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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Teens love Episode 26 & 27

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( High school series )


( Semi Finale )



❤ Sophia’s pov ❤

” Wow!!!!!!! I can’t believe we came first!!! ” I shouted starring at our grades
” I told you,, we are gonna do great! ” Jin said hugging me

I hugged him back happily,,,, we both unlock from the hug and faced Tk who only kept quiet all these while

” Tony,, are you okay? ” I asked and touched his face
” How will I be okay when am leaving tomorrow?? ” he asked and my shoulder dropped

How can I forget?? He already told me that he’s going to leave immediately after our project results are out. And it’s out already, what am I expecting?

I faced Jin,, he looked away trying to hide his tears,,, everyone is gonna miss him no doubt

” Stop talking like you aren’t gonna come back,, am gonna tear up ” Davis said
” This,,, feel like forever ” Tk choked on his words

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I just stood there fighting my tears,,,,

” We will excuse you guys ” They said and went off
” Come with me ” he grab my hand dragging me softly out of their private class.

” Where are we going? ” I asked
” Do you need to ask that? ” he faced me with a smirk

I just continue starring at his face,,,
‘ Stare at him as much as you can right now,,, you won’t be seeing him for many years ‘ my mind said and I finally burst into tears

I covered my face with my other palm since he’s holding the right hand,,,, I sniff in. He stopped and faced me,,,,, the tears were rushing out than usual.

He sigh and slap his forehead a little,,,, I continue crying my eyes out.
He grab the hand I covered my face with,, he pulled it down. He used his palm to wipe my tears,,,,, the tears keep on coming even though I wanted to stop.

” Can you please stop crying?? I may tear up any moment from now ” he said still wiping my tears
” Am sorry,,,,,,, I,,,, I just can’t,,, help it ” I said in tears sniffing in randomly

” What do I do?? ” he asked silently and click his tongue
He sigh out and grab my hand again,, where is he taking me to??
We finally got to his car,, he opened the front door and told me to get in,, I obeyed and entered.
” Sir, we are coming with you ” his bodyguards said

” Tell father am with my girlfriend ” he said
They nodded and walk away,, he winked at me before getting into the car.

I sigh and rest my head on the seat,,,, how do I cope??? How,,,, I love him more than he will ever think, and now he’s leaving???

I closed my eyes and opened again,, I turned it face him. His eyes were glued to the road,,, his face expression was sad. He let out a deep breath and turned to me,, I immediately look away.

He took his gaze from me and focus back on the road,,,

He stopped the car and I look outside,,, we are in front of a mall. What are we doing here anyway?
He got down and opened for me,, I managed to smile and got down.

He held my hand as we walked into the mall,,,
” Baby,, what are we doing here? ” I asked
” To change your,,,, dress ” he said and I mouthed ” Oh ”

I was putting on a uniform,,

” You know I look like your teacher right now ” he smiled
I turned to him and scoff
” What type of teacher wear these kind of clothes you’re putting on?? You look like an international playboy ” I said

” But am not a playboy ” he pouted cutely making me smile
” I know ” I said

” Am going to help you get something to wear ” he winked as we check out the clothes
” As your lordship pleases ” I laughed

” Of course,,,,,,, yeah I got it. I want this for now ” be brought out a hood and the complete wear,,, but the hood wasn’t even reaching my stomach.
” What??? This?? ” I asked checking it

” So you will look like an international Playgirl ” he winked and I faked a frown

” What,,, you won’t take it?? ” he asked
” It’s pretty,,,, I like the way it’s complete pink ” I winked at him

” Pink is your favorite color? ” he asked and I nodded
” I like girls whose favorite color is black ” he pouted

” Really?? ” I asked and he nodded with a smile
” I will take it as my favorite from now ” I said and poke his nose

” Really?? ” he asked
” Yes ”

” You don’t have to do that,, I was just kidding ” he smiled
I slap his forehead lightly,, the attendant appeared to us.

” I will lead you to the dressing room ” she smiled
” Thank you ” I said and followed her

” Don’t miss me too much ” Tk called after me, I turned
” It’s just a dressing room, am not leaving. Unlike some people ” I said and turn away immediately.

We finally entered,,,
” He’s your boyfriend?? ” the attendant asked
” Yeah ” I replied

” You guys look good together ” She said
” Thank you ” I said with a smile

She touched my cheek and walked out,,, I sigh and took off my uniform. I put on the clothes and checked myself in the mirror,,,, it look so beautiful on me. It fitted my white snickers well.

