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The daily of lia mark episode 4

(Dear diary)
Okay I just told Noah my secret, not my secret actually but a
secret, Dang it..
“uhmm.. I mean my mom’s getting married” I quickly lied but
he’s no fool
“really?” he arched an eyebrow at me sarcastically
“look.. Okay fine you caught me I am actually getting married
but please you have to tell no one about this” I Said looking
into his eyes
He looked suddenly poppy and Sad “oh so it’s not a joke you
are actually getting married” he asked
“I wish it was a joke, I actually am” I said and faced the floor
“well then I could say, I liked you, or still like you, but you’re
already taken so I loose” he Said and laughed and i joined him
“but don’t worry your Secret’s safe with me,.. But who’s this
lucky guy anyway” he asked
“Huh? Uh-he.. I.. I..
“hey there Noah, Amelia” Derrick called, okay earth to Derrick
he have saved my butt two times .. He walked up to us and
placed his hand around my shoulder
“so what are you two up to” Derrick asks
“do you know that Amelia is getting married” Noah asked
Derrick In a small whisper while Derrick gave me a small
“what!! Really? I had no idea” Derrick lied in a teasing tone …
“what? But I thought you guys are best friends why wouldst
you know” Noah added
“because there are something friends from each other, but I
don’t care let’s go to the cafeteria together I heard we’re giving
pasta salad or is it nacho cheese ..i don’t know why don’t we
find out” Derrick said quickly changing the subject and making
me walk to the cafeteria with Noah behind us..
At the cafeteria the three of us got the same thing nacho
cheese and crackers, with cold milk,
Just then Amanda walked up to us her lips shining with red
lipstick.. Ugh drama queen
“oh Noah, here you are I’ve been looking for you all over the
school, I didn’t know you’re here with, her” she said
immediately she got to us and gestured her hand in air
towards me..
“what did you want with me!” Noah ask
“I was gonna ask you to tell eat with me but no need you’re
here with irresponsible girl and her dorky friend” Amanda
“what is that suppose to mean Amanda” Derrick said almost
angrily, and she laughed and said
“simple you’re a dork and she?, she is so irresponsible, I mean
you weren’t even sick and you didn’t come to school
yesterday what were you doing, to just miss school without
any reason and clearly being the schools president top notch
of being irresponsible”
“Wait hold on there Amanda, are you actually complaining
about Lia Absence, oh yeah right since she’s not in school you
had to take her job, see looks like you can’t handle what Lia
can do” Derick said and winked at me and I shook my head
“you are a cliché” Amanda said referring to Derrick and then
she left.. And we all burst into sweet sounds of laughter
School closed that day and i sadly went home, the thought
about being home reminders me of my marriage, I’m gonna be
in my room a day sleeping or crying,
As I got in my car I sighed and turned to my window sadly
“what’s wrong” Derrick asked immediately Klaus started
“oh you know going home and..
“thinking about the marriage stuff” he cut me off completing
my sentence
“yepp” I replied popping the “p”
“so want me to have a sleepover at your house tonight” he
asked and I turned excitedly
“will you?” I threw back the question
He nodded and said “anything for my girl” I wrapped my hands
around him giving him a tight warm hug.. “okay that’s enough”
he said and pushed me making me hit my head a little on the
car window “ouch!” I barked In his face
“oh really, try giving me another hug and I’ll throw you out of
the car” he said and we both laughed.. I wish it would just be
like this, me and Derrick would just go home like always with
no ring on my finger and maybe Noah and I would have
already gone on our first date ..
But what can I say life is pretty I fair..
“I’m home” I announced as I got to my enormous living room
and my voice echoed, as I walked to the stairs i noticed
someone sitting on the couch and when I turned to look at the
person it was Logan and wow I was surprised
“what are you doing here” my voice comes out high
He quickly raised his head up beside he was busy with his
“oh are you talking to me” he asked looking side ways
“yeah Duh! You’re the only one in here” I said sarcastically
rolling my eyes at him
“just shut up and pretend you didn’t see me” he said way too
rudely I gasped and blinked rapidly
“how.. Da- do yo-
I didn’t even know what to say he just insulted me okay this
