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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The cursed child episode 16 & 17

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☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 16



Unknown pov
The king and the Queen are at the throne room when they heard a shout from outside the palace.

They were surprised and wondered what the cause of the scream might be and shortly after the wounded guards entered.

Aurora was about taking the chariot out to look for Amelia when she saw the wounded guards entering the throne room.

She was shocked thinking they were under attack so she stopped and decided to know the situation.

Everyone in the throne room were shocked when they see the wounded guards and were more shocked.

Aurora also entered and went to sit beside her mother and also wondered where her brother was.

” What happened?….why are you like this?” The king asked.

” Your highness, we were attacked” one of the guards said.

” Attacked?… who?…where?” He asked.

” Are you not the guards in charge of the prince security?” The queen added.

” Yes My Queen” he replied.

” Where is he?……why is he not here with you?” The king asked.

” Forgive me My King, the prince was also attacked and right now he’s with the royal healer” the guards said and everyone gasped in shock.

” Who?….I command you to tell me who did this?” The king said angrily.

” My Lord, it’s Amelia…….she attacked us” he said.

” What!!!” Everyone said in surprise.

” Oh God, oh God……oh God” the queen muttered restlessly then ran out of the throne room and her maids behind her.

” YOU LIER” Aurora said and went to him angrily and gave him two resounding slap.



” ENOUGH Aurora” the king growled.

” It’s a lie Father, all this shameless man spurt out are nothing but lies, Amelia would never do that” Aurora defended.

” She would never hurt the prince” she added.

” I swear on my mother’s grave my princess, I’ll never tell a lie especially not to the royal family” the guards said.

” Tell me all that happened…. Now”

” The prince wanted to take his usual walk outside the kingdom and we met with Amelia and the prince went to have a word with her”

” They were talking then suddenly she got angry and her eyes were of that of a monster”

” She attacked the prince and killed most of the guards with only an handful of us left injured”

” My Lord, she is a sorcerer because attacked us without touching any of us and She ran off” he concluded.

This made Aurora more angrier and went to the man one more time and gave him another slap.


” AURORA, what has come into you?” The king shouted.

” Father, it’s obvious what this man said is a lie……..Aurora is not a sorcerer and she never hurt my brother” Aurora said.

” Get control of yourself or I’ll have them take you to your chamber” the king said then turned to the men.

” Are you certain she did this?” The king asked.

” Yes My King, She did this” the guard replied.

” Father, you can’t possibly believe what these men are saying….. Amelia can’t do that?” Aurora said.

” You don’t know the girl Aurora, we don’t know much about her” the king said.

” I know her Father, she’s a good person and she’s my friend” Aurora replied.

” You barely know her Aurora, do you think she tell you everything?”

” When Bosnak and his men were found dead in the forest, She said she was helped some hunters”

” We sent out words to the hunters to claim their reward but none showed up infact there’s no Hunter”

” Only a sorcerer have that kind of power to kill all those men in the forest and now I believe she’s the one” the king concluded.

” Father, she can’t be the one” Aurora said already crying.

” If she’s not then who?…… I’ve always seen you both together now tell me where is she now?” The king said.

” Father, please reconsider before making any decision” Aurora said.

” She killed my men and that makes her a threat, and also attacked my son”

” This is the crown prince we are talking about…..This is your brother we are talking about”

” She tried to kill your brother, I expect you to be more angry and not with this silly behavior” the king said.

” She made a mistake hurting a member of the royal family and that she must pay” he added then turned to the guards.

” Inform the commander, I want a full lockdown in the kingdom and every village”

” I want every soldiers out there searching for her, search from door to door until she’s found”

” She must not escape and if she refused to surrender you are allowed to used lethal force” the king concluded.

” Father please” Aurora pleaded but the king ignored.

” GO NOW” he said to the men.

” Yes Your Highness” they replied then left.
{Next Day}
Amelia walked for a long time then decided to stop to catch her breath.

She was at the outskirt of the kingdom and she saw soldiers roaming around on a horse.

‘ the news must’ve gotten around, they are probably looking for me now’ she thought.

‘ I tried, I tried but wouldn’t listen’

” I can’t keep running forever, I can’t live looking over my shoulder all the time”

” There’s only one person who can help and that’s Aurora”

” Perhaps if I explained everything to her she will believe me and decide to help, I know she will”

” I need to go back” she said then turned back.

A while later she stopped and looked at the kingdom upfront with guards inspecting everyone entering the city.

She looked for a way to get into the city without getting caught and found one as she hide inside the cart carrying cattle which is heading to the city.

