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something about us episode 30

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 30🥀.


Laura bent her neck slightly to the left and shifted a smile on the corners of her l!ps. She made a forced chuckle and looked at Alicia.

“You are just spewing nons£nse” Laura said now laughing hysterically.

“I’m not bluffing. I’m being serious” Alicia retorted

“Hellooo? Who do you think you are?…Some kind of emotion or face reader. Aiish! This isn’t funny. What kinda stupid logic is this?” Laura asked raising her voice quite high.

“I’m gonna ask you a question, Unnie”

“Who’s this frog seriously? Who’s your unnie? Don’t call me that. I don’t even need your respect” Laura cautioned

“Just hear me out!”

“But wait. Are you interrogating me or what?” Laura asked furrowing her eye brows.
Alicia sighed deeply. She was getting fed up of Laura but she had to be strong.

“Unnie.. Who is the person that made you this way?”

“Seriously!!! Hey, Who do you think–

“Did the person perhaps threaten you?” Alicia cut in

“Wh…what?” Laura stuttered.

“Is your life or somebody’s life in danger?, Tell me, I can help. I’m gonna catch the–

“Will you shut your crazy crap!!” Laura angrily interrupted with a loud yell. She banged her fist with annoyance on the table.
“Who do you think you are? Darn it! What do you know?? Whoever you are… You are just being unnecessary stupid”

– Don’t stress yourself sweetie..i almost killed your dad and I don’t regret that… I’m guilty, get that?” She added now whispering close to her ear. Alicia swallowed h@rd and stared at her.


me! We are done here!” Laura said at the top of her voice. An officer came in and began to lead her away.

“Unnie–Alicia paused and stood up. Laura stopped but refused to look behind in order to face Alicia.
“Let’s do this next time. I’m gonna come back on Saturday” She added.

Laura scoffed loudly. “Why is she even wasting her time? What a nuisance” She whispered to Alicia’s hearing. The officer finally led her outside into her cell.


“I’m glad you agreed to let it slide, I’m also sorry for what my ex girlfriend caused you” Ethan said.

“No. It’s okay, You have apologized enough” Alexa replied.

“That’s a relief” Ethan smiled.

“That Krystal Mia didn’t come that day again though” Alexa spouted.

“She was busy. She promised to make time, you know she has a busy schedule nowadays” Ken retorted.

“I see. However, I can’t wait to see her” Alexa smiled

“Alex, have you seen our MV yet?” Eric commented

“Ouch. Sorry, not yet but I am gonna watch it very soon” Alexa smiled.

“Softball. Can you p@ss an information to your friend, Flora?” Ken asked

“Huh? Okay. What’s that about?” Alexa replied

“She promised to see me tomorrow. Kindly remind her about it. She already knows the location”

“Okay. No problem”


Alexa and Elizabeth visited Flora that Saturday morning. They discussed, laughed, had fun, ate and drank.

“Flora, Uh.. Ken asked to remind you about you guys meet-up” Alexa said

“Awwwwwwn!” Lizzy commented smiling.

“Cut it out,,Uhmm… Okay then. I didn’t forget. By the way, Alexa. Have you watched The Skyy Boys “I love you” MV?” Flora asked.

“Nah. What about you guys?” Alexa asked staring at the both.

“No..Not yet” They replied simultaneously.

“So, Let’s just watch it together” Alexa said bringing out her phone from her pocket. She switched on her data connection, and went to a video application. The girls went behind her holding onto her shoulder as she searched for the video “I love you—Skyy Boys ft Krystal Mia”.

Later on, The results was displayed and she tapped the original video. It started loading as the girls looked on.

“Hey! 306 Million Views? It’s just a week ago?” Lizzy almost yelled shocked in disbelief.

“I know right. It’s incredible but believable too… They are Skyy Boys after all” Flora chuckled

“Hey Girls, Ssssh! It’s starting” Alexa giggled.

The video started with Eric and Ken coming into the scene. They were both hot, s£×y, manly and above handsome.


this really Ken? He looks cute and childish sometimes but here, he looks tough and s£×y!” Lizzy laughed.

