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The bloody vampire king finale

(His Only Weakness…)


By, Summer Gold W



“Lamia!!!” Evelyn screamed out and rushed toward Lamia

“Are you okay?” She asked impatiently

Lamia couldn’t reply,,he gro-an ed and lost consciousness

“Lamia! Lamia! Lamia!!” She screamed but got no response

“Evelyn!!” Akantha called as they finally got their way in

Her eyes almost plucked out of it’s socket when she saw Lamia on the floor

“Brother!” She shouted and rushed toward him on the floor

Damon and Mathias also rushed to Lamia

Akantha re-moved the arrow in his che-st and [email protected]

“It’s,,Silver,,we need to take him out of here immediately,,,” She said

Damon and Mathias rushed Lamia out

Evelyn who was in tears turned toward the direction where the arrow [email protected]£ from and her eyes landed on Serafina who look so angry,,

The other witches also appeared back looking healthy

“How,dare you!!!!!” Evelyn yelled angrily and a heavy wind sweep them all from their feets

They all [email protected] seeing her eyes and immediately fell on their knees

“You highness,,,,,”

Evelyn’s eyes was glowing as she stared at Serafina angrily

She stretched her hand toward Serafina and she started burning screaming out in pain,,,Evelyn wasn’t herself at that moment

“How dare you all t©uçh my mate,,,” She stretched her hand toward others but Akantha st©pped her

“Who the hell are you? Get lost” Evelyn growled

“You can’t hurt them,,,,,” Akantha said

“They hurt my mate!” She shouted and half of the thrones room got destroyed

“He will be fine” Akantha @ssured

“I’m going to kill them,,,until I see my mate right here” Evelyn replied and turned back to the witches


“Drive fas-ter!” Damon yelled at Mathias

Suddenly they heard a cough and it [email protected]£ from no other but Lamia

“My prince,,you’re awake!” Damon shouted and Lamia looked round

“Where’s Evelyn?” He asked

“She’s still In the witches pal,,,,”

“F**king turn back,,I am taking her with me!” Lamia yelled

“Akantha is with her” Mathias tried to explain

“Take me back now!!”

“Yes your highness” He immediately reversed the car and in no time they got there.

Lamia got out of the car and ran in,they also followed.

When they got in,,almost all the witches are dead.

“Brother,,you’re here. plea-se st©p her” Akantha ran to Lamia who was staring at Evelyn in total shock

“Is,,,is that,,,my mate?” He asked

“This is not a time for question,she’s going to kill them”

“Evelyn” Lamia called

Evelyn turned the moment she heard that voice

“Lamia” She called and rushed to him

“You’re okay,,you’re fine”

“Yes,,,” Lamia replied staring into her eyes

She smiled out tears and immediately she lost her consciousness


“We need to go,,,” Akantha said and they rushed out



Evelyn could feel the ti-ght grip on her hand holding her,she was feeling so weak that she almost find it [email protected] to open her eyes,but his smell is so distracting,she was missing him even when he’s right beside her.

She opened her eyes slowly,Lamia was staring directly into her face and as soon as she opened her eyes

“Evelyn,,you’re awake” He said and let out a sigh of relief

“Are you okay?” Evelyn asked

“I’m fine Evelyn,I was worried about you. You were looking so pale just few minutes ago” Lamia sighed

“I love you” Evelyn muttered

“I love you more,,I love you alot” Lamia said and pressed hisl-ips on hers

She immediately reciprocated pu-lling him dee-per into the k!sshungrily,

Suddenly the door opened and Akantha [email protected]£ in,,

“Oops,did I disturb anything?” She tea-sed

“Learn how to knock” Lamia snapped while Evelyn blu-shed looking away

“Sorry brother,,,but Bennett is here” Akantha said and Lamia eyes wi-de-ned

“Bennett? What is that kid doing here?” Lamia asked

“I guess he [email protected]£ to mom and dad,,,but he’s here with his mate” Akantha muttered

“Mate?? That’s quic-k” Lamia bite hisl-ips

“And,,she’s human” Akantha said

“Human?” Evelyn and Lamia asked at the same time


“Wow,,,that’s amazing” Evelyn smiled.

“I can’t leave Evelyn,let him come here” Lamia said

“Oh,,that’s right. I will be back” Akantha smiled and left

Lamia immediately k!$$£d Evelyn again before the door opened and Bennett [email protected]£ in with Ramona.

