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July 23, 2021


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The king’s slave Episode 33 & 34

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{My master and I}

By: Lilly Chidinma.

Episode Thirty three.

Two Days Later………


¤ Erica ¤

I was beginning to get worried and tensed up. It’s been two days since I returned to the castle but Annabelle hasn’t tried anything. I thought that she would try to harm the king by now but nothing. I now suspected everyone, even to the extent that I inspect everyone that enters the king’s chambers.

“Erica dear, you need to calm down. As you can see I am perfectly fine and no one is trying to kill me” king Marion said after seeing how worried I was. I was busy bringing out his drugs for him.

“You may not know it my king, but something is not right in this castle, I can feel it” I answered and he glared at me like I’m out of my senses or something.

“Just calm down darling..” he rubbed my back and I sighed. I gave him his drugs and he swallowed them. He began to cough and I gave him water.

I noticed something, king Marion seems to be losing weight instead of gaining and he’s becoming weak by the day.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, just tired” he replied and lay down. I wasn’t comfortable at all with his descent in health. Is the medicine not working? I carried the plates and left for the kitchen where I ran into Nadine.

“Child, what has you so worried?” she asked, immediately sensing that all was not well with me.

“Nadine I’m so worried, it’s making me crazy. First of all, I don’t know Annabelle’s next move and now the king is getting weaker by the day” I complained bitterly, rubbing my forehead.

“Erica please, calm down. It’s not good for you in your condition” she said and I was surprised. What condition? Does she know I’m pregnant?

“What..what condition?” I asked. She smiled and shook her head.

“I’m not a child my dear Erica. I can tell when a woman is pregnant. Your breasts and hip are already full..” she stated and giggled. I was left speechless, I didn’t know what to say to her anymore.

“Dear, just relax and take things easy. Too much worry will hurt your baby and I’m sure you don’t want that?” she asked and I shook my head.

“Good, now go upstairs and try to sleep” she ordered and I obeyed.

I went to my room and lay down but I wasn’t feeling comfortable at all, how can I sleep? Who will watch over my king? I should be by his side… But then on the other hand, I don’t want to harm my unborn baby either, I’m so confused.

* * *

“I slept off” I exclaimed, getting down from the bed, I immediately rushed to the king’s chamber and saw a maid in there. As soon as she saw me, she dropped something and hid another thing behind her.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t I warned you maids not to enter here without my permission?” I asked, angered. The king was sleeping on his bed, looking worn out.

“I’m.. I’m sorry my lady.. But…. I brought his medicine” she said, I could see that she was tensed up. Definitely she was hiding something.

“What is that behind you?” I asked.

“Nothing my lady” she answered and hurried off. I went to the table and saw the king’s medicine container lying there. I picked it up and stared suspiciously at it. What could she have been up to? Did she mess with the medicine?

I opened it and found no change, I sighed and dropped it back on the table.

“I’ll take this to the medicine man and have it confirmed before my king takes anymore of it” I said to myself and went over to him. He was still very much asleep but I noticed an empty medicine container beside him.

Wait.. Did he drink this all at once?!!

“My king! My king!” I called shaking him as hard as I could. He opened his eyes and smiled weakly at me.

“Did you take it all at once? The medicine?” I asked.

“Um.. I don’t remember” he replied and closed his eyes again. I must find out what is in this medicine, it’s very suspicious. Or is it just a side effect?


¤ Queen Annabelle ¤

I slapped her hard across the face and she fell, weeping.

“Forgive me my queen” she pleaded.

“You fool! Why did you let Erica see you? That woman is smart and might figure everything out!” I screamed and raced downstairs. I met Erica walking down the stairs with the medicine container in her hand.

I knew she was going to suspect it. I needed to stop her, she can’t spoil my plans now. I went behind the the staircase and put my arm forward. She tripped on my arm and fell down the remaining steps.

I ran out from my hiding place and rushed over to her, she was already unconscious, I took the medicine container then called for help. Two maids helped me take her up to her room and a nurse was called to check her.



Episode Thirty four.


