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June 20, 2021


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The general and his son batch 3

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WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey


”that’s not an issue now, Miko do you still want to continue killing innocent people for my father and brother?” Jack asked looking serious.

”Boss, the truth is I am tried of shedding blood! Innocent for that matter!” Miko said sadly.

”I want to fight against my father and brother! Will join me so that this killing innocent people and collecting peoples things would stopped!” Said Jack.

”Yes, yes, I will join to fight them! So that the innocent ones I had killed would forgive me!” Miko tell Jack.

”Good! Excellent! Don’t worry I will take you away from this place so that my brother wouldn’t kill you!” Jack said as he bought out his phone from his pocket and type message to Jane because they exchange numbers before Jack left her house.

”Boss where would you take me to?” Miko asked as Jack put back his phone inside his pocket. Just then Jane appeared before they. Miko jumped in fear.

”Calm down miko, I won’t hurt you, just give me your hands!” Jane requested while Miko looked at Jack.

”Give her your hands!” Jack said to him as Miko manage to give Jane his hands, they disappeared immediately from general Kingsley house while Jack smiled to himself. Thanks goodness nobody

was watching him. He left there and went upstairs, straight to his room.

AT JANE’S HOUSE: Jane and Miko appeared at Jane’s house, inside her sitting room. Miko was supraise, he also saw Jane’s girls hailing Jane as they appeared.

(”This girls are not afraid of her!”) He thought to himself.

”Miko don’t be afraid okay!” Jane said sitting down.

”Jane, what happened? Are you dead?” He asked feeling scared.

”I am not dead, it a long story!” Jane replied.

”So tell me the long story!” He requested while Jane narrated everything to him and how she met Jack.

”That was how it all happened!” She said.

”Hmmmm!”(Miko took a deep breath before speaking) ”Indeed that man is wicked! I regret ever shedding innocent blood!” Miko said sadly.

”Is okay Miko! Are you going with us to my maternal home?” Jane asked.

”Yes, I would go with you guys!” Miko replied.

”Is alright! Vivian get him something to eat!” She said and turned to Miko.

”Miko, Jack would get you something to change with okay!”

”Is him coming here?” Miko asked

”No, he would send one of his boys!” Jane said as Vivian bought Miko’s food.

”Eat Miko!” She tells him.

”Okay!!” He replied and start eating!.


Governor Williams and general Kingsley could be

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see sitting opposite each other in governor Williams sitting room.

”Williams, I am restless!” General Kingsley said with worried tone.

”I am as restless as you are!” Gov.Williams said.

”What do we do? I mean how do we get a vrigin?”

”I think I would send some of my guard to go kidnapped, one

young girl across the road who sells fruits!” Gov.Williams said.

”How old is this girl?” General Kingsley asked.

”I think she is 15 to 16 years, but don’t worry I would found out!” Gov Williams assured gen Kingsley.

”Thank you my friend! I really to do this before Jack kill me! I don’t care if he is my son!” Said grn Kingsley.

”Remembered, not just only you, me too!” Gov Williams said and breath heavily while gen Kingsley did the same.

”I have to be on my way now!” General said standing up.

”Alright! ” gov Williams said and shook hands with while general Kingsley went out of the sitting room. His driver opened the car door as general hoped in while the driver drove away straight to general Kingsley house.

*****EPISODE 11*******


Selebobo was sitting in the compound when Jerry drove in, he puuled out of his car.

”Selebobo come here!” He said with angry voice.

”Boss welcomed!” Selebobo greeted as he walked to him.

”Selebobo why didn’t you do what I sent you?” He questioned.

”Boss, your brother stooped me!” Selebobo replied.

”How did he get to know about it?” Jarry asked.

”Boss, he over heard me telling Miko when Miko refused!” Selebobo explained.

”What? You mean Miko refused my order and my brother stopped you?” He asked angrily.

”Yes, I stopped him, do you have a problem with that?” Jack asked coming out from the sitting room.

