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July 30, 2021


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Teens love Episode 18 & 19

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[ 💌 Preston High 💌]

💌 Episode 18 💌

Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️




Sophia’s Pov :

Damn this stupid alarm!!!! I grab it and threw it somewhere I don’t know,, I covered myself with the duvet again. I smiled inwardly as I enjoy my sleep,,,,

” Mam,,,, mam,,, ” I felt a soft hand tapping me slowly

” What is it?? ” I asked still sleepy

” Mam,,, it’s 10:20am already. Today is Monday,, are you not going to school?? ”

” What!!!!!!???? ” I threw the duvet away and ran into the bathroom

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What the f**k is wrong with me right now??? Today is the day for the last year project partnership,,, and right now am late. What if I fail???? This is suppose to be my last year in high school!!!

I brushed my teeth immediately and put off my clothes,, I am just a goner. How can I sleep like that???

Tony’s Pov :

” Guys,, meet me in class ” I said walking out of our private class,, I just hope Sophia turn out to be my partner, even if she doesn’t become my partner, she should be paired up with a girl.

” Wait up;!! ” They shouted behind me

I waited and we walked into the class together,,,

🚺 Oh my God!!! 🚻

🚻 What’s happening here?? 🚺

🚺 They are putting on uniforms?? 🚻

🚻 Wow, I can’t believe they look so handsome in that 🚺

Well,, it was my idea. I wanted us to put on the school uniform today,,,, I can’t wait to see Sophia’s reaction. Am sure she’s going to love it,,,

My eye travelled round the class searching for her,, but she’s nowhere. What?? Why is she not in class already???

I was about taking out my phone to call her when the teacher came in,,, I wanted to go ahead but I remembered that I already made a promise not to be rude,, maybe for today I don’t know. I don’t know why am doing this,, maybe because of Sophia.

I sigh and dropped the phone,, but what if something is wrong with her???

” As you all know,, this is your final year in high school. And we’ve brought the idea of giving you some project work,, I think it’s gonna be helpful than exams all the time ” He keep on explaining

Everything was boring until he started calling names,, the class became silent almost immediately.

” Who do you think you’re gonna be paired with?? ” Jin whispered

” I don’t know, but I hope it’s not a girl if not Sophia. I can’t stand the flirting stuff ” I said in a whisper also

” Me too ” He smiled and faced the teacher again,

” Jin with Frank ”

I turned to Jin who suddenly looked confused,,

” You don’t know who Frank is right?? ” I smirked

” Am sure he’s gonna come here after the class ” He replied and I nodded

” Tk,, and Harley ”

What the f**k?? Why Harley of all people???

” Davis with Ella Dice ”

” And finally,, Sophia Mae and Curtis Johnson ”

Now who the heck is Johnson??

” I think we are all satisfied with that ” he asked

They all chorused yes,, and I could widely recognize Harley’s voice coming loud. I scoff,,

” Am not satisfied one bit ” I said

” Tk?? You have an objection?? ” He asked

” Can you just change the person with me?? I can’t cope with her ” I said and turned to Harley,,

She gave me an angry look,, I only smirked and look away

🚻 You can be my partner instead 🚺

🚺 Please, make me your partner 🚻

🚻 Are you crazy?? Am your partner already 🚺

I hate these

” am sorry Tk,,, but it’s directly from the school authority ” he replied

” Then am gonna talk to him myself ” I said and walked out of the class

Someone bumped into me as she was running without looking up,,

” Oh no,, am so sorry ” she said ready to run again

” Sophia?? ” I called and she stopped

I faced her again,,, she was panting

I shook my head and grabbed her hand,,

” Wait, where are we going?? ” She asked but I ignored her

I drag her into our private class and locked the door,,

” Why are you so late?? Did you even check the time before coming?? ” I asked starring straight into her eyes

” I just,, slept off. It wasn’t my fault ” She pouted

” Sleepyhead ” I pulled her head backward

” Wait,,, you’re putting on uniform?? ” She asked with a smile

” Yes ” I replied

” Wow,, it look amazing on you ” she said still starring at me like she doesn’t believe it

