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Technical virgin finale


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When the church mummy and her husband saw that Kehinde’s house was no longer containing the youths ,they released their branch church building for them to use for their weekly youth programs since it was not held on the church weekly activities days. Their programs from thenceforth became power packed as deliverances were being conducted on many of them who were under demonic influences and so did their numbers increased rapidly.

“Sister Jumo,what’s happening. What’s going on? Please talk to me.” Kehinde who was worried at her moody state all through one of their programs asked her in a private discussion.

“Oma oba, I don’t know. I don’t understand what’s happening to me.” She replied sadly.

“What exactly is happening?” He asked.

“Look at me, we were praying about the two marriage proposals but I don’t even understand what’s happening anymore…” She said with bias.

“I still can’t get the point Jumo.” He pressed further.

“They have both stopped calling me. I even tried reaching pastor Mike several times since the last time he travelled back to his base but his number hasn’t been going through, except once that he called to inform me that he arrived safely. Iyk himself doesn’t seem to be interested in me anymore. Oma oba, am just tired of this life…” She lamented bitterly…

Kehinde kept quiet with his eyes closed and suddenly drifted into the spirit as she went on and on lamenting about several ordeals in her life.

“Jumo, there’s an embargo on your destiny and you are the one who exposed yourself to it .” Kehinde spoke up with his eyes looking into hers intently as if looking for something and he saw the uneasiness in her reaction.


She asked innocently.

“There’s something about your life you are not telling me yet. I don’t know what it is but there’s a secret habit you are holding unto so tightly that has opened you up to a demonic embargo maritally.” Kehinde revealed and her heart beat began to race faster, but she put up a bold face trying to cover up.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” She said avoiding his eyes.

“Well, since you don’t understand what am talking about, let’s forget about it.” He replied in dismissal then made to leave.

“Oma oba…” She called him back.

“Can you give me some time to put myself together?” She asked looking at him pleadingly.

“Put yourself together for what? This is your life and destiny we are talking about here. Jumo, what’s there you can’t share with me?” He asked getting upset.

“I..i, it all started after you left me that i..” She began and paused and covered her eyes in shame.

“I started pleasuring myself whenever I had the urge to have sex.” She revealed, sweating profusely as her tears mingled with the sweat to form a flowing water down to her mouth.

“You masturbate?” Kehinde asked with a low but a surprised tone.

“When you left, I refused to enter another relationship, hoping that I will meet you again. But I started having strong sexual urges and because I didn’t want to get involved with men, I decided to satisfy myself with my hands and it started like a normal or temporary act until it got to a time that I found myself doing it frequently whether I had an urge or not. I tried stopping it, but the more tried to break loose from the habit, the deeper I found myself in it. I began to have series of dreams where I had intercourse with a particular man who looks like you when approaching me but when once he is done having sex with me, his face will change into an unknown huge and dark man. Each time I woke up from having such dreams, the next thing that follows is a strong urge to have sex and I had no choice than to help myself.” She began, breathed down and continued.

“It was this habit that brought me closer to God as I sought for solutions on how to stop it.


had met Mummy for counseling and she led me to Christ as I was yet to give my life to Christ, she also prayed for me then counseled me on what to avoid and what to do whenever I felt like doing it again. It worked as I followed her instructions but occasionally in my dreams, the man with your face still comes around,trying to lure me into sex with him and I would struggle and fight with him until he gets tired and leave. I didn’t masturbate again for a long time despite seeing the man in my dreams until last year when I got to meet you again. ” she bent her head in shame.

“I started lusting after you and desired to have you back to myself by all means, so that man started coming to me seductively wearing your face and I couldn’t resist him as I was always deceived to think that it was you in real life. I began to have sex with the man frequently in my dreams and that was how I started masturbating again. Kenny, I don’t like the fact that am doing but It’s difficult for me to stop now. I’m not even enjoying it but I can’t do without it, I feel like am a cursed fellow.” She broke down sobbing and silence permeated the atmosphere.

“You are not a cursed fellow my dear.” The speechless Kehinde broke the silence.

