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June 18, 2021


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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 25

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As produced by Yasminne

Chapter 25

Theme : Spilling Secrets



“Ms Williams ratted out her best friend to Maxwell?” I

cried, dumbfounded by this new discovery.

“I don’t know if I should’ve told you that or if she

should’ve told you herself…” He muttered, staring off

into the distance.

I scoffed at that idea. “She wouldn’t have told me, trust


He looked at me with a curious expression, waiting for an


“I visited her earlier today and asked her what her role

was nineteen years ago.” I explained, recalling her

reaction. “She was not happy and kicked me out her



“Yup, and now I know why.” I fumed, disgusted by her

actions. “Why the hell would she turn on her best friend

like that? Did she hate Lily?”

Theo scratched the back of his neck and sighed. “Well,

she had a reason to do that.”

“What good enough reason could there be to betray your

best friend like that?” I exclaimed, gaping at him. “She

literally informed Maxwell of Lily’s pregnancy, which in

turn got everyone killed.”

“The attack would’ve happened regardless.” He pointed


I glowered at him with so much ferocity, he actually

flinched a little.

“But of course, it was wrong.” He added quickly.

“So what was the reason?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

He didn’t reply, making me reach over to his side and

poke him. “Earth to Theo, I asked what her reason was.”


corner of his lip curled when I poked him.

“Now that , I won’t tell you.”

My jaw swung open, deadpanned at what he just said.

“Are you serious? You won’t tell me even after everything

we’ve talk about?”

“It’s a personal reason and I think that it’s something she

should tell you.” He explained, nodding to himself.

“Whether you think she had a good enough reason will

be up to you.”

“Do you think the reason was good enough?” I asked,

curious what his thoughts on this were.

“I still haven’t made my mind up yet.”


What was Ms Williams’ reason, that would make him feel

uncertain about what seems to be clearly wrong?

“Okay, so now I know that Ms Williams was the reason

Maxwell attacked The MoonKnight Pack earlier than

planned.” I summarised.


An interesting thought came to mind.

“I wonder if they are alive…”

I muttered it so low to myself that I hadn’t expected Theo

to answer.

“If who is alive?”

“I was just thinking about what the circumstances would

be, if the child of Lily and Alex survived.” I explained

thoughtfully. “If they were to come to your territory and

demand for their pack members to be ‘released’, would


“I would, only if they can prove they can to provide for

their pack.” He replied seriously. “If they can, I would

Read more stories or post your stories @:-

through all the legal precautions to transfer their

members onto their original leader.”

“Do you think the child survived?” I asked, wondering

how they were doing if they did.

Theo looked away a second before turning back with a

smile. “I think they did.I started to smile back as he

carried on talking. “I have a

feeling they’re an amazing

person, living a good life, and has a loving family.”

I watched him in surprise. “That’s nice of you to say that

about someone you’ve never met.”

This, for whatever reason, made him laugh.

Like really hard.

His head was thrown back as he displayed uncontrollable

fits of laughter. It was a very rare sight to see.

He finally calmed down, enough to be able to talk.

“I guess you could say that.”

I shook my head at him, also wearing a smile.

“And I hope they never find out about what had really

happened to their parents.” He said suddenly serious,

laughter erased from his face.

That’s when I realised something.

“I never found out what actually happened to Lily and

Alex.” I said with a frown. “How did they die? How did the

story end?”

Theo’s demeanor changed once I asked that. “I will not

answer that question.”

“What? Why?” I cried in astonishment. “You agreed to

answer my questions!”

“I said I will answer what I can.” He corrected me curtly,

regarding me coldly. “I am choosing to not answer this


I shivered at the change of his tone, very cold and

distant. Quite like how it sounded like when I first met


“Fine, whatever.” I huffed, annoyed at his refusal.

I came to him to get questions answered, but found

myself with more questions than I started off with.

What was Ms Willams’ reason to betray Lily, her best

friend, like that?

How did Lily and Alex die? What happened to them?

“I have one more thing to say.” I piped up, sounding


“What is it?” He asked softly, the coldness in his tone

decreased significantly.

I took a deep breath, and said what was on my mind.

“I want to find out who my parents were.”

Theo’s eyebrows raised up and he took a deep breath to

say, “What?”

