the beautiful knights episode 69 & 70

{ War Of Hearts… }

THEME: In His Poems


BY: Naomi Cindy B.

★» ~~~ «★

“Yes, I killed her” Alex muttered, and Alexa faced him unbelievably.



Cindy staggered in suddenly, looking mad.

“Dad!… I’m… I’m home!” She laughed drunkenly.

“I’m … Home!!!” She laughed again, and Titus rushed out of the kitchen.

“Cindy!” He gasped, rushing to catch her before she’d fall, and immediately his nose caught the smell oozing from her, his eyes widened.

They fell on the couch together, and she laughed again.

“Yunno you’re the best dad existing, right? And that’s why I’ll forever be on your side, I love you so much dad!” She giggled, playing with his beards

“When did you start drinking Cindy? And… What’s this smell? It’s not what I’m thinking, right?” He muttered.

“The smell of cocaine? Yes I sniffed a little with Seven, and it was so entertaining? F**k! Dad you’re missing a lot!” She grinned drunkeny.

“Cindy!!!’ Titus screamed shockingly.

“I was just frustrated, and that’s why… That’s why…I…I decided to relieve my worries” she muttered seriously.

“Frustrated? Is it Veronica again? Did she start adding plum extract to your food again? Huh?”

“Her name is Jennifer Sanders, she’s a student of my school, same major, and she took the spotlight from me immediately she came, It’s even madder that I can’t do anything, cos she’s got a rich mum too, and she’s some badass b**ch! I hate her!!!!” Cindty screamed and began crying for real.


“Is there no way to get rid of her? She’s taking everything away from me even the guy I like! Dad, Can’t you just kill her for me?” She muttered, and Titus swallowed hard.

She smiled afterwards and kissed his chin.

“Goodnight!… Da..d!” She grinned, and her head fell on his chest as she slept off.

Titus inhaled and carried her in his arms, taking her into his room.

He placed her on the bed and covered her well, kissing her forehead afterwards.

He stared at his only daughter for two more minutes before leaving the room, getting a can of soda from the freezer which he sipped from as he thought about what she said earlier.

“Jennifer Sanders?” He muttered.


A taxi stopped in front of the campus, and the rear window went down, revealing Titus who has his shades on.

If anyone would be able to do the job even for a penny, it’d be a scholarship student.

He made research on the scholarship students of the school last night, and he made his choice.

Becca Brahms is from the orphanage where she acts like a mother to a lot of kids, then taking care of a granny…. She’d definitely not agree to it, so she’s out

Alexa O’Brien is a well known b**ch who has bad blood with Jennifer, and if it happens, she’d probably be the first suspect, so she’s out of the list too since he wants this to be as unexpected as possible.

Alex O’Brien, the twin brother who’s a sweet gentle boy, the least relevant among them… Spotted! His target, and another bonus is that he has a sick mother who’s showing signs of leukemia.

Titus removed his shades when he saw him coming out of a taxi, and he left his own taxi hurriedly.

He walked fast to him and grabbed his arm.

“Who … Are you?” Alex faced him.

“Can I have a word with you?” Titus smiled, pulling him into the taxi before he could reply.

“How…May I … Help you…” Alex asked.

“How’s your sick mother faring?” He asked, and Alex gasped.

“How did you…

“That’s not important right now, I know the drugs are expensive, so I’m willing to help so far you’re ready to carry out an assignment” Titus interrupted, and Alex blinked.


Titus leaned in . “Get rid of someone for me” he whispered.

“What!” Alex gasped shockingly.

“Yes, get rid of Jennifer Sanders” Titus said.

“You must be insane! I don’t even know why I came here with you in the first place, f**king lunatic” Alex rolled eyes and made to leave, but he pulled him back.

“Let go of me!” He yelled.

“You see,… I can do anything for my daughter’s happiness, I hate seeing her down, I can even die for her, she’s all I’ve got, and I can’t stand it when another girl is making life unbearable for her” Titus said.

“Wait… aren’t you Cindy’s dad?” Alex muttered.

“I promise to take care of all what you need, so…

“Go f**k yourself!” Alex cut him off and left the car, but Titus followed him again, holding him back to drop his business card on his palm.

“In case you change your mind, you can call me anytime” he said.

Alex looked at the card, then at him. “You’re mad” he snickered.


“Mum! I got us some watermelons for dessert!” Alex announced as he stepped into the house, but his eyes widened at the surprise he’s seeing.

Mrs O’Brien is lying weakly on the bare groud, bleeding from the mouth.

“Mum!!!” He screamed, running to her.

He helped her up, holding her face.

“Mum! Mum!!” He screamed, hanging her arm on his neck as he dragged her to the couch and made her lay there.

He quickly got napkin and water to wipe the blood, then he covered her well with some clothes since she’s starting to shiver.

Her temperature is burning so bad, and her skin is starting to change color.

