The DNA test episode 8

The DNA Test (episode 8)
The bond and connection between a mother and her child can not be fathomed. A woman might not be sure of anything in her life but not when it comes to her feelings for her child. Belinda nee-ded no seer to tell her that David was her 6 year old lost son because the confirmation was vivid in her heart and spirit. Without the approval or consultation of Rita, she made her way to her son and gave him the warmest hvg he had ever received since his existence. That beautiful action and sight brou-ght tears to Ace’s eyes while Rita was still confused on what was going on. It was truly about to go down that fateful day because so many secrets where about to be uncovered.
“What is going on here? What do you mean by what you just told my son? Ace what have you come to my house to do after all these years I tried to contact you but you deliberately shut me off? Don’t l@ya single f!nger on my son again because you both wouldn’t like to see the other side of me” Rita flared up and f0rç£fully dragged David from Belinda’s hand.
On seeing that things were about to take a different turn, Ace figured it was time for him to step in and explain what was going on. “Rita, can we just go inside and talk? There’s a lot to be said and I bet you will un-derstand better after we are done with the conversation” he gently requested but she wasn’t re-ady to have any conversation with either of them. “You are a big clown to think that I would care about anything you c@m£ here for. When I found out that I was pregnant, I tried to reach you severally but you ran away from me at every attempt I made to get closer to you; now here you are! plea-se leave my house before the neighbours will gather for us now. I said Leave!” Rita angrily said.
As the situation was headed towards a dead end, Belinda figured that she had to do something because there was no way she would let her biological son still remain in the custody of another woman. That was never going to happen; at least not for the second time.
“I know you are paranoid and confused as to why we are here and it’s OK to feel that way because I feel same too. I have been devastated since the very day it got to my notice that my baby boy was switched at the hospital on the day I gave birth to him. It was a DNA Test that revealed this scary secret to us and after series of professional investigations, we got to know that my husband had an affair with a lady in the past; which happened to be You. The DNA Test showed that I wasn’t the mother to my lovely son I had nurtured for the past 6 years, but it also showed that my husband was very much his dad. It sounded unbelievable initially but everything started to make s-en-se when you c@m£ into the picture. It was after an intense investigation that we were able to trace you throu-gh ‘Living Streams Hospital’ delivery records. What I am about to say now might sound like a Big joke but your biological son is in my house as we speak, while this little boy I am staring at now is my own flesh and blood” she soberly said.
Immediately Belinda was done talking, Rita bur-st into uncontrollable laughter. She laughed her ribs out while the other p@rty looked as serious as any other thing. To Rita, they looked like clowns who had come to snatch her 6 years old baby from her; everything was indeed laughable to her. After laughing for a while, she addressed the issue one last time.
“Listen, I don’t know who you guys think you are to boldly come to my house to say this ru-bbish but let me put you straight once and for all; don’t ever come here again if you don’t want to see the mad side of me. So your wife is barren and you want to come and steal my child which you never knew existed before now. I laugh in spanish because you guys look like clowns. Before I count from one to five, I want the two of you to disappear from my sight. Get Out Now!” she screamed and ban-ged the door behind her.
After that little scene, Belinda broke into tears and gave Ace a dirty sl@p on his face due to the rage she was feeling at that very moment. “I hate you with all my heart, I swear I hate you. I never want to look at you again. How could you just fold your hands and watch this lady withhold my son? That is my lost son for crying out loud and you couldn’t do anything. I hate you Ace, I hate you” she said as she cried bitterly. Since it was a public compound, neighbours started gathering the scene to know what was happening.
In less than five minutes, there were over 10 people pres£nt. Belinda kept crying and telling her ‘baby switch’ story to everyone that cared to listen. The neighbours tried to call Rita out from her room but she paid deaf ears and didn’t open the door. The grieved Belinda kept crying as a child whose toy was taken from her. It took the grace of God for Ace and some concerned neighbours to be able to convince her to go home and come back more prepared to take her son another day. After a long time of persuasion, the exhausted and tired lady followed her husband back home.
As Ace drove home that very day, Belinda kept crying in the car and didn’t seem like she was going to st©p anytime soon. She cried her eyes out and kept stamping her feet on the car floor. Ace tried all he could to console her by telling her that they would come back more prepared in a legal way to take the child back but that wasn’t enough to console her.
Do you know painful it is to see something you love and have waited long enough for but can’t t©uçh it? Belinda was close to her own biological son for the first time in 6 years but couldn’t claim him nor take him home. It was highly devastating indeed. Poor Belinda!
After that day, Ace got more authorities involved in the matter and they all backed him up after every claim was confirmed. They planned when to strike and how they were going to go about it too.
Since the last visit to Rita’s house, Belinda have been restless and kept day-dreaming of that first special hvg she gave her son that very day they met. The desperate lady was involved in everything that pertained to bringing her son back to her. She attended all police appointments and meetings too. Rita felt she was smart but she definitely wasn’t re-ady for the prepared couple.
However, something quite unfortunate happened on the D-day the authorities planned to reclaim David from his switched mother ‘Rita’. Despite the fact that Rita was less privileged, she was one step ahead in the game. It turns out that while Ace was ma-king arrangements to reclaim his child, Rita was packing to elope from her compound. It took her just 2 days to totally disappear from the compound to an unknown location and territory.
The day of the operation c@m£ and police officers invaded the compound with over 5 hefty men in uniform. Belinda and Ace were pres£nt and very re-ady to take back their son.
Just so you know, Junior was still well taken care of and Belinda still saw him as her child; nothing had changed. They actually planned on giving Rita 50/50 custody of Junior because he was still very much Ace’s son. They also planned on changing her life by establishing a big business for her and also move her from the old place she was living in. If only Rita knew that these couple meant well for her too, she wouldn’t have done what she did and pres£ntly still doing. If only she knew!
Immediately the officers invaded the compound, the went straight to Rita’s door and ban-ged on it as though they wanted to bring it down. After ban-ging severally but no response, they opened the door and it freely opened on it’s own without the nee-d of a key.
The officers were surprised but too hyped to care. They entered inside only to meet an empty room. “No one is here” an officer said as they c@m£ out from the room. A neighbour who was pres£nt was questioned on where Rita was and he dropped a shocker; “Madam Rita has packed out with her son” the neighbour revealed.
Immediately Belinda heard that shocking revelation, she screamed and coll@psed!
End of episode 8 😉