“You heard me.” I said with a sigh.

“Why?” He asked, his voice rising a little.

“All my life, until now, I was convinced I was abandoned

by my biological parents because they didn’t want me.” I

started to say. “It was the only explanation until we

started talking at the lake house.”

“The lake house?”

“It was then when I realised I originally belong to The

MoonKnight Pack.” I admitted in a low voice.

“So you knew that since then…” He breathed to himself,

watching me with concerned eyes.

I nodded briefly, realising that he was under the

impression I had no idea who my original pack was.

“When we were talking in the library during the early

morning, you told me that my abandonment didn’t make

sense.” I explained, fiddling with my water bottle. “My

pack scent as well as my family scent was gone when I

was found, because my parents died and so did the

leaders of The Pack.”

“It was as simple as that, and yet, no one told you that

you might’ve come from The MoonKnight Pack.” He

retorted, shaking his head. “It was the only pack to have

suffered that many losses around the time you were a

newborn.””But I had no pack scent so no one could be

sure.” I pointed out. “And the pack seized to exist after it

conjoined with this pack, so The MoonKnight Pack

probably never even crossed their minds. Especially with

all the drama with ‘Alex murdering his pack members’.”

“I guess I could see that” He admitted, crossing his arms.

After a a brief pause, he asked, “Who named you?”

“The Alpha and Luna, when they adopted me.” I said

smiling, thinking of Kaitlyn and Magnus. “They couldn’t

conceive after Jay, so when I was found, they considered

me as their child straight away.”

Theo watched me closely, noticing my smile and smiling

a little.

“Kaitlyn always wanted to call her daughter ‘Elisia’, so

that’s why I was named that.” I continued, my mood

lifting. “My surname, Knight, comes from the fact that I

was found holding a toy knight. Apparently, I used to

sleep with it every night and cried my eyes out if it was

taken from me.”

Theo chuckled at this.

“I explain the reason behind my surname to humans a

lot. They don’t understand why I wasn’t registered with

the same surname as Kaitlyn, Magnus and Jay, if I was

adopted.” I retorted, laughing a little.

I couldn’t imagine being called Elisia Steel.

“Because you’re not from their Alpha family-blood line,

you cannot share the same surname.” Theo said, nodding

in understandment. “Imagine saying that to humans…”

“So anyway, I want to find my biological parents because

I don’t resent them anymore.” I said, wondering how I

got off topic. “I was abandoned so I could survive the


Theo didn’t respond, but rather started to run his hand

through his hair.

I gasped and held my hand against my chest in shock.

“What if…I have siblings.”

“I doubt it, unless you were abandoned with other kids.”

He sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“No, I wasn’t.” I admitted, my shoulders sagging a little.

“Where do you think I should start?”

Theo visibly looked uncomfortable, as he shifted in his


“I think you should take your time with it, you might not

even be ready.”

I eyed him suspiciously, wondering why he so against

finding out about my biological parents. Does he think I

can’t handle it?

Or maybe he knows more than he’s letting on…

I really hoped it wasn’t the latter. I would want him to tell

me everything, even if he thought I couldn’t handle it.

“I would like to ask another question.” I mused,

puckering my lips in deep thought.

“Go ahead.” He said, standing up to grab another drink.

“Why haven’t you done anything about it?”

Theo, who was reaching into the fridge, stiffened.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you know that Alex was innocent and that the

real person behind all those murders were The Rogue

Force and Maxwell’s accomplices.”

I gave him a hard, long look as he made his way back to

the sofa.

“Do you see where I’m going with this?” I asked, watching

him open a can of soda.

“You’re wondering why I haven’t made things right.” He

answered, his expression hardening. “Why I let everyone

continue to believe that it was Alex’s fault, when it

wasn’t.”I nodded, waiting for his answer.

“Who would believe me?” He continued, chuckling

humorlessly. “Werewolf politics usually depend on

witnesses. I’m not a witness, I was two years old when

the attack happened.”

“That doesn’t matter, you could show them Maxwell’s

diary and all the letters about the attack.” I said, shaking

my head at him. “All those are evidence to show that

Maxwell and The Rogue Force were behind the attack.”

“You’ve read one of the letters, do you remember seeing

the official seal of The Rogue Force on it? Or even The

BlackShadowed Pack official seal?”