“That’s reality!” Alexa retorted.

“By the way, Where’s Ethan? Isn’t he supposed to be with them?” Flora chipped in.

“Let’s watch and see, now sssh!” Alexa hushed. They stopped talking and focused on the video. Their voices were excellent. Even the lyrical contents contents was so nice and good. Their visuals were out of the world, alongside the outfits they wore.

They both danced and sang so well that the girls kept smiling already forgetting themselves. Soon, Like they expected, Ethan came into the next scene. He was so good looking, Infact… He was more than Ken and Eric if joined together!.

He was sitting on a chair throwing his lines with little rapping punches. He kept pointing at the screen now singing.

🎶 I love you 🎶

🎶 Yes! You… I love you 🎶.

🎶 You are the one for me 🎶

🎶 I feel there is something about us 🎶

🎶 I loveeee youuu 🎶

No one would ever think his annoying cold voice could sing out such melodious, sweetened, great and wonderful music whether using his normal, High, and low pitched voice.

Alexa looked at him from her phone screen and it seemed he looked at her back. Alexa was already in her world of imaginations, seeing Ethan pointing to the screen still singing “I love you… I love you”

She felt like he was talking to her. She smiled while watching this. Ethan smiled in the video which made Alexa’s heart flutter. She innocently watched the video with her puppy–liked eyes. She was literally screaming happily inside.

“I guess I’m nuts!” She thought as she swallowed h@rd. She even refused to blink in order not to even miss a glimpse of Ethan.

Minutes later, Krystal Mia came in.

“Ayyy! It’s Krystal! I love you! I love you!” Alexa blurted out jolting her friends whose mind were far already.
Krystal Mia’s voice was so cute, soft, balanced and high. Like Skyy Boys, She also sang in Hangul and English though she used english more unlike the rest.

She wearing a leather black outfits including black boots. She sang while she slowly took steps towards Ethan who was still seated on the chair. She smiled at him and he winked.

Alexa felt her happiness leave her, What was this feeling? Huh? She felt her heart break when he winked at her? Why? This couldn’t be what she was thinking about? Right?.

Krystal Mia walked to Ethan and sat down on his laps facing him with her legs on each side of Ethan legs.

Alexa bit her l!ps h@rd while she watched this. The both sang together making the music more melodious and lovely.

“This music would definitely be awarded” Lizzy gushed as Flora nodded smiling.

Returning back to the video, Krystal Mia placed her forehead lightly on Ethan’s forehead. They both stared at each other smiling.

“Wow. They look cute and so cool” Flora commented.

“Darn it!” Alexa yelled standing up as she cut off the video.

“Hey! We aren’t done” Flora yelped. Alexa bit her l!ps h@rd, she clenched her fist and stared at them.

“Watch it on your phone! This video isn’t worth it! Overrated sh*t! Aissh! They’re cute? Cool? You’ve got eyes for nothing” Alexa said leaving angrily.

“Hey? What’s wrong with her?” Flora whispered to Lizzy after hearing the loud thud from the closed door.

“I know this behavior” Lizzy laughed

“What behavior is that? Anger?” Flora asked puzzled.



Ken was playing games on his phone when he heard a knock. He dropped his phone and walked towards it. He checked the door monitor and smiled. He quickly unlocked it and Flora came in. She was wearing a cute free gown with a black bag on her shoulder.

“You really came? It’s a relief” Ken smiled. Flora looked around and then turned her gaze to him.

“Where did you say you are taking me to?” She asked with a sigh.

“It’s a surprise. You’re gonna find out soon. I’m gonna change, hold on” He smiled leaving to the room.


Collins looked again at his watch for the ninth time. He sighed deeply and sipped his coffee. He looked forward and his eyes met with Lizzy who was walking towards him.

She was wearing a simple light pink gown with rosy patterns. She also wore a flat black shoe with a Gucci bag which dangled on her shoulder as she walked. Collins smiled and stood up, he waved to her and Lizzy stopped for a while now staring at him.

“Noona….You really came to our first date” He whispered to himself still waving with a bright smile on his face.


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