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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Songs of my heart 2 Episode 15 & 16

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🎻🎻🎻 Songs Of
My Heart 🤍🤍🤍
( Beautiful Romance 💜)

🎯 Episode 15 🎯



🍭 Jasmine 🍭

” You can do this,, go on and apologize to him ” My friends said

I nodded and walked out of the room,,, don’t be nervous Jasmine, you can do this.

But what if he doesn’t wanna listen to me anymore?? I know am wrong, but I will just apologize and leave.

I cleared my throat and continue walking,, suddenly I saw Luca and Vivian talking and starring at each other. I quickly hide so they won’t see me.

What are they talking about?? She ran after him and grab his hand,, what the f**k?? And he smiled at her,,

I ran out of there immediately,,,,,

” What’s wrong?? Why did you Come back?? ” Angel asked while the rest turn to me

I burst into tears,,, I don’t even know why am tearing up right now

” Jas?? Tell us what happened ” Nicole said

I told them everything and continue crying,,,

” Jasmine,, it may not be what you are thinking ” Erika said

” What else can I think? I saw them holding hands,,,,, I don’t even know why am so hurt right now, not like we are something anyway ” I said wiping my tears

” You are in

love with him ” Angel said and I shook my head

” No am not ” I said

” You have to accept the fact that you really like him, just forget about What Max did to you ” Nicole said

” I know,,, but I don’t like him ” I said and clean my eyes with an handkerchief

Why Vivian of all people?? Why must she always stand on our way,,,, I just can’t get it outta my mind


📍Luca 📍

” Do you think this is a great idea?? ” Manson asked

I already told them about my encounter with Vivian,, I told them about the necklace also but I didn’t tell Teddy about it even though he knew about the deal.

” Am sure it’s gonna work,, In two ways ” I smirk and took my lips in

” How?? ” Teddy asked

” I want her to forget about you,, and,,,, I want to make Jasmine jealous ” I said and they all burst into laughter

” Do you think it will work?? Jasmine jealous?? ” Teddy asked

” Just wait and see ” I smirk

” I wish she leave Angel alone,,, I owe you one if your plan work out ” Teddy said

” 10billion won ” I said immediately

” Done ” he replied

” What?? Just like that??? ” Manson asked in surprise

” He’s rich ” Theo said and slap his head

” That hurt ” Teddy said touching his head

” Biane ” Theo said

” Wow,, Teddy look so handsome ” I said

” We are all handsome,,,

let’s leave. Am sure people are there already ” He said checking his wrist watch

My eye caught with the bracelet around his wrist, , he never took it off for once. He really love Angel a lot I can’t allow Vivian to spoil their relationship,, this is the least I could do for my best friend.

I immediately send a message to Vivian,,

💌 Mission 1: You’re my partner tonight,, dress in your best outfit. 😏

I laughed when I read the message again

” What’s that?? ” They all took the phone from me

” You should be more nicer ” Theo said causing us to laugh again

” I can’t wait to see Angel tonight,,, am sure she’s gonna win the crown tonight. And Teddy will be the king, am so jealous ” Theo said

Teddy only smiled

” Don’t you dare check my girlfriend out when we get there,, she’s mine alone ” He later said

” Ouch,, that hurt my heart ” I said touching my chest

” Let’s leave ”

🍬 Vivian 🍬

” Wow,, you look so beautiful in that dress, love it ” Lily said and I sigh

Am sure Angel will win the crown tonight,, I won last year. But she’s just too pretty to compete with,, am feeling sad already.

” I don’t even have a date ” I broke down

” One is waiting for you,, don’t be sad ” They said and hugged me

A message came on my phone and I checked,,, it’s from Luca

💌 Mission 1: you’re my partner tonight, dress in your best outfit

I scoff,,,

” Luca just asked me to be his date ” I announced

” Wow that’s great,,, you still got one of them ” Briana said

” Girls let’s leave, we don’t wanna run late ” I said and removed the hair strand on my face as we walked out of the room, tonight is gonna be interesting.

Just one more week,, and then the competition starts
🍡 Angel 🍡

” Who is gonna help me with my make up?? ” Erika shouted

” I will,, just give me a minute ” Nicole said

Don’t blame her,, that’s her profession aside music,,,

” Angel how about you?” Vanessa asked looking concern

” I don’t need those thick stuffs ” I said and continue to comb my hair

” She’s naturally beautiful, you can see that ” Erika smiled

I checked myself in the mirror and smiled,, Teddy really got a great taste. The dress look so good on me,,, it’s black in color with some silver designs. I really have to thank him for this.

I arranged my hair to one side , falling just above my butt,, I used some random silver necklace and it fitted me well

And then I remember the golden necklace Teddy got me,,, I know he’s hurt. I shouldn’t have lost it, I wish I could find it.