“And I want you to know that I can’t come to you in the dream to make out with you. Like you rightly said, my face was only used by a demon to harass you sexually and it’s because of the lust of your heart. Lust when it becomes obsessive, when given a room can mature into many unthinkable things that will damage the destiny of the inhabiters.” He continued ,

“Jumo, you can be delivered by the power of God but you must guide your heart, the thoughts that comes in, the things you watch and listen to. When you have urges, it’s normal and it cannot kill you;it will fizzle out after some minutes if it is not pampered or fed with pleasure…” Kehinde calmly spoke extensively to her and she felt a bit relieved that he was not angry with her.

“So, what do I do now.?” With a worried stricken face she asked.

“Though I’ve not met him in person, I’m so convinced that pastor Mike is your husband. But because of your indulgence to masturbation, that strong man has gained ground in your life spiritually and possibly could be the one fighting your destiny with Mike. Can you now see why you always forget all the dreams you have concerning pastor Mike?” He asked with his eyes widened and she opened her mouth in shock.

“Yes! Each time you have a reasonable dream, that strong man wipes it off your memory and there’s no way you can remember it except through divine intervention.” He explained further and observed her shaking in fear.

“Don’t be afraid Jumo, you will be set free now and no demon can stop your marriage with pastor Mike.” He assured her and suddenly a ray of hope flashed through her mind and he could see the reflection on her face.

“Thank you Oma oba.” She said kneeling down as he began to dial a number.

“Darling, please I need your attention here. Can you spare me few minutes…” He was still talking and Sade cut in teasingly as she turned towards their direction and saw Jumoke kneeling down before him.

“Alright pastor, I will be right there.” She replied laughing as she excused herself from the youths she was addressing and walked up with her protruded stomach to meet them.
Without telling her the details of all that Jumoke shared with him, he told her to stand in for them to pray for her, knowing he deliberately called his wife’s attention just for security purpose.

He lead Jumoke to rededicate her life afresh to Christ before the prayer which lasted for just ten minutes and she was on the floor under the power of God.

“You are free my dear, get ready for your wedding because pastor Mike would be calling you soon.” Kehinde said breathing heavily as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

“Amen!!!” She responded thankfully.

Two days later,Mike called Jumoke and was grateful that her number was going through.

“Hello sister Jumoke, how are you?” He asked and couldn’t wait for her response before tendering his complaints.

“I’ve been trying to reach you for over three months but it’s not been connecting. What’s happening, I hope you are alright..?” He asked many questions at the same time and she was surprised because her phone have been receiving other people’s calls.

“Good day sir,” she greeted then continued.
“Maybe, it’s network sir. My phone has been receiving calls and I also tried reaching you but couldn’t reach you.” She explained politely.
“Nope, I don’t think it’s network. What network interrupts a person’s call for four months? I was almost going crazy here…” He argued.


so sorry about that.” She said with a soft voice and he stopped talking.

“Not angry with you sweetheart, just that I’ve missed that sweet voice.” Mike said before realizing that the word ‘sweetheart’ had gone out of his mouth. Surprised, she covered her mouth with her palms when she heard the name he called her.

“I believe that by now, you must have gotten all the confirmation you need concerning me and my proposal. So what’s your response?” He asked.

“Yes, is my response.” She said smiling from ear to ear as she heard him screaming in excitement.

“You’re gonna start preparing your papers straight away because am not gonna leave my wife behind for anybody in Nigeria. I’m coming back with you same day with me.” He said in excitement and they started their wedding plans immediately.

➡Five months later, Mike traveled down to Nigeria for the traditional and white wedding which took place the same day. Three weeks after their wedding, her papers were ready and pastor Mike traveled back to the Dallas with his beautiful wife for their honeymoon proper.

➡Sade gave birth to a set of twin boys and their marriage and ministry blossomed from glory to glory. Their bond remains unbreakable till this day as they both travel within and outside the country together for ministrations, affecting lives and moulding destinies with the wisdom and power of God.

The other day, i saw doctor Iyk and Toyosi discussing something very serious after a program, but am still watching them with one eye.. 😉

➡The end🌟
✒ ©Precious Obialor {author}🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I wanna Appreciate each & every one of you
for taking ur precious time to go
through the just concluded story (Technical VIRGIN)
Really appreciate ur effort & i believe u learnt a lot from it

🌟🌟🌟👉Big credit goes to [©Precious Obialor]® For the story 👏👏👏


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