I losses my hair from the ponytail and smiled,,,,i immediately used the hair pin he gave me,, I love it, after that I walked out not taking my uniform. I don’t need them again right??

” Hey boyfriend,,, how do you look?? ” I asked
He turned to face me since he was facing the other side
” Wow,,, i can’t believe am crushing on my girlfriend ” he smirked causing me to laugh

” Are you crazy?? How can you Crush on me when we are dating?? ” I smiled
” That’s because you’re too beautiful ” he said

I guess he already paid for the clothes,, he took my hand and we both walked out of the mall.

We entered the car and he drove out,,,

” Am taking you out,,, so,,, we could have fun ” he said
” For the last time ” I added

” Stop talking that way,,, it’s not gonna be the last. Trust me babe,,,, trust me ” he hold my hand
” I hope so,,,,,,, am just scared. Am really scared ” I said and wipe my tears

” You don’t have to be scared Sophia,,, I will never hurt you ”
” What if you find someone prettier than me?? I know you guys,,, ”

” To me,,, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. So don’t think am gonna find a girl prettier coz I won’t look at her ” he said and touched my hair
” Are you sure? ” I asked and faced him

” I am sure ” he smiled


” Omg,, what type of ice cream is this?? It’s so yummy!! ” I shouted gulping the ice cream more
” Yummy like you ” he said with a wink

” I will let that slide ” I scoff
” Or, what will you do?? ” he asked

” You’re naughty,, and you know that right? ” I said and clash the ice cream on his left cheek
” Wait till I finally become your husband,, you will see the naughty part,, am only being nice because I don’t want your mom to yell ” he said and we both laughed

” Hmm,, ” I said and lick the ice cream on his face
” Why did you do that?? I was counting to know how many minutes before it melt ” he said

” Math is really doing some weird things in you ” he burst into laughter

” Babe?? ” he called
” Huh? ”

” where should we go next?? ” he asked
I tuck my lips and smiled
” Floor 180 ” I said

He look surprised,,,
” What’s floor 180?” He asked still looking surprised
” You don’t remember our first kiss?? Where you confessed your love to me? ” I asked

He suddenly smiled hiding his blush,,

” You’re blushing ” I said pointing at his face
” No,, am not. Let’s go “he giggles

We both got into the and he drove off


We got to the building,,,, we both stood and looked up at the last floor.
” am not gonna let you climb,, we’re using the elevator ” he said and held my hand

I smiled and followed him until we got into the elevator,,,, he pressed some buttons and then added 180.In two minutes we were there,, I smiled as we got out.

I sat down on the floor,, he joined me immediately. I rested my head on his shoulder,,,

” Why did you decide to come here?? ” he asked stroking my hair slowly
” Because,, this floor is filled with my memories. ” I replied and raised my hand,,,, he smiled and brushed away the hair falling on my face.

” Tk?? ” I called
” Yes?? ”

” I love you,,,,, I love you so much,,, and,,, I will be here Studying,,, I will focus on my studies and wait patiently for you too,,,, 7 years is far,,, but am gonna wait,,,,, I promise you that. ” I said with a wide smile hiding my tears

” I Love you more ” he said and pulled me up making me sit on his laps
I faced him,,, he used his thumb to clean my tears

He smiled softly and pulled my face closer to his,,, his lips landed on mine. I kissed him more well like am not gonna let him go,,, I wish I can stop him from leaving.


( Semi Finale B)

🌸 Tony K 🌸

📲 Hey baby,,,
Her tiny voice said

📲 Hi,, missing me already?
I asked with a smile

📲 You can say that again,,,

📲 Where are you right now??
I asked

📲 Am with Bianca,,, getting ready for,,,,,

📲 her birthday party??
I interrupted

📲 Yeah, that’s right

📲 Wow,,, I wish I am there. Am sure you will be the most beautiful of all,,, tell her am wishing her a great birthday
I smiled

📲 Am gonna send you pictures when am back, I promise. Or do you wanna see me now?? Am gonna switch to Video Call

📲 Yes!!!

” Young Master,, you have an urgent meeting with the Royals ” my manager said interrupting us

” You can see am on a call ” I snapped

📲 Baby,, don’t worry. Go on,, we will talk later

📲 Are you sure??
I asked

📲 Of course, trust me. I love you so much

📲 I love you too,,, later

I hang up the call and sigh,,,,, just a little more time and am done with this

I stood up and walked out of the office with my manager behind me,,,

” What is the meeting all about? ” I asked not turning back
” It’s about the conjoined business they once told us about ” he replied

” Why can’t they understand that I don’t want them in this?? ” I scoff
” Sir,,, maybe we can just give them a try ” he said

” You think?? ”
” Yes sir,, and am sure they won’t disappoint us ”

I smiled and faced him

” Maybe am gonna step down for you soon,, you seem to know better ”
” What?? No sir,,, its never gonna happen. You’re the best CEO I’ve ever seen,,, even from the very beginning when you were young ” he said

” Am happy to hear that ” I smiled as we got into the meeting conference room

They all stood up as I walked in,, I sat down and they also did.