I shook my head, wondering what he meant.

“No Alpha leader would ever accept any letter that is

claimed to be real evidence, without there being a seal.”

He explained, taking a large swing of his drink. “Everyone

knows that letters cannot be exchanged without an

official seal.”

“Are you telling me there aren’t any letters that have an

official seal?” I questioned, feeling astonished.

“My father was very meticulous when it came to covering

up his tracks, you could say it was a talent.” Theo scoffed,

his eyes hardening. “He got rid of every single letter, that

had an offical seal, containing the details of the attack.”

“So other than a few unofficalised documents and letters,

you have no actual evidence to present to the other

leaders.” I breathed, finally understanding.

“Everything I know about what happened nineteen years

ago, I learnt from the few letters he left behind as well as

hearing from Ms Williams.”

“Ms Williams!” I exclaimed, raising from my seat. “She’s a


“Sit down, you think I didn’t think of that?” He retorted,

biting back a smile. “Of course she’s a witness and she’s

the only one.”

I held my arms out in confusion, sitting back down. “So

why aren’t you bringing her in for questioning, you have

a walking and talking piece of evidence!”

“She couldn’t even bring herself to tell

you what her role was nineteen years ago, what makes

you think she’ll tell the board of Alpha leaders?”

“She’s refused?” I asked, my eyes widening. “All she needs

to say is that Maxwell and the rogues were behind the

attack, Lily was imprisioned by Maxwell and Alex was

blackmailed into turning himself in for a crime he didn’t


“It’s not as easy as that, Elisia.” He said, rubbing his

temple. “You have to remember that she was the one

who betrayed her best friend and her pack, which in turn

resulted in Lily and Alex’s murder and the downfall of an

entire pack.”

He paused briefly before continuing. “She blames herself

for everything that happened; for everyone’s death and

the downfall of her Pack.”

“Right…” I nodded slowly, trying to understand.

“She rarely ever talks about the past, she really hates to.”

“I’m surprised she’s told me half things she has.” I


“I believe it’s because you look a lot like Lily, you’re like a

walking and living reminder to her.” Theo mused taking

in my features. “You look little like Lily, you know.”

“A little? You mean, I look a lot like her!’ I chuckled, but

immediately regreting my words.

Theo frowned but then smiled a little, watching me


“How do you know how she looks?”

I blushed a little and shrugged. “I flicked through a photo

album and came across a women that wasn’t your

mother.””Ah, you knew it was Lily because of the

message at the back.”

“Actually I just assumed it was Lily, and then I was

proved right when I read the message later.”

We watched the waterfall together, listening to it’s

calming sound.

“As you know, The MoonKnight Pack members live in a

different pack town. Ms Williams lives on her own,

located near my place for three reasons.” He spoke up.

“When I first came here, I initially thought it was because

she had to live near to clean the Alpha Manor.” I

chuckled, remembering our first meeting in the kitchen.

“That’s actually one of the reasons.” He pointed out. “She

hates doing nothing and weirdly enough, enjoys cleaning

and tidying.”

“What are the other two reasons?” I asked curiously.

“I visit her regularly to talk about whether she’s ready to

come forward as a witness to talk about what happened

nineteen years ago.”

“Ah.” I nodded, glad he didn’t give up on that.

“The other reason is that she can’t bare to live with the

other members of her pack.”

“Out of guilt?”

“Yes, out of guilt. It’s partly her fault that her pack turned

out the way it is. Although the members do not know the

real story, they’ve heard rumors about Ms Williams

betraying the pack and their Luna, Lily.”

I gasped a little, so close to the truth and yet still so far.

“She’s nicknamed and known as ‘The Betrayer’ amongst

them, thus marginalising her from their community.”

“I can’t believe they’re under the impression that their

own Alpha murdered his fellow pack members.” I said,

shaking my head sympathetically. “He was a good man, if

only they knew.”

“I think deep down, they still believe he was a good man.”

Theo said thoughtfully. “Otherwise, they wouldn’t have

the need to push the blame on someone else, like Ms



Theo stood up suddenly and walked over to the edge of

the cave, where the waterfall was.

He turned to face me, wearing a mischievious smirk.

What was he up to?

