The b©dyguard Episode 15 & 16

The b©dyguard – Episode 15
By Tisa Phiri
I woke up about some hours later, realising I had fallen asleep in Paula’s room. ru-bbing my eyes I looked at my watch. It showed i had been in Paula’s room for over 4 hours. It was 4am.
I looked at the still slee-ping Paula. she had pushed her sheets one side, the dress was lifted high up almost showing off her p@n-ts. Quietly, I pu-ll-ed the cover and placed it on her b©dy leaving just her head out. she didn’t make a move so I just watched her beautiful face for a couple of minutes and left to my room.
Mr Benson had gone out of the country that week so I had to pick him. He called me he was coming back that very day at 10 am and asked me to be in Ndola at the airport so I pick him up.
Mr Benson had other drivers but lately he had trusted me more than his old drivers.
I Decided to have a quic-k bath. I was to started off at exactly 6 hours if I had to make it on time. After I was done preparing myself, I went to tell Paula I was leaving.
She was alre-ady up ..
“Good morning” I greeted her.
“Morning Ackim.. sle-pt ok? ” She asked.
“Yeah.though I spent the whole night on the couch ..remember ?” I asked giving her an eye to indicate she told me to.
She smiled shly..
“Oh yeah? That su-cks” she giggled. “sorry I was trouble I was just too wasted. I gues I had too much to drink” she added as she combe-d her hair.
“it’s okey”
“though it seemed you drun!kto purnish yourself for something, good you are okay now, I guess.guess”
She looked at me and smiled.. nodding her head.
“yeah am fine now ” she said almost like trying to convince herself.
“Well good, I just c@m£ to let you know am going to pick up your father from the airport..”
“Oh no.. !” she screamed.
“I forgot he’s coming back today. what the hell! oh my God Ackim am going with you, i promised dad I will be there.”
I looked at my watch..
“unless we start off now we will be late” I informed her looking at her still in a towel.
“Of course..” she stood
” let me just dress up.” she took a step and the towel fall down leaving her complete nûd£ b©dy expo-sed.
Instead of looking away I looked at her and I was frozen,
“oh my!” I heard myself scream inside. she just stood there also storned, for some Seconds none of us did anything.
Coming back to my s-en-ses I rushed to pick it and cover her and my move startled her too, we both bent down to pick the towel and I caught her hand.
The moment was like time had st©pped. I followed her hand as she lifted the towel without letting go of her and p@rt of the towel I was holding.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I set my eyes on hers and she didn’t look away either, slowly I moved my hand up from her palm to the shoulders. I t©uçhed her n£¢k and she g@sped.
My mind was like it had been switched off. I can’t even remember what was controlling me but I pu-ll-ed her close to myself my eyes still focused on her. She stood there like waiting for me to do something or maybe say something..
slowly and in a gentle way I pressed myl-ips on hers. I k!$$£d them and she just let me without responding, a few Seconds later I withdrew..
“Oh my God! Paula am so sorry, i i. ..” I couldn’t finish my setence i felt so ashemed of myself. I failed to control myself and I felt terrible not knowing what she was thinking about me.
I apologised again and ran when she just stood there saying nothing.
I went outside not looking back, reaching the car I put hands in my pockets and paced around.
“Damn it! Ackim!” I cursed myself. “self discipline and control.” I reminded myself of some of the military virtues. I paced around waiting for her so we start off. I knew I was in trouble.
“how could I.. oh God!” I frowned still confused my heart was pumping fast I could feel it in my palm.
When she can out about 15 minutes later, I couldn’t let myself look at her. I even wished the trip was concealed. How was I going to drive with her seated so close to me for hours.
“It will be a long day” i thought to myself as i opened the door to let her in..
She said thank you and hopped in walking round to the driver’s seat and wiped my sweaty hands.
“Forgive me Paula” I managed to say when I gained courage about 20 minutes after we drove in silence.
” I don’t mean to. am trully sorry I did that” I spoke softly.
She looked at me.
