Tell me lies episode 24 & 25




Chapter 24



I don’t know what’s going on with Rissa but her behavior and attitude in the last couple of days leaves much to be de-sired. Our relationsh!pis currently on the rocks. I have been suspecting her of cheating on me. When she marches out of the house and gets into her car, I decide to follow her because I have had it with her treating me like trash, I nee-d to know who is trying to take my place in her life. I carefully follow her and make sure she doesn’t see me but after driving for some time, I am surprised to see Rissa pu-ll up in front of Iris’s house. I park a distance away from the gate and watch Rissa step out of her car before entering the gate.

What in God’s name is happening here? What is Rissa doing at Iris’ house? Do they know about each other? Is this the reason she has been acting up? A number of thoughts begin to run throu-gh my mind as her heart races and my palms become sweaty.

gr-abbing my phone, I dial Iris’ number and wait as the line rings.




‘’Are you okay?’’

‘’I am fine, how are you?’’

‘’I am okay too, where are you?’’

‘’I am home, why?’’

‘’I wanted to come over, I miss you, are you alone?’’

‘’You can come over later, right now is not a good time, there’s something I am working on and no I am not alone, I am with my sister.’’

‘’Your sister? Since when did you have a sister?’’

‘’It’s a long story I will tell you about it later.’’

‘’Okay, I will see you later, love you.’’

She ends the call without saying she loves me, back and that worries me de-eply. Did Iris just say she is with her sister? What is that supposed to mean, how do these two know each other? Confused, I dial Rissa’s number and she picks it up almost immediately.


‘’Babe! Where are you? Are you going to be home soon?’’

‘’I just left home a few minutes ago why are you asking?’’ . Have funnnnn

‘’I am sorry reacting that way when you c@m£ home, can we—.’’

‘’Can we talk about this when I get back home?’’ she cuts me off.

‘’But where are you and who are you with?’’

‘’Gabriel, let’s talk when I get home, I am busy.’’

‘’Okay, I love you.’’

‘’Okay,’’ she says and ends the call.

I am definitely in h0t soup, these women know about each other, what do I do now? Iris and I are alre-ady engaged to be married and she is my choice for a wife. What if Rissa tells her stuff about me and she refuses to marry me? I do love Iris and I don’t want to lose her. After giving it some thought, I decide to head back home, I will wait for Rissa so we can talk, if things get to the worst, I am break up with her and find a way to make Iris forgive me.



‘’He keeps calling! So annoying!’’ I say and Iris manages a smile. I just got here, her eyes are red and puffy, she has been crying, she just found out about my father being her father too. Apparently her mother lied to her. The man she grew up knowing as her father is actually her mother’s late uncle.


The idea of having her as a sister sounds exciting-we have so much in common and our bond is out of this world but I don’t want to hurt my mother by ma-king it look like I am siding with Iris and her mother. Even if my mum decides to forgive my father, Iris will always be a constant reminder of my father’s cheating ways.

‘’I know I am putting you in an awkward position but I have no one to talk to.’’

‘’My mother is shattered, it took a couple of years for her to get pregnant with me when she was pregnant, I guess she had some health issues but while she was out there seeking for a solution to her problems so she could save her marriage, dad was out there with your mother. She knew he was married and yet she went after him.’’

‘’I don’t know what was going throu-gh her mind, I will not even make excuses for her but I am really sorry, you mother is a nice woman she doesn’t deserve all this.’’

‘’What next? Are you now going to change your last name to mine?’’

‘’I don’t even know what to do next but is there a possibility you will accept me as your sister? I have always wanted to have a sister, being an only child was boring and—-,’’

‘’I don’t know Iris, I don’t know, I just nee-d some time away from everything and maybe we should drop all this drama with Gabriel, let’s just break up with him and move on. I think I should have done that a long time ago, I shouldn’t have involved you in all this drama.’’

‘’You regret knowing me? I thought we had some good times together.’’

‘’We did but at this point I nee-d to protect my mother’s interests.’’

‘’I un-derstand.’’

‘’Thank you, I think I should leave.’’

‘’On behalf of my mother I am really sorry for messing up your lives.’’

‘’It’s not your fault, you are just a victim of circu-mtances too. I wish you the best Iris, I will break up with Gabriel and if you want to keep him, you are free to do so. Goodbye!’’ And with that, I head out. I guess this has to be done no matter how painful it feels. At this point, everything is a mess. I don’t even know if my parent’s marriage can be redeemed. Somehow I feel this is my fault, if I didn’t start this whole revenge journey, I wouldn’t have met Iris and all this wouldn’t be happening right now.

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Chapter 25

‘’Honesty costs nothing, lying could cost you everything.’’


When I get back home, I head straight to the guest be-droom and peep in to see how my mother is feeling but she is fast asleep, gr-abbing a blanket, I cover her then ti-ptoe out of the room. When I enter my room, I find Gabriel in be-d- covered up.

I str!p off my clothes en route to the bathroom and freshen up a little. Looking myself in the mirror and leaning in close, I say ‘’ Stay strong Rissa, things will get better, it might be stormy now but it can’t rain forever.’’