” Sir,,, we’ve discussed with your Manager but he told us we have to speak with you first, ” one of the representatives said
” So in your company,,, the managers are in charge of proposals?? ” I asked

Justin( my manager ) touched me to calm down

” Am so sorry sir,,, am just too nervous ” she said
” Give the proposals to Kate, ( His secretary ) ,,, I will go through them to see maybe it’s what this company is looking for ” I said and walked out of the room.

I went back into my office and continue doing some stuffs,,, soon Kate came in. I looked up,, she was putting on some annoying exposed dress. When will she ever stop this flirting?? I don’t have any damn interest in her.

” Here are the proposals sir ” she said dropping the files on the table
” Thank you, you can leave. I will give you notice when am done ” I said already checking them out

She stood there,,,, I was forced to look up

” What do you want?? ” I asked
” Sir,,, do you need anything?? ” she asked with a smile

” like what?? ” I asked
She smiled and walked closer to me,,, I became confused. What is she trying to do,,,

” Do you mind if I massage you? ” she asked in a flirting tone
She touched my shoulder,,,, I grab her hand and dropped it

” Don’t ever do that again or you will be fired ” I said angrily
” Tony,,,, you can’t do that. And you know,,, when will you stop pushing me away?? You claim of having a girlfriend,, who cares. She’s not even here,,,, can’t you just have fun?? Just look at me for once,, am I not beautiful enough?? ” she asked trying to touch me again

” Kate!! ” I stood up and pinned her to the wall ” Don’t think I can’t ask you to leave because of how close we are,, I can do anything when you make me angry. ” I left her and adjusted my suit

She sigh like she was scared,,,,,, she walked toward the door,,,

” Hey ” I called her back and she turned immediately
I scoff

” From now on,,, don’t bring anything to my office again ” I said and sat down
” You can’t do that,, its my work. Am not gonna do such thing again but don’t denial me of my work ”

” I won’t reduce your salary,,, but I don’t wanna see you here again. Now leave ” I snapped

She rushed out in tears,,

💋 Sophia 💋

I sat down as I watch everyone dancing,,, Bianca was with Levi also. Sometimes I feel jealous seeing them together,, I keep on asking myself. When did the chemistry started between them?

Back in school,,, the two fools act like cat and dog. 😂 anyway,, am happy for them.
I suddenly wish am also with Tk,, but it will be over soon.

” Hey pretty ” I heard a voice
He better not refer to me,,

” Hey what’s your name? ” he asked sitting just opposite to me
” I don’t need to tell you my name,, can you just leave?? ” I snapped and started operating my phone

” Well, according to history, 70% of beautiful girls are rude,, so I still love you ” he grinned
” Young Mr,, dont You get?? I don’t wanna talk to you ” I snapped angrily

” calm down ”
I hissed and pick up my purse,, I stood up and went to inform the lovers that I’m leaving

” Why?? What happened? ” Levi asked
I told them
” But you should have at least listened to what he have to say ” Bianca said

” I am not interested ” I snapped and walked out

My driver drove out of the compound the moment I entered,,,, I hissed out loud.

I walked out of the car going in,, I met mom in the loving room.

” Oh,,, why so soon?? ” she asked, I smiled and sat down
” You don’t look happy,, what’s wrong?? ” she asked and rested my head on her shoulder

She still treats me like a baby,, even though am 20 already. Well yes,, 3 years has passed.

” Mom,,, I miss him ” I said breaking into tears
” I miss him a lot,,,, I may act like am fine mom. But deep down,, it hurt. It really hurt ” I said trying to prevent myself from crying

” Don’t hide the tears,, just cry out loud to reduce the pain ” she said and I finally broke out

” I know how you feel,, and I must say. You guys are really amazing,, you’ve come so far,,, you can conquer all when there is love ” She said patting my back

” Do you trust your boyfriend?? ” she asked
I nodded still in tears
” Then why are you crying?? ”

” It hurt mom!!! ” I shouted
” Awwn,, my baby. It’s gonna be fine okay?? ” she kissed my cheek

I wipe my tears and hugged her,,,,




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