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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sold to a gang leader 2 final episode

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Episode 59
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by; Blessing D writes



Writer’s POV
“Really? You need me now?” Dillon smirked then moved away from her.

Shawna’s eyes dropped at his action.

“What…what are you doing?” She asked, confused.

“Um.. unfortunately, I can’t be with you tonight. Bryan will be returning back to Mexico early tomorrow, so I wanna be with both he and Lewiston tonight. Goodnight” he winked at her and in a flash he was out of her room.

Shawna tightened her fist and yelled out in frustration.

What sort of temptation is this? She wondered.

She adjusted her night gown then walked to her bed to sleep.

The next morning

Dillon drove out of the mansion with Shawna, Bryan and Lewiston to the port where their family jet is.

He was gonna drop Bryan off, then take Shawna and Lewis back to the penthouse afterwards.

They got to the port and came down from the car.

The pilots and one other man that works for the family stood there waiting for Bryan.

Bryan turned to look at Dillon, for a final goodbye.

“Go on” Dillon urged him.

“Dad, why can’t he stay? Make him stay please, I still have a lot of games to play with him” Lewis said to Dillon.

“Lewis, he has to go to school. He can’t stay here with you but every holiday, you two are gonna be spending it together,

I promise you that” Dillon said.

“Really? Every holiday?” Lewis asked getting excited.

“Yeah” Dillon confirmed.

“Wow! That means I’m gonna go to Mexico, I’m also gonna see baby Ellie, am I right?” Lewiston turned to Bryan and asked.

“Yeah Lewi, the holidays are around the corner. I’m gonna show you around mexico too” Bryan said to Lewiston.

“Ok then. Goodbye for now” Lewiston waved.

Bryan bent a little and ruffled his hair.

“Goodbye” he said to Lewiston.

Bryan looked at Shawna.

“Bye miss” he said to her.

“Yeah, take care of yourself” Shawna replied him.

“Let me escort him” Dillon said then grabbed Bryan’s hand. He walked him into the jet and left him there.

“Take care of yourself ok?” Dillon said.

“You too pup” Bryan nodded, saying.

Dillon left to where his car was parked. They all got in and left the port.

They arrived the penthouse and after preparing Lewis for school, Dillon took him to school.

When he came back to the penthouse, he met Shawna alone preparing for work.

Her dress was already in place and she was about putting them on when Dillon came into the room. She Ignored him and still went on to dress.

“I noticed you have been really quite, what’s up?” Dillon asked taking a sit on the bed.

“Nothing, I’m just preparing for work” Shawna replied still dressing.

“Ok, I’ll accept your answer to be true…” Dillon stopped speaking when his phone started ringing.

He brought it out and looked at the screen to see that it was Dilly calling.

“Yup” he answered the call.

“Is Bryan on his way here?” Dilly

asked from the other end.


“Ok, cool. Hope you treated him well tho?”

“Of course I did” Dillon replied rolling his eyes.
“If that’s all, I think I’ll be…”

“No, Dillon, we really need to talk” Dilly said.

“Yeah? About what?” Dillon asked.

“About you. Do you know you’re thirty one already? When are you gonna be back here? There are a lot of stuff to do at the company, I can’t do it alone. I’m tired actually, I was hoping you could come take over” Dilly said.

“Don’t you have vice president there? Don’t you have managers? Don’t you have workers over there? You aren’t doing it alone” Dillon said.

“That’s the problem. They are just employees, Dillon, they are employees. They aren’t family, I need you here, Dillon. I honestly need you. I’m sure you won’t want our family’s company shutting down one day. You have to come assist me seriously.”

Dillon sighed.

“I’ll think about it” he said.

“You don’t have to think. Just act.”

“Then bring the company down here, I don’t wanna live in Mexico. I wanna stay here” Dillon replied.

“I can’t. The company has been prospering here, I can’t just suddenly move the company. Dillon, you promised me before that after that revenge, you are gonna come take over. You’re done with it, don’t think about it, just come over. It’ll be really helpful and before that, you need to get married.”

“What? Married?”

“Yeah, married. Those board members are all old cargos, they all believe women are the reason behind a man’s prosperity, you have to marry, just pick anyone around and get married then come over, do everything within a week time ok?”

“Wait. What? A week? Are you ok?” Dillon was still speaking when Dilly hung up on him.

Shawna who has been listening to his conversation walked closer to him.

“Was that your brother?” Shawna asked.

“Yeah” Dillon replied with a crumbled face.

“He asked you to get married?” Shawna asked, sparkles in her eyes.

“Yeah?” Dillon replied.

“Then do, get married” Shawna said smiling.

Dillon’s brow joined together.

“But am not ready for anything called marriage” Dillon said truthfully.

Shawna’s face fell.

