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The hollen series 3 Episode 5 & 6

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦EPISODE 05👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Zenia’s POV

Monday [email protected]£ with an excruciating headache and a terrible hangover. I managed to pu-ll myself up from the be-d and crawled into the shower. I turned the water temperature all the way up and I took a h0t bath from my [email protected] weaves to my toes.

I b!ow-dried my hair -I paid for it so that makes it mine – then I applied lotion to my chocolate skin. I sli-pped into a mini dress which was ti-ght at the t©p and showed a teasing bit of cl£@[email protected]£. I had no one to impress today but I didn’t want to look as terrible as the way I was feeling.

Too much wine.

After completing a light makeup application and placing my digital notepad into my backpack, I headed to the kitchen.

“Good morning Ma.” I greeted my mother when I saw her at the stove.

“Hey sweetie. How are you?”

“I feel terrible.”

“That’s because you had too much to drink. Here.”

She handed me a bottle of water and another drink in a tiny [email protected]

“What’s this?” I asked as I studied the drink. It looked like it had [email protected] in it. I was not about to even bring that close to myl-ips.

“It’s a hangover remedy. Drink it!” she commanded.

I bought the small [email protected] up to my nose. “Mom, this smells like $h!t!” I almost vomited.

“It will help you feel better and watch your mouth Zenia!”

I mentally rolled my eyes and held my breath as I gulp the ‘precious’ hangover remedy down my throat.

“Thanks mom.”

“Here’s your breakfast.”

She handed me a covered container stock with fried chicken nuggets and ch!ps.

“Thanks Ma! Bye Ma!”

I ran for the door. It was Monday and I had to get to my boutique and my fashion station as soon as possible. I had two very highly important clients / customers coming in today for a design I wanted to have publish in their magazines.
I took a cab downtown. I was saving for my own car. That would be more convenient.


I unlocked the security gate then the doors to my boutique.

I strolled in and turned on the lights and the central air units. I couldn’t believed that day when Evan picked me up and bought me here.


It was last December. Mom and I had just returned from visiting Jasmine and Jevan in LA when I got a phone call from Evan.

“Hey Evs.”

“Merry Christmas.”

“Same to you. What’s up?”

“Are you home?”

“Yeah I am.”

“I’ll be over in twenty.”

He hung up and my thoughts started pla-ying games with me. He’s your sister’s ex – what could he want?

He got the big sister – is he after the younger one now?

On hell no! He would never. I would never.


He showed up in half an hour and I met him outside.

“Get in.” I looked at his car as if I was worthy of even getting into it.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

Okay, so my sister’s ex-b©yfri£ndwas giving me a surprise. Completely normal.

“I don’t think so.”

“Zen. Get in the car.” He was being persistent.

I got in. He wasn’t a stranger or anything so if anything bad was to happen to me, all the money he possessed wouldn’t be enough to save him.

He drove down town and thirty minutes later, we pu-ll-ed up to a building with a gate outside. He got out the car and I followed him. He used a key, opened the gate, unlocked the other door and walked in. I followed behind in amazement. This place would make the perfect boutique.


Is he… he doing what I think he’s doing?


“Well, I’m a man of my words,” he said as he handed me the keys. “It’s all yours.”

“Evan? Really? All mine?”

I looked around with a big smile on my face. The place was hvge.

“How much is this monthly rent gonna cost?” I knew rents in the city were always high.

“Free actually. I purchased this place for you. Now it’s up to you to keep it going.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

We hvgged at that moment. He looked out for me as a little sister. Just like Jasmine did for me all those years ago.

My smile faded when I remembered her instantly. Evan had really been trying to get her back but she made it clear she wasn’t coming back.

“Have you heard from Jasmine?”

“I did. We spoke yesterday. I’m flying over there to spend Christmas with Jevan then I have to get back before mom and dad’s anniversary.”

He had it so busy.

“I think she’ll come back soon Evan. Just keep the faith and don’t give up.”

“Thanks Zenia.”

We hvgged one last time before he left. I stayed behind to start with the cleaning and the early preparations.

______________End Of Flashback

“Good morning boss!” A voice startled me from behind.

“Good morning Ashley.”

Ashley was my boutique’s @ssistant and my best friend. She and I attended the same college and had the same [email protected] of going into fashion as well. When I got the boutique, she was the first person and the only person I called to come work with me.
She had mad sowing skills and captivating designs that would make princesses melt and [email protected] with awe.

“What’s good?” I asked casually.

