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July 24, 2021


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The exclusive sex worker 27 & 28

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Chapter 27



[Exclusively His]



(An old friend)

Writer’s P O V

Prince Reagan went into his room, he picked up a lighter with a cigarette then lighted the cigarette before sitting down on the couch.

His immediate elder brother by the name Steven walked in with a smug grin on his face.

He closed the door behind him then stood watching Reagan as he smoked.

“So, who is she really?” Steven asked, now walking further into the room. He stopped at the table, picked up the pack of cigarettes there and also lighted one stick.

“She’s just a friend, what do you care?” Reagan asked running his hands through his scattered hair.

“You can’t be in that position with just a friend,” Steven replied him emphasizing on the words ‘Just a friend.’

“What do you want me to tell you then, Steve?” Prince Reagan groaned out in displease.

“Tell me who she is to you, that’s all. I aren’t disturbing or asking too much, am I? Because Emily seems to have heard a different thing about her,” Steven asked then said.

“What did Emily say?” Prince Reagan turned to look at Steven in question.

“She said the girl is trying to pull you and Celia apart. Celia went running to her for backup, and Emily ended up coming to me. I was on my way to actually ask you about it, didn’t expect to see you in such position with the so called MISTRESS,” Prince steven laid emphasis on the word mistress.

“She is not what you think. Believe me,” Prince Reagan defended.

“She is not pulling Celia and I apart. Celia and I just weren’t meant to be from the very beginning,” Prince Reagan said.

“Is this still about your suspicious Reggie. You still suspect that Celia cheated on you back then?” Asked Steven.

Prince Reagan huffed. Puffing out smoke from his mouth and nose.

“I still do,” he answered.

“Just let it go, suspecting her this much will only end up injuring you. The king already approved her for you, so just accept that fact,” prince steven encouraged.

“I am not really annoyed or something. I’m afraid Frank might not be mine, I don’t want to do a DNA either,” Prince Reagan revealed.

“You aren’t serious right now. Celia can’t go as far as forcing a child that’s not yours on you. She’s Emily’s friend, I believe she can’t do that, she’s not that bad. You are just imagining nonsense,” Prince steven chuckled at the end.

“I hope so,” Prince Reagan nodded dropping the cigarette on the floor before stepping on it.

“So tell me Reagan. Who is that girl to you?” Steven asked again.

“An old friend. Remember the girl I do play with then, when I was still around 10?” Prince Reagan revealed.

“Girl?” Steven asked as he went into deep thoughts. He cracked his brain for a while before recalling.

“Oh, that dirty looking girl and her brother?” Steven recalled.

Prince Reagan eyed him for calling Pink dirty.

“You are still obsessed with her till now?” Steven asked, an amused look appearing on his face.

“I’m not obsessed with her. She saved me, she’s the reason why I am alive today,” Prince Reagan rolled his eyes at Steven.

Steven chuckled.

“Still with your old stories. She saved me, she saved me,” Steven imitated Reagan.

It made Reagan frown a bit. He pulled out a sofa pillow and threw it at Steven who dodged it.

“Marcus and his wife’s anniversary is tonight. We are celebrating it at later, make sure you don’t miss it so you won’t get into another fight with him,” Steven reminded standing up to his feet.

Reagan scoffed.

“Yeah, whatever!” He waved it off.

“Seriously Reagan, he is our eldest brother and is gonna be the next king. Try to make up with him, don’t be on his bad book, once he becomes the king, it might really affect you,” Steven advised.

“I’ve heard you just go. I have a lot of things to sort out right now,” Prince Reagan purred his words.

“Yeah, I noticed too. You seem to be restless and I bet it’s because of that your ‘she saved me old friend.’ I’ll be pained to leave you right now but I’ll still do it,” Steven touched Prince Reagan’s jaw saying.

Prince Reagan pushed him away.

“You talk too much. Just leave alright?” Prince Reagan half yelled at him feigning disgust.


Few hours later.

Prince Reagan finished dressing up for his eldest brother marriage anniversary. He called Simon to his room after that.

Simon entered the room to see the prince backing him, staring at the mirror.

“My prince,” Simon bowed in greetings.