” I missed you ” I said and hugged her

” Don’t you think I need to go to class now?? ” she asked still holding me tightly

” Am just too angry to leave you right now ” I said and hugged her even more tighter

” Why?? Did anything happen?? ” She asked patting my back

” Who is Curtis Johnson?? ” I asked and finally left her

” Oh,,, just some random student,, what’s wrong with him?? ”

” he’s your partner in the project,,,, and,,,,, ”

” What?? I actually prayed for something else ” She mumbled

” I don’t know him,, but I hope he doesn’t try anything with you ” I sigh and roughed my hair feeling jealous already.

Am sure they are going to meet each other everyday,,,, I just wish I can change that.

” So,, who’s with you? ” She asked

” Harley ” I replied still deep in thought

” What??? I won’t take that “.

” Am seeing the school director right away,, I can’t just watch myself talking to her,she’s like a thorn in my flesh ” I scoff

” Am so sad right now ” She blurted out

” really??? After spending all day in bed without me?? ” I teased

” What?? ”

I laughed seeing her face looking confused already,,,,

I touched her face and squeezed it softly,,

” What are you doing?? Trying to make me ugly?? ” She asked and it became even more funny starring at her face

” Can you just continue talking?? ” I laughed again

” No I won’t ” She replied,, I shook my head and smiled

My gaze fell on her red lips,,,,,,, I pecked her lips,,, and she became silent

I kissed her again but this time, it wasn’t a peck. It was a deep kiss,,,,

I unlock from the kiss and released her cheek,,,

” I need to go ” I said and peck her cheek, she replied with a nod

” Tell me if that guy try to,,,, ”

” Trust me, nothing like that will happen ” she smirked

” Better make sure of it”

I walked out of the class heading straight to the chancellor’s office,,,,

Bianca’s Pov :

” I thought you won’t be coming again,, I was thinking about coming to your house ” I said and hugged her

” What’s happening here?? Without me?? ” Levi asked and sat down

” Can’t believe you’re my partner,, ” I smiled at Levi

” I can see you look happy about it,, am I that handsome?? ” He tuck his tongue

” Handsome my foot,, I only said that because you’re somehow brilliant ” I scoff

” Somehow??? ”

” Yeah,, somehow ” I replied

” Guys!! Enough of the argument,,,, let’s go get something to eat ” Sophia snapped

I gave Levi a ” God save you ” look

” Okay let’s go foodie ” I said and burst into laughter with Levi

” I can’t believe you guys right now!!! ” She stormed out of the class

” She’s really hungrier than I think ” Levi said holding his stomach as he laughed

” Exactly ” I said and we continue laughing

” I can’t believe am laughing with you ” he frown his face immediately

” Idiot ” I slapped his head

” Let’s leave or Sophia will get mad ” He said and dragged me out of the class

He’s holding me again,,, 😇

Sophia’s Pov :

I walked out of the class leaving them to laugh all they want, can’t they just understand that I didn’t eat anything before leaving the house??

They are so annoying,,,, someone stood on my way and I stopped. I looked up and it’s Curtis Johnson,,, maybe he wanna talk about the project.

” Hi ” he said with a half smile

” Hi ” I replied shortly

” I guess you know we are partners in the project work given to us”

” Yeah,, ”

” So,, how are we doing it?? How are we gonna meet??? ” He asked

” Uhmm,,, let’s wait for the subject first. Then we are gonna decide on that ” I replied

” Okay,,, see you after school ” He said and walked away

I sigh out and walked into the cafeteria,,. I grab my order and sat down.

Levi and Bianca joined me,,, I rolled my eyes at them making sure I don’t join their conversation.

Just then a hand bang hard on our table,, we all looked up facing the angry Harley. What’s with her??

