Soul mate Episode 4 & 5

💄Episode 4💄
Chris’s House, His father, Dave, Grandma, Deon, Drew, Helen and the policemen c@m£ out of the house, Dave quic-kly ran to the car and drove it closer to Chris’s father,Drew was holding a bag which was full of money, As Mr Robert was about to enter the car, His mother st©pped him “Robert, plea-se be careful” His mum said “I will Mum, Don’t worry nothing is going to happen to him” Mr Robert replied,
Trying to f0rç£ out a smile “But why are the kidnappers so wicked this way, They won’t allow us to talk him, and they wants you alone to come with the money, Am so worried Son” His mother said “Mum, Don’t worry, They won’t dare harm him, He is perfectly ok mum, I promise to bring him back safely,
Just put your mind at rest, Helen take care of Mum till I comes back” He said “I will Bro, Just come back safely plea-se” Helen replied “Officer I don’t want a situation whereby there will be so many news on my son, I un-derstand that you are after my son’s safety, But let’s do what they want, I will take the money there with Dave,We were all there when they told me to bring this money alone, I nee-d to save my son plea-se, Am greatful for the help you rendered, When I comes back I will talk to the D.P.O by myself,
I want to drop the case, It is the money they want, Let them have it so that I can rest, I don’t want any news again after I bring that br@t to this house, I want everyone to go on their separate ways silently, If I should bring Chris home, and I asked you guys to fish them out for me so that I can punish them, Who knows what they are going to do next, Let’s leave them alone, Let’s count it as a minor thing, Let’s believe that it is meant to happen, I will give them the money,
While I bring in my son,I believe you un-derstand me officer” Mr Robert said “Sure Sir, I do Sir, Come back safely plea-se” One of the policemen said “I will, Take care Mum” Mr Robert said to his mum, Drew opened the door for him while Mr Robert sat at the back of the car, Drew gave him the bag and closed the door for him, Dave drove out of the compound while everyone watched the car leaving the compound, Helen hvgged her mum closer to herself while everyone of them went back inside…..
At a very big field, Dave and Mr Robert sat in the car silently, Waiting for the kidnappers to call, There was no one around them, After a minute,
A call c@m£ in while Mr Robert picked up the call and said “I am there plea-se and I can’t see anyone yet” There was a de-ep silent for few seconds before the caller said “We can see your car alre-ady, Give your guard the bag, when he gets to the middle of the field you will see one of us coming with your son, Do that right now” The caller ended the call while Mr Robert gave Dave the money and said “Dave be careful plea-se, Be watchful of Chris because he may try to do something silly plea-se, Am sure you know him very well” Mr Robert said “Of course I do Sir,
I will bring him back safely” Dave replied and c@m£ out of the car, He walked slowly on the field, After a few steps, Dave suddenly saw one of them bringing Chris to him, The kidnapper was in a mask, Chris’s hand was in his pockets while the kidnapper walked behind him “My friend walk” The kidnapper said to Chris, Suddenly Chris st©pped walking and looked back at the guy and said “You are sick, What am i doing before,
Am I not walking” Chris Said “My friend move” The guy suddenly pushed him a bit to walk fas-ter while Chris who got mad at him suddenly held a fist and re-ady to punch the guy on the face, The guy also gr@bb£d out his gun and stretched it to Chris, Dave quic-kly ran towards them and dragged Chris back, he quic-kly pleaded on behalf of Chris, Mr Robert who saw what was happening quic-kly c@m£ out of the car and stood at the front of the car to watch what’s going on “Am sorry plea-se, I am really sorry for what he did, plea-se” Dave pleaded the guy repeatedly,
at the same time he held Chris so firmly in other not to go crazy again “Dave why are you begging this idiot” Chris shouted angrily “Chris will you st©p it, plea-se!” Dave pleaded “Am really sorry, This is the money plea-se” Dave pleaded to the guy again, He gave him the money While the guy said “You should be greatful that you have an influential father, You would have been dead by now” The kidnapper said ” fv¢k you and your statement” Chris shouted at him, Still re-ady to punch the guy, but Dave held him back and begged the guy once again,
The guy walked away while a black car arrived and drove the guy away, Chris who was so mad suddenly walked towards the car, without saying anything to his father, He entered the car and shut the door so ha-rd , His father who was speechless waited for Dave to arrive while they both entered the car and drove away…..