“You won’t be following me to the palace. You’ll stay and protect Amanda and her brother,” Prince Reagan announced.

Simon wanted to object. He knows the king might ask about his whereabouts but remained quite.

“Yes my prince,” Simon nodded at him.

A knock came at the door, then the door opened revealing Celia in a very gorgeous gown. She throws Simon a glare but Simon behaved neutral.

“My prince, look at me. Do you like my dressing? This gown was chosen from the best city mall in US,” Celia asked turning around for the prince to view her.

“It’s beautiful, it suits you,” Prince Reagan complimented making Celia blush.

“Let’s go my prince,” Celia extending her hand to Prince Reagan for him to hold her. He did and they walked out of the room.

They got closer to Celia’s son room, Celia turned to look at Reagan.

“My prince, why don’t you use a minute to see Frank. I heard you haven’t visited him since you arrived,” Celia suggested.

Prince Reagan forced a smile to his face.

“I promise I’ll do that when we get back. I just got so busy,” Prince Reagan assured her. She giggled and they continued walking.


Simon after seeing both the prince and Celia leave went to stand in front of Pink’s room.

The door opened few minutes later revealing Pink.

“You want something?” Simon asked her.

“Where is Reagan?” Pink asked.

“Prince Reagan,” Simon immediately corrected her.

“You won’t be spared when caught by someone else calling him only by his name. Even if you are his legally wedded wife,” Simon added.

“Ok, thanks for that. But where is he?” Pink asked again.

“He left and won’t be back until midnight. Asked me to stay with you,” Simon replied.

“Ok,” Pink shook her head and entered back into her room. She opened the door few minutes later.

“Can you take me somewhere then?” Pink asked, a mischievous smile on her face.

“Where?” Simon asked.

“To a river, any river around here?” Asked Pink.

“Yes,” Simon answered.

“Great, then take me there,” Pink requested leaving Simon to contemplate on her request.


Chapter 28



Writer’s P O V

Prince Reagan arrived the night party with Celia beside him. They got down from the white limo to be welcomed by reporters and photographers.

Some reporters struggled to ask them questions but the stationed guards there didn’t allow them. Prince Reagan wasn’t really in the mood for partying, he just wanted to get in, then get out 15 minutes later.

Celia held tightly to his right hand which he tucked into his trouser pocket as they walked down the red carpet into the main hall.

He knew he could be seeing all his brothers but he wasn’t sure about his father and his wife, they both might not come.

They got welcomed by relatives, friends and other guests inside the hall as I moved in further.

It didn’t take time for his eyes to fall on prince Steven. He whispered to Celia, asking her to leave his hand and Celia did.

He walked up to where Steven stood with his wife, Emily and one other guy strange to him.

“Good evening my prince,” Emily was the first to greet with her charming smiles always present.

He nodded twice in acknowledgement, before shifting his gaze to the man speaking with Steven.

“Good evening my prince, I’ve been expecting you,” the guy said bringing out a book.

Prince Reagan quickly recognized him as a reporter.

“Not today,” he simply waved him away. The guy’s face fell and he had no choice but to leave.

Emily had left immediately after greeting Prince Reagan to speak with Celia and the other princesses present.

Steven who had been watching the reporter and Prince Reagan chuckled.

“You came,” he said, it wasn’t a question.

“I had no choice, I aren’t spending time here either. Flying out in less than 10 minutes,” Prince Reagan replied.

Steven chuckled again.

“Go greet him before you leave then, don’t just leave without saying anything to him,” Steven said gesturing to the crown prince who was standing at the podium with his wife by his side speaking to countless reporters at a time.

Prince Reagan huffed finding it hard to approach him.

“You have to Reggie, make him see you before leaving,” Steven pressed on.

“Is that really necessary, Steve?” Prince Reagan asked, frowning.

“Of course. It is.”

“Is the king here?” Prince Reagan asked after a while.

‘Just left few minutes ago with his wife, old age can’t allow them do much,” Steven responded with a snicker.

“Michael, is he here?” Prince Reagan asked again.

“Nope, I don’t think he is coming. He’s out of the country,” Steven replied.