He went online with trembling fingers to google the price for leukemia suppressors, and his eyes widened when he saw millions!

He dropped the phone and rushed in to check his saving box. He doesn’t even have up to 20k

“F**k!!!” He threw away the box and rushed back to the living room. Mrs O’Brien’s shivering grew worse already, and that scared him so much.

He was about to start crying when he saw the business card Titus gave him.

Without thinking twice, he grabbed it and called his line.

“Hello!” He said impatiently.

“Are you ready to do the assignment?”

“Send me two million first, now!!” He screamed.

“Sure, but once you receive it, you’re bound to do what I…

“I’ll do it just send the f**king money! Mum is dying!!!” He screamed.

“In a jiffy, let me have your account number” Titus replied and hung up.

He sent the number, and almost immediately, he received an alert of 5M.

He didn’t wait to check well before rushing out of the house.

“Mum, don’t worry… I’ll save you” he muttered as he stopped a taxi and rode it to the nearest hospital to get the drugs.


The barbeque party was already going on when Titus messaged Alex again. He has been sending him loads of it, reminding him of the assignment, but he has been ignoring.

He sent another 5M already, making 10M, so he knows he’s bound to do the job, else he’d have to repay the money.

The cash will go a long way in uplifting their status, so there’s no way he’s returning it, which leaves him with just one option…do the assignment.

He suddenly stood and rushed out of the room, but at each step, the realization of what he’s about to do dawns on him.

He got to the door of the hall and stopped. Jennifer will surely be in, and the moment he sees her, he’d kill her and…

“No” he shook his head and ran out of the hotel in tears.

He didn’t stop till he got to the garden and leaned on the rails. “I can’t do this… I can’t…I…

He was still crying when he felt another presence, and he looked sidewards to see Jennifer at the edge of the stairs.

He left the rails and stood straight, staring at her. Though he’s not seeing her face cos her back is on him, but the gown she’s putting on is what she was wearing earlier when he saw her.

He folded his fists, and another message came in from Titus.


He took a deep breath after reading it, and he gritted his teeth as he began walking slowly to her, taking each step with caution till he got behind her.

She sensed a presence and tried turning back, but that was when he made the bold move, pointing his arms forward, and immediately they made contact with her back, she fell and rolled down the stairs.

He was already shaking before she landed in the pool of blood, and immediately he saw the side of her face, his eyes widened madly.

“Be…Becca… it’s…it’s Becca…”

He covered his mouth with his hands, and tears rushed out of his eyes as he ran away.

“What!!! You did what! You…you…you really…you killed…her?… You were payed to…kill Jennifer?… Al..ex…” Alexa stuttered in tears.

They’re already at the police house by now. Alex is handcuffed, sitting in front of numerous cops.

“I…I thought… we’d upgrade if I…if I could take care of mum and live a… live a good life with the remaining money…I didn’t realize my selfishness cos of…the money” Alex cried.

“An arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Titus McDonnell” a cop announced.

“It’s a big thanks that I was in the garden that night. I was actually preparing to make my videos as usual, so I hung my phone on my ring light holder. I obliviously left it on record, then i began retouching my makeup, before I was done with the makeup, I saw it has been recording and made to delete the video, then I saw it, his crime” Tessa said, and Alex cried more.

Alexa knelt in front of Vernon immediately, holding his shirt.

“Please… She’s alive and well, right? Please let my brother go, our mother is at the brink of dying, I can’t survive it if he goes to jail too” she begged in tears, and Vernon kicked her away.

“Alive and well? She has a big scar on her head as a result of the crack! She gets frequent headaches cos of it too! She acts out at times, and she behaves crazy! Do you know the effects it had on her brain? She survived by miracle so how the f**k could you grow the guts to ask for forgiveness you dirtbag!” He yelled.

Titus was led in with handcuffs by two cops. Cindy rushed in with them, ranting non-stop…

“What the f**k do you guys think you’re doing! He’s my dad! You can’t just come to his house to arrest him like he’s some nobody! Yaa!!!” She screamed, pushing the cops away from him.

“You think you have the right to talk right now? Your dad murdered someone!!!” Tessa yelled, and Cindy’s brows shook as she walked slowly to her.

“B**ch, you’re back to cause trouble again? How dare you frame my dad!!!” She screamed.

“I did it” Titus said behind, and she faced him quickly.

“What! Dad…no… you’re… joking right now, sure?” She held his arms, looking into his hopeless eyes

“Dad!!!” She screamed.

“I wanted the best life for you, that’s why I did what you wanted…” Titus cried, and her arms fell as she stepped back.

“No… right? It’s not making sense, no!!!” She fell on her butt, and Titus cried more as she watched her.

“I’m so sorry Cindy, I only wanted to make you happy and…

“Lock them up, then we can file their cases” the lieutenant ordered from the phone, and Alex was pushed up.

Together with Titus, he was taken in…

“Dad!!!!” Cindy started running after him, but she was blocked.