Chris’s room,He sat on his be-d putting on his shoes,Drew walked in and said “Are you going somewhere” Chris looked at him and said “Common dude st©p asking me a rhetorical question” Drew made a sm-irk and said “Seems you don’t know that you are grounded” Chris paused for awhile, He looked at Drew who was smiling, He stood up at him and said ”
What do you mean by grounded” Chris asked curiously “Boss you un-derstand me, Big Boss said you are grounded for now, You are not allow to leave the house until further notice” Drew replied in a kind way “Will you spare me that $h!t nigga,I am going to the clubhouse, I want to see my friends, How dare him to tell me that I am grounded, Where the fv¢k is he”He asked angrily “In the living room Boss” Drew replied while Chris went out of the room angrily, Drew smiled and followed him, Chris arrived at the living room,
He met his Dad sitting down re-ading the newspaper and at the same time watching the TV,Drew c@m£ out and stood at a corner, Behind Mr Robert was Dave and Deon,They stood behind him while Chris walked towards his father and stood at his front He said “What do you mean by grounded” He asked angrily “Young man don’t disturb me, As you can see that I am really busy right now, You are not allow to get out of this house, Wait a minute, Is it because I decided to keep quite about what you did,
If you haven’t sneaked out of the clubhouse, there is no way I will waste a sum of hundred million naira right now, Do you realize that the money I gave to those kidnappers was the money I gained from my new contract, What’s the difference with the person who dos£n’t win a contract and the person who won it but had to use it for a ransom, You made me to loose a sum of hundred million naira all because of your stupid attitude” His father said angrily “Wait do I look like I Care, Do you think I care about those $h!t, I don’t bloody care even if you waste a billions of dollar, Why do you think they kidnapped me,
Was it not because of you, It is all because of your Money, Look I don’t want to talk about those $h!t, Just tell them to allow me to go out” Chris said “No, Am not going to allow that, You are not leaving this house” His father said angrily “Oh really, Is that what you want, Fine” Chris said with a sm-irk on his face, suddenly he gr@bb£d the flower vase that was on the table and threw it straight to the TV, His father stood up angrily while his grandmother ran out of the kitchen “CHRISTIAN”
His father shouted his name angrily “Chris why are you like this, What exactly is wrong with you” His Grandmother said worriedly “Mama you don’t nee-d to disturb yourself, This is between me and Dad, How could he tell me that am grounded, On what issue” Chris asked angrily “Don’t you know that those kidnappers might still be out there monitoring you”
His Grandmother said “Monitor who, Of course they won’t dare do that again, Wait why am I standing here talking to all of you, Mama just tell him that am going out and he should talk to his guards right now” Chris said “No am not going to talk to your Dad, This is because of you, Why can’t you for once listen to your Dad” His Grandmother said “Honestly Grandma, You are the one st©pping me from doing whatever I want right now,
There are many things I wish to do right now, but I just can’t do that cause you are here, No problem” Chris said and walked towards the door but a guard quic-kly st©pped him from going out “What the fv¢k is that” Chris asked “Chris I told you to st©p using those words” His Grandmother said “Mama am going to use any fv¢king word if this dude dos£n’t move away from this door right now” He replied ”
Chris don’t be a br@t and go back inside to your room” His father ordered “Save me that $h!t Dad” Chris said to his Dad, Before realizing what’s going on, Chris suddenly kicked the guard on his knees and s£nt him to the floor with a fist on his face,blood rushed out from the guard’s nose. “CHRIS” His father shouted while his grandmother covered her mouth in shock, Chris made a sm-irk and walked away to his room, While Mr Robert ordered Deon and others to help the guard to the hospital…..
Episode 5💄
Helen’s car drove in Mr Robert’s compound, She c@m£ out of the car and walked in straight to the house, She met her mum in the living room, She moved closer to her mom and gave her a warm hvg, Helen told one of the guards to call Chris for her, After some few minutes, Chris c@m£ out in a white sweater which was a turtlen£¢k,
Looking so fluffy on him, it was a long sleeves which covered all his f!ngers, He put on a white trou-ser which was his pyjama, He put on a red Crocs, He sat down on the chair waiting for his Aunty to speak up, Both his grandmother and Aunt stared at him, He looked at them and said “Wait what’s going on, Why are you both staring at me that way, Honestly you are looking so weird right now, What’s going on” He asked “Chris why are you like this” Helen asked “W…. What did I do”
He asked “Will you st©p answering me back with question, What exactly is wrong with you, Why did you choose to be this way, Chris you are giving your Dad a lot of stress, You graduated from the best University and still you choose not to help your Dad with his companies, What exactly is going on with you, You are ma-king Mum so worried, I heard that you beat up another guard, what’s going on in your head, when do you plan to st©p all these,Huh” Helen asked angrily “Honestly I don’t know what I do,
and I don’t know why you guys are st©pping me from enjoying my life, This is my life, you all know that I don’t want to go to that school, But you f0rç£d me to go to school, which I do, I graduated and I gave Dad the certificate, I did what you want and I expect you guys to allow me to do whatever I want, Can you just allow me to breathe plea-se” He said and stood up immediately “Where are you going” His Grandmother asked “Am going inside
, I believe we are done talking” He replied “You dare not take a step from that place” Helen said “Sis can you just st©p” He said “No you st©p,You nee-d to st©p, Can you plea-se shut your mouth and sit back” Helen ordered “Whatever” He said and sat back on his chair, Bringing out his phone to press, Both his Grandmother and Aunt just sat there watching him in surprise…..