Prince Reagan took his eyes back to Marcus and his wife but still found it hard to go to them. Celia suddenly showed up with two glass drinks, she offered one to Prince Reagan after greeting prince Steven but Prince Reagan didn’t collect the drink from her. He kept contemplating whether to drink or not.

“Come on, take it,” Steve urged collecting the drink from Celia. He handed it over to Prince Reagan who reluctantly received it, he gulped the whole content down before returning the cup back to Celia who looked really happy.

“It’s good, the drink will give you the courage you need. You are still afraid of him till now,” Steven said.

“I am not!” Prince Reagan snapped.

“Ok, then go. Go to him, he doesn’t bite and he won’t scold you too. We are in public,” Steven pushed him. A wave of dizziness hit prince Reagan causing him to pause as he made to leave.

“What is it?” Prince steven asked.

“I don’t feel alright,” Prince Reagan answered.

“Are you kidding me right now, and you say that you aren’t scared of him. Trying to save yourself, huh!?” Steven teased.

“Say whatever you want, I’m not feeling good. I’m not seeing him,” Prince Reagan insisted.

He turned to see Celia still standing there.

“Come my prince, there is a room over there where you can rest your head,” Celia said grabbing unto prince Reagan’s hand.

Prince Reagan had no choice but to follow her because the sudden dizziness was taking a toll on him. He can’t see clearly, everything was becoming so blurry.

Celia took him to a preserved room away from noise and the people.

She sat prince Reagan down on the bed inside the room before locking the door and coming back to look at him.

“My prince,” prince Reagan heard the distant voice of Celia before closing his eyes.


Pink kept looking out through the car’s window as Simon drove her to the ‘supposed’ river.

They arrived few minutes later. Pink came down from the car followed by Simon.

Pink started approaching the river, although it was already dark. Pink could still see the water beating against itself.

She hugged herself when heavy breeze hit her skin. She got to the river bank then stood, she kept watching the water move but at the same time kept watching out for Simon who stood beside the car watching her like a hulk.

Pink bite her lips in thought.

She doesn’t know anywhere around here.

If I take my right I wonder where it will take me to, Pink thought looking at her right hand side.

She looked at her left and also wondered the same thing.

With him watching me like this, how am I to even move? He’ll get me before I even try to run.

Pink kept watching the river, deep in thought.

A distraction? Should I just distract him? Yes, she thought.

Slowly she turned to face Simon, a horrific look crept up her face at once.

“Simon, look,” she pointed at the car looking like she was seeing a ghost.

Simon hesitated a bit before looking at the imaginery thing she was pointing at.

When he didn’t see anything, he turned back to ask her what the matter was but didn’t find her there again. He immediately became alarmed.

“Fück!” He cussed realizing she played him.

He ran to where she stood, he looked left and right but didn’t see her, the darkness made everything worst for him.

He looked down the floor, bringing out his flashlight. He started tracing her foot prints but got confused when he got to a particular point where there were numerous foot prints.

He bite his lower lips hard in thought.

Should I inform the prince? He wondered.

No, let me continue looking for her, I’ll call him after an hour, he concluded in his mind then continued searching for her.

Pink ran and ran so fast, faster than she had ever ran in her life. She bursted into the road after some minutes, she stood on the road wondering whether to continue running or wait for a car.

She decided on her second option, it didn’t take time before she saw an oncoming vehicle which she waved down. The vehicle didn’t stop, it continued moving.

It didn’t take time again to see another oncoming vehicle. Pink kept waving the vehicle down until it stopped.

Pink quickly ran to the window, acting on the movies she has watched.

Please help me, he wants to kill me, she pleaded with the stranger who allowed her in.

Pink kept looking behind her to add to her act but saw someone that looked like Simon running towards her from a distance. The car drove for a while at a high speed, until it was far away from the river. She signed placing her hand on her chest.

“So who was the man trying to kill you?” The stranger asked looking at her.

“It’s my boyfriend. He acts stupid whenever he is drunk, thanks for your kindness,” Pink thanked.

The lady smiled at her kindly. “It’s my pleasure, you are a lady like I am anyways,” the lady said.

Pink nodded.



T B C Pink

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