” Wow,,, you look,,, amazing in that dress. Am sure Teddy is not gonna take his eyes off you tonight ” Erika said and touched my cheek

” Thanks ” I said

” our best friend is the most beautiful girl in the world, right Nicole?? ” Jasmine asked causing me to gasp

” Yeah, you are right ” Nicole pecked me

” Of course not,, we are all beautiful ” I said

” But you are more beautiful ” Vanessa said

” Thank you guys ” I said

” I guess we are all done ” I said checking them out

They look really hot

” I can’t wait to see Vivian’s partner tonight ” Nicole said

” Me too ” Vanessa said

” Guys,,,,, ” I stopped them

They gasped, I guess they forgot. We all turn to Jasmine who is already Moody

” Am so sorry,, I didn’t mean to say that ” Nicole said and hugged her

” Am fine, let’s go ” she said and opened the door

I sigh and followed her,, we all started walking to where the party will be taking place.

🚻 Omg,, is that not Angel?? 🚻

🚻 Teddy’s Girlfriend!! 🚻

🚻 She look so hot 🚻

🚻 The dress is something,, out of this world 🚻

🚻 Am sure she’s gonna be crowned the queen tonight,, she’s so beautiful 🚻

🚻 Am taking a picture 🚻

” What?? Queen?? ” I asked

” Yeah,, every year a new queen is chosen depending on your dress,voice , and beauty. Am sure that’s why Teddy got us these,, the clothes are really hot. We need to thank him for these right girls?? ” Nicole asked

” Yeah of course,, maybe I will have the opportunity to hold his hand for the first time ” Erika said

” Who won last year?? ” I asked

” Who else?? Vivian of course ” Jasmine replied

” But tonight, she can’t beat you for that ”

” We told you right?? ” Erika whispered

I smiled a little and waved at the people calling my name,,,,

They were taking too many pictures that I have to cover my eye from the bright flash of the cameras,, oh lord. Am not even a celebrity yet,,

I can’t wait to see Teddy,, I’ve missed him so much.


🎯 Episode 16 🎯


🌼 Teddy 🌼

🚻 Omg,,, they are here!! 🚻

🚻 Set the Cameras!!! 🚻

🚻 Theo oopa!!! I love you so much 🚻

🚻 Awwwn,, Teddy Is the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen,, he’s so cute 🚻

🚻 Omg,, did you see Luca smiling?? Such a cute smile he’s got 🚻

🚻 Set the Cameras to Manson oopa,, I love his outfit 🚻

” They are,, just,, crazy ” Theo whispered to me

” Not like you ” I said

We finally sat down, I can’t see Angel. Where is she?? I really missed her a lot,,,

Just then I saw her with her friends,, they all look so beautiful but trust me my girlfriend is the most beautiful of all.

” Am going to meet Vivian right now ” Luca said standing up

Bad guy ” Theo said with a smirk

” Shut up ” I said and turn toward Angel’s direction but she’s not there.

Where did she go just now??

I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and I turn back,what??? Angel??? I never knew she could come here,, she’s more crazier than I expected

” Honey? ” I called

She smiled and peck my lips before sitting beside me,,

” You missed me right?? ” I asked

” A lot ” She pouted and I smiled

” Angel,, you look so beautiful ” Theo said

” Thanks Theo ” She replied somehow shy

” I love the dress anyway ” Manson said with a wink

I shot Him a glare,,, how dare him wink at my girlfriend

” I mean no harm ” he said and we all burst into laughter

” But sweetheart,, why is Luca Vivian’s partner?? It look,,,,, I don’t know what to say ” She said

” I don’t know,, maybe he likes her ” I said

” What??? How come?? ”

” Do you have any problem with that?? ” I asked

” Well,,,, not really,, but it look somehow odd ” she sigh

” Let’s just forget about them okay?? ” I said

” Yeah ” she smiled

” Wow,,, you look amazing ” I said and touched her hair

” Thanks to you,, I really love the dress. I owe you one ” She replied

” You owe me one?? What are you gonna give me?? ” I asked

” What do you want?? ” She asked

” Hmm,,,,,,,,,,, hot romance?? ” I winked

” What?? Is that a request?? Forget about it ” She said and look away

” Can’t believe my girlfriend is punishing me right now,, well,,, it’s cool ” I said,,,smiling inwardly

” You think am going to be moved with that?? You are with the wrong person ” she said and I couldn’t help but to laugh

” You are the one who told me to ask for anything ” I pouted

” Ask for something else honey,, you are so spoilt ” she slap my shoulder lightly

” That’s what I want ” I winked

She shook her head,,,

” I Love you ” I said

” I love you more ” she said

” Then do what I want ” I smiled

” Crazy boyfriend,, okay, are you happy now?? ”

” Yes ” I said and took her cheek

” Can you guys just extend your romance?? I can’t even concentrate on what am doing” Manson said

” Me too,, am fed up. I should go find a girlfriend soon ” Theo said

” Oopa,,, many girls are willing to date you, don’t you know?? ” Angel said

” What?? Oopa?? You’ve never called me that ” I said

” Someone is jealous ” Theo laughed

” Baby,, can you see him mocking me?? Call me that ” I said

” Hmm,,,, no I won’t ” She laughed

” Wow,,,,,my girlfriend just rejected me thanks to Theo ” I said

” Angel,, can you help me look for a girlfriend?? I really need one” Theo said

I scoff

” Does she look like a girlfriend giver?? ” I asked raising my brow

” Don’t worry, I know someone who is really crazy about you ” She said with a smirk