Chris was in his room, He sat on his be-d smoking his cigarette, He was on a call with Jamal “Dude I was so sacred that night, I and Max was so scared that night” Jamal said “Common guy, they are just hungry and they nee-d some money, But honestly am not going to spare those guys, because I heard that my Dad is not re-ady to go after them, am not going to allow them go with that money just like that, They have to pay for it” Chris said. “Of course Dude, Now that your Dad finally freed you,
are we meeting tonight” Jamal asked “Definitely, Tell Max to get re-ady, am going to book a room, there is this Babe coming from the US, I don’t want her to come home because of Mama, You know how she always react anytime am with ladies and I don’t want that kind of thing for that Babe, This Babe is totally different from other Babes, so I have to treat her specially” Chris concluded “Yo My Guy, Chris the man, Wait is she white or black American” Jamal asked “No she is none,
She is from Nigeria but she based in the US, Her flight will land in the next four hours” Chris replied “Ok no problem, let me call Max so that we can get re-ady, I guess am booking a room also, I will call one of my Babes too” Jamal said “Coolest guy” Chris hailed him while they both bur-sted into laughter, After some few discussions, Chris hanged up the call while he finished his cigarette, He stood up from his be-d and walked towards his wardrobe to checked out for the cloth to wear….
At the front of the Clubhouse, Jamal’s car was the first to arrive, so also Max’s car drove in, Not too long Chris’s car drove in, Drew c@m£ out of the car to opened the door for him while he c@m£ out of the car smiling to his friends, Another car drove in which was for Chris’s b©dyguards,
The three friends hvgged each0ther while Deon gave the guards some signs to be very watchful of Chris, After the greetings the guys walked into the club, Getting inside the club people started to talk about Chris, Some are glad to see him in town again, while those who envy him are not plea-sed to see him, Both him and his friends together with his guards all walked up to the high table,
They all sat down while Deon divided the guards to hanged around the clubhouse, Both Deon and Drew stood behind Chris to watch over him, Different kind of wines were filled on their table with some roasted beefs, Steaks and Barbeques, Chris was about to pour his wine when he suddenly saw some guys walking in, They all sat at the regular seats, Chris who was unable to take his eyes off them suddenly recognized two out of them,After a long staring,
He realized that they were the ones who kidnapped him, Before Deon and Drew, including Max and Jamal could knew what’s going on, Chris alre-ady took a bottle of wine and broke it, He jumped from the high table to the main floor and ran towards the guys where they sat, Before Deon and Drew and other guards could catch up with Chris, He alre-ady stabbe-d one of them on the stomach which gushed out a lot of blood,
The guy he stabbe-d coll@psed on the floor while one of them held the guy, One of them who was about to punch Chris was suddenly st©pped by Deon while Drew quic-kly dragged Chris backward, Everywhere bec@m£ crowdy while the ladies are screaming, All the guards quic-kly gathered round Chris just to protect him, Chris who was so annoyed that The guards are blocking him suddenly shouted and said
“How dare you as-s-holes to come to this clubhouse, Oh so because my Dad decided not to drag the issue with you, You think you can move anywhere, I am going to kill you all, I can’t believe that you are alre-ady spending the money “Chris calm down, You nee-d to chill” Max said to Chris “I will make you regret it that you stabbe-d my friend” One of the guys shouted and gr@bb£d a bottle, but before he could break the bottle, Deon kicked the guy on his stomach which made the bottle to dropped from him the guys quic-kly moved back a bit,
Deon made a sm-irk and said “I will advise you guys to take your friend to the hospital right now, It’s not too late to do that, You can’t expect us to just stand here and watch you beating him up, if you want to bring it on, you are welcome, But I will advise you to check us out first, We are outnumbered, I will plead on his behalf, We are very sorry for what he did, Just as the Boss want,
He dos£n’t want to hear anything about the event again, So plea-se let’s take it that way, and for the damage, we are very sorry” Immediately Deon gave Drew and the guards a sign to carry Chris to the car, Immediately Drew and the guards lifted him up and took him out of the clubhouse, but as they were taking him out, Chris kept on shouting at the guys saying “Am going to find you all,I will kill all of you, I promise you, as-s-holeS!!!!”…..
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