“It’s all good. What’s good with you?” she returned.

“Girl, I have…… ” I paused. I didn’t have a hangover or a headache anymore.

“I had a hangover and a headache,” I completed.

“Your sister’s engagement had you being crazy?”

We shared a laugh as I turned on the computers and the security system. I arranged the clothing lines I wanted to have published in the magazines today. I really needed this. It would boost my clothing and wow more customers who were highly interested in fashion. Both males and females.

“Girl, Fusion and Luxx are coming in today,” I said as I referred to the repres£ntatives as the names of their magazines.

“Yeah you told me,” Ashley responded as she joined me. “What pieces are we going to [email protected] show?”

“I think we should showcase our summer collection.”

“bit-ch YES!!” she squealed and ran to the back.

The summer collection was one of our best collection yet and we worked really [email protected] on those pieces. Summer was just one week away so we needed that magazine ex-posure now, if we were going to sell out that collection successfully.

Ashley [email protected]£ back with a handful of clothes. I undressed six mannequins and redressed each in a summer collection outfit. Ashley would model the others. She was a very great model and I loved seeing her do her thing. She was always cheerful and never gloomy. I always wondered how someone could be so happy. I never once saw Ashley in a bad mood nor a frown on her face.

The boutique’s phone rang. I answered it while Ashley got herself re-ady with Makeup, hairstyles and what not.

“Good morning, thank you for calling ZENIA’S, how can I help?” I spoke professionally.

“Good morning, I’m calling from Luxx magazine. We’ll be s£nding a repres£ntative to you in two hours.”

“Thank you and we’re looking forward to it.”

“You’re welcome. Have a nice day.”

“You too.”


“ASHLEY. WE HAVE TWO HOURS!!” I called once the phone was back on the hook.

“I’LL BE re-adY!!” She called back.

__________Exactly Two Hours Later

A stunning woman, dressed in a black suit with red bo-ttomheels [email protected]£ into the boutique.

“Good morning. I’m looking for a Miss. Zenia Blackman.” She had an accent. She sounded Russian.

“Good morning. I’m Miss. Zenia Blackman,” I answered as I went over and offered her a seat.

“I’m from Luxx. I’m here to see the collection you wish to have publish in our magazine.”

“Yes ma’am. My @ssistant and I had been expecting you.”

Without any further adieu, Ashley [email protected]£ out the changing room and began her fashion walk with a collection piece on. I stood on the side as I explained the outfit more, instead of just looking on to. I needed to sell myself, my boutique and my collection.

Ashley and I had previously rearranged the boutique and made it look like a catwalk. The Luxx repres£ntative was the judge, Ashley was the model, and I was the project seller.

While Ashley changed into another outfit, I showed the clothes on the mannequins.

The repres£ntative looked so plea-sed. She must have thought she’ll just be sitting there, waiting for Ashley to change into another.


After we showcased our first twelve summer collection pieces, she gave us a very satisfying compliment and remarks, then left.

Ashley and I hvgged each other. The bell on the door jingled, indicating someone had [email protected]£ in.

Ashley and I looked over. EJ and Madison stood there with smiles on their faces.

“This is your place?” Madison asked.

“Yes. How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for a dress like no other.”

“She wants a dress so I referred you to her,” EJ inputted.

I scoffed but threw on a smile. I welcomed all customers. This was business.

I took down to a rack of dresses in her size and with fabrics that would compliment her complexion.

“Ohh I love this one!” she said with excitement as she [email protected]£ out the changing room with the ‘green off the shoulder dress that flowed down the back but st©pped above the knees at the front’. She did looked pretty in it and it matched her eyes.

“That piece is a bit on the expensive side. It’s one thousand.”

“That’s okay.”

“What’s the occasion?” I asked. She looked like she was in a hurry to purchase a dress for something important.

“EJ and I are going out on a [email protected]£. He’s paying for the dress.”

She changed back into her regular clothes and went up to Ashley at the cash register. Ashley swiped a card EJ handed her, bagged the dress and handed it over to Madison.

I watched as they waved goodbye to me and left.


“They make a cute couple,” Ashley said, unaware of the pain in my heart.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦EPISODE 06👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Ethan Junior’s POV

“You’re really ma-king me feel bad right now Madison. I honestly forgotten it’s your birthday.”

Madison had [email protected]£ over this morning to remind me it was her ninteenth birthday today. I had completely forgotten about it and I felt bad.

I’m a terrible friend.

