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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Tears of a blind girl Final Episode

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💞💞(Battle for Supremacy)💞💞

By. Humble Smith & Clara William

💋Season 2💋

Episode 9..



Anna’s POV

“What video are you talking about!!” I seethed at the strange guy who was even wearing one stupid face cap..

The king and queen turned to him with an arched brow..

“You have the video of her shooting at my son???” The queen was the first to ask

“Hey, you both shouldn’t listen to this guy, let’s go check on my fiance your son, some people can be stupid at times, can you imagine!!” I snorted giving the strange guy a killer glare, he smirked at me before turning back to the king who was really waiting anxiously..

“The truth is hard to believe, lies are sometimes more acceptable, would the video tape of her jumping over the window make you both believe she is the unseen devil here??” The man asked sending another smirk to me..

The only thing I felt doing that moment is killing this man, yes!!..I feel like shooting at him right here and now!!..he must be the one that mounted that cameras there, why??..who even sent him!!

“Your Highness, are you gonna keep listening to this strange man?..do you know him, he may be a….”

“Shut up!!..” The king barked at me leaving shock rush through me..

“As much as I can’t believe you are the one who did all that to my son, I still wants to clarify my belief!”

“Okay…” I shrugged and slumped on the chair there..

“Okay man, who are you?” The king asked

“My identity is hidden for the time now, I’m here to save the throne, this is the video right here..” He said and handed a device to the king…

Everyone rushed to take a look including presh mother….words can’t explain how I feels now, I think I’d strangle someone to death…

“What!!!!!!” That was the first scream from the king.

The Queen also wailed…

“Amanda was brought into that house but she didn’t came out, what happened to her???” The king muttered with his eyes widened..

“How couldn’t we even saw her when we got in?” The queen asked

Everyone raised their gaze to me, I could even see fury right in their eyes,

“Anna don’t think you are all wise, you can’t hide anymore!!” Presh mother spoke out..

Wow!!…she has gotten balls all of a sudden, let’s watch and see..

“That video is not pointing at me as the culprit, it’s Victor and presh..ask them where Amanda is?” I seethed

“When we came in, that bodyguard was about jumping out of the window where you passes through, it means you both are into this, Anna I’m sorry but you are really a suspect!!!” The king growled.

“You are talking nonsense old man!!!!” I shouted and like a dream, presh mother slapped me..


“You don’t talk to the king that way, how do you intend to be the Queen one day!!” She gritted

“I can’t conclude anything now, I can’t even arrest you, I can’t lay a finger on you..the Oracle pointed at you as the princess..it is never possible for the princess to shoot at the Prince” the king shrugged and the Queen also nodded making me smile..

“I thought you both had believed all those set up” I breathed

“It only means one thing..” The king added

“Huh?..what is that?”

“You are not the real princess and heir to the throne!!” He stated leaving shrill flowing down my spine..

“I don’t get you!”

“There is only one way for a mere person to be pointed as the princess…did you took that journey?” The king asked and I found myself shivering..

His eyes were peering into mine accusingly.

“I don’t know a bit of what you are saying!!” I snapped

“Your eyes shows you know a lot about it, I don’t want to believe you did it…time will tell, just know that death awaits anyone who would took that path for evil!!” He gruffed before leaving…

The Queen followed immediately leaving only me, the strange man, presh mother with presh too…

In anger, I rushed to presh mother to slap her hardly only for a muscular arm of the strange man to stop me,

“Hey you…get off me, guess you don’t know I am the princess!!!” I seethed

“Princess???..” He scoffed and shrugged

“I only know presh as the princess..get your self out of here!!” He growled

“You are a fool, you even thought that silly video would make an attempt, you are a loser…watch and see as your death knocks on your door fool!!!” I bawled before stomping out, all I could hear again was his laughter..

More people would surely die very soon!

I got home and the first place I head to was where I kept the bracelet, I just want to make sure it is safe. with it, I’d be the crowned princess!!!

I brought out the box and opened it with a wide smile..


My eyes popped out as the box fell off, my heart beat accelerated, sweat formed all over my body, I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw..

It was so unreal and I would never believe this is reality….

The bracelet is gone!!!



💋Season 2💋

Episode 10(final)..


Anna’s POV

I blinked my eyes continuously trying hard to convince myself that it wasn’t happening..

It can’t be that the bracelet has been stolen, this is one of my dreaded dream, I would be doomed if that bracelet should reach the hand of any Royal heir,

If that bracelet is presented to the oracle by any Royal heir, it would turn the Royal blood in me into a poison that would hunt me till death…

That was the only fear I had when I took that journey, I never thought of ever failing, how would I had thought of failing when presh was blind…

Things really took a huge turn, I hadn’t dreamt of Victor meeting presh, all this wasn’t what I expected, does it implies that I wouldn’t achieve my long time dream…

It can’t be possible!!!