“what did you do?” She asked like she wasn’t there when it all happened.
I struggled to mention the word and when I finally said..
“I k!$$£d you..” it c@m£ out more like a wimp and not a sound.
“It’s okay” she sighed casually.
“am sure you were just caught up in the moment” she added camly….
I was glad she wasn’t mad at me. so i tried to relax and fastened my seat belt as i increa-sed the speed.
We had moved for almost an hour and where minutes away from Chingola town when I sp©ted a car following us.
I didn’t tell Paula anything but i tried increasing the speed, the black Noah following us also increa-sed speed.
My instincts warned me something wasn’t ok. So I that moment i warned Paula to fasten her seat belt.
“I think someone is following us” i told her..
“What?” She asked looking at the side mirrow. I steped on the accelerater and increa-sed the speed to 180. few minutes later a Grey Pajero c@m£ from behind the Noah and I saw he was catching up, coming direct at us.
“sh*t !” I shouted. I let him get closer because I couldn’t go beyond my speed unless i was alone.
“Hold on Paula!” I alerted her and swayed to the other side of the road as i stepped on the br@kes, the tires screeched ma-king a sharp noise.
The Pajero pas-sed us at great speed leaving us behind and I quic-kly turned into the bushes, luckily the range rover would pas-s easily even in rocky grounds so I drove throu-gh the bushes at 120 km/hour, leaving a clear path where the vehicle pas-sed.
I saw a clearing ahead and drove past it, thankfully the place was rocky. It meant if our persuers where following us they would not know which way we went from that sp©t.
I drove in cirles for an hour just to make sure we lost them and finally decided to st©p in the middle of the bush.
“Are you okey?” I asked Paula who was still holding on to the seat scared.
She nodded.. “yeah am fine” she breathed out loudly.
“was just scared we would die” she said p@n-ting..
I moved out to her side and opened her door..
“you are safe now” as-sured her holding her hands.
” take de-ep breaths” I instructed trying calm her down.
A few minutes later she was calm. i re-moved the phone from my pockets and text her father about the incidence. He didnt respond and i decided to tell the driver from ndola where he had some other businesses to go and pick him.
“What happened out there ? Paula asked.
” why are people trying so ha-rd to kill me Ackim, what have I done?” She cried.
I felt for her but I couldnt get close and comfort her, for fear of repeating my mistake for that morning.
“it’s alright Paula, soon all this will be over.” I tried to as-sure her..
” if my plan works, within a month I should be able to know the cause of all this. Am on yo something that I trust will give me a solution and help me put a st©p to all this”
“Are you sure Ackim?” She asked looking at me.
“Am really fed up of not having the freedom to move about and do my own things, am even thinking of going back to Austrilia and live there away from all this.” She complained..
“but i cant just leave my father alone here” she added crying..
The b©dyguard – Episode 16
By Tisa Phiri
He sat a few steps away from me. I felt bad he was creating that distance between us again..
“how could he not see I wanted him?” I wondered.
Regretting not responding to his k!ssearlier that morning. I was too shocked with what happened back at home but that I was caught unaware. The feel of hisl-ips on mine was so breath taking. I just started to enjoy and thinking of joining in but he withdrew leaving me speechless. Seèing him pacing around outside made me realise he had feelings for me but just like me thought I was not interested.
The running away from the people who were following us gave me such a scare I thought I would die, he’s driving skills were perfect. I was glad we saved us both.
I looked at him as I sat in the car with the door opened. I had dropped my legs out facing him. He was standing and leaning on a small tree bark. Ackim had told me we had to wait A bit longer to avoid going to the road.
I knew protecting me was his job but honestly I had been thinking he did more than that. Even just for my father who s£nt him to do almost everything for him.
Sometimes I felt bad he had not found his family yet. I was begining to doubt if dad’s people were really looking into it seriously. It had been over 5 Months and Ndola wasn’t such a big town that someone serious would fail to find his family. I was glad he hired his own investigators, maybe finding his family will put his life at ease.