“That’s okay. You can make up for it by buying me a dress and taking me out to dinner later on tonight.” She had an amazing smile. I wasn’t about to reject her and make her feel bad on her special day.

“That I can do.” I went upstairs and got my car keys to my black Mercedes-Benz.

“MOM! DAD! I’m heading downtown with Mads.” I called to my parents as we went out the door.

I couldn’t wait for my twenty first birthday where I’ll be given my own house. Make my own rules. And come home whatever time I like.

“You know where you’re taking me?” Madison asked as I drove downtown.

“Yes. I’m taking you to ZENIA’S.”

“ZENIA’S as in Zenia?”

“Yep. She owns and manages her own boutique.”

“Wow. That’s nice.”

We pu-ll-ed up to Zenia’s boutique almost an hour later. Zenia looked surprised when she saw us walked in together.

“This is your place?” Madison asked her in astonishment.

Duh! I just told you that.

“Yes. How can I help you?” Zenia asked, sounding all professional.

“I’m looking for a dress like no other,” Madison replied as she looked around.

“She wants a dress so I referred you to her,” I bu-tted in.

Zenia led her throu-gh the store and I took a seat while I texted some of my friends.

After Madison had found the dress she wanted and liked, I paid for it like I said I would. Then we left.

We got back into my car and I drove us back home.

“What time should I get re-ady for?” she asked as she [email protected]£ out the car when we reached her destination.


“And where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

I didn’t had a damn idea on where to take her. I hadn’t planned anything.

She gave me another cute smile, closed in the car door and walked up to her house. I drove away and went back to mine.

I la-id down on my be-d in my room, and texted Zenia.

Me: hey

Zenia: Ur girl likes the dress?

Oh, I was s-en-sing jealousy from her. I would [email protected] with this.

Me: yh, she likes it. Wants me to get her another one.

Zenia: Oh so she is ur girl..hmm OK.

I threw back my head and laughed. Zenia liked me but she wasn’t letting herself fall for me. She was easy to re-ad but [email protected] to un-derstand.

Me: And what if she is or isn’t? She’s a real sweet person but not my type.

Zenia: Save it 🖐

Me: Yh, I know you like me.

Zenia: Only as a friend. 👫

I threw my phone aside and fell asleep.


I woke at 6:30 pm. I went downstairs and found mom and dad sitting down, looking at television. I joined them.

“Hey son. What’s going on with you?” my father asked me.

“Nothing dad.” I answered short.

“Are you okay?” Mom asked now.

“Yeah I’m fine mom.”

“Madison called. She said she was so anxious that she was alre-ady dressed and waiting for you,” Dad said next.

I flung myself up from my seat and went to the elevator.

“$h!t! $h!t! $h!t!” I yelled as I dashed into my be-droom, got out of my clothes and ran into the shower.

I had forgotten about the dinner with Madison. And she was alre-ady dressed and waiting!


After ten minutes, I stepped out my shower, dried off myself very quic-kly, lotion my skin and threw on a clean pair of clothes: A simple grey jeans, black long sleeve T-shi-t, my black, grey and white Jordan, my gold Rolex and my gold stud earrings.

I combe-d my hair backwards on my head, [email protected]£d my car keys and ran downstairs.

“Bye mom and dad. I’m taking Madison out to dinner now!” I called to them as I ran [email protected] them on my way out.

I got into my car and hit the accelerator. I glanced at the time on my dashboard. 7:20 .

Damn it. I’m alre-ady twenty minutes late!

Madison didn’t live too far away from my house. On bright and sunny days, she usually walked over my house to see me and chat with Emily before Emily [email protected]£ miss world.

“I’m so sorry I’m late,” I said as I stepped out the car when I reached her house and saw her standing outside on the pouch, looking all sad.

I opened the [email protected]£nger’s door and she walked up to me.

“Thanks for coming,” she said as she slide in the seat.

“You’re not mad? I was late and I had you waiting,” I said as I got back into my seat and started the car.

“No I’m not mad. I’m very happy to be spending time with you again.”

I flashed her a smile, threw on my seat belt and drove us to a very fancy restaurant I saw on goggle maps. Unlike Evan and Emily, I hated going places. I’d rather sit at home, look at Netflix with a large bowl of popcorn and soda.

Alex and Jack were always calling me a sissy because I always blew them off whenever they wanted us to get together.


Madison and I arrived at a very upscale Italian restaurant. A waitress greeted us and led us to a table.

We ordered things from a menu we couldn’t even pronounce correctly but the food tasted delicious and Madison seemed satisfied.