Oh gosh!!
How possible is it??

My bracelet getting missing?..how can that even happen?..who knew where I kept it and how on earth did that person get in here??

The only person my mind keeps pointing at is that strange man that suddenly stood by presh, I don’t know who he is but I’m damn sure he is my enemy, he even went ahead to attack me with those video, yuck!!..he also called presh princess!!..had he gone nut??
Presh can never be the princess and heir to the throne, not when I’m alive…

With a slow and heavy pace, I walked over to the bed and slumped on it..
I have to think of a way out immediately, I’m a wise girl and my wisdom was what brought me to this height..
I can’t fail here…never!!

Just then, my phone rang, I took it and glanced at the screen, it was an unsaved number..

“Hello..” I mumbled

“Okay, let’s talk girl..” I heard those baritone, the voice of that strange man..

“We aren’t talking, just name your price and return bracelet, how could you even find where it was!!!” I bawled

“You don’t know me a bit, if you knows who I am, maybe you’d know how I found the location!..” He laughed making me fume

“What do you intend to do with that, it is one of my jeweleries, it’s useless to you.. Why did you even take it???” I asked

“Huh?..do you think I am unaware of it?..why did I took it only?..well, just expect your horror, Victor would personally hand it to the oracle!” He said making my cringe

“Please…please I don’t actually know who you are truly…don’t just do this to me, I can’t die now, I’d give you anything you want, just name it!!!” I spluttered with my heart beat thumping very fast..

“Do you now believe presh is fated to have the throne??” He scoffed

“Stop those silly talk and tell me what you want so I can have my bracelet!” I snapped

“Report your self to the king, say out all your secret and I’d keep this bracelet hidden forever..that way you would be alive and live like other people without Royal attachment” he said in a low tone that really annoyed me so much..

“Are you really normal?..what do you take me for?..a puff?..please stop those prank and say what I can listen to!!”

“The choice is in your hand, once Victor gets his health, he would end your life, with this bracelet, your secret would still be exposed so why pulling all these fuss!!” He sighed

“I can’t confess anything, don’t even know that I may be stoned to death, do you even figure out the weight of shame?..please let me have it!” I pleaded,

“I am the Royal princess guard fortified by the oracle to protect the real princess, at first after you were pointed, I guarded you, no one could harm you…” He paused and laughed

“What are you saying!!” I snorted

“I’m the Royal guard of the real princess, I for to find out that you aren’t the real heir, the throne is for presh, that’s why I’m standing by her and against you” he explained

“To hell with you!!!!…I’ll kill you, I swear!!” I screamed out of frustration

“I can see you don’t intend to confess so everyone would find out presh is their queen..then, I think you want a fight, I’m gonna give you one!” He croaked and hung the call

A deep sigh escaped from my lips and i recalled the discussion.

My heart twitched sending sensation of fear through me, I felt the horror, I could imagine the pain and shame..

If there are people given a enough respect In the town, I can be counted as one..

How could all that be destroyed, I’m confused now, the man who called was the royal guard that means he knows everything about the bracelet,
What should I do??

Kill presh and die along?

Yeah, that’s the only option, any other person can be the princess, how can I go down without her?..its better to die with her also.

Yes!!..i guess she may think she is winning not knowing we are dying together, killing a Royal person also means you would die too, there is no reason to be alive, it is clear I won’t get the throne, dying is next!!

After all my sacrifice, I would not be the princess, something I aspire to be by all means..

Presh get ready!!!


King’s POV

Do i still need a soothsayer to know that Anna isn’t the right heir??..no princess would ever talk back to the king like she did, no princess would have anything to do with the harming of the Prince..

She must have taken that bloody path to be appointed as the princess!!.. Gosh!!

“Your highness, someone is here to meet you..” One of my guard announced immediately he walked in

“Who is he?” I asked

“The secret guard from the oracle..” He replied and my eyes widened as a wide smiled spread over my face..

What else is my reason to be troubled, the secret guard has the answer to my doubt, he knows who the real heir is…

“Call him in immediately!” I nodded

In a minute, he was led in..

“Your highness…greetings” he bowed

“You are welcome, who is the princess to this throne?” I asked abruptly

“You can believe that it isn’t Anna but would you believe who it is?..would you believe who is the real heir?” He smiled

“Who??..could it be presh?” I asked making him smile again..