“But….” She paused. “You mean you don’t have plans? No plans at all?” She asked.

“Yeah, no plans. When I woke up from the coma, the first thing on my mind was to get back on my feet and come see you, both you and Lewiston. You guys were the only ones I thought about, my only plan” Dillon explained.

“Then start planning for the future now. You’re 31 really. You should have family that’s well recognized by now” Shawna said.

“But getting married is kinda weird yunno. But since the advise is coming from you, I’ll look into it” Dillon said.

Shawna pulled a confused look on at first but then later replaced it with smiles.

“Yeah, think about me” she whispered to him. She turned to leave but Dillon pulled her to himself. It was unexpected, Shawna fell right into his arms.

“What? What are you doing? I need to go to work” Shawna asked.

“Please, stay with me. I wanna have a taste of your body again, it’s been so long” Dillon said hugged her tightly.

“No! No! I have to go to work. I’m now the manager of this hotel, I have a lot of responsibilities here” Shawna said trying to pull herself away from Dillon.

“Don’t you wanna have more kids?” Dillon asked.

“Of course I want that but…”

“Shuh” Dillon shud her.

“Let’s make one now. Look it’s quite and calm, perhaps after this, I’ll consider getting married to you, huh!?” Dillon teased.

Shawna pouted.


“No buts, suspend work. Call them and say you’re sick or something. I wanna spend my morning with you” Dillon pleaded.

“Ok, but you aren’t to tease me like you did last night. I won’t forgive you if you do that again” Shawna warned.

“Your wish is my command, princess. Now may I do you the honour of know, undressing you?” Dillon asked.

“Well, you are free to” Shawna replied sitting up on his laps, with light blush.

In a flash Dillon was lying on top of Shawna, kissing and thrusting in and out of her.

And you know the rest….


Episode 60


Writer’s POV
A lot of weeks passed.

Everything was going great, lewis was about turning four and he was so excited about it.

Some of his school friends, the ones he likes were invited. He was happier that even Bryan was gonna be coming down to paris for his birthday.

Naomi and Sam who were hooked up in San Francisco decided to return for lewiston’s birthday since Dillon wanted it big. It was the first time celebrating new age with him, he wanted it to be on the news, carried by reporters and all social media.

Shawna was so excited, tho not always too excited. It looks like Dillon really meant what he said by not being ready to get married, he was not showing signs of a man that wants to get married at all.

He is now always busy with Dilly, and aside that, he is planning on how to possibly move to Mexico to help Dilly out with the company.

Shawna doesn’t really knows his plans because he doesn’t disclose his plans to her that much, it made her feel off most times.

But thank goodness for the great distraction.

A month before Dillon reappeared, shawna had bumped into valentine, her twin and then their big brother at the mall. She was going shopping for Lewiston’s clothing when she bumped into them.

Tina had asked her if she was Lewiston mother and she had said yes, she also added that Dillon was his father and he was already married to her.

She didn’t wanna look like someone that got used, someone that got dumped, that was the reason she wanted Dillon to marry her quickly.

Her statement had made the twins mouth hang open for more that 3 minutes.

She doesn’t want to be a laughing stock in the future.

Ma’am was overjoyed, she has come to take Shawna as her real child and Lewiston who is always over her whenever they meet as her grandchild.

Ma’am Sandra lost her family years back, a young married wife with two kids and a caring husband. She left them to the market but when she got back, their apartment was on fire, it burned and killed her whole family.

Dillon’s parent employed her as Dillon and Dilly’s nanny after that incident and that was how she started a new life. Caring for the twins, she cared for them like they were her own children and that was it till today.

The whole mansion was decorated with Lewis’s favorite colour. His best music was booming out of the mansion and he was busy running around with few of his friends.

Dillon stood inside his room staring at Sam who just came back with Naomi for Lewiston’s birthday. Since he woke up from coma, it was the first time seeing him again.

“So, you’re engaged to Naomi?’ Dillon asked, his bossy tone still there.

“Ye..yes boss, I am” sam replied knowing that a day will come when he will be interrogated like this from Dillon.

The next thing, Dillon brought out a gun and pointed it at him.

“Do you like her or you wanna use her?’ He asked sternly.

“I..boss, what are you doing”

“I asked you a question” Dillon snapped.

“I love her” Sam replied.

“Really? Ok then. I’ll give you a chance, I’ll make you really rich, leave Naomi alone. I don’t want you two together” Dillon said shocking and scaring Sam.

“But if you want it the hard way, I’ll have to pull the trigger”:Dillon said, his voice hard.


“Don’t boss me. Our master and servant relationship has long ended” Dillon hushed.

“What do you choose?”

“I..I love her regardless. You should no my feelings for her didn’t just develop, I started liking her ever since we were kids” sam said.

Dillon retreated his gun.