After dessert, we sat and talked for a bit. She told me her dreams in life and I told her mine.

We left the restaurant and went to a house [email protected] Madison insisted we should go to, to end her birthday. It was her birthday, her day, so I obliged.

We got to an average size house about a mile away from the restaurant. Loud music alre-ady deafened me.

“Mads, it’s Monday! Who throws a house [email protected] on a Monday?” I wasn’t up for it.

“This is for me actually. And the hosts are mutual friends!”

We got out the car and walked slowly towards the house. Madison in lead and I followed with my hands tucked in my pockets.

She spoke to a guy standing by the door. I stood back and just looked at her. She then waved to me. I walked up slowly.

“We’re in. Lets go!” She pu-ll-ed my arms and we walked throu-gh the door.

Inside was decorated with all different neon of colors that reflected off everyone. People were alre-ady grinding on the floors and a neat bar was set up.

Madison waved and then pointed at me. Two guys [email protected]£ over.

“Yes Finally! We got you!” Jack said loudly and gave a manly hvg.

“Sup bro?” Alex greeted and hvgged me back.

“Oh, so this was your plan?” I asked and looked at Madison.

“Guilty!” she answered and went over to the bar.

“Lighten up man! And welcome to MY HOUSE!” Alex said and pushed me towards the bar for a drink.

“I’m driving tonight bro!” I took a [email protected] of cranberry jui-ce instead of alcohol.

“I’ll drink for me and you EJ!” Madison screamed cheerfully and gulped down a [email protected] of vodka and orange jui-ce.

I’ve never seen that side of Madison. She was always so sweet and gentle. Like a saint.

Now she was drinking alcohol like a dude.

Half an hour later, we were sitting on large comfortable sofas.

“Is this really your house, man?!” I asked Alex.

“Yep. Mom bought me this because she couldn’t put up with me anymore, man. It was the last straw when I sneaked a babe in and ban-ged her all night. Mom caught us the following morning!” he answered.

I couldn’t help but laugh. That was definitely Alex. His weakness was ‘Women’.
Any type.
Any color.
Any shape.
Any size.

Women are ‘women’. That’s his motto.

“Man I’m so fv¢king lit!” Jack said. The alcohol had went to his head now .

“Man! Look at those fine @ss chocolate beauties over there. I want one of those,” Alex said and pointed over to two girls.

“I’m so l£sb!anright now,” Madison said, she was laying down on the sofa and had her head rested on Alex’s arm.

As I looked at the girls, I noticed it was Zenia and her @ssistant from her store. I got up and walked over to them.


“E… J… heyyyyy!” Zenia slurped. Alcohol wrecked on her breath and her @ssistant was trying [email protected] to settle Zenia on her own feet.

“She had too much,” she mouthed.

I raked my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair as I looked at her.

“I’m EJ. We’re friends. I’ll take her home,” I @ssured her friend.

Nooooo!! Lets.. Doncee!” Zenia pleaded.

Donce? she meant ‘dance’.

“No Zen! You [email protected] enough alre-ady. Time to go home!” I threw her over my shoulder and walked outside to my car. Zenia was giggling all the way there.

I turned on the AC unit and locked back my car. I went back inside to get Madison. I didn’t trust to leave her with Jack and Alex. They were all drun!k.

Madison managed to walk and she wasn’t being stubborn like Zenia. We walked out with ease.

She got into the [email protected]£nger’s seat while Zenia was laying down on the seats in the back.

Now I had two drun!kies to take home.


When I got to Zenia’s house, I took her out the back and walked us to the elevator. I got to her floor and she managed to get the door opened with the security system.

“HELLO!” I called, hoping her mother was home. “MISS. BLACKMAN!”

“Mom isn’t.. hame,” Zenia said and threw herself down on a nearby couch.

Hame? She meant home.

I felt bad because I’ll have to leave her in this condition by herself.

“Zenia, I’m going home now. Lock the door behind me, drink some water and try to get some sleep. Okay?” I dropped to her level and pet her hair.

“No! EJ don’t go. plea-se stay with me. I don’t want to lose you.”

I was puzzled.

How was she losing me?

“Zenia, I can’t stay. I have to take Madison home as well.”

“No! I love too EJ. I love too!”

“Get some rest drun!kie.”

I walked out the door, got into the elevator and went back to my car. Madison looked like she was alre-ady fast asleep. It was past midnight.

I drove Madison and myself back home, but I still thinking about Zenia words.

‘I love too.’

What does she love too?


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