(Selebobo and Jerry were wondering if Jack was a spirit or Human.)

”So you still have mouth to talk?” Jerry asked angrily while Jack laughed at him mockily.

”Jack you are looking for my trouble! Why will you stopped them from my order?” Jerry asked.

”You’re a big fool! Infact biggest fool ever! So killing is an order? Or relationship is by force?” Jack asked.

”Whatever I do is not of your business? ” Jerry said.

”It’s my business when it gets to do with the lives of the innocent people you and father are killing! Its my business because the lives of the people in this town are involved!” Jack said with hatred for his brother.

”Jack I am your elder brother and I have the right to do whatever I want!” Jerry said.

”Of course yes, you are my elder brother and you have the right to do whatever you want, but not when it comes to the lives of the people in this town!” Jack said boldly.

”Jack you’re getting on my nerves! ” Jerry said boiling with anger.

”Jerry, you’re not getting on my nerves, but you have already gotten to my nerves and I feel like killing you right now!” Jack yell at Jerry.

Selebobo was just standing watching thenm likewise Baddu who was sitting down few distance from them.

Jerry palmed Jack which makes Jack to loosen his stand almost fall down. Jack gave Jerry a thunderous slap immediately he gain his stand.

”How dare you push me backwards? ” Jack asked and gave Jerry a heavy pinch on his face that makes he bleed on his nose.

Jerry want to punch Jack back but Jack held his hands and lift him up and left him while he fell in the ground like a cow.

(Jack was a very strong young man. He have strength physically and have one bone that makes him stronger)

Jerry manage tostand up from the ground while Selebobo and Baddu went to separate them.

But they couldn’t hold Jack because he was very strong. That’s why they are always scared of him because they know five boys cannot beat Jack.

”Jerry punch Jack on his face as selebobo and Baddu held Jack.

Jack pushed Selebobo and Baddu away while Jerry ran to his car and bought his gun. He shot Jack, but to his greatest supraise the bullet didn’t penetrate Jack’s body.

(Jerry, Selebobo and Baddu were so supraise why the bullet couldn’t penetrate Jack’s body. Likewise Jack was supriase too but pretend not to be! Their Father also saw what happened and he was the most shockest person ever!)

”You want to kill Jack?” Jack said moving closer to Jerry while Jerry packed sand and pit inside his gun!

”Sand kill even spirit and I know your charm wouldn’t worked in sand!” Jerry said and shot Jack again…..




WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey


But to their greatest shocked ever the sand couldn’t even penetrate Jack which makes Baddu, Selebobo, Mike (General Kingsley driver) and the others boys to run while Jerry move backward. General Kingsley himself was shocker than the shockest.

”Sand can’t kill me because I came from sand!” Jack said and punch Jerry on his chest with anger which makes Jerry to pass out immediately. General couldn’t do anything because Jack was stronger than him.

Jack was about punching Jerry again when his mother shouted.

”Jack don’t do that! Please my son don’t use your anger on him!” His mother pleaded.

His mother word melted his heart, he left Jerry and went inside while general and his boys rushed Jerry to hospital!

”Kingsley, have you see what you cause? Have you see where you have lead Jerry to? Pray nothing happens to him!” Mrs Annabel said and walked inside while general enentered his car as his driver drove away immediately.

(Jack was born as a strong and brave man like his grandfather. The spirit of his grandfather was protecting him.)

Jack entered his room and sat on his bed, he pulled off his shirt. He was about lying down when he heard knock on his door.

”Come in!” He said while the door opened and his mother walked in and sat beside him on his bed.

”Son, what was the meaning of what happened outside?”

”Mom, I don’t know!”

”Jack, what do you mean by you don’t know? The bullet and sand couldn’t penetrated your body!”

”Mom, I am as supriase as you are!” Jack said with honest face while his mother starred at him confusely.

On the other hand, Baddu and Selebobo were standing together.

”Bro, I am scared of that Jack of a guy oh!” Baddu said to Selebobo.