Immediately the cart passed inspection and headed towards the market and she jumped down.

She had to go through the busy market first and as she walked along, the cap of her garment was over her head.

She kept her head down the whole time, trying as much as possible to avoid the gazes of others because she knew she’d be in trouble, if her face gets seen by anyone.

She was the most wanted person in the Kingdom at that moment.

She was able to pass the market successfully and after a longer walk, she finally got to the small door and knocked on it.

There was no reply.

She looked around and knocked again.

Damn it! Just open the door! She grumbled in her heart and almost immediately, she heard the door opening.

It opened creakily and Laura came out and She gasped as soon as she saw the Amelia.

“Amelia???” She wanted so bad to scream the name, but ended up whispering it.

Although, her eyes still explained how shocked she was.

“Laura” Amelia called lowly.
“Please, let me in”.

Laura’s eyes drooped. And in a more discrete tone, she asked:
“What’re you doing here?”
” You are wanted by the entire kingdom”

Her hands were still holding the door, standing in the way.

“We can’t talk out here, Laura. Please, let me in” Amelia answered, her voice pleading.

She looked around to be sure no one was watching.


” Laura !” She snapped and a brief silence ensued between them.

Giving it a quick thought, Laura decided to take a little risk and ushered her into the house.

She shut the door as soon as they were in.

“Where have you been, Amelia? And what’re you doing here?? The King’s looking for you!……you can’t stay here Amelia” She growled, making her fear obvious.

“I won’t take long, Laura. I promise. I just….I just need to stay till evening before going to see the princess” Amelia replied.

” You hurt the crown prince and killed his guards, the king is very angry and there’s a bounty on your head” Laura said then Leo entered was surprised to see her.

” Amelia??” He said then went to hug her.
” Thank the gods you’re safe” he added.

“Oh! Goodness, Amelia. You’re wanted by everyone in this Kingdom because there’s a 100 silver bounty on your head….”

” The guards came here ransacking everywhere hoping to find you here…….”

” And if anyone gets to know w….I.we..helped you,we’ll be…..”

“I know. I know, okay? And that’s the reason I promise not to take long… Please” she added the last part with a little reluctance.

They were silent for a while.

“Whatever happened, Amelia?” She broke the brooding silence.

“Why did you hurt the prince?….why did you killed his guards?… are labeled as a sorcerer” Laura said.

” I’m not a sorcerer, the prince tried to force himself and I fight back but I regretted the outcome” Amelia replied.

” The king is very angry, I can’t imagine what he would do to you if he find you, not even the princess can help you” Laura said.

“You should look for a way to go far from here” she continued.

“Far from this land, Amelia. Because it wouldn’t be funny if the King gets a hold of you”.

“I’ll leave, but I need to speak with the princess, I can’t run forever” Amelia replied.

“Besides” she continued.

“Even if I wanted to leave, that’s impossible because the King has placed guards on every exit of this land. There’s no way I can leave without being caught”

“Oh… Amelia. You’re so ruined” Laura shook her head.

” Don’t worry Amelia, we will look for a way to help you out, just stay calm” Leo said.

” Thank you….both of you” she replied

“I’ll go get you some food right away” Laura said said.

Amelia just nodded and muttered a “thank you”.

“I’ll be on my way now. Make sure you stay indoors, okay? Please, don’t get me into trouble” she said with pleading eyes and left.
When the evening has come she got ready to go over to the palace to the princess chamber.

” I’m coming along” Leo said.

” No Leo, I can’t let you do that…… you’ve done so much already…..I can’t ask that of you” she replied.

” Leo, she’s right you shouldn’t…… don’t be stupid to get yourself into trouble” Laura cautioned.

” Nothing will happen sister, I need to help her” he replied then they both went out cover their head with cloak.

On their way to the princess chamber they tried every way possible to avoid the night guards parading the streets.

Getting to the princess chamber became a very hard thing to do as everywhere is crowded with guards.

Just as they are about to the reached the Palace they were stopped by four soldiers.

” Halt” the guard said and they both stopped.

” Turn slowly ” he said again and they both turned gently.

” Take the cloak off your head” he said again and they both looked at themselves not making a move.

” I said take it off” he said and this time they all take out their sword then they removed their cloak.

Immediately the guards recognize her Amelia attacked them punching them hard till they are all down.

” We’ve got to go now” Leo said and suddenly they were spotted by another guard Faraway who blew the whistle.

Leo and Amelia started running and were pursued by the soldiers, they keep running and before they knew it they were surrounded.

