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July 23, 2021


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The bride’s maid Episode 7 & 8

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( Dangerous🔞 Romance )


Episode 7



Diana’s pov :

” What the hell did you say to her??” Max asked looking angry,I’ve never seen him looking this way before.
What have that girl done to him?

” And why the hell do you care?? What the hell is happening between you guys!! ” I shouted

” I can’t believe this,are you jealous now or what??”

” Am not jealous,, she doesn’t worth of being jealous of,, we will be getting married soon,and she will leave our f**king life ” I scoffed

” You don’t know what you’re saying,,” He replied and walked out of the kitchen

What the hell is happening?? Did Max just supported that girl and not me??
What did that girl do to him???

I really have to do something about this before she take him away from me.

Olivia’s pov :

I wipe my tears and sighed,she’s right anyway,,I just can’t wait to leave this place. Just then my phone rang,, I checked the ID and it turned out to be my boss,,

📞 Hi sir
📞 Hey Olivia,,is everything okay??
📞 Everything is fine sir

📞 Okay,,that’s great,I just want to let you know that Miss Diana paid us already, so you should do your best and make us proud.

📞 Wow,that’s amazing. I promise to do my best sir

📞 Good,,and besides Huston will be coming over to join you tomorrow,, I just think two heads are better than one,or what do you think??

📞 That will be great sir,please send him over
📞 Okay,I will talk to you later,take care

” Yes!!” I said happily

Huston is my colleague at work,now I won’t feel lonely anymore,it’s a good thing he will be coming.

A knock came on the door,,I stood up and opened the door,,Max came in and I was shocked ,how can he still come here after what his fiancee said ??

” What,,do you want??” I asked

” Oh,,,am just,,,I want to apologize, on behalf of Diana,,,she’s just being extraordinary,,, she’s not a bad person though. Don’t feel sad about anything she tells you ” He said

” Am not angry,,she’s right anyway. But,,are you not going to get late for work??” I asked

” Am the boss ” He winked
” Oh,that’s right.” I smiled.
” Am leaving,,,,get ready before I come back in the evening ” He said

” For what??” I asked
” Am taking you out,,for dinner” He said
” But,,,”
” She will be Leaving ,don’t worry . just get ready,, bye ” He said and walked out of my room

I sighed out and turned to leave but the door opened again,,Max came in ,I was surprised.

” What happ…” before I could finish my statement, he pulled me to himself and kissed me hungrily

What is he doing???

He unlocked from the kiss and winked before finally leaving,, wait,,what is he doing???
Is he,,, I don’t know what to think right now.

I shook my head and collapsed on the bed just can’t get him out of my mind,,I don’t understand myself anymore right now,

No Olivia,you can’t possibly fall in love with him. He will be getting married soon ,stop thinking about him so much.

Diana’s pov:

After getting ready,I carried my bag and walked out of the mansion,I didn’t even see the so called Olivia and I was glad because I don’t know what I will do to her if ever I see her again.

” Hello mam ” My driver greeted
I already called him to pick me up,
” Thanks ” I said as he opened the car door,I went in immediately.

I rest my head on the seat and closed my eyes but then my phone beeped,,it’s a message from an unknown number,I ignored it and closed my eyes back,I will just check it later.

Few Minutes Later
I got down from the car and walked in,,the junior staffs all greeted me and I waved at them,, am one of the most beautiful and most paid model in this company and most people respect me for that.

I entered my office and was shocked to meet Aden waiting, he’s one of the staffs also,,but he’s like a boss to me. And he’s my sex Partner,,nothing else,I only love Max.

” Why are you here ??” I asked
He smiled and moved closer to me,,he took my bag from me and kissed me,,,,
I pushed him away,

” Aden stop,,anyone can come in right now ” I said
” Then lock the door,,,I really missed you a lot ” He said with his flirting voice
” Aden,,no ” I said

He ignored me and locked the door showing me the key,

Before I could say anything,, he already grab my ass and locked my lips with his,,a slight moan escape from my lips.

He put off the blouse I was wearing,,
” Take it easy Aden ” I scoffed
” Am trying to ,,but I can’t ” He replied and I chuckled

He unhooked my bra,and started s**king my br**st hardly

” Oh my God Aden,,,,oh ,,yeah ” I moaned in sweetness,,He’s just a sex freak I won’t argue about that and he’s really sweet.

He left my br**st and brought out his already hard d**k,,,

” Attend to it ” He said with a smirk
I smiled and went down,,,I put it inside my mouth and started s**king it ,,,

” oh,,that’s it,,,,suck it harder ” He said in pleasure
He pulled my head closer almost making me choke,,

” Oh,,yeah,,,”

He released his cum inside my throat,,,, he breath out and put on his trouser.