¤ Erica ¤

I felt uncomfortable with all the eyes staring anxiously at me, including Annabelle. I had fallen unconscious but I regained consciousness a few minutes ago and the nurse was still running a few tests on me. I glared suspiciously at Annabelle, I know she has a hand in my fall down the stairs. She must have made me trip on purpose to avoid me taking those drugs to the medicine man.

“You’ll be fine Erica, you just need to look after yourself more. For the sake of your baby” the nurse said to the hearing of everyone and I gasped. Oh heavens! She just let out my secret in front of my worst enemy.

Everyone stared shockingly at me, Annabelle looked more confused and shocked. I covered my face in disappointment.

“Baby? What baby?” Annabelle asked and I raised my head.

“Didn’t you all know? My queen, lady Erica is pregnant, two months gone” the nurse explained further and I groaned, I felt like strangling her.

“That’s enough now. Please everyone leave, I need to rest” I said and they left one by one until only Annabelle and I were left in the room.

“You’re pregnant? Who got you pregnant?” she asked. I could see the fear in her eyes, she hoped the pregnancy wasn’t for the king, but too bad for her…

“I don’t see how that concerns you” I answered her with folded arms.

“Please leave, I want to be alone” I requested.

“Don’t you dare talk to your queen in that manner you pauper! Now tell me who is responsible for that child of yours!” she demanded authoritatively. I simply shook my head.

“It’s my child Annabelle..oh sorry, your majesty. It is non of your business” I said bluntly and covered myself with my blanket, turning my back to her. I heard her footsteps storming out of my room and I let out a loud sigh.

I can never let Annabelle find out that my unborn baby belongs to king Marion, if not, she will do worse than pushing me off the stairs. She might poison me even. This baby is my life right now, and I must protect it at any cost.

* * *

Later that day, after regaining some of my strength, I decided to go and pay a visit to the king’s chamber. He was in a very bad condition the last time I saw him, I hope he’s better now and I hope Annabelle hasn’t given him any more of that drug.

“My king” I called as I entered his room. He was sitting on the side of his bed with his body bare.

“It’s cold out, why aren’t you wearing anything?” I asked, walking over to him and wrapping him gently with a robe.

“I heard you were pregnant” his husky voice came. His voice this time was filled with pain and guilt.

“Yes I am” I came clean and he sighed. After some moments of silence, he got up suddenly and stood very close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my forehead. I looked up and met his melting gaze.

“Is it mine?” he asked and I teared up. His eyes were filled with so much hope.

“Is the baby mine?” he repeated. I wanted to hug him tight and confess that I was carrying his heir, I wanted to tell him the truth, but I sighted a shadow by his window and immediately knew it was Annabelle. She was trying to discover the truth.

“I’m sorry.. So sorry my king but it’s not your baby” I lied with a heavy heart and breathed out. I couldn’t look him in the eyes anymore because I knew how much I had hurt him.

“What? Then whose is it? Have you been having intercourse with another man?” he asked with pure jealousy and anger.

“So what if I have been sleeping with another man? You have slept with many other women and slaves right? So what stops me?” I asked, flaring up. I had to do that, just to prevent Annabelle from knowing the truth.

“I was… I did all that because of..” he paused and started at me with pained eyes.

“Because I hadn’t experienced pure love from anyone” he completed. I tried so hard to stop myself from giving in.

“I don’t care. It’s nobody’s business who I get pregnant for” I said and he sniffed.

“Really? You claim to love me, and yet you open your legs for another man!”

“Just leave, get out of here and don’t come back, you’re heartless..and wicked and you’re playing with my emotions!” he roared, his breathing becoming heavy. I felt my heart shattering, hearing those words from him.

“I said get out!” he thundered and I flinched. He fell back into the bed, breathing fast and sweating, I became worried.

“My king, please calm down.. You’re not well” I said, trying to touch him but he flung my hands away.

“Don’t lay your filthy, cheating hands on me you traitor!” he yelled. He continued breathing fast and heavy until he passed out on his bed. I raised alarm immediately and the guards rushed in. What have I done now?

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!





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