“The problem now is to convince the whole community that Anna isn’t the right heir!..she can’t be removes without the approval of the community..” He said slowly

“Yes, they were all there when she was pointed..what should we then do?” I asked

“I….” Just then, his phone rang

“Woah!!..Anna calling!” He muttered before clicking the free button

“I’ll confess tomorrow!!” Her voice sounded into my ear..


“The Prince would be able to walk tomorrow, any silly trick, you would end up facing the wrath of poison!” He snorted

“I’m aware, I’ll confess but..I need to also ask presh for forgiveness, let her be present in the palace okay?” She said

“Hmm, let’s see..till tomorrow” the call went off..

” she accepted to confess tomorrow, this will make the whole community believe she isn’t the heir, that would give presh… ” he paused

“I already know the princess is presh!!.wow!!.from a blind girl to the queen??” I exclaimed

“Anna made her blind to hide her fate, she want to be the queen at all cost, one thing is that the royal blood fight for their vessel!!..let’s wait for tomorrow and end this all, Anna would be punished but the bracelet won’t be handed to the oracle to avoid her death, she still deserve to live, I guess desperation took the bugger part of her!” He stated

“Anything for the royal guard, thanks for coming to our aids, we could have made the greatest mistake!..gosh!!”

“Thank you…I’d be leaving!” He said and bowed before leaving…

I couldn’t contain my joy, I can now see the reason why Victor fell in love with presh, I can now see fate at work, it looked queer at first, now it is clear..


Anna’s POV

A wide smile escapes my lips as I thought of what would happen today, it would be a terrible one for everyone…

I would confess but that would also be the end of presh,

I looked out from the window and could see the mist important officials heading to the palace,

There was no doubt they were all eager to hear this secret, yes!..I need to spit it out finally..

I need to tell them all I did to be the princess, it would be better than passing through the excruciating pain of the poison…

I carefully fixed the knife into my inner pocket, I would find a way to stab presh, she won’t be alive while I pass through death…


Finally…I stood in front of almost all the community with my hands bounded.

My gaze went through the whole crowd who stared at me with detest and disgust, shame filled me up to the brim…

My sight went to where presh was sitting, anger swelled up in me as I even saw Victor beside her, he had his arm around her body as he stared at me…

Slowly, I spited out everything, not excluding any part, there is no need to lie…

I would probably die….


“You are a witch!!!!”

“You deserve to die!!!”

“You are heartless!!!”

“You aren’t a human!!!”

Thee crowd screamed and curse as some even threw disgusting object to my face…

“Before I face my punishment, I would wish to beg her for forgiveness” I said slowly before walked over to where presh sat slowly..

Everyone was watching, I was sure, there was no reason to stay alive..

I would kill presh and die along, that would be the end, at least I’d achieved the goal of taking her life…

“Presh I’m sorry for all the wrong…” I mumbled moving my bounded hand over my sleeves where I hid the knife…

“I can’t believe you would ever ask for forgiveness after all your heinous acts..I forgive you tho” she replied with a shrug…

“How about dying with me?” I smirked making her brow arch…

“What…..” She couldn’t complete her statement before I brought out the knife and raised it to stab her in a rush but what happened next shredded me…

I felt a rush flow of pain over me, it was like a fire burning endlessly…

My eyes widened as I understood what that meant…

The bracelet has been given to the oracle…
Oh no!!!!

“I knew you would never change…” I heard Victor’s voice before falling on the ground….

Victor’s POV

“We all knew what this means right?..she took the evil path to be the heir…” I spoke to the crowd who was really fuming in anger ready to devour Anna if given the chance..

“The real heir is someone we once thought was a curse…presh!!” I called out and they all screamed as she walked to where I stood…

“She is the real heir, fate made it this way, Anna tried stopping this fate but couldn’t because fate can never be destroyed…” I said out and everyone hailed in happiness…

Presh mother smiled widely as she watched in amazement…
My parent hugged her warmly…

“Ahhhhrr!!” A wail was heard, it was Anna, her body was pure red, it was clear the poison was eating her…

There was a clear terror in her eyes, I could see some part swelling, she was even coughing seriously..

The guard took her away making me wag my head…

Evil is indeed something we all should detest and flee from…

It would surely hunt you back, try to do things the right way, Karma is real!!!


The other part of the story should be completed in your memories,
Should I say I got married to presh, should I say we got kids?..

Oh yeah, all that happened and guess what?..I’m telling this story to my kids…

They got to see the real danger in desperation,

Hatred, jealousy, Envy clouds the heart from peace…

Please free yourself from this burden, make peace and love everyone..

Show love and you would be loved…

Let love lead your life💝..


The end

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