” That was great,,,” He said with a smile
He kissed me before walking out of the office,,,

Episode 8


She stared at her reflection in the mirror and smiled, in few minutes he will be here. And shes prepared ,,well she don’t really have some dinner dresses with her here,,but she still managed to look good.

” Get off it,,it’s just a dinner. No hard feelings ” she said to herself
And almost more earlier than she thought,she heard the horn of the car and she immediately looked down from her window.
The gateman opened the gate gently and he drove in,,,

She started feeling real nervous,, how will she face him right now??

She tried all she could to calm down and it finally worked, she calmed down and waited in her room.

A knock came on her door and she flinched even though she knew it was Max,,she stood up to open the door anyway. And as usual, his handsome face appeared In front of her.

” Hi” She said shyly
” I can see you’re all dressed up ” He said starring at her whole body
” Yeah,,, ”
” You look beautiful ” He finally said after feeding his eyes

” Thank you,,,,” She replied trying hard to hide her flushing cheek
” Let’s go ” He spoke out and grab her hand walking out of the room.
Olivia felt happy and uncomfortable at the same time,,is she doing the right thing??

Is this not wrong?? Doing all these with someone getting married in few weeks?? She wanted to try hard not to think of it but she could not.
But seeing the man right beside her,,,she wanted to spend time with him more then she could ever imagine.

But it’s all gonna end soon,,,he will get married to Diana and she will go back to where she came from.
She immediately wipe the already forming tears from her eyes

” Are you okay Olivia??” Max asked as he opened the car for her
” Yes,,am fine ” She replied and entered
He nodded before closing and also entered with her through the driving side.

The drive was a silent one,,,and it’s really unusual, they would have said something but this evening is really different.
Olivia suddenly wish she can read what’s going on in his mind but unfortunately, she could not.

” We are here ” He finally said facing her with those looks she couldn’t explain
What is he doing to her??
” Oh,,” Was all she said
She immediately got down before he will open the door for her
Once again,he held her hand in His and they walked in.

Inside was silent as hell,,,nobody is here,,,
” Why is everywhere not filled??” She suddenly asked
” I did that,, I don’t want any disturbance for us,,it’s cool this way ” Max replied
She just nodded in approval.

” You’re welcome Ma and Sir ” The attendant bowed
” What can we offer you??” She asked handing them the magazine,,, if it’s one
Different meals,,,she doesn’t even like eating much.
” I will go for fried rice,,,and salad ” She finally said
” Just that?? ” Max asked and she nodded
” Give me the same ,,and bring us Chicken,, big one ” He teased

” As you wish Sir ” She said and left
” Who will eat the big chicken??” Olivia asked jokingly
” You and I ”
” You must be kidding,,,I don’t wanna eat too much ” She said even though she still smiled
” I know,,,” He replied and hold her hand on the table

She looked up at his eyes as if she wanted to read his mind,,,she could she a dark expression she just can’t explain, is it love ?? Or what??
But it can’t really be love right??? He will be married soon.

He opened his mouth to say something but then the attendants interrupted and he stopped .

They set the table in front of the and it suddenly look like they are more than two ,,
” Enjoy your meal ” They bowed before leaving
” Eat up ” He said
” You too ” She smiled and took the cutlery.

Minutes Later
Olivia laughed out as he did his cute charms like he said,, he continue pouting and blinking his eyes at the same time.

” It’s really cute,,I must admit,,” She said
” I told you ,,,,,can we just leave now,,” He said
” I was about saying that really,” Olivia replied and stood up

They both walked out of the restaurant,,and again,,he held her hand tightly like it’s his safe place .

” I love holding your hand,,” He whispered into her ear and she smiled
” You can hold them all you want ” She blurted out.

Diana got home feeling tired as hell,,she threw her bag on the bed and walked into the bathroom,,she suddenly remembered the message in the morning and she decided to check after taking her bath.

She groaned silently under the shower like it’s doing some magic in her body. She finally grab her towel and entered the room,,,,she sat down in front of the dressing mirror. She took the phone and went to message,she opened it.

📩 Don’t you dare try to get married or I expose your secret to the whole world,,trust me,I will destroy your life the way you destroyed mine

Her lips went wide open and she could not close it,,,

Who the hell is this?? And what f**king secret is the person talking about??
How did she destroy the person’s life??

She became uncalm, she checked to see if there’s any number but as she expected. No number at all,,

She breath out,,,

What’s about to happen???

Olivia and Max got back home,,they both entered still chatting and laughing. They don’t want the night to end either,,

” tonight was fun,,,,,all because of you ” Max pronounced as they got to the large living room
” I also enjoyed myself,,, thanks to you” Olivia replied
And then, silence followed. Nobody talked,just the two bodies starring at each other, not knowing what is going on in each other’s mind.

All of a sudden,,, he pulled her closer by the waist,she let out a light gasp.

” Please,,, let me ,,,” he suddenly said starring into her eyes



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