He started taking off his sneakers and his socks as I

watched him in confusion.

He then proceeded to take off his T-shirt, revealing that

perfect body of his.

My eyes widened as I struggled to look away. “What are

you doing?” I squeaked, taking little sneak peaks at him.

“Stripping for you.”

“What?” I screeched. “What!”

“Just kidding.” He chuckled.

To my shock and horror, that’s when he started to pull

down his joggers.

“It doesn’t look like you’re kidding!” I shouted, covering

my eyes in embarrassment.

“We’re mates, and you’re covering your eyes?” He

commented, the amusement clear in his voice.

I ignored the fact that my whole body tingled when he

called us mates and proceeded to stick my tongue out at



I removed my hands from eyes to see what happened,

just to see Theo on the verge of falling over the edge of

the cave.

He managed to balance himself, not forgetting to smirk

at me, the cheeky glint clear in his eyes.”Theo, stay away

from the edge.” I warned him, reminding myself to not

look down at his boxers. Without even looking properly, I

could already tell they were Calvin Klein.

“You’ll fall.”

He leaned forward even further to tease me, half his

body in the waterfall.

“Alright then, jump.” I said teasingly, rolling my eyes.

He stepped back and disappeared off the edge.

“Theo!” I cried in alarm, running towards the waterfall.

I didn’t really mean it!

He actually jumped.

I shuffled through the same path we came in by and

arrived at the lake area, scanning the waters for Theo.

I sighed in relief when I saw him floating in the water,

grinning at me.

“Didn’t mean to give you a fright.”

I glowered at him in response.

“It’s dangerous to dive from a heavy waterfall.” I

muttered, making my way back.

“This one is fine.” He called out, having heard my

muttering. “Your turn!”

I snorted at his suggestion and carried on walking back to

room, cave thing.

“You really don’t take risks do you?” He observed with

smirk “Putting on your seat belt and all.”

I glanced at the clear blue lake, tempted to get in.

“Come on!”

“I don’t even have swim-wear.” I argued, trying to

convince myself more than him.

“Just swim in your underwear.”

How could he say that so casually…?

“I’m in my underwear, so you’re not the only one.” He

added, trying to convince me.

“Okay, fine.” I gave in a lot quicker than I thought. “But

I’m not jumping from up there, I’m not bothered to go

all the way back up.”

I grabbed the bottom of my hoodie to take it off, before

realising Theo was watching.

“Turn around!” I ordered, gesturing at him.

He pouted a little and turned around, making me laugh.

I quickly took off my clothes, placed them on a rock and

jumped in.

I was glad to find out that the water was warmer than i


Theo turned around and swam towards me. The rate of

my breathing increased as I became hyper aware that i

was only in my undergarments.

And so was he.

He appeared in front of me and chuckled a little.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Nothing.” He replied with a teasing smirk.

I watched him float, feeling totally confused.

“And for the record, I think black lacy bras are sexy.” He

added before swimming away.

I gasped and looked down at myself, realising the water

didn’t cover the top half of my bra.

“It’s rude to look!” I spluttered, swimming closer to the

middle where it’s deeper.

We floated together, gazing up at the beautiful sunset sky.

“So you were here all along?”

I turned my body around in shock, alarmed to see Jay

standing a few meters away.

“Jay.” I breathed, not knowing what to say.

His emerald green eyes looked away from mine and

focused on my pile of clothes on the rock.

“I was wondering why you weren’t picking up your

phone.” He started to say, letting out a humorless laugh.

“I got so worried, but I guess I didn’t need to be.”

My phone?

Shit, I left it in the car.

“I’m so sorry, w-why didn’t you mind-link me?” I

stuttered, feeling so bad.

“I was trying to, but the connection was so faint.” He

replied, not looking at me. “I don’t know whether it was

because you were so far or you were having too much

fun to notice.”

“How did you find us?” Theo asked, getting out of the

lake. “You must’ve followed our scent.”

Jay’s eyes darkened dangerously upon setting his gaze on


“God, I really hate you.” He growled, strolling towards


“Guys…” I said warningly, standing helplessly in the


I couldn’t exactly get out wearing soaked underwear…

“The feeling is mutual, you little fucker.” Theo snarled,

baring his teeth at him.






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