I looked at him again realising I was lost in my thoughts. The sun had shone in his face creating some drops of sweat on his forehead. it was almost midday and the skys were clear. I looked around us, we were surrounded by small trees and long glas-s. Silence hovered around us one would wonder what we were doing in the middle of the Bush.
The environment reminded me of the day I met Ackim, only that then it was green and the ground was we-t. But now it was mid August and becoming h0t .
The outline of his muscles in his checked grey and black short sleeved shi-t and black soft jeans on his bo-ttomindeed gave him a look to de-sire. I had fallen for his looks, he was always casually dressed but had a perfect choice of clothes and he had this s£nce of cleanliness.
Ackim always kept his things in order, unlike me, he even knew how to prepare good meals. The only thing I knew how to prepare were scrambled eggs which was the only thing I learnt from my mother. I couldn’t cook so to say.
I was stattled when Ackim called me. I didn’t hear when he asked me something.
“Soŕry” I apologised coming to my s-en-ses,
” what did you say?” I asked the now smiling Ackim. He walked to me and handed me a bottle of water.
” hey! you have been quite and thoughtful for some time” he started..
“don’t worry we will soon head back home your father just called to let me know the driver I calledd picked him and that his on his way home.” he addded still standing by the open door holding it with his left hand.
“Oh good” I managed to say..
“so when are we supposed to leave this place?”
“I am for the idea that we leave when it’s a bit dark so we avoid any more attacks on the way back. The disadvantage is that there is no other way to Solowezi from heŕe and I fear those guys know that and can create an ambush for us ” he said seriously his protective instincts turned on.
“Are you okey ?” he asked looking at me
” can we stay here for a while ?”
Yeah I guess” I sighed liking the idea of being with him alone. He was still standing next to me and i thought to myself,
“this is the perfect moment to show him and tell him what I feel”
“Ackim!” I called him in a stead tone.
“yes!” He responded paying attention like i was about to ask him about what he just told me, unknown to him. I was having a ha-rd time spiting what I was just about to say.
“Whats up?” He asked when i was still silent.
“Come closer” I finally said more like ordering him. He moved close still holding the car door.
“closer” I said when he left a small gap between us. I saw he was becoming kind of worried but stil did what I asked. I almost laughed at his face look but instaed I smiled wi-dely.
I held his n£¢k with my two hands and drew him close enough that he’s eyes met mine.
“Ackim tell me, what do you feel about me?” I asked still focused on his calm eyes their depth expressing some strong emotions as I leaned my head on his che-st still seated on the car seat and him pu-ll-ed close to me. I had pu-ll-ed him between my legs and his front t©uçhed p@rt of my b©dy.
He almost said something but didn’t, Instead he too held my head and gave me a pas-sionate k!ss. Taking his time ma-king sure o felt his dominance.
This time i didn’t let the chance pas-s so I k!$$£d him back intensly ma-king him draw closer to me. He held my w@!st and pu-ll-ed me to himself without breaking from the k!ss. In minutes I was breathless, I wanted to st©p and look at him but he made no effort to withdraw, pla-ying along, I clung to him so ti-ght and heard him m0@n in plea-sure. His softl-ips pressed so ha-rd on me and his ton-gue de-ep in my mouth.
Until he finally st©pped and was p@n-ting, he let a smile..
“wow! That was…” he paused.. “unexpected?” I completed his s£ntence.
“No, a dream come true” he smiled leaning his forehead on my che-st.
I smiled looking at the bush from his back.
” mmmmmn am I a dream to you Ackim?” I asked tou-ching his color bone. His head stil leaning on me,
He raised his head and looked at me, instead of answering the question he asked me..
“What do you feel for me Paula?” I let a laugh..
“clever uh.. ?” I said shaking my head he just asked back my own question and I hated being the first to tell him what I felt.
“Well you are handsome and charming….” I mentioned two other things and he cut me short. “to the point Paula..” he ordered.