” Why are you here?? ” Levi asked

Right now, we are the center of attention in the cafeteria

” You!!!! ” She yelled at me

” What’s between you and Tk!!! ” She shouted



💌 Episode 19 💌


Sophia’s pov :

” What’s between you and Tk!! ” She yelled

🚺 What’s happening?? 🚻

I stood up and shook my head,, my arms folded on my chest.

” So,, what if there’s something between us?? ” I asked

” Are you so shameless to force yourself on a guy!!! ”

” The person who is shameless is you,, not me. What’s your problem Harley,, why don’t you learn how to comport yourself?? Can’t believe you can be so shameless ” I scoff

” Don’t you dare say that to me, do you understand?? ” She pointed her finger at me

” So,, what will you do?? ” The voice I wanted to hear spoke up

I faced the entrance and he came in,, a smile escape my lips immediately

” Tk,, I can’t believe you are supporting her,, what’s going on with the both of you??? ” she asked sounding angry

Tk grab my hand,,,

” I guess you all are curious about these right?? ” He spoke up so everyone could hear

🚻 Yes!!! 🚺

🚺 Tell us what’s going on between you two 🚻

” She’s my girlfriend ” he said and pecked my cheek

🚻 omg!!! 🚺

🚺 I can’t believe this!!! 🚻

🚻 Am so jealous!!!! 🚺

🚺 They look cute together 🚻

I winked at Harley, she shot me a deadly glare and walked out of the cafeteria.

” Thanks for saving me ” I whispered

He nodded and walked out,, I sigh and sat down.

” Was that a movie?? Or what ” Bianca asked

” Are you guys dating now?? ” Levi asked

I nodded with a deep smile

” Wow,, omg ” Bianca screamed

” Stop shouting ” I tapped her, almost everyone is starring at us

” Am sorry,, am just too happy ” She said

” Now, am jealous. ” Levi said

” Me too,, ” Bianca pouted

” Let’s start dating ” Levi winked

” Really?? that’s good!! ”

” Just kidding ” He rolled his eyes

” Idiot ” Bianca groaned

” That’s not funny you should know that ” I said

” I know,, ” he replied

Harley’s pov :

” I still can’t believe this,, they are really dating ” Jessica said

” How did these happened Harley,, I don’t like it at all!! ” Isabel groaned

I was just deep in thought,, how can Tk do this to me?? I’ve always loved him!! Even before the witch came here!! Why!!! That girl is a witch!! I hate her so much

” Do you know that Tk is no more your partner?? ” Jessica asked

” What do you mean?? ” I asked

” I eavesdropped when he was talking to the school Chancellor,, and trust me. He have to obey anything Tk ask for ” Jessica said

” I know he did that because of Sophia,,, ” I said angrily

” She keep on getting on our way,, she’s getting all the attention,, I hate her. ” Isabel said

” I will make sure she regret ever crossing my path, trust me ” I said with a fake smile

” Count me in girl ”

Lisa’s pov :

” Hey Lisa,,,,, ” Someone called my name and I turned

” Oh,, Torry. How are you doing?? ” I asked

” Am fine,, you?? ”

” Yeah, am cool. You’re not leaving right away?? ” I asked as we started walking side by side

” Am leaving,, I only called because I wanted to tell you something ” He said as we finally got to the car park,, I rested my back on my car

” What is it?? ” I asked

” Uhm,, the thing is,, ” He was nervous,, what is he trying to say making him as nervous as this??

” Am not gonna bite,, and besides we are friends. So tell me what’s going on with you ” I said with a light smile

” Okay ” He said and roughed his hair

He turned back for a minute and then back to me again,,,,

” I love you ” He said

” What?? ”

” No,,, you can think about it. Am going to give you time,, I don’t wanna listen to your response now. I really love you so much and I want you to become my girlfriend ” he said and ran off leaving me speechless

Why is he telling me this now?? We’ve been friends for years,, and I think I always had a crush on him, I’ve waited so much until I fell in love with Jin. So now,, he’s confessing his love to me??

Why is everything turning this way???

