THE JAILBIRD (Episode 32)

THE JAILBIRD ®18 SNVL (Episode 32)
©Aaron A.A 

The music is loud.
An all-girl band is pla-ying, and revellers are dancing and having a good time.
In lighted glas-s booths at vantage points around the club are beautiful girls wearing only G-strings and high boots, dancing and gyrating and showing off their ba-re brea-sts and derrieres.
The bar is probably the longest in the world.
It is exquisitely lighted, and stretches in long and curved apertures along one side, and it is manned by ten barmen at a time.
There is an eatery on the second floor, a mini casino on the third floor and the fourth floor caters for the S-xual deviations of the wealthiest people.
In a pri-vate lounge on the fourth floor, dimly-lit and filled with soft music, are Jonathan Afful, Steve Hollison and a few of their friends.
n-ked girls of various nationalities move among them, some serving drinks, others giving a more ‘specialized’ form of service.
Jonathan Afful, his shi-t discarded and wearing only trou-sers and white singlet, takes a sip from his glas-s and then bends and clamps hisl-ips on the br£@st of a n-ked Chinese woman in his arms.
A n-ked long-legged beautiful American woman is lying on t©p of Steve in one corner, shaded by long, S-xy curtains.
She is moving slowly on t©p of him, ma-king fake sounds of ecstasy as they make love.
In another corner, Mike Crankson is with three n-ked women. One is a Zambian, another a Nigerian and the third a Mexican.
Eventually Afful gets up and walks weakly to a patio off the lounge for some fresh air.
A few minutes later Steve joins him, Zi-pping up his trou-sers.
Afful raises his glas-s to Steve.

Life is good, eh, my paddy? After church, what’s more enjoyable than some international pvzzy, huh?
Steve leans against the banister and takes out a cigarette.

Cheap S-x, Jon, something to kill the cravings of a man’s d!¢k. But it’s unfulfilling, you know. I’ll give all this up just to have Effe as my wife.

(with a laughing bark)
Give it up? Are you crazy? I love Elaine as much as a man can love a woman, but damn it, a man nee-ds to taste a different soup once in a while.

In your case about twice a week, my paddy.
They laugh, and then a sad look spre-ads across Steve’s face.

Looks like some ghost just walked across your grave, man. What’s up? Effe still worsh!pping her pvzzy?

Almost happened last night, man. She was n-ked, I was n-ked, then…

(draining his glas-s)

Who else? Not knowing he was in the house with that bastard son of his. Game end. Effe ba-rely spoke to me today.

You think she still got feelings for that son-of-a-crocodile?

She claims she’s over him, but I saw the way she looked when she realized Chris thought we had made love. I tell you, Chris is a problem, man.
Afful laughs bitterly and shakes his head.

When hasn’t that boy ever been a problem, man? In school, everywhere, all the girls preferred him. It’s like he got a secret magnet that pu-lls them.

Yeah, them girls all wanted to fv¢k him.

But we fv¢ked them anyways, didn’t we?

Only those Chris didn’t like, abi?
They laugh then.
A girl enters with fresh glas-ses of drinks. Steve throws the bu-tt of his cigarette away and takes a drink.

So, what do we do about him?

I think we should give Mike the fight, man. I’m thinking, if we hype it up enough, Chris will take the bait. Effe, of course, will be scared for him, seeing what a mad dog Mike is. Mike can tell Effe he will drop the fight if she marries me.
Afful gapes at his friend with disbelief, then he bur-sts out laughing.

That’s the most stupid and absolutely ridiculous plan I ever heard. Are you for real? W’abodam papa! Your jealousy is ma-king you mad, Steve. You really don’t know Effe that much, do you? You think you can blackmail her into marrying you? She won’t fall for any $h!t like that, believe me. Listen, pal, do you trust me?
Steve looks at his friend warily.

Yeah, I do. Why?
Afful moves close and puts a hand across the shoulders of his friend.

Leave everything to me, man. I also don’t want Chris around. He affects Elaine badly, man. I’m cooking up something. Will let you in on it soon. Just know that very soon, Chris will cease to be a problem, and Effe will be yours.
Steve looks at Afful expectantly, his face hopeful.

For sure?