guy is so not a nice person
“maybe you should be the one to shut up and just listen to
her” I heard a familiar voice behind me and when I turned I
saw Logan’s mom..
“Mrs.. Miss
“oh just call me Jaone” she Saod while I modded
“oh Kay” I said lowly
“I’m so sorry if Logan said anything wrong the boy’s crazy
sometimes I wonder sometimes if he’s actually my son” Joane
said and laughed
“you know I’m over here right” Logan said while his mom shot
him a glare
“you wanted to know why he’s here, he stupidly broke the
news to his ex girlfriend that he’s getting married and now
some reporters are hanging around the mansion trying to get
questions from him, so your father insisted he stays here for a
while” she explained while I nod, turned and made my way to
my room ..
I took a cold bath and put on something nice, I sat down back
on my bed and did nothing
Now I just don’t know what to do with my life.. It kinda sucks I
suddenly got a message on my phone and I suddenly grabbed
it and it was Derrick
**coming over in five**
I mind read the text message and dropped my phone
Thank god he’s coming over at least I’ll have someone’s to talk
Few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door
“it’s open” I yelled happily
“well you didn’t have to yell” Derrick said walking in..
“sorry just got excited seeing you , Logan tried to ruin my
mood” I Said while he shrugged and said
“I said hi to him but he just ignored me”
“he’s just being stupid” I said and we both shared a laughed a
pretty good laugh
“so I haven’t eaten dinner yet, wanna eat some with me” I
“I ate dinner already so let’s just eat dessert” he said rubbing
his tummy
“okay fine, ice-cream?” I asked
“oh yeah, that’s my second favourite thing in the world” Derrick
yanked happily
“what’s your first favourite thing” I asked moving my hair back
“you” he replied with a smile
“awwn thanks that’s so sweet” I said wearily why he placed his
hands on my shoulder and pushed me out saying “let’s go get
that ice-cream”
I opened the fridge in the kitchen and brought out a big plate
of ice-cream, “will this do?” I asked dropping the ice-cream on
the counter
“of course” Derrick replied
I closed the fridge and grabbed a spoon for Derrick and i
“let’s eat it in here” Derrick said as I grabbed the ice-cream
about to walk away
“okay.. ” I replied and sat down on the counter.. While Derrick
stood by the side of the country
I opened the ice-cream and grabbed a spoonful of the ice-
cream and shoved it in my mouth.. And so did Derrick he was
rushing his..
Ice-cream freak, I thought to my self and laughed
“ooh brain freeze” Derrick groaned closing his eyes and
rubbing his templates .. I couldn’t help but laugh, “good for
you” I said sticking my tongue out
“oh really, then no more ice cream for you” he said and moved
the plate to his body “don’t worry sweetie I’m done already” I
said and jumped down from the counter..
“so I’ll be in my room” I said and walked out of the kitchen,
the living room was still invaded with Logan and his phone, as
I was about to climb the stairs he called my name
“Amelia!!” I tunes to him surprisingly
“what!?” I replied and rudely and ever
“just so you know I’m sleeping in your room tonight” he said
“why the hell would you be slee–
“mom’s order not mine, like I would want to sleep in your
room!!..yeah you wish” he said with a smirk
“you know what brown you’re a pretty Douchebag that I could
ever imagine” I said angrily
“whatever” he said and I huffed Angrily and walked up stairs
It was nighttime, derrick and I sat on the floor with my nail
polish around us, and a small stereo playing derrick and I
favourite song /born to love you/ ..
I’ve successfully forced Derrick to paint my nails for me and
he’s now focused on it taking it seriously, this sleepover is
going great I think, just then the door flew open and Logan
walked in,turning off the stereo and jumping on the door,
I sighed angrily and stood up, and got a small stain of nail
polish on the back of my hand
“what’s your problem” I yelled
“I hate noise and disturbance like your stereo and your voice”
he said and I narrowed my eyes angrily…
“common man don’t be an asshole” Derrick said
“oh I am more of an asshole than you could ever imagine”

style="text-align: left;">Logan replied

“well not in front of me” derrick said and turned on the song
again, oh this is going to be the longest night ever.. I can’t
believe I’m getting married to this guy
T. B. C

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