” What?? Who is the person?? ” Theo asked

” Come closer ” She said

” What?? Come closer to you?? ” I asked

” Honey,, calm down ” she said and whispered something into Theo’s ear

” Are you for real?? ” Theo asked with a smile

” Am very serious,, she really likes you ” She said

” I am your boyfriend,, stop talking to him” I said and drag her up from where she was sitting

” Sit here ” I said pointing at the seat beside me, far from Theo

” You are really crazy ” Theo said

” Who cares ”

” Honey,, are you jealous?? ” Angel whispered

” Are you planning to make me jealous?? ” I whispered back

” Nope ” she smiled

” Now am calm ” I said

” Awwwn,, you look so cute ” she said and touched my cheek softly

🚻 They are so sweet together 🚻

🚻 Am so jealous 🚻

I shook my head,, can’t they keep quiet for once??

” You don’t have to be mad,,, they are just,,,, ”

🎤 Hello everyone,,, we need your attention right now,, tonight is gonna be awesome!!!

The guy holding the mic said and everyone started cheering,,, I scoff.

🍡 Angel 🍡

I guess so,, I heard Teddy scoff,

🎤 Am sure you are all with your date

🚻 Yeah!! 🚻

I couldn’t help but to laugh,,,

Just then Teddy’s phone rang, he picked it

📲 Adjourn it,, am busy right now

📲 I said I can’t come right now

He yelled,,,

He hang up and sigh

” Is everything okay?? ” I asked

” Yeah,, its fine ” he said

” Teddy ” someone said and I looked up,, one of his managers

” What is it?? ” Teddy asked

” Don’t you think you should talk to Jasper?? He’s desperate to do what he want ” The manager said

What?? What’s going on??

“I don’t care okay?? Let him have what he want, I don’t give a fuck about 700billion won, he can have it ” Teddy said without looking up

I gasped,, how can he not give a f**k about 700billion??? Is he crazy??

” But,, that’s a lot of money. It’s yours,,, not for your late father ” The man said

Teddy ignored him,,

” You can leave,, ” Theo said

” Okay,,, he may change his mind ” The man said and left

I turned to him,,,

” Don’t say anything okay ” he said

I slapped his head

” Idiot ” I said

He laughed,,,,, Teddy, how rich are you?? You are getting me scared, I don’t want anyone to hurt you.

” It’s fine,, my uncle is just getting on my nerve. I will soon teach him a lesson ” he said

” You are okay right?? ” I asked

” Sure ” he replied

🎤 Now,,,, you can all meet your dates as we start everything

I faced Teddy,,,,

” we are together already ” he said

🎤 Teddy,, and the other members,,,, you can Come over to the high table with your girlfriends

He scoff,, I smirked. Such a spoilt brat,,,,

We stood up,,, I hold his hand as we walk over to the seat..

🚻 Wooooooooow,,, am going crazy already!! 🚻

🚻 They are the best couple ever!!!! 🚻

🚻 His girlfriend looks,, hot 🚻

I saw Teddy turn to the side where it came from,,, I fold his hand. I know he will be mad at the person 😂😂,, he’s just too jealous.

Don’t blame him,, I am also jealous when I see girls who admire him, that’s because we love each other so much.

We sat down and then, Theo also came over with Nicole

” Girlfriend,,, ” Nicole said

” How about Jasmine?? ” I asked

” She’s sad right now ” She replied

I sigh,, I knew it. But why will Luca choose Vivian of all people?? Am sure Jasmine loves him,, just don’t know yet.

” How about the others?? Erika and Vanessa ” I asked

” They got a date each,, You don’t have to worry. But,, Jasmine,, ”

” I know ” I said

Just then Luca came over with Vivian,,,

” I hate her ” Nicole said

” Don’t hate anybody ” I said and rub her hand

She sigh and return her gaze to Theo,,

” Are you okay?? ” Teddy asked

” Am not okay,,,, Am worried about Jasmine ” I said.

” What’s wrong with her?? ” He asked

I can’t tell him,,,,,

” Well,,,, girls stuff ” I said

I wanted to say something but stopped when Manson sat with a girl I don’t really know,, she look so pretty though

” Oopa,,, am so happy to meet you ” She said to Teddy

” Yeah,, you too ” Teddy replied

” Am Jane ” She said

Is she trying to flirt with him right now??

” Well,, Manson always talk about you ” Teddy said itching his head

” What?? That’s not true ” Manson defended himself

” Teddy is right ” Theo said without looking up

” I know you will support him when you know fully that he’s lying ” Manson said

I heard Teddy and Theo laughed,, these two are something else

” Hmm” Luca said causing everyone to laugh including Vivian

So,, she always laugh?? She’s beautiful when she laughs, I just wish she’s nice.

” You are starring at her,, ” Nicole said

” It’s nothing ” I said

” But,, that girl keep on starring at you ” She said

” You mean, Jane?? ” I asked and she nodded

Who care about her,,, I scoff



TBC ::::::

What do you think about the ongoing party?? Do you think its gonna be fun??

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