Trust me, bro.
Mike Crankson appears on the patio then.
He is completely n-ked, and filled with so much alcohol, drugs and S-x that he can ba-rely walk.

Hey, Jon! I mean it, man! I wanna wh!pthe skin off Chris Bawa! Gimme that fight, or I swear I’ll leave your damn company and find a thirstier promoter.
Afful smiles.

Cease worrying, Mike. You’ll surely have that nigger to break sooner than you think!

Oh, yeah! You don’t know just how much I wanna make Chris Bawa bleed! I’m gonna break all his fv¢king bones!

They are having a family dinner, just like they do every first Sunday evening in a month.
They are in the hvge dining-room.
The women have cooked a most sumptuous meal of banku and okra stew.
Diana and her husband, KWAKU DOSSAH, and their son MARLON DOSSAH, who is now sixteen years old, are sitting on the right side with ru-ben Essel.
On the right side are Stan Bawa and his wife ESTHER and their fifteen year old daughter,

At the head of the table is the Reverend br@nd Bawa, and at the foot is a very pensive Lois Bawa.
Their family dinners have always been filled with happiness and gaiety, but that evening there is an un-derlying current of tension that cannot quite be dissipated try as much as they can.
Stan is laughing quietly at something Esther has just whispered to him when Marlon drops the bomb.

Mommy, why is Uncle Chris not here? He’s supposed to be here, isn’t he?
Reverend br@nd, who has been raising a piece of goat meat to his mouth, pauses perceptively, and then he slowly drops the meat back into his bowl.
ru-ben Essel spills a bit of the water he is drinking.
Mrs. Lois Bawa gives a startled little g@sp and looks up sharply.
Stan’s laugh is choked off, and the smile vanishes from his face.
Diana looks anxiously at her son and gives a nervous little laugh.

Actually, we went there to visit him, but we forgot to invite him. Hopefully he’ll be here next month.

Here? But Dad says Uncle Chris is a devil and he doesn’t want to see him ever!


(shaking his head)
Stan! Is that what you’ve been teaching your child about your brother?

There was a time I was very angry with Chris, yes, and I might have said some pretty bad things about him, but not anymore.

Not anymore, Uncle Stan? But just last week on that T.V. programme you said he is a beast and should be taken back to prison!

Marlon!! Show some respect, boy!
There is an uneasy silence for a while, and eventually the man of God speaks.

I thank you, Marlon, for bringing it up. Indeed, it is time to try and reach out to Chris. Believe me, we’re trying. Hopefully, he and his family will be with us next month.

I’ll be happy, Grandpa. Many of my friends want to see him. We believe he can beat that br@ggart Mike Crankson. Uncle Chris still has a lot of fans. Yesterday his Facebook Fan page was filled with thousands of birthday wishes!
That just about knocks most of the adults at the table for six!

His birthday? May third?

My God! Oh, Lord, no!

Wow! Diana, you forgot?

Yes, I did. It’s been a while since anyone acknowledged Chris’ birthday in this house.

(tears in her eyes)
But I always remember, and pray for him. I totally forgot this one!
Stan suddenly tosses his napkin on the table angrily and stands up even when Esther tries to drag him down.

What’s the meaning of this? Why is everyb©dy behaving as if we’re at fault for not remembering Chris’ birthday? He was a p@rt of this family, and he chose to abandon us! If someb©dy should be filled with remorse it is certainly not one of us!

Stan! We’re Christians, first and foremost! It is our duty to forgive the past and try to bring him to the straight and narrow road!

Then do that, Father! After all you’re the pastor! As for me, I still haven’t come to that crossroad yet!

But Uncle Stan! Would you be happy if Maame Serwaa goes somewhere and comes back and we’ve thrown her things out and sold her house and she has nowhere to stay? Even if she did something very awful wouldn’t you want your family to support her?
Diana opens her mouth to speak, but she cannot say anything, because she sees Stan turning and looking at his daughter, and then looking at Marlon with sudden unease.

That’s true, my boy. Now let’s eat. We’ll bring Chris home.
Dinner is suddenly a very sombre moment, and after a moment Lois Bawa gets up and quic-kly leaves the dining-room.

To be continued…

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