asked her such a question.
Is this the king or an impostor?
“Uhm…” The king cleared his throat, ma-king sure to keep his expression neutral even if he wanted to badly look at her with care in his eyes.
“I take back my words. You can go back to your room and sleep. I’ll call the doctor to check you and give you drugs.” The king rushes his words.
Isabelle smiled and shook her head, “no my king, you don’t have to take back your words. And I’m fine. A lot better.” She said, even if she didn’t know exactly what happened to her.
She couldn’t bring herself to remember because her head seems foggy and blank but maybe by the following day, she’d be able to remember what had happened.
“I alre-ady took my words back.” He gro-an ed.
“Oh! You did? I didn’t know.” Isabelle said sarcastically.
“I’m letting you go because you aren’t feeling too well but next time, I’ll punish you severely for talking back at me with such sarcasm in your voice.” The king said with a ha-rd glare.
Isabelle gulped down nervously and bowed her head slightly at him. “I’m sorry my king.”
“And, you can stay in my room, only for today. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and find you dead in your room.” He snorted sarcastically.
Isabelle didn’t say anything but just l@yon the be-d.
“Thank you my king.” She whispered at last.
Isabelle turned to the other side of the be-d and shut her eyes, even if she wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore. It seems sleep had suddenly disappeared from her eyes.
Suddenly, she felt a cold-like thing on her wrist. She turned and almost screamed as she saw the king’s face which was surprisingly close to her face.
“My… king…” She stuttered nervously and breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Always wear this br@celet and never take it off, not for any reason.” The king ordered in his cold voice.
And that was when Isabelle’s eyes darted to her wrist and found the br@celet around her wrist. If fitted her wrist so perfectly.
She found it so pretty.
“Thank you my king.” She smiled lightly. She was almost f0rç£d to hvg him ti-ght, but she restricted herself because she doesn’t want to get punished and she even wouldn’t be able to do it.
“Go to sleep now. Goodnight.” The king muttered lowly.
Isabelle was yet again, left in utter surprise and shock but at last, she was able to whisper back, “goodnight, my king.”
Seems the king is alre-ady having a soft sp©t for Isabelle 🙃
He even took care of her and tended to her