Amelia pulled up her arm to fight but Leo stopped her.

” We are outnumbered Amelia, there’s nothing we can do” Leo said as he surrendered.

“Tie her up!!” The commander gave the command and they pinned her firmly to the ground as they worked on the ropes

In no time, she was tied, her hands behind her back, and they lifted her to her feet, same with Leo.

“Let’s go!” the commander said again and with they took them away.
☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 17
Unknown POV
The king and his Queen were in their son’s chamber as they watched the healer treat his wound.

” Is he going to be alright?” The queen asked.

” Yes My Queen, he should wake up tomorrow but now he should rest” the healer replied.

” That evil girl must be dealt with if she’s found…..she must pay dearly for this doing this” the Queen said angrily.

” It’s Okay, we will find her” the king replied patting her shoulder then a knock came on the door.

“Enter” he gave the permission and the door opened slowly, revealing one of his close guards.

“My King” he turned to them and bowed.
Good thing he was able to get a grip of himself.

“There’s some news about Amelia”.

A glint of curiosity flashed in king’s eyes immediately, curiosity and anger.

“Tell me” he said icily, his throat heating up.
It had better been goodnews.

” She’s been captured a few meters away from the palace” the guard replied.

” Right now, she’s been put in the dungeon”.

The king felt the bile crawling up his throat as he listened.

“Bring her to the throne room and increase security around her and I don’t want any mistakes” he said gruffly.

“Yes, My King” the guard bowed and then went out.

The news of Amelia’s arrest travel round the city, and some of the council members got dress and head to the palace including the Oracle.

One of the maids came to inform Aurora about Amelia and she also stood up and went to throne room.
The king sat in a comfy manner on his throne, his thumb rubbing his lower lip, while Amelia was brought in by the guards.

Few of his subjects were in the hall as well, The Oracle and the council standing accordingly on each side.

The guards dragged Amelia to the room with both her hands and legs chained to together and also surrounded by guards.

Aurora saw the chains on her and her heart sank and tears dripped down her face to what she saw.

The king’s cold eyes didn’t leave her face for a second, Same with the Queen and Amelia also fixed her eyes on him.

It’s very obvious they were both furious hoping they could pounce on her but they tried to control their anger as she was brought in.

Amelia looked around and saw the expression on their faces but she ignored it all as she stood before them.

One thing she was sure about was that she was not guilty for defending herself, only feel bad for the outcome.

Finally, she was placed on her knees in front of him.

She looked up at the King for a while, and when the silence stretched, she lowered her gaze to the floor.

” You ” He finally let out a word and moved his thumb from his lip.

His voice was so calm and gentle as he spoke, but Amelia knew there were so many hidden intentions behind it because it’s all written on his face.

His face crinkled up in a cold smirk and he left his seat.

“I know it won’t be very long before you are found”, he walked to the table behind the throne and touched some of the tools.

” After everything the Royal family has done for you, this is how you pay us back by attacking the crown prince” the king said.

” You made an attempt to kill my son” he added.

” I never wanted to but he tried to force himself o……..”

” ENOUGH” The King yelled.
” Don’t interrupt me when I’m still talking”

” It doesn’t matter what he did to you…. he’s the crown prince, the heir to the throne”

” You have no right whatsoever to lay your hand on him, and not only did you hurt him…”

” You also killed his guards…..You killed them” the king said and Amelia couldn’t take it anymore.

” What will you have me do? Huh?…..he tried to force himself on him and I fight back”

” I’m not a weakling, I won’t be force against my will and I won’t be treated like a whore because I’m not”

” The prince go too far forcing himself on a woman, how is going to rule a kingdom while he’s forcing himself on every woman” Amelia said back.

The Queen stood up angrily and went to her and gave her three resounding slap.


” You liar, my son would never force himself on a woman because there has been a report of him”

” And now you expect us to believe that?….you are a lying shameless whore ” the Queen spatted.

” I’m not a whore” Amelia replied.

” DON’T YOU DARE RETURN WORD WITH MY WIFE……..GUUAAARDS” the king shouted then two guards came forward and started beating her.

” Father that’s enough……please” Aurora pleading crying.

” Stay out of this Aurora” the king rebuked.

They keep punching her until her face started bleeding and when the king feel satisfied he stopped them.

” Everything coming out of your mouth are nothing but lies” the king said.

” I don’t lie…..I always tell the truth” she replied weakly.

” Oh really, what about the strange death of Bosnak and his men, you lied about the hunters because there are no hunter”

” You are a witch, a sorcerer, that’s how you killed them…..the guards confirmed you to be one ”

” You used your witchcraft on them including my son, I’ll show you what I do to sorcerer” the king said.