“Brother!” Bennett immediately rushed to hvg Lamia

“Why are you here? Is anything wrong with Uncle??” Lamia asked

Actually,Bennett is Lamia’s brother,but he doesn’t stay in the palace just because of school,he stays with his uncle in the city.

“Fortunately for me,he gave me permission. I miss the palace alot” Bennett said happily

“Yeah I see”

“Hi” Ramona muttered nervously

“He’s my brother I’ve been telling you about” Bennett whispered to her

“Oh,,Uncle Lamia??” She asked immediately and Bennett smiled

“Wow,,,,it’s really nice meeting you” Ramona said with a bow

Lamia let out a quic-k smile

Bennett cleared his throat as his eyes landed on Evelyn who haven’t said a word

“She’s the one?” He asked

Evelyn looked at Lamia

“What do you know about the one?’ Lamia scoffed

“Oh brother,,she’s pretty,really beautiful” Bennett said and Ramona scoffed which made Evelyn chuckled

“She’s a jealous,,,,” Before Bennett could finish his statement,Ramona pu-ll-ed his ear

“Shut up” She snapped

“I will,,can you let go of my ear plea-se”

Lamia chuckled

“I’m glad you did that,,He’s really a trouble” Lamia said

“Brother,are you supporting this? My ear is burning” Bennett winced

“Uncle,,Aunt,,we will go back to our room now” Ramona said with a bow and Left with Bennett.

“He’s cute,,” Evelyn said and Lamia growled

She bur-st out laughing

“Are you jealous of your little brother now?”

“Don’t call any other guy cute,,”

“Yes my prince” she smiled

Lamia pe-cked herl-ips



“The moon here,,,is really weird but it’s pretty” Evelyn said as they both sat down I the garden watching the moon which look [email protected] red

“So,,you’ve finally discovered your powers?” Lamia asked

“Did I?” Evelyn chuckled

“Yeah,,because of me” Lamia said and pe-cked her cheek

“Are you sure,,those witches wouldn’t come back for me? They said I am their queen” Evelyn said

“No they won’t,,you’re my mate. We are going to rule our people together” Lamia replied

“I love you so much cute vampire”

“I love you too cute witch” Lamia sm-irked

“St©p” She hit him pla-yfully.

Suddenly Jerome appeared

“Master,,,” He bowed

“What is it?”

“There are two strange people,,we found them in the witches palace,,they keep on calling my lady” Jerome said and Evelyn looked at him

“Me?? My name?” Evelyn asked

“Yes my lady”

“Lamia,,who are they?”

“I have no idea,,let’s go and check” Lamia said and they both stood up.

They walked to the cell,Jerome opened the door and Evelyn’s eyes [email protected]£ wi-de

“Father,,mother??” She called

(His Only Weakness…)

CHAPTER 35(Finale)

By, Summer Gold R


(Thank you all for waiting all these while,,but I promise,this page will become active very soon. Our next story will be h0t🔥)

“Father,,mother??” She called

King Albert and Queen Naomi looked up immediately they heard her voice

“Daughter!” Queen Naomi screamed and rushed to hvg her

“Why are you here? How did you get here?” Evelyn asked looking confused

“We are sorry daughter,we should have explained everything to you” The queen broke into tears

Lamia and Evelyn exchanged looks

“Jerome,,re-lease them” Lamia said

“Yes master” He immediately untied them

“Father” Evelyn muttered and hvgged him

“We miss you so much,,how have you been doing?” The queen asked tou-ching her

“As you can see,I am fine” Evelyn replied

They looked at Lamia

“He’s my b©yfri£nd” Evelyn uttered

“We know him,,,He’s the vampire prince” King Albert said

“How did you know that?” Evelyn asked looking more confused

“Let’s get out of here,,,we have alot of things to tell you” Queen Naomi said

They all walked out of the cell.

After getting them a comfortable room and a meal,Evelyn who was becoming impatient spoke up.

“Tell me how you got to the witches palace,,do you know I am a witch?” She asked

They nodded she moved closer to them

“Why didnt you tell me right from the beginning?” She asked

“I am a witch also Evelyn” Queen Naomi said and Evelyn [email protected]

“But,what about dad?”