“Dad!!! Please don’t take him away!!! Yaaa!!!!”

“Alex! Alex you can’t leave me alone with mum yunno? Alex!!!!” Alexa cried out too, struggling with the cops as her tears poured.

Her phone rang in he’d pocket, and she picked when she saw its from the hospital.

“Hello, we need the family of Mrs Erica O’Brien to sign her death certificate, and…

“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed, and her eyes rolled up as she passed out on the ground.

Tessa and Vernon walked out of the place at once, and they faced each other.

“Thanks for everything, Tessa” he smiled.

“It’s fine, I’m just glad you got your baby back, now please take care of her cos she’s my baby too” she smiled.

“Of course, but about her brain, it’d stop the symptoms soon, right?” He asked.

“Sure, trust the doctors” she smiled, and he smiled.

“You’re back for real, right? Back to V”

“Of course” she smiled, waving at him as she entered her car and drove off.

No detours, no branching, she went straight to Vance’s place.

She inhaled with a bright smile when she got down from her car in front of the expensive mansion.

“Missed this place” she muttered, smiling as she walked to the door.

She made to ring the doorbell, thinking he has changed his password, but she decided to try her luck…

She opened the keys and pressed V-TESS, and it worked!

Her eyes widened as the door opened immediately, but they widened more when she saw him by the door, it’s like he has been waiting!

She bit her lip first, then she raised her hand in a wave.

“Hallo, Liebling (hey, sweetheart)” she said in German, and he immediately pulled her closer with that raised hand.

Tessa gasped when their chests met in a tight hug, he caged her tightly in his arms, like she’d run away if he holds softly.

“I’m never letting you go again, I swear, Tess” he whispered, and she smiled before hugging him back.

“I missed you, Liebling”

“Ich habe dich mehr vermisst , Schatz (I missed you more, bae)” he whispered, kissing her hair softly.


Mayor entered the office after a tediously long meeting with the staffs, and he removed his tie immediately, throwing it down.

He’ll be handing over the company in a week, and he has to do something cos he can’t just let go of everything he has been investing his time and energy on overnight, but he doesn’t even have an idea

He rested on his desk, and he suddenly got his phone, dialling a number.

“Can you take care of someone for me?” He asked, and his PA rushed in immediately.

“Sir! The owner of S-STYLES just arrived in Manhattan, and the company will start running on Monday!” He announced.



Teddy’s car screeched to an halt, and he came out with Jennifer who’s still wearing his hoodie.

She hugged him immediately, pouting cutely.

“What?” He laughed, hugging her back before laying kisses on her hair.

“I’m missing you already, and tomorrow is Sunday too” she muttered.

“Should we go on another date tommorow? It’ll be in the cinema this time” he said, and her eyes widened as she looked up at him.

“Yes yes yes yes baby! Yes!!! I’ll pick the movie, deal?” She said.

He kissed her small nose before replying.

“Sure, gorgeous”

“I love you” she chuckled, standing on her toes to kiss his lips.

“I love you more, baby” he replied, brushing her hair with his fingers before leaning in for a kiss.

Immediately their lips met, someone coughed behind, and they broke it to turn.

Jennifer’s eyes widened crazily immediately. “Dad!!!!!” She screamed, running to the handsome middle-aged man who was also smiling.

“Come here, my princess” he widened his arms, and Jennifer ran madly into it, jumping on him tightly.

“Gosh! Dad! How much I missed you! Mum didn’t tell me you’ll be returning today!” She pouted, and he kissed her forehead deeply first.

“It was meant to be a surprise, daddy’s princess” he chuckled.

“Aww! Dad!” She gushed, but his eyes went to Teddy instead.

“I saw you both kissing” he said, and Jennifer jumped down from his arms, rushing to bring Teddy closer.

“Meet my boyfriend, Teddy Tiffin. Baby meet my dad, Sanders Styles” she said, hugging Teddy’s arm. She rested her head on it, and he swallowed hard, looking at the stern looking man.

“By the way, are you a girl or a boy?” Mr Sanders asked, looking at his tight jean and long hair.

“Dad!” Jennifer pouted.

“What do you like about my princess by the way? Her spicy food?” He asked again, and Teddy swallowed hard again, obviously scared.

“I asked a question” Mr Sanders said…

“Her… Pink lips” Teddy replied without thinking.

“Really?” Mr Sanders blinked.

“Her… waist…” He said again.

“Oh…” Mr Sanders blinked again …

“Her….her… everything… everything about…

Before he could finish, Mr Sanders was already laughing hard, leaving him amused.

“He’s so cute princess! Where did you find such a baby?” He said as he laughed, and Jennifer blushed.

He finally came close and hugged Teddy fondly.

“Luckily for you, I like you at first sight, girlish Teddy” he said, and Teddy smiled, hugging him back.

This man is just like his dad, he got himself a cutie girlfriend, and now a sweet father-in-law…

What more could he ask?