After the shower, I change into a pair of lightweight cotton p@n-ts matching a tank t©p. A few seconds later, my phone rings and its Cedrick.

‘’Hey there.’’

‘’Hey, how are you?’’

‘’I am fine, Eloise misses you, you have been scarce.’’

‘’I miss her too, I have just been a little bit busy with my project in Kabwe and some other stuff that have been going on, it’s been a hectic week.’’

‘’Oh, I see. What are you doing this evening?’’

‘’My mum is spending a few days with me, I want to prepare her something to eat and spend some time with her, she is unwell, other than that, I have no plans.’’

‘’I was thinking I could pick you up so we could gr-ab a bite.’’

‘’That sounds good but I am not up to it this evening. How about you pick me up in the morning for breakfast? I will be well rested and be good company then.’’

‘’No problem but are you sure you are fine?’’

‘’There’s something going on with my parent’s I will tell you about it tomorrow.’’

‘’Sure, take care of yourself.’’

‘’Thanks, goodnight, pas-s my regards to Eloise.’’

‘’I will, ’he says before ending the call.

Placing my phone back on the table, I sit on the edge of the be-d and shake Gabriel, he gro-an s. ‘’Gabby, wake up, we nee-d to talk.’’

We should have had this conversation a long time ago, I don’t know why I allowed myself to be clouded with getting vengeance. I nee-d to break up with this man and start afresh, painful as it is this has to be done. I have loved this man for the last couple of years and held him down, in my mind he was the one, finding out he was cheating and didn’t have the intention of marrying me just messed me up. But like they say, everything happens for a reason, his cheating ways lead me to my sister. And I am grateful this happened. Imagine the kind of life I would have been subjected to if I ended up getting married to Gabriel.


I shake him again, ‘’we nee-d to talk Gabriel.’’

‘’Can’t this wait?’’ A disembodied voice sounds from un-der the covers.

‘’No, this can’t wait,’’ I pu-ll the covers down and shake him again, ha-rder this time around, ‘’I want to start cooking before mum gets up so wake up so we can talk.’’


He opens his eyes and yawns before sitting upright, ‘’what is this all about, couldn’t you have waited until I woke up?’’

‘’I don’t all the whole day Gabriel,’’ I say, my voice going up an octave after every word.’’

‘’What is it?’’

‘’It’s about time we put an end to all this and go our separate ways,’’ I say quic-kly.

He looks at me, ‘’what do you mean ‘put an end to all this?’’

‘’I want you to pack your stuff and leave my house because this relationsh!pis over.’’

‘’Why? How do you suddenly decide to break up with me?’’

‘’I have been thinking about this for some time, this isn’t sudden.’’

‘’Have you been cheating on me? Is that why you have been acting up?’’

I intently stare at him, ‘’Are you seriously asking me that question?’’

‘’Gabriel pack your stuff and leave my house.’’

‘’I am not going anywhere, I have been with you for four years and you want to discard me off because you have met someone else, no Rissa I will not allow you to waste my time like that, this relationsh!pis not over until I say so.’’

I laugh, ‘’whatever you are smoking must be strong.’’

‘’I will sue you for wasting my time Rissa, wait until the court gives me half of what you own then you will know that I am not called Gabriel for nothing.’’

‘’Do you know the woman you are engaged to is my sister?’’

He shoots me a serious look, ‘’what are you talking about?’’

‘’Iris is my elder sister, she is my father’s first child, my father had an affair with her mother some years back, we just found out, that’s why my mother is here at the moment.’’

‘’Who is Iris?’’

‘’Boy plea-se, just leave. I am not in the mood for all this drama. In fact most of the stuff you own where bought by me so just get what you c@m£ with and leave the rest.’’

‘’Are you seriously doing this right now?’’

‘’I held you down when no one else did, I gave you everything you nee-ded, I went against my own parents and accommod@t£d you, I loved you Gabriel but you went behind my back and start seeing someone else, you told me you hate social media and we shouldn’t post each other, turns out you have another account where you post your wife to be? Congratulations Gabriel, congratulations, well pla-yed,’’ I cl@p my hands.

He cli-cks his ton-gue, ‘’you will regret this Rissa.’’


He tries to get one of my suitcases and I shoot him daggers with my eyes then he wordlessly pu-lls out his own suitcase and packs his stuff, I watch him closely and make sure he only packs what he bought himself.

‘’My car and house keys,’’ I say when he is done.

He looks at me with a pained expression on his face before handing them to me.

‘’The IPhone I recently bought, I want it too.’’

‘’Are you seriously doing this?’’

‘’Yes,’’ I respond stretching my hand to him.

Removing the sim card from the phone, he hands it to me. There’s this expression on his face that makes me happy and content, Gabriel deserves to be treated like and much more.

‘’So you are letting me go like this?’’

‘’Yes, Gabriel, this is goodbye.’’

‘’Fine! I hope you don’t come looking for me.’’

‘’Goodbye Gabriel.’’

I walk in out of the house and the gate, giving strict instructions to my gateman never to allow him into my compound ever again. Feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I head back into the house and get started with the cooking. I hope Iris doesn’t stay with Gabriel, she is a good person and deserves better but if she decides to be with him at the end of it all, I will hold nothing against her.