” No father, you can’t…..she’s not at fault here…… Niklaus is the one to blame… can’t possibly do this” Aurora said.

” GUARDS, escort the princess to her room and if she disagree then carry her and lock her there” the king said.

Two guards went to her and when she disagreed she was carried by one of them.

” No….No….stay away from me….put me down” she screamed as they carry her out.

” You’re just like your son…. you’re both full of sh*t……you both will be the downfall of your kingdom” Amelia said and the guards rewarded her with more beating.

” You should worry not, tomorrow I’ll make you an example to others out there” he said then turned to the guards.

” Take her away and commander, start making preparations” he said then the guards took her away.
As Amelia was taken out the Oracle draw closer to the king.

” My King, I should inform you that I’ve always sense an evil aura from that lady” the Oracle informed.

” You do?…..why did you have to take this long before informing me?…you could’ve prevented her from hurting my son” the queen replied.

” My King, I wasn’t certain about it and I did consult the gods but I got no response which made me say nothing” the Oracle replied.

” What about others like her?….I won’t have any of them Lurking around the kingdom” He said.

” I need you to consult the gods and make sure you get a response before leaving the temple” the king said.

” I need to know there response before we carry out the punishment”

” Yes My King” the Oracle said the left.
As the guards took Amelia back to the dungeon, few of the people they came across kept looking at her, like she was a strange sight or something.

Well, neither of them were Amelia’s problem at the moment as all she could think about was surviving the King.

While in the throne room, she had seen so much anger in him which reminded her of her alter ego.

They walked down a hallway and finally got to the dungeon and the guards threw her roughly on the floor before going out and locked it.

She managed to stand on her feet, but didn’t know what else to do then she remember Leo.

She haven’t seen him since they were both arrested, ‘silly boy….I told him not to come along’.

‘ I wonder how he’s feeling right now and I hope he’s having a better luck than I am’ she thought.

Then she remember the king’s word about the punishment for sorcerer tomorrow.

‘ what’s going to happen tomorrow?’
A while later, Amelia heard the someone opening the dungeon bars and soon she was surprised to the princess.

” Aurora?……what are you doing here?…..I thought you are locked up” She asked.

” I found a way to escape and I’m here to get you out” Aurora said trying to unlock her cell.

” You father can’t know you are here…..I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me” Amelia said.

” I won’t stand still and let my father do this to you” Aurora replied.

” Why are you doing this?…..I hurt your brother you should be angry at me” she said.

” I’m not okay with what you did but I know you’re only trying to protect yourself, so I won’t let you be punished for defending yourself” Aurora replied.

” Why isn’t it opening?” Aurora said in frustration as she couldn’t get the lock open.

” Just go Aurora……Just leave me alone” I said.

” No I can’t, you have no idea what they’d do to you tomorrow” Aurora said.

” What’s going to happen tomorrow?” She asked.

“According to the law, any one found practicing witchcraft will first be beaten with thorn whip”

” An after then the sorcerer will be burned alive” she concluded with tears dropping.

” Why didn’t you tell me you’re a sorcerer?….why didn’t you tell me that part of you…..I thought we are friends” Aurora said.

” I’m not a sorcerer, look Aurora, it’s complicated and I wish I could explain but I can’t”

” there has to be a way to stop this, there has to be something you can do” Amelia said.

” I can’t do much, at this stage there’s one option” Aurora said.

” If the Niklaus Grant you pardon but you will be barnish from the land, and that is impossible since he’s unconscious” she informed.

” So I’m ruined finally” Amelia muttered.

” Not yet, I’ll get the another key to unlock this” Aurora said as she made to leave.
” Aurora, it’s Okay……..just leave me here, you’ve done enough” Amelia said.
” No, I can’t let that happen, I won’t” she replied.
” Please, you have to…….if you want to help me there’s some you can help with” she said and Aurora turned to her.
” Help me get Leo out…….he didn’t do anything wrong so doesn’t deserve to be punish” Amelia said.
” I will….but”
” It’s okay…… you’ve tried enough and I’m happy I met you” Amelia said as they held their hands crying.
” Heyy” a guards said and they both jerked up.
” Oh, princess?…..what are you doing here?… you’re not allowed to be here”
” Please leave now” the guards said.
” It’s alright Aurora, thank you” Amelia said as the guard led her out.
” So I’ll be dying tomorrow, at least I’ll be reunited with my father, along with everyone in my village”



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