I sigh out and entered the car,,,

” Are we waiting for young master?? ” The driver asked

” No,, he came with his car. Let’s go ” I replied

” Okay mam ” he said and start the car

I sigh out as my mind went to Jin,,, I really love you,,,, but why can’t I get the fact that am older out of my mind?? But Torry,,,, no I don’t wanna think about him. I love Jin and am gonna reject Torry, that’s it.

Sophia’s pov :

” We are leaving,, bye ” Levi and Bianca waved at me,, I guess they need to start the project immediately. They already gave us the topic and the practicals we are working on,,

” Okay, see ya ” I waved back

They went off chatting as usual, cat and rat. I remembered Tk and I,, we were worst than this.

” Hey Sophia ” I heard my name and turned back

” Oh Curtis ” I said

” Yeah,,,, so what next?? I can’t afford to fail this ”

” You are not going to fail, that’s never gonna happen. You should know that if you fail, am also gonna fail ” I said and he nodded

” Okay, noted. So?? ”

I don’t know ” I took my lips in

” My house or yours?? ” He asked

This is not good,, I don’t want any!!!!

” Mine,,, maybe for now ” I replied

” Okay cool,, can we go now?? ”

” Yeah,, let’s go ”

We both started walking toward the car,,,, it was a silent one though. I don’t know why am so uncomfortable right now,,, maybe it’s because we’ve never spoke to each other before now

I sighted Tk coming with Jin,, I immediately took my lips in and breath out.

” Your boyfriend is coming,, I will excuse you ” He said almost in a whisper and walked away

” Hey Sophie,,, ” Jin smiled

” Hi Jin ” I replied before facing Tk

” You are leaving now?? ” he pouted, I nodded

” Where?? ” He asked

” My house ” I replied

” Who’s home?? ” he asked

” No one,,, they traveled and I think they will be back tomorrow ” I replied

” what?? You’re going to stay alone with him?? ” He asked with a wide eyes

I kept quiet,,

” Calm down dude,, it’s just a project. Nothing is gonna happen,, and besides Sophia is a tough girl ” Jin said tapping my shoulder

” Nothing is gonna happen, trust me. We are not even close,, and I think it’s gonna be a boring one ” I said

” So, who’s your partner now?? ” I asked

” Jin,,,,,, his ex partner got paired with Harley ” He replied

” You should have seen Harley’s face when she found out ” Jin said and we all laughed

” You should go now,, don’t keep him waiting. Bye ” he said and left with Jin

No goodbye kiss or hug???

I bite my bottom lips and went to Curtis,,

” Can we go now?? ” he asked

” Sorry for keeping you waiting ” I smiled

He nodded and got into his car

My driver also starts the car,,, our own at the front while he followed us since he doesn’t know our house.

Rose’s pov :

” No!!!!! ” I screamed out and woke up immediately

” Baby,, are you okay?? What’s wrong?? ” Mom carried me checking my body temperature

I hugged her,,

” How come you’re having a scary dream during the day?? ” She asked

” Can you call Sophia please?? I really miss her ” I pouted

” Baby,,, the network is bad here. Don’t worry, you will see her tomorrow ” She kissed my cheek

” Can you get me a cup of milk?? ” I asked

” I will be back in a jiffy ” she still kissed my cheek before going out of the room

I sigh out,, why am I having some bad feelings?? I hope Sophia is safe,,,

I can’t wait to see her tomorrow, but why is she with ,,,,,

” Hey Rose ” My Angel appeared

” This place is not save for you Angel ” I said

” Your sister is in danger,, ”

” I knew it ” I stood up pacing round the room

” She’s with Curtis Johnson ” She said and I gasped

” what?? Mr Johnson was the reason behind my parents being here,, he’s a drug lord. And he want my father’s property all to himself ” I said getting scared already

” He’s using his son to capture Sophia,,, ”

” Please, you’ve got to help me. We can’t leave here,, ”

” i have to leave right now, your mom is on her way here. I promise to do everything to help ” She said and disappeared

I hope she’s able to save my sister,,,


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