”Not only you oh, me too! That’s why whenever he orders us, I always obeyed before he use his evil power on me!” Selebobo tells Baddu.

”Hmmm nawa oh! General have tiger plus lion together as a son!” Baddu said.

”But, wait oh, how come Jerry couldn’t fight Jack? Is Jack not his younger brother?” Selebobo asked.

”Selebobo you are a fool! You just dey answer selebobo for nothing! Even general himself nor go fit fight Jack! You nor see say me and you nor fit hold Jack? As I strong reach, you nor see my muscles!” Baddu said showing his muscles.

”Abeg shout up! You get muscles nah you nor fit hold Jack! Abeg come make we go find something eat! I dey hungry!” Selebobo said walking away.

”Nah only food you know how to chop! You nor know any other thing!” Baddu said following Selebobo while they laughed as they walk away……….





WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey


At Mrs Christabel’s house: Mrs Christabel was picking vegetables, Juliet was washing plates while Emmanuel was making fire, they were at the backyard when Chester walk in.

”Chester you came to see us today?” Mrs Christabel asked smiling as Chester walked closer to them.

”Yes aunty, good evening.” Chester respond and greeted her smiling too.

”Uncle Chester!” Juliet said and ran to hugged him while Emmanuel came out of the kitchen.

”Brother good evening!” Emmanuel greeted.

”Emmanuel how are you?” Chester asked and went to sat down next to Mrs Christabel.

”I am fine!” Emmanuel answered and went back to the kitchen and continued what he was doing likewise Juliet. Chester turned to Mrs Christabel.

”Aunty, I came to tell you that I would be travelling with my friend in the next two days!” Chester said calmly.

”Chester, where are you boys going to?” Mrs Christabel asked.

”Anuty, we are going to one village named Ebenator!” Chester replied.

”Ebenator!”(Mrs Christabel repeated before she continued) ”But what are you boys going to do there?” She asked calmly.

”Aunty don’t worry when I returned I will tell you everything, I just want you people to stay off the land first before we returned from our journey, so general Kingsley won’t hurt you!” Chester said

”Okay oh! You and your consins are the only people I have and I don’t want anything to happened to any of you!” Mrs Christabel said.

”Nothing would happened to any of us okay! Take this money it N50,000 I want you people to manage it till I returned!” Chester said handing over the money to her.

”Chester this money is too much! Since your uncle died, you have be taking care of us!” Mrs Christabel said.

”That’s what I promised my uncle before he died! I don’t want you to think okay!” Chester said and draw her to himself as she nodd her head to chester word.


At saint Marthins hospital: Jerry was rushed into the OPT, because he had pass out an hour before they got there and he was still bleeding seriously.

Even the doctor and nurses don’t want to treat Jerry but the fear of general kingsley of not killing them make them to treat his son.

General Kingsley went outside the hospital, he asked his driver to stepped down from the car of which he did and went inside the hospital and sat at the reception. General kingsley entered his car and took his phone while he called governor Williams.

”General kingsley!” Governor Williams called immediately he picked the call.

”Williams I am finished!” General said with a worried tone.

”What happened?” Governor Williams asked.

”You won’t believed that bullet couldn’t penetrate his body!” General said .

”Whose body bullet couldn’t penetrate?” Williams asked.

”Jack! Jack’s body! Bullet couldn’t penetrate his body!” General said.

”What? How come?” Governor Willams shouted.

”Yes, right now I am in the hospital!” General said.

”Hospital doing what?” Governor Williams asked while general Kingsley narrated everything to him.

”Lord zukka needs to hear this and we need to act fast before this boy kills us.” Gov Williams said.

”You’re right! I will you call later.” General said and end the call while he stepped down from the car and went back to the reception, while the doctor was coming towards him.

”Doctor how is him?” He asked as the doctor walk to him.

”General sir, your son is fine now but needs to rest very well!” The doctor said.

”Okay, can I go and see him?” He asked.

”Yes, his ward is by your left, second floor!!” He said and way away………..




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