“Good, you can leave”;he said surprising Sam.

“Than..thank you” Sam thanked and immediately left his room, not glancing back or waiting for another sec.

Dillon tugged a small ring box into his trouser pocket, laughing at the reaction he got from Sam.

He left the room in search of Shawna.

He got directed to the kitchen at the other side of the mansion. He got there to see her with the cooks.

“Shaw” he signalled her to come.

Shawna walked up to him wearing a simple look on. She hasn’t been smiling much with him and he knows why.

“What?” She asked cleaning her hands on the apron she is putting on. Dillon pulled her close and tired kissing her but she resisted.

“Stop, can’t you see am busy? That can wait” she snapped at him and made to leave but Dillon pulled her back.

Shawna sighed, she turned to look at him.

“Will you stop being angry? I aren’t doing all these for nothing” Dillon said.

“Well, what is it you really want?” Shawna groused out.

“Oh! I was about to propose to you today but seems you’re not in the mood to be proposed to. I guess I’ll have to return the ring to the jewelry shop” Dillon said his hand going into his pocket where he kept the small box containing the ring.

He didn’t want to expose it until it was time but guess Shawna’s attitude have changed that. Now it won’t be as romantic as it should be.

Shawna’s eyes widened at the small box.

“I’m..ready, we can talk” she said blinking.

She immediately pulled her apron and threw it off.

“Um..let’s go to the back where..” Shawna was suggesting when Dillon took her by surprise and kissed her.

“We can do it anywhere now. The surprise has been ruined, but let’s just” Dillon said taking her hand into his.

He took her up to his room.

“Well, you already know what I wanna do. I guess I should just be quick about it” Dillon said opening the box and bringing out the small ring.

Shawna gave her hand to him immediately.

“I haven’t even asked if you’ll marry me. Will you calm down and hear me out first?” Asked Dillon feeling tired.

“Ok, I will” Shawna cooed.

“Ok, Shawna will you be with me till Enternity?” Will you..continue enduring my characters? My dirty behaviors?”

“Will you continue with me even if I..get arrested? With a man like man, you can’t be sure, I’ve killed Shawna..I..I’ve done a lot of bad things”

“Nowadays I..I remember the old days, when I usually inflict pain on you. I made you cry a lot I..I am like a demon but got tamed by you. You know I had promised myself before that I’ll never have anything to do with such pure, harmless lady like you.”

“When I got so angry, when I was killing Matthias, you still cried for someone like him, you still felt guilt for someone that abducted and tried raping you.”

A pause stepped in as everywhere became silent.

“You know two of us are like two opposite world, we were never meant to cross path. You are too good for me, I..I shouldn’t have anything with you because I don’t deserve you one bit, I might pull you into darkness. You know I usually find it hard to forgive and my anger..”

He sighs.

“My anger isn’t good at all. Like I said I had promised myself not to have anything with you before going into a coma, but when I came back and heard I already have a son, with you? I had to let go of that promise,I couldn’t stop myself from getting back with someone so good and nice, I couldn’t deny myself happiness, I guess am also selfish not to let you go but if…if at all you decide to leave me one day or even decide not to accept my proposal then it’s fine, I don’t deserve half of you anyways I..”

“It’s okay…I want you” Shawna cut in.

“You have said so much. You didn’t inflict pain on me then, you changed me. Without meeting you, I could have still been in square by now, I couldn’t have known so much happiness, I couldn’t have known what true love is, lewiston couldn’t be here by now if I hadn’t met you. Because of you, I attended college, I got a job, an apartment to myself.”

“I have you to thank, I’m glad I met you. You’ve saved me countless times too, even tho I know how angry you can get, but no matter how angry you are, you still wouldn’t hurt me.”

“No matter how! And if the cops show up here one of this days to arrest you, I won’t let them take you, because I’ll simply commit murder if it means keeping you by myself. No one is perfect, Dillon you..without you I am nothing, there is no way I’m rejecting that ring..I really love you..and yes, I…I’ll be your life partner, we’ll be together forever” Shawna said sniffing in.

“You sure you’ll be able to handle my behaviors” Dillon asked.

“Of course. I promise” Shawna smiled.

Dillon slid in the ring into one of her fingers.

He made to kiss her but she stopped him.

“I want to say something actually” she said.

“What is it?” Dillon asked.

Shawna took Dillon’s hand, she placed it on her belly.

“I’m pregnant again. I’m praying it’s a girl. You’ll be a great father” shawna revealed.

Dillon gasped as he touched her belly.

“Seriously?” He asked squatting down a bit to place his ear on her belly.

“Seriously” Shawna responded staring down at him.

“Thanks, I…I haven’t said this before but I really love you more than I can explain and I swear that nothing, nothing will ever break our family apart” Dillon said. Shawna smiled in agreement.




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