I smiled, if I didn’t know better I could have thought I was shy but I thought no ways…
His intimid@t!ngatitude turned me on and I liked him when he was being in charge. I always loved a man who would put me in control and not the other way round.
yes? ” He asked impatiently. I couldn’t hide it anymore so I told him how I felt.
“I fall in love with you the very day I met you” i answered looking at his eyes.
“But why didn’t you tell me ?” He asked as he placed his hands on my w@!st giving me strange sh0ts all the way to my spine.
“I don’t know” I murmered not liking the question which made me uncomfortable.
” I gues it’s a man who should ask a woman to be with them first, here in Africa.” I spoke honestly.
He smiled slightly…
“Mmmn dont tell me you too believe in African culture.” he tea-sed..
“Am born from an African father remember ?” I asked smiling back..
He asked me several other things about my b©yfri£nd, what I expect in a relationsh!p. How possible it was to have an afair when he was just a b©dyguard and I the daughter of a wealthy and powerful man.
I spent almost 30 minutes answering his questions and he just stood there listening and changing positions of his hands on my b©dy, he would hold my w@!st, my back, ru-b my ear-lobes, place his f!nger on my nose.. Driving me crazy ma-king me whisper some of the answers whilst my eyes closed shut automatically.
I felt him relax and smile at that, he was enjoying the effect he had on me and i hated being so vulnerable i was almost going for his Zi-p.
“I see” he whispered in my ears. “you don’t care if people say you are with your b©dyguard of all handsome and rich guys out there?”
He asked, pushing his hands in my back and pu-lling down the Zi-p to my dress. I g@sped at the feel of his hands on the skin on my back and he ordered..
“answer Paula?” I m0@n ed as he drew his hands around me ru-bbing my n!ppl!s gently. I was glad i didnt wear a br@.
“I don’t ” I whispered..
“mmmmmm, I didnt hear you” he gro-an ed holding my n!ppl!s and ma-king me wanna pee in my p@n-ts, his other hand went down my dress running the t©p of my un-derwear and I was almost screaming.
“Come on Ackim why are you doing this to me?” I asked desperation in my voice.
He smiled but I couldn’t open my eyes to see his teeth, his working hands were driving me crazy. He then re-moved them, pu-ll-ed up the Zi-p of my dress, smiling when I opened my eyes.
he spoke up,
“Because I want you to be sure of what you want my Paula. I want you to always imagine my hands on you everytime you look at another man and I want you to remember the feel of myl-ips and my beating heart” he paused k!ss!ngme gently
” and always know i am the only one capable of ma-king you feel this way, am the only soldier that would die in the war front just to protect you from any danger. Even when i die today I will always be close to you and do my best to comfort you, because you will now be mine..”
“Ackim” I tried to st©p him, his words pierced my heart and I knew no other man could ever make me feel like him. I realised his de-ep and s£ntimental words went dee-per than what i could hear.
He continued..
“I have never loved anyone the way I love you my coloured girl. Even being with Lisa was a way of running from being so close to you even when it was killing me inside. ” he said with a frown..
“you have made my mission to protect and make you happy.”
I couldn’t take anymore, I held his head and pu-ll-ed him tto myself
“I love you so much Ackim” I told him..
“I will die for you Paula” he responded k!ss!ngme pas-sionately.
We made love and it was epic, like it was the first and the last. His b©dy on mine as we l@yin the back of the car was nothing i ever imagined would be possible. With his every t©uçh I felt what I could vow i could never feel with any other man.
At exactly 17 PM, we started driving to the road each one one lost in their own thoughts.
He held my hand as he drove the car.
” I love you” he whispered..
“never forget that.”
I nodded my head with a smile
“i love you more” i responded smiling..
We just got to the main road, Ackim steadily joined the tarmac. With a ban-g our vehicle was pushed off the road and all i can remember was seeing Ackim move to my side and in a rush pushed me out.
I fall down to the ground and the last thing I saw was the range rover b!ow in flames in front of me, as
my eyes closed and I went dark…
To be continued