“He’s Human”

“Then,,,how come. I don’t un-derstand anything plea-se,,explain” Evelyn gro-an ed

“Years ago,,,there was war between the vampires and the witches,,my parents died during this war,,but I was able to escape to the human world. That was how I met your father,,” She st©pped for a moment to see Evelyn’s reaction but it was blank

“He helped me alot,,and then we started our relationsh!pwhich eventually resulted into marriage. I told him everything but he didn’t love me less,,he even fought on my behalf,,,”

“By s£nding Vampire hunters to attack the vampires right??” Evelyn interrupted

“How,,,did you know about that?” King Albert asked

“Because you would have beenfu-cking dead if I am not Lamia’s mate,,,you killed someone important to him” Evelyn snapped

“He’s,,your mate?” Queen Naomi asked in shock

“Yes he is,,,”

“But,,you’re a witch and he’s a vampire,,Evelyn” she hold her hand

“So what?”

“It can’t work,,,you’re the future of the witches,,,,,”

Evelyn stood up

“I have no future among those witches,I don’t want to be their queen. I don’t care about the fight between the vampires and witches,Lamia is my mate,I love him and he feels the same” Evelyn said.

“I un-derstand,,I just don’t want you to get hurt” Queen Naomi said

“Lamia will never hurt me,,none of the people here will try hurting me,,I’m their future queen” Evelyn replied

“I feel guilty ,,,I never knew my daughter is going to be mated to a vampire” King Albert said

“I’m sure Lamia will forgive you,,He’s a good person,trust me” Evelyn said with a smile

Just then,the door opened and Lamia [email protected]£ in

“Are you still talking?” He asked

“We are done” Evelyn replied

King Albert and Queen Naomi moved closer to Lamia

“We are grateful,,,hope you forgive us,” Queen Naomi spoke up

“If I didn’t,you would have been dead by now” Lamia scoffed

“Thank you so much,,thank you” King Albert muttered.

“Can we see the vampire king? We will be leaving tomorrow,,” Queen Naomi said

Lamia nodded and left with them.

Immediately they left,Akantha rushed in.

“Evelyn how are you feeling? I am sorry,I couldn’t check on you earlier” She said and sat down

“It’s okay,I am fine. Thank you” Evelyn smiled

Akantha rub her hair a little

“You’re not leaving with your parents right?” She asked

Evelyn chuckled and shook her head

Akantha sighed in relief

“Thank goodness,,i was scared for my brother” She muttered

“I’m not leaving,,,never” Evelyn said

Akantha hvgged her ti-ghtly

“Don’t worry,I will teach you few things you need to know about your power and how to control it” She said

“Yeah,,i was having it in mind to ask you” Evelyn stated

“You can trust me on that,,the only witch in the vampire kingdom” Akantha said proudly and they both laughed.


Next Day**

Evelyn waved at her parents as they were being led out of the palace.

She sighed out after they left

“Are you missing them?” Lamia asked as he got to her side

“When did you get here?” Evelyn flin-ched a little

“Just now” He smiled

“I’m not missing them,,just concerned. But it’s all fine how,I’ve been worried about them but I see they are doing good without me” Evelyn said and Lamia nodded

She faced him with a smile

“I’m not going to leave,I don’t want to be a witch,I wish I can change that” She said

“Do you want to be a vampire?” He whispered into her ear and she cringed a littke

“Can I?” She asked

“I can make you one” He said


Lamia carried her in his arms

“Where are we going?” Evelyn asked



“To make you a vampire” Lamia replied and there was silence

They entered the room and lamia dropped her on the be-d

“How will I turn to a vampire on the be-d?” Evelyn tea-sed even though she knew what he meant

“You will see” Lamia muttered and captured herl-ips immediately like he have been hungry for them

She reciprocated even more hungrily,she have been waiting for this all her life that she felt so h0t un-der his t©uçh.

She knew everything was going to change after the intimacy,,but she was re-ady for it,,as long as she’s with this h0t vampire then she doesn’t care about any other thing.

“Evelyn” Lamia called and she opened her eyes staring into his eyes which was fighting with the ocean blue and red color

“I love you” He muttered

“I love you too” She smiled

Lamia pressed hisl-ips on her n£¢k and she felt a sharp pain which was immediately replaced with plea-sure. It was followed by the fli-pping of clothes and [email protected] s.


What’s your favorite scene in the story? 😚

Mine: The first time Lamia met Evelyn and he couldn’t hurt her

How about yours?


  1. Eni Ozi

    It’s a beautiful story, but l think abandoning the witches wasn’t fair, she could have been the bridge between the two kingdoms, to unite the two, since she is a witch and is going to be married to a vampire

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